Cat Gut and Cooler
with Moat Monster

Name of show that these characters are from:  All New Pound Puppies
Title of Episode:

Peter Pup

Original Air date: December 05, 1987 (NETWORK: ABC)
Where can I find this episode now?: (Cable) Boomerang (Infrequently)

EPISODE TYPE : Fantasy Situation & Magic & Transformation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS CAT GUT?: An anthro, non furry, tan furred  pet cat

WHAT IS COOLER?: An anthro, furry, White furred humanoid dog


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: (Cat Gut)  Zapped by a sorceress with magic powers  
                                                               (Cooler) Fairy Dust is sprinkled on him

WHAT DO THEY BECOME AFTER THEY GROW?: (Cat Gut) Anthro Dragon Version of Self
                                                                                       (Cooler) Larger Version of Self
IS GROWTH SHOWN?:  Yes                     

HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?:  All of the growth stages shown.

MACRO NAME(Cat Gut) Catzilla
                             (Cooler) Peter Pup

QUOTE:     (Cooler) "Drop those puppies, or I'll give you such a pinch!!"
                   (Cat Gut just growled and roared with no speech capabilities)


LOCATIONS: Outside of a castle and moat

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average )(Cat Gut) 30 feet
                                                          (Cooler) 30 feet
NATURE(Cat Gut) Chaotic Evil
                  (Cooler) Heroic Good


SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Whopper's lying is getting to be to much for any of the Pound Puppies to deal with. Cooler decides to tell Whopper and the rest of the puppies a story about how lying almost was the undoing of  hero named Peter Pup. All the characters from their real life reality takes a part in the story that Cooler tells. Katrina, who wants to get the best of the Pound Puppies at all costs, plays an evil sorceress with her daughter Brattina and her cat Cat Gut playing their usual rolls as her side kicks. It takes place in some medieval world named Puppy Town, where Katrina is using her magic powers to turn all the colorful and nice looking areas of the kingdom to dull and dreary looking ones. She wants to change Puppy Town into her own puppy free and evil looking place to rule. She summons tornadoes to take away puppies from kids and turns once fully vibrant trees into leaf less and dead looking tree trunks.   Meanwhile Cooler, as Peter Pup is busy flying in the air with Whopper and Bright Eyes along with Nose Marie as the Fairy who uses her pixie dust to give Peter Pup his magical abilities. As they arrive over Puppy Town they see that it is a dead and life less looking place and are quite shocked by what they see. It seems that every time Whopper lies it weakens Peter Pup and makes Katrina stronger.

Whopper and Bright Eyes cover up the fact that Whopper has been lying as they continue onwards. Peter Pup flies over to the castle to take on Katrina telling her , her days of rule are over. Katrina fires a few bolts out of her hands at Peter only for the bolts to be knocked off. Peter tells her that he fights for truth and honesty and is powered by that as well. Katrina laughs and says too bad for him that one of his puppies is a liar. She fires at him again as Whopper denies lying and Peter starts to fall out of the ground losing power. Peter lays on the ground almost fading out of sight due to his weakened state. Katrina just gloats and fires a huge bolt of energy out of her hands aimed at Cat Gut  Cat Gut jumps into the air from the bolt and starts to transform in the air turning into a cat dragon that roars mightily at Katrina. Katrina tells Cat Gut to get them and points at Peter Pup and his crew as the cat starts to stomp over towards them. Peter Pup meanwhile lays almost fading out. Catzilla as he is now called grabs Whopper and Bright Eyes about to eat them. Nose Marie uses what's left of her magic powder on Peter Pup giving him enough energy to grow in size to a 30 foot giant. Cooler starts to stomp over towards the equally sized Cat Gut telling him to put the puppies down or he will be in big trouble. The cat quickly does as he is told and flees into a moat only to be shrunk back down and then chased by a moat monster. Peter shrinks back down as Katrina is less then pleased by her cat's defeat. Peter Pup and his friends head into the forest to think up a plan to defeat Katrina. Nose Marie requests going to the Wizard of the Howl's. Peter thinks that's a great idea and leaves Whopper in charge while he and Nose Marie fly off to find him. Whopper lets the power go to his head a bit by coming back out in a military uniform. Katrina sees her opportunity to strike and changes herself into a large spider. Peter and Nose Marie wind up finding the wizard who is played by Howler.

They eventually find out that it was Whopper the whole time who was lying and he has to make up for this and finally admits that he lied which is what it takes to give Peter enough power to over take Katrina and stop her for good. Cooler finishes reading the story hoping that Whopper learned his lesson and about why he should always be honest and tell the truth.

