Babs Bunny

Name of show that this character is from:  Tiny Toon Adventures
Title of Episode:

Original Air date:  November 1, 1990 (NETWORK: Fox Network)
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Fantasy Situation & Godzilla Situation & Blink Moment
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS BABS BUNNY?: An anthro, furry, pink colored bunny


HOW DID SHE BECOME MACRO?:  Day dreams of what could happen in a bathtub if it was really an ocean and sees herself as a huge reptilian monster

WHAT DOES SHE BECOME AFTER SHE GREW?: Larger Godzilla version of herself

MACRO NAME: Babszilla

QUOTE:      "Ah my favorite.. Tanker Dogs!!"

SEX:    Female

LOCATIONS: Unknown Ocean (which is really the bathtub in her bathroom at home)

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 300 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Eats a tanker and goes after various other boats

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Babs returns to her hole in the ground home only to find that her mother isn't home. She starts to read a note that her mother left for her on the fridge telling her of all the various chores she has to do. Babs is less then pleased by the laundry list of chores but realizes she better get to it and does so.  She heads into her bed room which looks like a disaster area due to all the clothing laying around on the floor. As she is cleaning up the floor she wonders if there is an easier way to do all this. She looks up at a mobile of the solar system and suddenly sees herself in a space ship rocketing through the stars crash landing on an unexplored planet.  She has to deal with a weird creation made up of parts of clothing that she tries to zap with her ray gun only to find that the creature enjoys the taste of it. Babs runs in a panic seeing that her weapon is useless and runs to her space ship which is really just a washing machine. She puts money into it the monster eats the space ship and Babs blasts off from inside of the monsters mouth. Her day dream ends with her tossing all of her clean clothing into the closet and slamming the door finishing off her first task.

Now she has to take a bath. Something Babs doesn't like to do at all. But she makes the best of it and brings all her bathtub toys with her. She drops her toys in and focuses on a pirates ship and is suddenly imagining herself as a captive on the ship with Montana Max as the evil pirate and Sweaty as the parrot on his shoulder. After she jumps off of the platform she is suddenly in a bathing suit and is performing Olympic style water dances while the sharks dance with her.  She snaps out of it realizing how boring that all is and suddenly comes up with a brilliant idea. She takes a deep breath and goes under water in her tub until she is back in an ocean setting due to her imagination. Babs makes a big vocal introduction before she rises up out of the now ocean as a huge godzilla like monster named Babszilla. She starts to eat a random tanker that is in the ocean next to her as if it is a hot dog. She then is distracted by a battleship attacking her. She goes to reach for it as she is annoyed that they are bothering her as she is eating. Suddenly she starts to flow downwards as if someone pulled the drain out of the ocean only for her day dream to end as her bath does. She now looks at the mirror and puts her bathrobe on covering her head with the hood.

She is suddenly in a native forest as she is being lead by natives to have her be a sacrifice to Tiki Taki, the huge monster that lives there. She runs out of pure fear trying to board herself up inside the gate that is supposed to keep the monster away. But it is no use. The monster is breaking through. Babs scream in pure terror again as the door slowly opens. Babs snaps out of her day dream only for her mom to return home showing off a new dress she bought that day. The mother asks Babs what she was up to all day and Babs just tells her that she managed to keep herself..entertained.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: A very short lived moment so not much to say here on this one.  The thing I do like about Tiny Toons Adventures is that they often do the imagination thing, where most of the episodes are just fantasy situations of what characters would like to happen and then they do.  The Plucky Duck episode was a perfect example of this. They just imagined it and he was suddenly a giant destroying things. This time we have Babs in the role and it was a nice episode but macro wise a very short lived moment. It really could have been a great situation as Babs makes for a very powerful and great character to be macro potentially. So if anything it was really a nice teaser of what could have been if we had more time.

