Name of show that this character is from:  Mighty Ducks
Title of Episode:

Bringing Down Baby

Original Air date:  November 23, 1996 (NETWORK: Syndication)
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Godzilla Situation & Mutation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS BABY?: An anthro, non-furry, red colored alien creature mutation


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?:  Eats a lot of an element called Balonium

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Mutated adult version of self

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH  IS SHOWN?Most of his growth moments shown                                                                                                   


QUOTE(None-- Not capable of speech, only sounds the creature normally makes

SEX:   Male

LOCATIONS: The Pond, Downtown Anaheim, laboratory

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 150 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Animalistic Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONEMedium -- Laboratory, over passes, buildings

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: The Mighty Ducks are busy posing for a magazine shoot they didn't want to do. Only Nosedive seems into the idea as he likes the neat children watch they gave him that plays a funny song. As the pictures are being taken Wildwing runs in telling them that they have to go. A call came in of a attack. They are all quite happy to get out of the photo shoot and head into action. In the desert Wrath and Siege are lifting up a probe that has a crystal stuck to it. Wrath tells them that the crystal is quite dangerous and to be careful with it. The Mighty Ducks arrive just as the crystal is released from the probe and the two Saurian quickly escape before the Mighty Ducks can get them. The ducks take the crystal they found back to base as Lord Dragonus listens in to the Ducks on his view screen who seem to have fallen for his trick as he intended for them to take the crystal back with them.

Back at the base they wonder what is so special about the crystal and as they are analyzing it, it starts to shake and break apart. Revealing an alien creature inside of it that is very cute and harmless. The creature seems them all and runs in fear hiding under a computer console. They quickly go over to get him out but still he hides in fear. Nosedive pushes the button on the watch he was given and the tune it plays seems to soothe the alien creature who comes out of hiding and hugs Nosedive who is less then pleased with what this will do to his image as a cool duck. The baby alien creature runs off again and starts to rip open one of the computer panels tossing out parts as if looking for something. Nosedive again soothes him by playing the song on his watch and the creature jumps back onto Nosedive. An emergency calls comes in about an energy reading coming from downtown. Everyone heads out except for Nosedive who is told to watch the alien so he doesn't destroy all the equipment. Lord Dragonus tells his henchmen that they only have one item left to get now before their still unknown plans completed. So far the plans to distract the Ducks are doing well also.

Back to The Pond, Nosedive is busy chasing Baby around who is destroying computer components again until he finds something he seems to like and melts it with eye beams. He eats the mush and grows a few inches. He flees into a ventilation shaft before he can be caught and starts to glow green. Wildwing and the others enter a vacant building in the city who's insides are hollow making the Ducks more suspicious of the place. They continue to investigate. The Ducks back at the base with Nosedive find a huge cocoon in the vents that they are searching realizing that Baby must be inside of it. As they go in for a closer look the cocoon hatches and a now seven foot tall mutant creature that isn't so cute like previously bursts out of it growling madly at the Ducks. Nosedive tries to talk to the creature who he was friends with just before the mutation. Baby thinks for a moment and stops chasing them and just exits through the wall walking through it.

Wildwing and his crew continue to examine the empty room until they cut through one of the walls and see Viperware Technologies is hidden behind the wall and they are up to no good. A report on a break in at a lab is heard and they all go to investigate.  As they arrive at the lab the doctor is not telling what happened as he doesn't think the ducks would understand. They insist he tells them and he explains that the Flux Capacitor was stolen from them. Tanya finishes the doctors statement explaining that it is a device that turns Balonium into magnetic energy. Much to the doctors shock she is exactly right. Tanya explains that Balonium is what they use in all of their equipment and weapons so she is an expert on it.  The doctor tells them that they have a whole supply of Balonium in the storage area in that very lab. A huge crash is heard when they suddenly realize Baby would be going after that. They rush into the store room only to see Baby starting to eat the purple canisters full of balonium. Right away Baby starts to expand at alarming rates out growing the very lab and stomping off now in a new giant monster city crushing size.