REVIEW OF EPISODE:  Very average and no frills 80's type of episode. Nothing deep and full of convenient situations that just fly by with no logic or reason needed. The real problem with this episode is that they were doing a very 80's esque story method of using the episode to teach the young children who are watching this a lesson and this time it was a lesson in honesty. I don't know why cartoons of this time always had to feel they were going to mold and shape the impressionable viewers a lesson in how to act but this episode may have over done that a bit.  If a kid didn't know not to lie before he watched this, he will get the point loud and clear by the time this episode has ended.

The story was just not as enjoyable as it could have been but it wasn't so bad that it was unwatchable. HB cartoons have never been known for their great story ideas. They were usually generic and been there done that. This at least tried to build on a fantasy situation, spoofing Peter Pan with the Pound Puppies in the roles of various characters from that story but the connection besides the title and the fact that Cooler was warring a Peter Pan out fit was far from easy to see. Things were just being thrown out of everywhere. We had lying weakening Cooler. Katrina randomly zapping things. Goals not clear and people showing up out of thin air were quite common in this short story.

A problem I had was how Cooler was being weakened by Whoppers lies, almost fading out of existence due to it, (which is a dumb plot in itself) and then all it took was some Puppy Powder by Nose Marie (who is supposed to be Tinker bell in this Peter Pan spoof) and then Peter Pup is suddenly able to grow and stronger then ever. I mean make up your mind, is he powered by truth or powered by powder being sprinkled on him? The worst was how Cat Gut was actually afraid of the giant Cooler in the first place. Why would a gigantic cat who has been known to bully the puppies all the time at his regular size be afraid of a giant Peter Pup of equal size, especially when he is holding two of the puppies who Peter wouldn't want to have harmed. Peter Pup suddenly grew really big and started to stomp over to Catzilla and says "Drop those puppies or I'll give you such a pinch!" Catzilla freaks out and quickly lets the puppies down and runs in pure fear. That seemed totally illogical and out of place. Ok so you have another giant to deal with, why would he become such a coward suddenly? And then at the end of the situation we have Cat Gut running and jumping into the moat and he shrinks back down. What.. water undoes all of Katrina's spells? well if that's the case just rain water on all the areas that Katrina zapped and everything will revert to normal. I mean it was just a very poorly done situation over all. Things should have been thought out and written better to make the story flow right. It was just random things happening at every moment building to something that just wasn't as cool as it could have been if done properly. we had a cool creature in a cat dragon and a tense moment in the puppies in trouble but then we have a giant Cooler out of no where and a cat running and shrinking down only to be chased by some moat monster. Writing for this episode and the show in general really needed to be better then it was.

It's not a total loss though. This is far from the worst ever and far from the best also. These were both blink moments for the most part as their times as giants ended moments after they started. There are cool moments though that make up for what was lacking. Cat Gut's transformation into a dragon is kinda interesting for some reason. Katrina just randomly zaps him sending him flying into the air, his hat and ruffled collar suddenly disappear. Katrina has this freaked out look on her face all the while as if she has no idea what she has done and as a newly formed Catzilla slams down he just roars powerfully into her face. They actually show Katrina's hair blown about and streams of wind coming out of the giant cats muzzle. For a badly written episode the animation department actually did a good job on detail and expressions for both Katrina and Cat Gut in this transformation moment. I still don't get why Katrina looked so worried. You would think she would have known what she created here and looked more pleased by what she had done. Cooler's transformation wasn't as cool. They really only show him growing but they keep the position in the same perspective from the whole moment so we see it from his legs up after he fully grows before us and stuff but its kinda funny to hear him laugh with that booming voice now they gave him. An interesting bonus of some moat monster at the end of all of this was a fun surprise. Poor Cat Gut though. He was once a giant monster only moments before only to be chased by a giant moat monster. Ah if only Katrina had better control over her spells and pets she would have long taken over Puppy Land.

For a blink moment this isn't to bad. It plays on the usual cat vs dog themes that so many cartoons do and added some macro elements to that battle with the dog easily winning this time without even having to lay a hand on the cat.  It's an 80's cartoon and that has to be taken into consideration when looking at the cartoon overall. It was more interested in teaching a lesson about what can happen if you lie then about actually coming up with a good story for the viewer to get into.  I don't think  a cartoon like this is going to stop a kid from lying let alone really teach them anything except that puppies will always win over evil sorceress and giant cats every time. But its still cool to see a giant Cat Gut and giant Cooler even. Some characters play the macro role well and these two did a nice job with it, besides the fact that Cat Gut was just a big scardy dragon when Cooler grew. They really could have done better but it also could have been much worse so that is why you can just take it for what it is and enjoy it for what it does have over what it doesn't.




(A huge shadow covers Whopper and Bright Eyes as the two young pups look up)
Whopper: "Oh my gosh! It's Catzilla!!"


