Darkwing Dinosaur

Name of show that this character is from:  Darkwing Duck
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: October 9, 1991  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Devolving & Godzilla Situation
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WHAT IS DARKWING DUCK?: An anthro, furry, white feathered, crime fighting duck


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Hit with beams of Retro Devolving Ray Gun

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Large Dinosaur version of himself.

: (If different from regular sized name) Darkwing Dinosaur

QUOTE:   "Lets get dangerous!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: City of St. Canard

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 150 feet

NATURE: Heroic Good

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: High - Lots of buildings, skyscrapers, phone booth, and random structures.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: A huge anthro stegosaurs dinosaur walks into a law office suddenly while the secretary picks up the phone. The dinosaur lifts up the desk and carries it out along with the lawyers who were seated at it. The voice on the phone claims to have called the wrong number and hangs up. A puff of purple smoke is seen next as Darkwing Duck shows up with Honker and Goslyn along for the ride must to the caped hero. The two kids claim they were bored and tagged along. Darking tries to find out details of what happend while Goslyn continues to annoy him. Honker meanwhile notices the dinosaur foot prints and looks it up in a book of his and sees it matches that of a stegosaurs. He goes over to tell Darkwing who doesn't believe him for an instant. Darkwing throws Goslyn and Honker out of the room so he can investigate in peace while the two children go to investigate the dinosaur prints themselves.

Honker follows a trail of footprints that he still insists are dinosaur foot prints even as Goslyn continues to not believe that it is possible. Darkwing Duck meanwhile is flying over a golf course in a prison thinking that the culperate of this caper is a convict known as , Numero Uno. He spots him on the golf course and Darkwing prepares to jump him from high above. Darkwing's plan doesn't work to well as his cord stays attached to him and as he grabs onto a tree for support both he and the tree crash back into the jet. Goslyn and Honker meanwhile have wandered into a dinosaur exhibit of a musem still following the foot prints. The same mysterious anthro dinosaur is now at a vending machine in the musem trying to buy a soda. He slams the machine up and down to get the soda out only to attract their attnetion. They run over just as the dinosaur flees leaving only more foot prints. Darkwing tries his jumping down from a cord trick again, this time he has Launchpad oil out the snaps on his overalls and jumps again. The same problem happens though as he jumps down to Numero Uno in a pool. The cord stays attached and this time he pulls the whole pool up. The snaps come undone as he reaches back up to the plane and slams down to the ground followed by the swiming pool that crashes down atop of him.

In the musem the two are about to give up. The anthro dinosaur tries to hide along with the fossils in the musem only to suddenly sneeze and alert the two of his presence. They both run in fear and head to an elevator to escape as the dinosaur tells them that he means them no harm and not to run from him. The dinosaur trips and crashes right through the elevator as Honker is surprised to see a stegosaurs. The dinosaur explains that he used to be a janitor before he was a dinosaur. He explains that his name is Stegmutt,  and takes them down to the lab so they can  meet someone named Dr. Fossil.

Darkwing tries his jump down scheme yet again, this time carrying an anvil with him. But it again backfires as he now losses the clothing on his back which jump back into the plane leaving him on the ground with the anvil. Stegmutt returns only for a talking pterodactyl to be less then pleased that he brought two children rather then the circus elephants he had wanted. Stegmutt seems more intersted in showing the two the doctors secret invention rather then listening to him. Much to the protest of the doctor, he returns with the doctors invention. The Retro Evolutionary Gun. Stegmutt then shows all the prisoners they have captured and turned into anthro dinosaurs including the lawyers that he kidnapped earlier. Goslyn asks what the point of all this turning people into dinosaurs sutff is. The doctor explains that he is going to use a magnet to attrace a comet flying above to crash down onto the planet to give dinosaurs another chance at being the dominant species on the planet. The doctor orders the gun used on Goslyn and Honker and Stegmutt is about to fire at them only for an alarm to go off. The doctor has to go get the magnet now so he can finish his super plan.