As the creature stomps off Lord Dragonus finishes his device once he gets the Flux Capacitor in place. His henchmen activate it and a purple beam shoots up into the sky and starts to bring down asteroids towards the planet Earth. As the Ducks are chasing the giant sized Baby in their vehicle asteroids start to crash down on the road way, one of them hitting the vehicle causing Wildwing's laser blast at Baby to miss. Baby stomps off away from them as Nosedive jumps out to go after the giant. The Sauna's turn up the power on the device and meteors start to crash down all over Anaheim. Nosedive realizes the only way he can stop this is by getting Baby's help. He uses his watch and plays the silly tone on it that Baby likes and Baby remembers him again and grabs Nosedive listening to him. They head over towards a huge tower that the ray is located on and Baby climbs up it and smashes the device. The Sauna's escape realize that they are in over their heads now and Nosedive retrieves the Flux Capacitor and hands it to Tanya. She reverses the polarity on the device so now it will reverse energy rather then give it off. If Baby eats it it will restore him to his egg state once again. Reluctantly Nosedive tells Baby to eat it and Baby does changing back into a small crystal egg once again.

Back at HQ they put the egg in the freezer claiming that the cold will keep it from hatching much like it did in space. They tell Nosedive that they are sorry that he lost his baby but he seems to be alright about it. He asks if he can have a horse or dog or any pet as they all roll their eyes as they exit with him.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: I always enjoyed this episode for some reason more then I should have.  It's not anything great or creative, if anything it was a weird advertisement done by Disney for their newly created hockey franchise named the Mighty Ducks. Even the main character named Wildwing was the mascot of the team. And of course the whole hockey theme involved with the cartoon was all a way of franchising the product.  So the whole series was just a running advertisement that had very uncreative stories and a silly situation of anthro ducks in a human world fighting anthro lizards.  There were a few decent episodes in the series that had some macro themes. This would be the best in my opinion but there was another involving dragons and transformation of sorts. But this to me is the best macro moments to be found in the whole run of the show. The show probably didn't do as well as hoped as for one thing there are no known plans to put any episodes on DVD and there was never any toy line or games involved with the show. Another brilliant Disney marketing scheme that didn't go as well as hoped, but hey we can't be too disappointed. We got this episode and with that on with the full review.

This is a very strange situation in that it is a double plot story and the situation sorta comes out of nowhere as well. The main plot is really that the crystal like egg that the Mighty Ducks wind up with, was intended to serve as a decoy of sorts to keep the Ducks occupied with it while the Sauna's build some strange weapon that can attract meteors to crash down upon the planet. To me the stories were kind of lame actually. Would have probably been more fun if the Sauna's were to use the creature for their own purposes to destroy the city rather then just put the monster in the Duck's hands and hope for the best as they build this silly device that I thought was kinda dumb to waste all the time and effort into. But this is another example of where old school Disney Afternoon episodes did shine macro wise. This was a pretty good moment involving the monster and while there were some story elements and situations that could have been handled better, macro wise this does rank up there.

Probably what is most compelling about the situation is Baby itself. It went through a metamorphosis of sorts starting from a very cute and cuddly almost teddy bear type of creature. Into a huge mutant reptilian scaled type of monster that looks like a rejected monster out of an Aliens movie.  Some may like this idea as it adds a little bit of depth to the situation. Rather then just growing into a larger version of itself, it actually went through an evolution stage of sorts much like a butterfly and moth experienced.  To those fans of cute giants then you will be most disappointed at what he became because I'm sure most would have loved if he just kept his regular look as he grew. But me personally I like the idea that they changed him into the uglier monster that fit a more Godzilla feel to it then his previous form would have.  The situation was a bit rushed though due to time constraints. Going from cute little monster to cocoon to huge beast in about 10 minutes seemed a bit strange but for the time they had to work with it was unavoidable not to do it so quickly if they wanted the fun moments that would become the climax of this episode. 

