Dizzy Devilsaurus

Name of show that this character is from:  Tiny Toons Adventures
Title of Episode:

A Ditch in Time

Original Air date: November 9, 1990   (NETWORK: Fox Network )
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Dinosaurs & Dragons & Godzilla Situation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS (prehistoric)  DIZZY DEVIL?: An anthro, furry, prehistoric giant sized  purple fur colored dizzy devil

WHAT IS FOGHORN LEGHORN DRAGON?: An anthro, furry, fire breathing chicken dragon


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: Natural Size         

MACRO NAME(prehistoric) Dizzy Devil : Dizzysaurus

QUOTEDizzy Devil:     "Tiny ducky yummy!!"
                Foghorn Leghorn: "Roar! Roar I say!!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Acme Acres, Prehistoric Acme Acres, Acme Acres City, Dragon cave and pond

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average )Dizzy Devil : 50 Feet
                                                            Foghorn Leghorn: 30 Feet
NATURE: (both) Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium - Lots of buildings in the city

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE:  Plucky waits till the last minute to finish his homework assignment. While trying to think of a way to easily finish his assignment another Plucky Duck suddenly appears in a brilliant flash of light. It appears Plucky Duck made a time machine and now is returning to his present self to tell him that once he comes up with the time machine he can just go back in time and finish it earlier. The present Plucky has a better idea and tells the future Plucky to do it now while he goes off and tries out the machine. The future Plucky is less then amused by this notion but it is too late the present Plucky is already gone and leaves the future Plucky to do his work.

Plucky arrives a little earlier in the day back at Acme Acres Looniversity and meets up with Buster and Babs who don't believe a word of what he is telling them about the time machine. Rather then just tell them he takes them with him through the course of time.  Plucky falls off of the machine mid way through while Buster and Babs continue to zoom off without him. Plucky winds up in a primitive time period where a prehistoric Montana Max meets up with him pointing to the prehistoric Acme Acres claiming that it is his. He hits Plucky with a club sending him flying off into the distance.  Prehistoric Buster, Babs and Orson are all talking about how great it is that they now live in same area as it helps things run smoother. Orson complains that they need a leader who is strong in the head. Plucky slams down in front of them just at that moment.  They start to worship Plucky thinking he is a gift from the sky to lead them. Plucky of course enjoys every moment of it.

Buster and Babs continue to travel on the time machine trying to get it to stop while Plucky is busy impressing the prehistoric Tiny Toons with some parlor tricks. Like lighting a fire with a lighter and playing card tricks. The locals are quite impressed as Plucky sits down on a rock throne they made for him. They ask Plucky to name their village and he comes up with "Plucky Land." They are less then impressed and vents and fumes that they can't name it "Acme Acres" when it was he that gave them all the gifts of the gods. They like the name Acme Acres that Plucky mentioned and Plucky regrets mentioning it.

Buster and Babs finally come to a stop on the time machine as it runs out of gas. They wind up in a medieval time period where Shirley the Loon from that time period is tied to a tree and asking for a brave knight to help her. Buster jumps to action and frees the tied up Shirley and asks if she knows where they can get fire to make fuel for the time machine. She points over behind him revealing a huge Foghorn Leghorn Dragon. Buster starts to run as Foghorn chases him around a tree. Buster runs towards Babs asking for help. Babs gets a bright idea and dresses up as Groucho Marx and uses a water bottle to put out the dragons fire and knock him out. She pulls one of the dragons horns and puts it into the fuel tank and starts to re fuel the time machine. They both zoom off back into time.

Back in the prehistoric times the Montana Max there is mad that they are not worshipping him. Plucky tells him to get lost that he runs things there now.  A gigantic Dizzy Devil dinosaur suddenly shows up to help Montana Max as Plucky gets scared and starts to flee. Buster and Babs show up at that moment and Plucky pushes them out of the way and starts the machine without them just as the giant Dizzy picks it up sending both he and the monster back to the present. As they arrive in the present Dizzy stomps off and heads towards the city. Elmyra sees him stomp by and gets all excited about the new cuddly creature for her to have. She grabs a butterfly net and starts to chase after him.

Back in the prehistoric past Babs and Buster meet up with their prehistoric selves. At first they are both scared but then when Buster realizes that these are their prehistoric stone age relatives they trust one another. The stone aged versions ask if they have seen Plucky their leader and Buster and Babs from the present tell them that he is no special being just a dippy duck. This makes the others mad that they fell for his tricks as they smash a Plucky bust statue. In the present time period Dizzy Devil is still stomping about destroying the city. Elmyra finally catches him and won't let go of his ankle. Dizzy gets mad trying to shake her off only to fall down into a pile of wet cement. Elmyra uses water to wash him off drying the cement around him making it so he can't move.

