Charlie & Missy 

Name of show that these characters are from:  Dinosaucers
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: December 26, 1987 (cable:USA NETWORK)
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

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WHAT IS CHARLIE?: A brown and yellow fur colored with black spots, small non-anthro, non-furry pet dog.

WHAT IS MISSY?: A grey and white fur colored, small non-anthro, non-furry pet cat.


HOW DO THEY BECOME MACRO?: Both Eat Dinosauce.

WHAT DO THEY BECOME AFTER THEY GROW?: Charlie becomes a Dogasaurus which is a four legged dog dinosaur version of himself; Missy becomes a Catasaurus which is a four legged cat dinosaur version of herself. 


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN: All of the  devolving and growth Moments are Shown                                                                                                                                                

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) Charlie - Dogasaurus
                                                                                     Missy - Catasaurus

QUOTE:      (NONE -- THEY DON'T SPEAK. Only Bark or Meow respectively)

SEX:    Charlie - Male
            Missy- Female

LOCATIONS: Lava Dome and a nearby Public School

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): Both are about 30 Feet in height 

NATURE: Playful Animal Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Wall of Lava dome and Ankylosaucer.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Two of the  Secret Scouts, (Human friends of the Dinosaucers) Sara and Paul bring their pet dog and cat, Charlie and Missy, to the Lava Dome for a visit. Charlie and Missy are left alone with the Dinosaucers brainy pets the Furballs named Grunt and Ugh. The Furballs are scared by Charlie and Missy who they first believed were high Earth Life forms only to discover that they are actually the pets to the humans.  Charlie and Missy though are a little more then the furballs bargained on to baby sit.  To hopefully curb their appetites, the Furballs look for some  food to feed them. They are only able to find a can of Dinosauce in a cabinet of dinosaur food that they decide will have to do. As Charlie and Missy eat the dinosauce before them, they suddenly  start to grow and change into giant dinosaur versions of themselves. As the two start to wreck havoc in Lava Dome scaring it's inhabitants, Genghis Rex, leader of the Tyranos, learns of Charlie and Missy as they were monitoring for monsters, and wants to capture them to use and control for his own evil purposes. The Dino Scouts meanwhile are afraid that their  pets won't listen to them any more due to what they have changed into not to mention all the trouble they  may cause. Luckily only the  size changed not their loyalty and they don't cause harm to their masters even if a huge dog slurp  sends Paul flying across the room. Allo, the leader of the Dinosaucers picks up a device called the wishbone and says it's the way to change  Charlie and Missy back to their original states. Before Allo can fire the device on the two giant pets, the wishbone gets thrown into the air and Charlie catches it into his giant mouth as if they were playing fetch. As Genghis Rex and his troops attack the Lava dome almost at the same time, the Dinosaucers quickly  go into defense mode. While this is going on Charlie and Missy exit the Lava Dome by merely walking  through the wall and start to head towards a suburban area public school. The Secret Scouts go after them but so does Ankylo (one of the Tyranos)  in his spacecraft. The Secret Scouts don't want to hurt their  pets while Ankylo is trying to capture them. Ankylo shoots a chain around Charlie but he breaks free by a mere flick of his neck, sending the ship flying into Missy's massive  hand. Missy plucks him out of his ship and puts Ankylo on her back and Charlie and Missy head back to the Lava Dome. Charlie pins Ankylo onto the ground forcing him to surrender by licking him. Genghis and his troops retreat as Charlie and Missy seem to be to much to handle and after the commotion ends, Allo uses the wishbone to  change Charlie and Missy back to normal where everyone is glad that it all worked out in the end.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Probably one of the best macro episodes that was made in the late 1980's when dealing with a regular animal turned macro situation. While the story and what could have been done was lacking, the rest of the situation still seems to work nicely as far as overall situation involving two common animals suddenly given new size and power to play with. Growth was shown in detail and it was a pretty cool transformation moment as well.  The scene could have been done like it usually is in cartoons, with them ingesting the Dinosauce and just instantly growing into their new forms with some glowing mixed in and we have a whole 2 second small to big unrealistic moment created. But instead it was done with the two furballs that fed them the dinosauce making oblivious  comments about what is going on as the two pets rise up and transform from a simple cat and dog duo, into two huge dinosaur sized monsters.  It was also interesting in how they decided to play it as if it was still the same exact dog and cat in every way just in larger and stronger bodies. Even the expressions they drew on the two as they grew was kind of eerie in a way as if the two were digging what was going on the whole time. I still have my theory that this whole show was done by someone into macro due to all the macroish themes that seemed to run through it, but of course that is just theory and we will never know for sure. But whether it was or wasn't, the macro moments in this, especially with the growth moment was pretty cool and it's a shame more don't follow this formula for doing a regular sized animal to macro sized moment.  A few interesting moments were when Charlie winds up licking his master Paul sending him flying across the room from a huge tongue flick and a moment before that Charlie  almost steps on Sara before he just obediently stops on command. It was an interesting way to show that they are still the same exact pets inside and still carry on normally even with their huge size now and aren't going to hold back due to it.