Darkwing Duck is back on the road trying to figure out how to get Numero Uno only for Stegmutt to stop and ask him directions to the military base. Darkwing gives him directions only to realize that it was a dinosaur he just gave directions too and goes to follow. Dr. Fossil meanwhile calls the bunker and distracts the guard as Stegmutt lifts up the huge super electro magnet and carries it off as the doctor tells the guard he has the wrong number only for the magnet to be carried off behind him. The motorbike Darkwing drives runs out of gas so Darkwing has to put on a pair of rollar skates and use his own mini magnet to keep pace. The magnet is attracted to every vehicle he comes near making for quite the trip to catch up to Stegmutt. Darkwing gets run over by a train just as Stegmutt comes to a stop at a vending machine. The magnet in his hand attaches to the super magnet as Stegmutt gets his soda and carries the magnet along with Darkwing back to the top of a huge building where Dr. Fossil is.  Darkwing goes to attack Fossil only for him to use his wings to keep Darkwing at bay. Stegmutt frees Goslyn and Honker after they convice him that the doctor is a bad guy. The three of them rush up to the roof of the building to try and help Darkwing Duck. The doctor gets distracted and isn't pleased that the two kids haven't been changed into dinosaurs yet. The gun is knocked out of Stegmutts hand and accidently zaps Darkwing Duck as he goes flying off the building crashing into a pool of tar below. Everyone thinks the worse that that was the end of Darwking Duck as Stegmutt appologizes for what happend.

Suddenly a huge head pushes out of the tar pit followed by an even huger dinosaur body. Darkwing Duck looms over the building as a huge dinosaur version of himself now looking surprised at what he has become as Goslyn, Honker and Stegmutt are happy to see he is alive while the doctor is less then pleased.  He pushes a button on the magnet to attract the comet flying above. Dr. Fossil tries to fly off only for Darkwing to slam a huge foot down to block his path. The doctor tries to flee only for the huge dinosaur to chase after him. Meanwhile the three left on top of the buliding try to reverse the magnet to send the comet back only for Stegmutt to break the switch. Darkwing continues to chase after the doctor destroying more of the city then he is saving as he stomps through it and scared everyone in the process. Dr. Fossil prank calls Darkwing distracting him as he corners him with the Retro gun. Honker tells Stegmutt that if he can move the magnet they can send the comet back into the sky. Stegmutt does just that and they are saved. The magnet attracts the gun and a huge ship that hits Darkwing and squishes the doctor to the magnet. The doctor is captured and now its time to change everyone back. Darkwing insists he goes first and Stegmutt uses the gun on him only for Darkwing to change into a fish. Darkwing asks us to not get him near any tartar sauce until they can fix this properly.





Honker: "Prehistoric footprints. This could get me an "A" on my science project!"

Goslyn: "Keen... Darkwing gets adventure. What do I get? Homework!"


(Honker and Goslyn follow a path of dinosaur footprints that were left on the sidewalk)
Goslyn: "Can we go home yet?!"
Honker: "But we haven't run out of dinosaur prints.."
Goslyn: "Ha... come on Honk, dinosaurs are extinct!"
Honker:  "I know.."
Goslyn: "I mean they don't exist!!"
Honker: "I KNOW!!"
Goslyn: "So.. what are they?"
Honker: "Dinosaur prints.."


Goslyn: "Wow look at that tail. So like you use it to bonk Tyranosaurus' on the head or something?"
(Stegmutt looks at his tail pointing to it)
Stegmutt: "That? No. I just use it to open sodas."
Goslyn: "Total bumer."