(Whopper insists it wasn't he that lied as Cooler starts to fall from the sky)
Cooler: "Ouch. We're going down. May day. May day. Mother's Day. April Fool's Day even!"
(Cooler Slams down onto an out of order fountain rubbing his back and rear)
Cooler: "This flying business is really getting to be an ol' pain in the rump-a-roo..oooch.."


(Whopper looks away in fear as Catzilla approaches)
Whopper: "Holy smokes! I never knew reading a book could be so.. dangerous..."


(Nose Marie flies over to a fading out Peter Pup as Whopper and Bright Eyes are captured by Catzilla)
Nose Marie: "I still have a pinch of puppy power powder Peter!"
Cooler: "Well pick my pickled peppers and pour it on me."
(Nose Marie sprinkles what's left of the magic powder on Cooler)
Cooler: "Perfectimundo!"


(Cooler looks to the screen clearing his throat after being coated with the Puppy Powder.)
Cooler: " 'scuse me folks. I have to go into my big hero routine."
(Cooler suddenly starts to grow in size and talks in a booming voice next)
Cooler: "AND I DO MEAN.. BIG!!! HA HA HA!!"



*Both Cat Gut and Cooler are performed by very famous voice actors. Cat Gut  was voiced by Frank Welker who has done hundreds of cartoons in his time and still does voice work to this day. He mostly does the  voices of animals and monster type characters in cartoons (various macro characters on this page are voiced by him) and very often growls and snarls and roars will sound very familiar in different cartoons  due to his great voice work. He doesn't only do animal type characters though , most famously perhaps is the fact that he  was Megatron in the Transformers cartoon.  Cooler was voiced by Dan Gilvezan who is best known for his voice work as Spiderman in Spiderman and his Amazing Friends and also was various voices in the Transformers cartoon but most recognizably for his role as Bumblebee.

* This episode was during  the second season of the Pound Puppies cartoon and things were changed from the first season. The name was now the All New Pound Puppies and the puppies were no longer out in the open at a house and had to hide underground to avoid Katrina who now owned the pound. Instead of one long 24 minute episode per show there were now two 11 minute episodes that filled the half hour show. The voice actors, characters and  themes all remained the same besides these changes.

*There is actually another macro character in this episode, that being the moat monster that Cat Gut swims away from after he shrinks back down. You only see the neck and head of the huge monster but it's a nice little added bonus to show how quickly things can change when you aren't so big anymore.


      Factual -- Cat Gut and Cooler were both about the same size when they were macro. Cat Gut is usually not afraid of the Pound Puppies and is a bit smaller in their regular sizes. So being the same size and having the puppies captive in his huge hand should have given Cat Gut an advantage as Catzilla.  There is no reason that an equal sized Cooler should have scared Cat Gut like it did causing him to flee just by Cooler telling him to put the puppies down. 

      Continuity -- It is never explained why Cat Gut would shrink down after going into the moat. Was Katrina's powers not water proof or something?

      Continuity -- When Cat Gut is zapped by Katrina and turned into Catzilla, he had a ruffled collar and covering on that is thrown off as he flies into the air from the power zap. In the moat when being chased by the moat monster he still doesn't have his clothing back. In the next scene after the moat his  ruffled clothing is back on him again.


+ :Cat Gut looks cool as a dragon and has a cool transformation scene with him becoming a dragon and roaring at Katrina almost blowing her off the ledge. Fun seeing both Cooler and Cat Gut in a macro form even if short lived.

- :Seemed to be trying to teach a lesson about lying as if it was going to prevent any kid from ever lying again. The connection to Peter Pan is minor if anything and seemed more like a mix match of randomly thrown situations all squeezed into a 10 minute episode. Catzilla and Cooler's time macro is very short lived and wasn't used to it's full potential. The way Catzilla is changed back to Cat Gut is also quite lame. 


Our heroes arrive on the scene     Four puppies vs an evil sorceress     A liar amongst us? I find that hard to believe.

Then again I could be wrong...     Why is she looking at her cat like that? Uh oh.     This is how to make a real cat out of you.

That cat sure can jump!!     Why does she look so shocked? She's did the spell on him.     Now that's one big kitty!

Cat Gut's breath is awful!     Now they see why he's called Catzilla     Is it me or did it get dark suddenly?

Running may be a good idea now     Peter Pup is fading away     This will give him a nice pick me up

Now for a little snack!!     Hmm doesn't seem like the dust worked     Never mind. It works fine!

You would laugh too if you were suddenly a 30 foot tall giant     Fe Fi Fo Fum     One Catzilla to go..stage right

How the mighty have fallen     Looks like Cat Gut is now the snack     Watch where you step you over grown mutt


46 Seconds
Catgut gets transformed into a cat dragon named Catzilla. Cooler as Peter Pup, grows into a giant due to magic pixie powder in this fantasy situation. This moment has been altered focusing on only the macro aspects, with non macro moments edited out.