Buster and Babs continue to work over their prehistoric counter parts telling them how to deal with Montana Max so they can restore everything to the way it should be. The stone age versions of them take over Montana Max's home and start to drive him crazy. They use his bathroom, kitchen and living room making a huge mess as if they live there. Montana Max goes to bash Babs with a club only for it to be replaced with a feather as Babs thanks him for fanning her. Montana starts to cry and Buster tells them that since he smashed up their home they will now live there. Max quickly runs out and starts to rebuild Acme Acres as fast as he can.

Elmyra chases Dizzy with a pair of scissors wanting to give him a manicure just as Plucky finishes drying out the time machine he shows up begging to return to the past. Plucky realizes with the monster on his size even Montana Max can't stop him from ruling there. The stone aged society makes present day Babs and Buster their new leaders for as long as they stay. Plucky returns with the huge Dizzy and tells them that he is now ready to rule them. They all throw vegetables at Plucky as he realizes that his days of ruling them are over. He heads back in time with Buster and Babs back to the present for good. He sees the other Plucky sitting there and asks if his homework is done. The future Plucky tells him it is and zooms off quickly. Plucky goes to look and sees a note from his future self calling him a "Sucker" . Babs then tells Plucky that she hopes he learned a lesson from this. And he says that he does "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today" as he goes to use a ball and paddle.

REVIEW OF EPISODE:  Another Tiny Toon Adventures macro moment. And again nothing too grand or long lived. But an interesting one as it just seems so random and thrusted in on us. This was a pretty good episode for the most part. I thought some of the episodes in the series were pretty corny at times. This one has a good story, some amusing moments and is definitely most enjoyable. Macro wise though, it isn't something I think people will be running to mostly due to the fact that Dizzy's moments are ruined by Elmyra and they are short lived. As an added bonus there is a giant Foghorn Leghorn but I don't think he has the appeal monster wise that most would look for around these parts. But two for the price of one is always a nice bonus. Everyone should enjoy giant sized Loony Toon characters even if short lived, as they were macro so few and far in between. Its shows like this that give us a glimpse of what it can be like.

The story for this episode is actually an interesting one. Definitely one of the better episodes to be shown as it tried to make for a fun story and situation rather then just the same predictable fare that  lot of the episodes would go. It was almost a quasi- Bill and Ted type of movie. With a future version of   Plucky showing up to deal with a past version of himself before Plucky had even done anything to make it so he could show up in the past. So it had that Bill and Ted rational of doing things in time before you even do them in the present thing. And then we get a fun look at some of the prehistoric Tiny Toons which are pretty much like the present day ones just in a Flintstone type of setting and wearing loincloths and having bigger teeth.

This episode is interesting in that the giant creature they chose to be the dinosaur is a very minor character in Dizzy Devil. He has never been a real main focus but seems to always fit into humor filled moments here and there. He differs a lot in the character he is supposed to be a version of, that being Taz, the Tasmanian Devil. But it still was a fun situation as it turned out. I suppose if they had to pick any of the Tiny Toon characters to be the dinosaur of the past, Dizzy fit the bill. But the problem really was that he was still too closely related to his present day persona and was done in way to easily as well. What was a fun idea and character never really got great screen time due to them using him mostly as a sight gag with Elmyra, who as you can tell, has never been a character I liked. Not only did she dumb down this cartoon but she ruined Pinky and the Brain as well. Tiny Toons had some great qualities and ideas, but Elmyra was not one of them. Very generic and ho-hum. Sure the idea of a human wanting the furry characters that make up the Loony Tunes universe seems like a no brainer type of idea, but she usually just killed the moments and took the steam right out of what is a fun episode. Every time she shows up that seems to happen. No different here.

The rampaging moments with Dizzy loose in the city were weak. They used it more as moments to do sight gags, then to have fun. So Dizzy does things like hit a row of buildings with his huge dinosaur like tail only for the row of buildings to hit a mattress factory and bounce back to hit him in the face. Meh.  Then they have Elmyra show up and abuse him pretty much so he gets covered in cement , she tries to put nets around him, he gets scared and runs back begging to be brought back to the past and the situation is ruined for us. So this is more of a blink moment  even though his moments do last longer due to him showing up more then just at one blip moment, he still has very little active moments and it is too bad as Dizzysaurus looked like a cool creation and fun idea if it was used for more then just a mere sight gag and breakway moment for Plucky.