Writing wise this was alright. It was a very short episode slapped in the middle of two other episodes so time was limited. That being the case the situations flew by as quickly as they started. Babs made the best of her imagination to get her through the various situations she had to deal with. The rocket adventure with her clothing on the floor then the pirate and dancing and Babszilla with her bath and then to the King Kong tease with her mom coming home through the door.  The weird thing was there was many more things on the list then what she actually does. So either parts were cut out or there was just more put on there to make the whole situation seem longer then it turned out to be.  Like I said it was alright writing wise  but sometimes I just didn't get the whole randomness of it. One moment she is walking the plank of a pirate ship only to be dancing with sharks below in a not that thrilling moment. Then to her own admission she is bored with the whole situation. Well that made two of us I guess.

Babszilla was of course the best moments here. It was funny and amusing at points but also kinda silly with the whole Japanese speech and subtitles underneath her being required. I don't know just seemed kinda like over kill there for as far as jokes go. But that is common on Tiny Toons episodes with things being over done  a little in attempts to make the kids watching it laugh. Even when I was a kid I never truly laughed at anything in a Tiny Toons episode but I always did find them well done enough to keep my attention. It was the same feeling here. Good eye candy with a gigantic Babs monster eating a random oil tanker as if it were a hot dog and this all due to her being bored. 

Short lived moment that comes out of nowhere and ends just as quickly as a blink moment will on you. There was a potential for another moment when Babs goes into a King Kong spoof at the end with her playing the role of the one who the monster would take away after seeing her, but we never do see said monster so more of a big tease then anything if you were hoping for two for the price of one this time around. Personally I would have loved to see a whole short devoted to Babs as Babszilla as she looked cool and seemed to have fun with the size but being that this is all we got, its only worth it for the few moments that we get and doesn't lead to much more then what they meant it to be. I could have done without the water dancing and silly jokes mixed in, but if you ever wanted to see what would happen if Babs and Godzilla mutated this is a great time to see that. The monsters was drawn well and they really made her look ferocious all the while so its not the worst thing out there. There have been long full 20 minute macro episodes that were worse then this, but it isn't something to run to see either. Take it for what it's worth. Tiny Toons has had better but a lot worse too.




(Babs is taking a bath and gets bored with her dancing fantasy and snaps out of it)
Babs Bunny: "
I am industrial strength .. bored.. then again.."
(Takes a deep breath and goes under water in her bathtub)
Babs Bunny: "Underwater Atomic Bomb testing woke her from her million year sleep. It's the dreaded.."
(A gigantic Godzillaesque type Babs rises up from the ocean roaring loudly)
Babs Bunny: "...Babszilla!!!"



*There were three shorts  in total that were shown along with Bunny Daze. The title of the whole episode that had the three shorts  in it is "Rainy Daze" and the theme was things to do during rainy days. The other shorts in the episode were "Rent-A-Friend" and "Fur-Gone Conclusion".

* Babs spoofs many movies and TV shows during this short titled "Bunny Daze" . She spoofs A Flash Gordon adventure, pirate ship, olympic water dancing, Godzilla and  King Kong

*This would be the only time Babs Bunny was macro but not the only macro episode of the series. Plucky Duck (as Duck Kong) and Dizzy Devil (As Dizzysaurus) would both have macro moments in other episodes (both of which are on this page) and there have been many more blink moments that show up here and there in the various episodes of the shows 3 years run.

*While Babs is talking as Babszilla, there is subtitles below her translating what she is saying.  When Babs did speak as this monster form it was a male voice talking in what sounded to be  Japanese so the subtitles were telling us just what she was saying. An interesting little sight gag to make note of the fact that the monster is Japanese in origin so would speak that language as well.




+ :Fun little short that shows how ones imagination can run wild and make for some fun moments. Babszilla is actually amusing and plays up on a lot of sight gags that most should find creative.

- :Very short lived moment that ends just as quickly as it starts. Would have been cool to see Tiki Taki rather then just a door being pushed at. Some of her day dreams are kinda silly rather then amusing.


A note from mom..     Better get this over with     Baths are so boring..

Time to make this bath fun     Now this is how to take a bath!     A face only a mother could love

Now thats an evil look if I ever did see one     Im hungry.. time for a snack     Tanker Dogs are my favorite!!

Needs more mustard     Time for dessert     Hey come back here.. Im still hungry

Ever have that sinking feeling?


46 seconds
Underwater experiments wake her from her sleep, the Godzilla like bunny monster.. Babszilla! Now no tanker in the ocean is safe from her appetite.