The story took the usual and predictable path that the Dinosaucers cartoon often did with the Tyranos getting involved into the mix to try and capture Charlie and Missy for their own purposes. I never quite understood what they planned to do with all these would be monsters that they are trying to capture all the time. They mention how they want to sign up the monsters to use as the Dinosaucers use the Secret Scouts for helpers, but It was really more a running theme in future episodes and the sudden appearance of the giant dog and cat made for a perfect way to fit the bad guys into the mix. It became more comic relief though as Charlie and Missy beat up the Tyranos more then actually feared them at any point.  At times the show has been known to be a little simplistic and childish in themes and this episode was no different. The good guys didn't seem too bright at points either, but that's another story in itself and most likely playing up on the dinosaurs are dumb theory that we have always believed them to be. The Wishbone was also a very far fetched plot device. It was just something Allo takes off of the rack on the wall and explains that "It does many things but it mainly can change artificialy changed dinosaurs into their original states." Well isn't that a relief that they just happend to have  such a thing just in case things get turned into dinosaurs? Boy I wonder what other things they just happen to have laying around in case of Dinosaur related emergencies. It basicaly turned into a way to have Charlie and Missy leave the Lava Dome as Charlie uses it for a bone as if playing fetch and the fun ensues. Very silly plot device but then again eating some sauce laying around to turn things into dinosaurs isn't so logical either. So it actualy works in the realm of the universe the show takes place in, as crazy as it is.

I think after the writers  had Charlie and Missy grow into their dinosaur forms, they didn't know exactly what to do with them to make for a fun story.  They had the two aimlessly walk to a nearby school as two young girls at their desks looked out a window in shock as the two giants walk by only to be told to pay attention by the teacher as the rest of the world seemed unaware  at  the two giants arrival.  Of course in real life no school would have gone unnoticing of two 30 foot dinosaurs standing outside of it, but again you have to suspend belief for a half hour as you watch this show as everything is ridiculous and far fetched when it comes to this show. The situation was more to be amusing then for the terror factor of it. They did try to add some interesting moments, mostly at Ankylo's expense, as usual.   Ankylo tries to capture Charlie  in the school yard with a huge chain from his small cruiser space ship, but that was futile as the giant canine breaks free by a mere neck flick after Paul zaps it with a laser in his flying scooter and Missy  easily picks him up and almost seems to be grinning at him for how pathetic an attempt that truly was. The Tyranos meanwhile just face off with the Dinosaucers in the Lava Dome which seemed like filler more then anything as that never went anywhere more then them just standing in place and saying things to one another. Things seemed to come to a stand still in the episode after the middle and never went anywhere that it could have and it's a shame too because they had two pretty cool creations to use but after they were actually formed the fun of the situation seemed to be lacking. But that is really the only thing that held it back. It easily could have been the best ever if it actually had a better story to go along with the whole situation created.

Overall though this is a great episode and ranks up there easily as one of the best. Truly an enjoyable monsters on the loose and small pets becoming larger theme that I think any fan would enjoy. I'm sure many who have come here like the idea of having a pet that size and this episode really plays on that type of theme and tries to add in its usual humor that the show has come to know. The story was lacking and sometimes it's just hard to believe how dumb all the people that show up in this show really are, even characters that aren't the dinosaur characters themselves just seem brainless at times.  But that is the charm of the show and they pulled off the episode as well as could be expected. It definitely ranks highly in my mind macro wise as this is kinda what macro is about to some. Something like an everyday pet and usually small suddenly becoming larger then ever thought possible and in control of the situation and their surroundings, with an extra bonus of dinosaurs being mixed into the mix. All ending with a nice happy wrapped up ending after the duo had their fun with their size. When I first saw the Dinosaucers way back when, I always knew something macro would show up, I'm just glad to see it turned out better then I could have expected, with this episode just being one of many Dinosaucers episodes to have macro show up at many moments. This is easily the best of the macro episodes from this show in my opinion.