There is the added bonus of another macro creature of sorts showing up in this episode. That would be the Foghorn Leghorn Dragon that chases Buster and Babs in the Medieval times that they get trapped in. This time though its pretty much Foghorn Leghorn as if he was the same character but trying to act like a dragon as if it were some play he was in. Hard to explain but his moments are more blink like as its just a lot of running around and then he gets knocked out easy enough. He does breathe fire and talk as always, so its still a fun little gag that uses his character in an interesting way. But kinda scary to think that all the Loony Tunes and their relatives have moments all throughout history in one way or another as they kept showing up in different forms in different time periods. And that is probably something they should have played up more on. Lets see more giant beasts and more other Loony Tunes type creations showing up in different time periods. I think they had the idea there they just didn't realize it as the story was mostly about the prehistoric time period and Plucky's trouble making. So they really missed out here on what was shaping up to a fun situation.

I would say check this out. Its fun to see our favorite WB characters in giant moments. In a way that Plucky and Babs were cool to see as a giant more then the actual situations they were in, this is the same here for Dizzy and Foghorn. Its cool to see them as giants but the moments they are in are, well, not so cool. But giant monsters are giant monsters so we have to honor them as they deserve and no less can be done here. There are more macro moments then one realizes that show up in various episodes of Tiny Toons.  I do wish we could have had some more exciting moments or longer episodes with said giants, but with the lack of giants showing up these days in cartoons and otherwise, it is refreshing to see the flawed and uneventful moments that do did show up in this series and at least were cute for what they were. This episode is easy enough to find and I say definitely get it just for a quick laugh or smile of some old time classic big fun.



(Plucky falls off of the time machine and is free falling in waves of time)
Plucky: "You know the worst thing about falling aimlessly through time is having to reset your watch."

Buster: "There I saved you! Now maybe you can help us find something that makes fire so I can fuel the time machine."
Shirley the Loon: "Umm like that makes fire."
(She points to a huge Foghorn Leghorn Dragon)
Foghorn Leghorn Dragon: "Roar! I say .. ROAR!!"


Buster: "Take away your props and costumes and what would you be?"
Babs: "Naked.."


Montana Max: "Tiny ducky yummy!"
Dizzy Devil: "Mmm, tiny ducky yummy!!"



*All the prehistoric or characters that were met in various parts of distant past were all various versions of the present day Tiny Toons.  Buster, Babs, Orson, Dizzy, Montana Max, Sweety, Furball, and a few other minor characters in the background were all seen as prehistoric versions in the dinosaur times. While Foghorn Leghorn and Shirley the Loon had versions in the medieval times. Ironically there was never a Plucky Duck version in any of the other times just the original that traveled from the present.  Also ironically the present day Dizzy Devil never met up with Dizzysaurus when he was stomping about in the present.

*The fourth wall is broken here when a a sign put up in transition between the present to prehistoric past says "Meanwhile back in the destroyed Acme Acres..." and Buster comments "I don't remember Acme Acres being destroyed in Act 2" as he looks over the area.

* When Foghorn Leghorn Dragon is chasing Buster, the music "Campdown Racetrack" is heard in the background which is the usual music that Foghorn Leghorn is singing in the various Loony Toon shorts he has appeared in.



      Factual --  If Plucky, Buster and Babs left from the 1990's traveling backwards into the past and Plucky jumps off the machine early while in travel through the time streams there is logically no way that Plucky would have wound up in Prehistoric times while Buster and Babs only wind up in the 1400's. If anything it should have been the other way around with Plucky winding up at a closer time period and Buster and Babs being further back in the past due to being in the time stream longer.

      Continuity --  When the time machine was first used the process was very long and you had to travel through the waves of time and could even fall off of the machine in process. When Plucky returns to the present with Dizzy Devil it is an instantaneous trip.


+  Fun to watch a giant Dizzy Devil dinosaur go on a rampage through Acme Acres. Cool to see the prehistoric versions of the Tiny Toons and the story for the most part is well done and entertaining.

- :Elmyra is annoying  and ruins the moments in an attempt for humor but just falls flat on a bad plot situation. More WB characters could have shown up at the different time periods then what we get. Dizzy's personality changes way to quickly from bad guy to good guy.  Moments are short lived.


One big tornado? Or a huge monster?  Dizzy, prehistoric style     Up close and personal with the boss

The only way to travel in time     Now that's an excited look if I ever did see one     Time to take over a city or two

Not something you see marching down the street often     Dizzysaurus on the prowl     Ugh.. its Elmyra

A city ripe for conquest     Swatting buildings is a great pass time     Ewww..get it off! Get it off!!!

One foot yo udon't want to be caught under     No tree is safe from his running     Begging to go home

Don't crush him.. yet     Home sweet home.. now bow down before me     They are supposed to bow, not you!

Thats one big Rooster

The chase is on     Almost got him     Hmmm where is he hidding?

Toasty!     I think he's onto you Buster     The chase is on again..

Hope you brought the marshmallows     The dragon has been extinguished     Time for a little nap


1 minute 28 seconds
Plucky brings back something big after returning from a trip to prehistoric past. Namely a huge tazmanian devil dinosaur who seems to get a kick out of destroying the city and everything in his path.