Name of show that this character is from:  Pocket Dragon Adventures
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: Fall 1998  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: NO LONGER AVAILABLE

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Formula)
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS BINKY?: An anthro, furry, light green colored pocket sized dragon


HOW DID SHE BECOME MACRO?: Poured a growth potion on herself

WHAT DOES SHE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of herself


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: All of the growth stages shown.

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE --

QUOTE:      "It worked! I'm not short anymore!!"

SEX:    Female

LOCATIONS: Castle and Woods

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Heroic Good

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low -  Bookcase that is used for her bed, roof of a mountain top house, a few trees

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: The Pocket Dragons are all on a table inside the huge castle they live in. Binky is having trouble reaching a bottle high above her and then decides that she is tired of being short. The others try to reassure her that her size is normal for a pocket dragon.  But she wants to be as tall as Filbert, who is the tallest of the Pocket Dragons. The other dragons decide to help her figure out a way to make her taller.  They all use methods they think may help. One tries stretching her while another tries hypnosis and various other methods. Nothing seems to work though and they pretty much tell her to just accept the fact that she is small.

Binky decides to take matters into her own hands and starts to create a magic potion from a book she found. She mixes the strange potion and puts some of it on herself. Quickly running to the mirror she looks and sees no change and walks out claiming to stink and need a bath now due to the potion. She heads back to the Pocket Dragons as they notice she smells bad. She is about to tell them its due to the potion she used but sneezes instead and grows in height to the same size as Filbert.  Binky is very excited by her new size while Filbert looks a little disappointed that he isn't the tallest anymore. They all head to bed in their book case that they use for rooms.  Before they fall asleep Binky sneezes again and grows in height exploding out of her bed to the floor. The Pocket Dragons to go investigate why she grew again. Specs looks over the potion book that she used and figures out that she never put a limitation on the growth spell. So every time she sneezes she will just get larger.  Binky grows again and starts to cry realizing that she won't even be able to fit into her home anymore if this continues. The Pocket Dragons tell her to relax and that they will help her out.

Specs starts to look through various books until he finally finds the solution. All they need is a Poca-Popple-Pettle plant. The bad news is that it is found in a dangerous area of the woods. They all at first don't want to go but then Binky has another growth spurt and they all decide the sooner the better. as they are walking down a path in the woods Binky's stomach growling is mistaken for thunder. She grows again lifting off the branch of a tree in the process as the dragons all rush to find the flower as things are going from bad to worse. They tell Binky to wait behind so she doesn't get in the way. She decides that it may be for the best to stay where she is even though she is scared being all alone. The dragons go off to look for the flower not having much luck finding it.  They find it finally at the edge of a cliff and Zoom Zoom runs down trying to get it but falls and now is trapped at the bottom of the cliff. Scribbles builds a ladder to get him and the flower back up as they don't want to go all the way back to get Binky who could easily get the flower and Zoom Zoom out.  They all venture down the ladder to get him and the flower. As they are climbing back up the Dracoul shows up and knocks them back down. He demands they give him the flower if they want to get out. Seeing they have no choice they send the flower up to him and Dracoul goes back on his word, taking the flower but leaving them stranded below in the pit.  Binky shows up and scares the Dracoul away while she goes down to rescue her friends. Binky grows again and they decide to leave her there while they head to the Dracoul to get the flower.

The Pocket Dragons knock on his door trying to get the flower back as they dress up like a salesman with all of them on each others shoulders with Filbert being the only one visible. They offer to sell him something but he is not interested and slams the door on them causing them all to fall down onto the jacket they were using. Binky suddenly approaches larger then ever claiming she was scared waiting by herself.  Binky decides to take care of the problem of the flower and lifts the top of the mountain that the Dracoul is located in and holds a hand out towards him demanding the flower. He quickly gives it up to her and faints after she slams the roof back down. Binky carries the flower and her friends back to the castle. Another potion is made up with the flower as the last ingredient. Binky dumps it on her head and sneezes shrinking back down to her regular size. Everyone is happy that she is small while Filbert is happy to be tallest again. Scribbles grins slyly and comments about how Filbert is only tallest for now.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: A little known show from the BKN block of cartoons from the late 90's that was part of morning syndication runs everywhere. The show was pretty much a running gag on the idea that dragons are supposed to be big , powerful and dangerous, yet in this show they were the exact opposite being tiny, friendly and having to over come their short comings. It was aimed at a very young target audience and it showed in many places. The characters were very child like as were a lot of the themes found in most episodes. So what could have been a very exciting and action packed situation with a giant dragoness on the loose, turned into a very silly and dumbed down situation that while long lasting wasn't too eventful.