I thought the growth moments were interesting. Frank Welker again shines in the role of the monster and creature that would become macro. You can almost feel the tension mount when the 12 foot Baby creature is sitting atop the pile of Balonium almost looking innocent as he picks up one of the canisters and promptly eats it. He almost grins as he starts to expand sending everyone running bursting out of the store room as a huge giant titan ready to stomp the city of Anaheim flat. Well perhaps it never did get to that point but it was a fun growth moment and him walking through an over pass for good measure as he stomps off was a nice touch. Besides that though there wasn't too much more going on with the monster. He had some fun moments where he becomes a good guy of sorts and helps Nosedive take care of the device that is bringing meteors down to the ground. But there really could have been more done then there was. The sub plot story took a lot away from Baby moments which was unfortunate as it was a fun situation in the making there. Other moments like Nosedive and Baby having a bond was strange and just seemed to happen all too fast. The time constraints really is what hurt this episode as they tried to accomplish too much too fast in the 20 + minutes they had to work in. So you didn't really feel for Nosedive when he was upset to lose Baby who he had only known for a few hours as it was.

This episode is hard to come by now a days as Disney has no plans to release the Mighty Ducks on DVD and Toon Disney has stopped showing it. There are a few good episodes out there though, some involving dinosaurs and dragons but this as far as a pure growth episode would be the only time that happened and the best moment in my opinion of the series. If you do happen to find some episodes, this is the one I would advice going for if you want to see macro moments.  This has the feel of the Zip episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or even a touch of Monsterella and Gorgonzolla. Very similar ideas and themes here and done a little differently. To me  I could have done without some of the silly moments and a lot of these episodes really try way to hard to be cool. Also I always hated that the Sauna's just teleport away when they get in over their head. It is quite annoying and cowardly and too convient way out of any situation too.

Bottom line, if you want a huge beast out growing a place that goes from small to big and gets a lot of screen time and interactment with a small duck in his hand then this is the episode for you. Its not as great as some A class episodes but is as good a B as you are going to find in my opinion. Unfortunately, no the monster didn't get to stay big and alive at the end. They used a cheap revert him back to how we found him trick here and stored the egg away in some freezer at the Pond. What a disappointment to put it lightly. He wasn't evil, just hungry. For that he should be penalized? Oh well. No justice for monsters I can see. Anyway, if you can find it, get it if you are a macro fan. Not the best but very good for many reasons. Fun situation that will keep you entertained and the giant Baby is a nice watch too even if its shorter lived and a little less eventful then it should have been.




(A green crystal that turns out to be an egg starts to hatch revealing a very cute creature)
Tanya: "
That's no rock. It's an egg!"
Mallory: "It's an intergalactic Teddy Bear."
(Newly hatched alien creature goos at them)
Nosedive: "Look at that. That is just.. just disgustingly .. cute..."


(Nosedive, Mallory and Grin find a huge cocoon inside the vents as they look for Baby)
Mallory: "Whoa! Is that him?"
Nosedive: "Either that .. or we just found the biggest moth in the entire universe.."


(Baby starts to eat all the Balonium and starts to expand as all the ducks flee)
Nosedive: "Aww man. Kids grow up too darn fast these days!"
(Baby's head pushes right through the roof of the building)


*One of the few Disney Afternoon series  that Disney has no plans on releasing to DVD any time in the near future. The reasons may have to do with the fact that Disney no longer owns the hockey team in Anaheim of the same name that inspired the cartoon. The show ran for only one season in 1996-1997 and used to be shown in re runs on Toon Disney. It no longer is shown there and is no longer available anywhere to my knowledge. When it was originally aired it was on both ABC Saturday morning lineup, as well as part of the Disney Afternoon in syndication.

*Frank Welker does the voice for Baby at both his small and monster mutated sizes. The creature sounds a lot like Slimer from the Ghostbusters when he is a small creature and a lot like his generic Godzilla-like creatures when he does the voice as Baby as a mutated giant. The voice is very easy to tell is Welker's though just by a few listens. He didn't go out of his way to change the voices too much from his usual animal/creature type voices. But yet another sighting of the cartoon voice god who has done countless of toons and still counting. This episode can be added to the list of macro moments he lent his voice to.