(A gigantic dinosaur version of Darkwing rises up looming his head down over the top of the building looking less then pleased)
Stegmutt: "Ack! Dinosaur!!"
(Stegmutt hides behind Dr. Fossil in fear)
Dr. Fossil: "And a ridiculous one at that!"
Goslyn: "Darkwing? Is that you?"
Darkwing Duck: "Well of course it's me, boy.. what big feet I have."
(Looks shocked suddenly as he sees what he has become knocking buildings down next to him)
Darkwing Duck: "Yipes! I'm a dinosaur!!"


Goslyn: "Honker he's alive!"
Honker: "Stegmutt he's alive!"
Stegmutt: "Dr. Fossil he's alive!"
Dr. Fossil: "Not for long!"


Scared Citizen: "Look! It's Godzilla!! Run for your lives!!"
(Everyone starts to run in pure fear and panic as Darkwing Dinosaur approaches)
Darkwing Duck: "Umm, citizens, it's only me.. Darkwing Duck?"
Dr. Fossil: "Ha ha.. see it's not so easy being a dinosaur in a man's world is it?!"



*One of many episodes that invole Darkwing Duck growing in size. This would be the only time though that Darkwing Duck became something besides a larger version of himself when he grew. Every other time he became a larger version of himself wearing his purple Darkwing Duck outfit. This time after he grew he has no outfit on and became a huge dinosaur with the head being the only thing that was similar to his previous state and look still having the mask from his costume on it.

*The voice of Dr. Fossil was done by Barry Gordon, who is more known for his voice work as Donatello in the original 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon. He also was the voice of Brainy Smurf on the Smurfs cartoon and Razor on the Swat Kats cartoon. He has a very unique and recognizeable voice, especialy when playing the role of the 'egg-head' type of character.  (which Brainy, Dr. Fossel and Donatello all were)

*This episode is the first apperaence of Stegmutt, who would go onto become part of the Justice Ducks , which was a team of local super heroes who teamed up to take on Nega Duck and the Fearsome Five. This episode would be his origin episode but actually was shown after the episode with the Justice Ducks.  Stegmutt is not considered macro even though he is an anthro dinosaur. He is only about 7 feet in height and seemed much smaller in many moments in this episode and others he was in. While he is powerful, he doesn't fit into the classification of macro.



      Factual -- Why is it Darkwing Duck was the only one to become a full sized gigantic dinosaur by being hit with the beams while everyone else who the gun hit just turned into dinosaurs of the same size to their previous state? Shouldn't they all have changed in the same way if the same gun was used on everyone?

      Continuity --Stegmutt is shown driving to the base in a huge flat bed truck so he can take the magnet only for Stegmutt to wind up carrying the magnet on his back without using the truck he was going to use to transport it back to Dr. Fossil.


+ :Darkwing Duck as a dinosaur is actualy a lot of fun. He does more damage then good as a giant super hero. Full of some amusing moments and interesting situations.

- :No growth moment shown or transformation moment. He is zapped and then next we see a giant dinosaur rising out of the tar pit already in his new form and size. A lot of moments dealing with Numero Uno were just not funny and carried a joke on way to far.


          Darkwing survived.. something looks differnet though.

 Arise Darkwing Dinosaur!                 

Hmm should I rule this city or continue to protect it?      Watch that step.. its a doozy..     They always put these annoying buildings in giant's paths

Now thats one big duck foot you don't want to be under     Darkwing Duck is number one in this town!     Time to go stomp things!!

So many things to eat in this city. Which to go for first..       They sure don't build em like they used to!     Now that is one pissed dinosaur!!

Uh oh. He's really steamed now.     Who is calling me now? Im trying to take over here     He will never see me here. Oh wait..

RAZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!     Down but definitely not out     Stick em up!

So any of you want to fear me yet?     You will need more people then that to get bigger then me     Maybe I'll just stay like this permanantly!


1 minute 23 seconds
Darkwing Duck gets transformed and devolved into a huge duck headed dinosaur. He has to deal with Dr. Fossil and the city that he is destroying as he tries to stomp out crime once and for all. This is a compilation video full of his macro moments.