(Furballs watching as Charlie and Missy transform into giant dinosaurs)
Ugh : "Look!  I heard on TV about how fast Earthlings grow. They call these the wonder years!" 

Grunt: "I'm not sure, wonderful is the right word."
(Continue to look on in horror as they transform)
Grunt: "Charlie's turned into a Dogasaurus!"
Ugh: "And..and Missy's turned into a Catasaurus."

Grunt: "I think we're in trouble Ugh!"
Ugh: "BIG trouble Grunt!"


(Secret Scouts hold their pets up for the furballs to look at)
Grunt: "Greetings from Reptilon, take me to your leader mammal."
(Charlie and Missy give the furballs a blank stare)
Grunt: "Hmmm, these creatures have inferior intelligence to us furballs, yet they rule the planet Earth?"
Trycero: "Those are just house pets. It's the two holding them that are the intelligent ones."
Grunt: "You sure Trycero?"
Ugh: "Could have fooled me. Hee hee hee.."


Ankylo: "I think we Tyranos' have been licked!"
(Charlie as a dogasaurus starts to give Ankylo unmerciful lickings)


(Furballs run by Trycero and Stego screaming)
Ugh: "Run for your lives! It's a Dogasaurus!!
Grunt: "And a Catasaurus!!"

Trycero: "What on Reptilon are a Dogasaurus and a Catasaurus?"

(Charlie's huge paw slams down behind them as Charlie and Missy Bark and Meow respectively causing both to turn around)
Stego: "Err.. uhhh.. (ducks his head down into his vest) I've never seen any.. but I'll bet.. that's them.."



*While this is the only time Charlie and Missy would be macro this isn't the only time that either of them make an apperance. Charlie would appear in a future episode of Dinosaucers in an episode titled "T Bone Steaks".

*The can of Dinosauce fed to Charlie and Missy had a logo on it similar to that of the Ghostbusters logo excpet it had a drawn dinosaur in the red circle. The logo itself is strange in that the sauce makes other living creatures turn into dinosaurs, not prevent them. If the logo was meant to mean don't feed to dinosaurs, then what was it doing in the dinosaur food cabinet and what would you use it for if its not even safe for dinosaurs?



      Factual -- Missy in her Catasaurus form picks up Ankylo's ship in her huge forepaw only to pluck him out and place him on her back. This is not possible as she didn't grow hands, only larger paws then what she had originally. She probably also wouldn't have been able to reach behind her back as easily as she did.

      Continuity -- It was clearly stated at the begining of the episode that the Dinosaucers had no idea what a cat and dog was let alone a human pet looked like. The Tyranos who know even less about them called them monsters also not seeming to know what they were as they were not present when the dog and cat became dinosaurs. But as Ankylo is being grabbed by the Catasaurus later on he says "Nice Kitty" as she places him on her back. A word that only someone who knew other names for  a cat would have said let alone what a cat even was.

+ :Entire growth transformation moments shown. Charlie and Missy look really cool in their dinosaur forms. Great transformation scene, one of the best ever done in a cartoon. Above average animation and drawing as expected of an 80's cartoon. Interesting macro moments involving both Charlie and Missy.

- :Very little story and a few stupid moments that just didn't work or seemed illogical.  Episode seemed to lose some focus after Charlie and Missy transform into their new forms having no real story on what to do with the duo after becoming dinosaurs. You could almost imagine the writers after they changed them into Dinosaurs saying "Now what do we do?"


Soon to be monsters arive..  Furballs can't handle them even before they are big   Cute perhaps. But they won't think so for long.

One order of Dinosauce to grow..er go.  Glowing coats are always a bad sign   It starts...

Up they go..   ..and up...  And up some more.. uh oh..

A Dogasaurus is born                                                                                One newly created Catasaurus 

I think they are liking thier new bodies.

Run you pathetic furballs, We rule now.  And I thought we were big dinosaurs  Missy has a earthshaking singing voice

That's a BIG paw!  Now who is the master here again?  What harm could a gentle dog kiss do?

Bye Paul. Have a night flight  Oh are you two still here?  Thanks for the toy. See ya.

Not through the roof but through the wall  Talk about taking your dog for a walk  Ankylo still not learning who is boss.

I think now he knows!  It's the only way to travel  I'm back. You miss me?

Out of the way. catasaurus coming through.  Uh oh. This can't be good..  The Tyranos' have been licked



2 Minutes 47 Seconds
Charlie and Missy transform into a huge dogasaurus and catasaurus and run amuck in the area. As well as take care of Ankylo. This moment has been altered focusing on only the macro aspects, with non macro episode aspects  edited out.