This is the usual cookie cutter format of good guy wants to be big more then anything, then gets too big and doesn't want to be big anymore. I never understood why it has to always go in that path. But that's the formula they use when it's a good guy big. Also of course it was an easy cartoon to have an episode like this giving the size of all the dragons found in this are only various inches tall. And they choose the smallest of them to be the one that gets too big. So we are talking very un original stuff here in this episode. Every common theme you can find in a generic growth episode is found here. To give you an idea of how childish the show is, they even have Binky crying at one point that she won't be able to make cookies anymore due to her constantly growing bigger. Other moments included her being afraid to stay alone in the woods even though she was 50 feet at the time.  So as you could imagine it was hard to watch especially if you are over 20 and used to deeper cartoons for the most part.

The solution they came up with to their giant Binky problem was a little poorly executed as well. We have some weird named flower that they have to find by going to some part of the woods that scared them. But the only thing scary there was one creature who they met up with who really wasn't that scary, just seemed even stupider then the dragons themselves. Of course this creature named the Dracoul wanted the flower just for some soup he was making. Umm ok. I didn't get why making things big was so easy ingredients wise but making things smaller or antidotes requires very obscure flowers. You would think there would be more giants stomping about if the formula to make it was not so hard to do where as turning people back is a hard feat. Binky also got quite annoying at times. She talked like a toddler at times and at other times talked like an older child. I think the voice actor turned on and off the childlike characterization as it suited the situation.

This was never a favorite of mine as I just couldn't get into the whole situation as we were supposed to. I found the sneezing to activate spells to be a weird trigger if anything. How does a potion dumped on ones head activate though sneezes? Also Binky as a giantess was uneventful. The only cool moment with her was probably towards the end when she rips the roof of the mountain home of the Dracoul off and demands the flower in her friendly and nice way scaring the scales off of him. It was a nice use of how power and size can make all the difference in a situation. She was big and constantly growing throughout the short episode so that is a plus too. Of course this episode could have been much better but given the target audience it was intended for I suppose its about as good as we can expect here. It's rare you will find macro moments in shows for such a young audience anyway as those things can be deemed as scary or to involved for them. But when its a show about tiny sized dragons the connection to make one of them really big seemed to obvious not to do. I also liked the ending with Scribbles hinting that she plans on making herself bigger in the future. But that was just a funny ending as no other macro furry/animal  episodes were ever found in the series.

This is a hard episode to come by . I was quite lucky to get it on tape as it is. Just random recording can have those effects. The episode I have is not in the greatest of shapes anymore due to tape wear. It's not a classic by any means but it is something you won't see often and a nice find for something new that hasn't really been seen out there. Hard to say if this series will ever be shown anywhere again or put out onto DVD. My guess would be no as I don't think this show was fairly popular and I don't see demand for it's release any time soon. I'm glad to have found it but also disappointed that this was all the series would give us as there was so much more they could have done size wise. But that wasn't the point of the show. It was more of a Barney type of audience show where the kids would be amused for a half hour in very friendly and safe themes throughout. So when all is said and done we should be happy we got this in the first place.

:   C



(Binky looks upset as she had trouble getting a potion bottle)
Cuddles: "Something wrong Binky?!"
Specs: "Are you alright?"
Scribbles: "Anything we can do?"
Binky: "I'm tired of being short!!!"
Filbert: "Why you're not short. You're a perfectly reasonable height for a Pocket Dragon."
Binky: "Says the dragon twice my size. I wish there was a way to be as tall as Filbert!"