*There is a reference to the movie "Back to the Future" found in this episode. At one point Dragonus tells Siege and Wrath that the plan to build their secret weapon is going well. There is only one part left to steal before it is completed.  He pauses before saying very clearly "The Flux Capacitor". Then that name is used all throughout the episode as the power source that ran the weapon and even is used to revert Baby back to his egg state. Its a very strange place to use this term as the device they were building had nothing to do with time travel and the Flux Capacitor is a made up item specially created in the Back to the Future universe. So consider it a homage or just a lack of ideas for device names on the writers part. But it most definitely is a Back to the Future reference of sorts found in this episode.

*There is a fourth wall broken moment found in this episode. Towards the end when Baby is shrunk back to his egg state Nosedive gets all teary eyed and emotional before he comes to a stop and in his usual regular voice says winking to us viewers "I should get an emmy for my performance in this episode" before he goes back to looking sad again.


    Factual --- Why is it that Balonium at first made him only grow a few inches by eating minimal amounts and then it makes him go through a metamorphosis with the same minimal amounts. Then  later Baby  eats only one canister and grows to over 100 feet tall? There was no continuity or rhyme and reason as to how the Balonium affected Baby and how much was needed to make him how ever big. It wouldn't seem likely that he would just eat one canister and leave the rest if that was what his energy source and was what soothed his hunger turned out to be.

    Continuity --- When Wildwing and Nosedive meet up in the lab, Nosedive explains that Baby is now 15 feet tall. But  when they were fighting with him moments before the laboratory he was only a few feet bigger then the ducks as it is. No where near the 15 feet he is claiming Baby to be.

    Continuity --- Size fluctuation moments all throughout the final moments after Baby becomes his Godzilla side. At one point he looks 30 feet at other points he looks over 100. Every moment it seemed to change from smaller to larger depending on the situation.

     Continuity --- It took him huge dozes of Balonium to get to the size and state he became, not to mention a metamorphosis. But it only took him swallowing the flux capacitor set in reverse for him to revert back to his pervious state. If anything he should have changed back to his cocoon state not been able to change all the way back to his previous hatched state via this method.

:Creature gets pretty big and has a fun growth moment. Well animated and surprising situation that should keep your interest throughout. Interesting idea surrounding the whole metamorphosis of the creature from cute and small  to ugly and big.

- : The plot is a bit on the weak side being the same ol same ol every episode. The way the monster is defeated is lame.  Not enough time focused on the monster as a giant. The rampage moments are short lived.  Adult version of Baby looks weird having what looks like a beard and enough teeth to make a shark jealous.


   Aww, isn't that just the cutest thing?       You think they have enough guns pointed at him?       I hope he's housebroken 

That's not your mother. Not even your father : P          Ugh that adorable look is sickening       Hungry for metal are we?

Ah fried metal mush. My favorite          Wonder why he looks so shocked       A minor growth spurt to start the morning

He's looking a little green          Thats one big cocoon.       Uh oh. Something is coming out of this thing!

My Baby.. how you've changed. Is that a new look for you?          He doesn't look so cute now does he?    Its the only way to exit an underground base

He sure doesn't look big anymore          I think he's hungry for a snack    One canister won't do much right?

This can't be good..         There he grows!!     Raise the roof Baby style

He sure looks happy now that he's ubber big        Thats one way to bring down the lab      Time to go for a big walk in the city

This will leave a big foot print in the ground      He never did like those annoying over passes     He'll take em all on

Baby marching down the street      My what big teeth you have Baby      A duck action figure for Baby. how nice

This is the best piggy back ride he ever had      Hello shrimps. Mind if I join ?     Destroying building tops is fun

Sorry ride is over. Have to take over now     Don't eat that. It will shrink you. Oh well. :)


1 minutes 15 seconds
The Don't feed this alien Baloneyum. It has really uplifting effects on him. Once a small and cute creature, he is any thing but  now after a transformation. Once he eats the rare chemical though he grows to monster size and rampagies through the city.  Nosedive is the cities only hope now.