(Binky tries using stilts to up her size only to fall down unable to use them)
Filbert: "Sorry we've tried everything. Guess you will just have to accept your.. uhh.. short comings.."


(Binky uses a potion on herself hoping to get big. She looks in the mirror and doesn't grow)
Binky: "I'll never get tall. And now I need a bath too!!"


(Binky walks back to the Pocket Dragons after using the potion)
Binky: "Well I'm still short.."
Zoom-Zoom: "Yeah and you smell funny too."
Binky: "That's the potion I.."
(Binky suddenly sneezes and doubles in size)
Filbert: "Gazun..height?"


(A huge rumbling sound is heard behind the Pocket Dragons as they walk in the woods)
Cuddles: "What!? Is that thunder?
Binky: "Sow-ry! That was just my stomach grumbling."


Cuddles: "Is it an Earthquake!?"
Filbert: "No! It's a Binky!!"


Flibert: "Once again I'm the tallest Pocket Dragon!"
Scribbles: "Mmm hmmm.. for now..."
(Scribbles grins and writes something on a note pad)



*Pocket Dragons was part of a block of shows  produced by BKN. A company that produced many cartoons over the years and used to be a staple part of syndicated early morning cartoon blocks. They are a European company that is still around today doing works such as Extreme Dinosaurs, Monster Ranchers and Kong: King of Atlantis. The Animation company DiC distributed the cartoons to be shown here.  The company is still around to this day but it's cartoons are not seen as much in America due to Networks choosing not to show cartoons in the morning anymore while cable mostly shows their own in house made shows.

*All the episodes of Pocket Dragon Adventures included two episodes. Attack of the 50 ft. Binky was the second episode  shown in the last part of the show. The episode that came before it was called "The Trouble with Scrubbles".



      Continuity -- With the size Binky became it is very unlikely she would have been able to exit the castle or the room she was in with little or no damage done to the place. They conveniently don't show her exiting the castle and just zoom to them already walking outside leaving it a mystery as to how she got out with no problems.

      Continuity -- The Pocket Dragons while Zoom Zoom is trapped below in the pit claim they couldn't go back for Binky as she was too far away. Yet she heard everything just fine and came to them in no time flat to save them when they were trapped in the pit.

       Continuity -- The potion Binky used to get big gave her a slow growth with every sneeze. Yet the antidote potion which was the same thing colored purple with a flower in it shrunk her back to her previous size with just one sneeze.

+ :Lots of growth moments throughout. She is big for most of the episode. Not badly animated considering how cheaply done it was.

- :Annoying moments and hard to watch at times due to the very young age group this seemed to be for. The sneezing growth trigger seemed silly.


Another day in the life of shorty     Filbert offers a sympathetic ear     She looked annoyed!

That's not cookies she is making     Strange shampoo dragons use     Well she is still a runt of a dragon

Filbert is still taller     There is a new tallest dragon in town     They all look big from this view of things

I'm bigger then you.. nyah     She is getting bigger..     Umm thats not a seat cushion Binky

Oh no.. not another sneeze     There she grows     Well she's not a pocket dragon now

Binky, what big eyes you have     She's a one dragon army now     That sneezing bit is getting old

Who put this small tree here?     I can't do pull ups on this     So can we talk about who's going to be leader now?

You know you want to stomp it!     Oh who left these dragon toys here?     Hmm which one should I eat first?

Lets see how far I can throw you                                                                                     It may be a good idea to move away!    

Bi..bi..big Binky!!

I guess I rule now that everyone is gone     Do I have to save you again?     See she can sit and beg too

Hmm big dragon small mountain     And another growth spurt     I just love opening these things

You would be happy too if you were that big    


3 Minutes 12 Seconds
Binky sure hates being such a small dragon. She fixes that by making a growth potion and uses it on herself. She over does it though as she grows to over 50 feet tall and doesn't seem to enjoy being a giant dragon as much. But she makes the best of it that's for sure.