Dr. Viper
                                                             w/ Mutant Frog Creatures

Name of show that this character is from:  Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron

Title of Episode:

Original Air date: September 10, 1994 (CABLE: TBS )
Where can I find this episode now?: Boomerang (Infrequently)

EPISODE TYPE: Mutation & Godzilla Situation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS DR VIPER?: An anthro, furry, green reptilian/snake like feline mixed creature



WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger Mutated Version of Self


MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE--

QUOTE:    "Katalist X-63 has made me bigger and badder then ever!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Megakat City

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 200 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: High - Many buildings and helicopters destroyed

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: The Swat Kats are busy training on an obstacle course at their junk yard base.  Jake takes the lead as he jumps over a water pit they set up and Chance falls in as the rope he was swinging over it breaks. He cries out to Jake for help as he struggles in the water but Jake thinks it's just a trick to get him to slow down.  Jake runs back to save him when he realizes this is for real and then reprimands Chance for faking to drown just so he could lose. Chance coughs and sputters as he comes to reveals he can't swim. Jake offers to help him to swim but Chance isn't too interested in learning and walks off mad.

Meanwhile in the heart of Mega Kat City, a weird orange fluid starts to pour onto the city streets filling up a city block with the fluids. Dr. Viper swims into a near by pet store. Dr. Viper holds a bottle of Katalist X-63 in his hands boasting of how he will now turn these creatures into new members of his "Swamp City".  He pours a bit of the substance on a frog causing it to grow to monstrous size right before him.  The mayor is about to take a shower only for the orange fluids to flow out instead of water. He is almost attacked by a huge mutant tentacle that reaches out from his bath tub towards him. He picks up the phone screaming for help. Mrs. Briggs  is busy speeding down a flood filled road in her car. A tidal wave splashes down over her car stopping it as she quickly climbs out of the top of the car to safety.  She quickly uses her remote to summon the Swat Kats for help.  The Swat Kats receive the call and speed off to action while Ms Briggs is about to be taken in by tentacles only for a helicopter to save her at the last moment. She is saved by a female pilot named Lt. Feral.

As the Swat Kats are flying over the swamp filled city a mutant frog jumps out of the orange water onto their jet. The front starts to eat through the plane with acid saliva and starts to make things complicated for the Swat Kats. Razor uses a pair of missiles to fly the frog off of the jet sending it crashing into Enforcer Headquarters.   Feral and his niece arrive as the jet lands and the commander is less then pleased that they sent a huge frog crashing into their control tower. The frog wakes up and tries to eat the commander only for the Swat Kats to knock it out with gas and capture nets.

The frog is brought to a lab where a doctor confirms it's Katalist X-63 behind it and Dr. Viper is also behind it as he stole the formula during the last shipment. The only way to stop it is by creating Anti-Mutegens.  The doctor quickly creates some and uses it on the frog who turns back to it's previous form instantly.  Commander Feral storms out claiming the Enforcers will get the required chemicals from the lab in the city and tells his niece and the Swat Kats not to interfere. His niece heads out anyway going after them while the Swat Kats wait for permission from the mayor who orders them to get the chemicals. The helicopters fly off with Felina flying the commander much to his disapproval. The coptors behind them are hit and have to head back. Felina's coptor is also hit and goes crashing into the orange fluids below. A giant frog is about to eat both of them as the Swat Kats try to save them their whole jet is pulled under by tentacles. Dr. Viper watches in amusement and pours the rest of the Katalist on his head laughing as he swims off.  The jet meanwhile is being pulled under by a mutant creature. T Bone refuses to eject even though Razor is telling them its the only choice. T Bone pushes a few buttons and gets the engines going again and they fly out of the water.  After they save the Feral's they head back towards the lab. The only problem is they are now low on fuel and have to make a landing on a roof top.  They head out on water scooters and shoot at mutants on the way to the lab. Razor avoids being eaten by a mutant while T Bone gets hit by it and falls into the water unable to swim.  Razor frees him but not before T Bone is bit by a small creature under water.

They get back onto the jet ski and head into the lab down towards the Anti Mutagen research area. T Bone starts to mutate into a reptilian creature and starts to attack Razor as he is getting the Anti Mutegen canisters. Razor uses a spider missile to hold him in place only to be called by Ms Briggs.  Dr. Viper now rises up out of the waters gigantic and mutated and starts to rampage through Mega Kat City. Razor heads out without him by calling the fuel depleted jet to get him and the Anti Mutegens. Dr. Viper meanwhile is destroying every building in sight as laser shots from the Enforcers bounce off of him. Razor flies in with the Anti Mutegen canisters as Dr. Viper seems ready for him.  He uses his huge tail to knock the canisters loose from the jet and sends Razor flying out of control as Dr. Viper laughs victoriously holding the Anti Mutegens in his hand. Razor ejects from the jet and uses a laser on his flying ejection seat to hit the canisters Dr. Viper is holding and the mutegens start to change everyone back to normal. T Bone swims to save Razor before he can drown as Razor thanks him and they watch the city go back to normal.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: This wasn't the first macro moment episode of Swat Kats, if anything it was the last one. But out of all the macro moments found in the series this was probably my favorite of them.  That doesn't by any way mean that this was a great episode over all. If anything it was pretty good but very flawed story wise. It always had that rushed and incomplete feeling to it. But there is good reason for that, the second season, which this episode was a part of, was never truly completed. So in a way we are lucky to even have gotten an episode like this.

Some of the elements in this episode were pretty good. The set up for the situation involving another one of Dr. Viper's crazy mutation plans was typical but the way they went about it seemed kinda rushed as I mentioned above. They start out with the city already flooding with the orange stuff, with no explanation with how Dr. Viper went about creating such an environment. Just a small mention somewhere that he stole some Katalist X-63 some time earlier.  I always hated how easy these chemicals were to come by. One thing to note about these situations is that Dr. Viper rarely created anything he used. He mostly stole the chemicals from the same lab in the city each time. Another thing one has to wonder is why this lab keeps on making these chemicals that really serve no purpose but to mutate things into monsters that would do no good in a society.  Just a few minor points I suppose but it always just seemed strange how a lot of these Dr. Viper based episodes went. If the lab would just maybe get some better security or something this would all be prevented.

Dr. Viper as a giant was not too bad. The moment is actually shorter lived then most might realize. There was no growth shown either which I suppose was all right as he did have a good rise up out of water moment ala Godzilla here. And the fact that he sorta looked like the Big G after his mutation was a nice touch. Instead of a breath weapon he had a weird finger tip weapon that fired out some of the slime that was filling the city. He also seemed to take pleasure in destroying random buildings around him and standing around boasting a lot about how great he is now that he is all huge. Also cool to see the weapons bounce off of him while he laughed at them. Another brilliant performance by voice actor Frank Welker can be found here. For some reason I think they often make characters he does giant sized just for the fact that he plays the part of a monster so well.

The one moment that always bothered me in the episode, even though there were many moments I felt were not done properly. Was when Dr. Viper at the end is holding the Anti Mutegen canisters in his hand and laughing and holding them clearly to be shot at. I just found the whole situation to be corny and ridiculous.  A brilliant mind like Dr. Viper just standing there holding the one thing that can defeat him clear as day to be shot at. The ending was just stupidly conceived for the most part. The whole idea that the canisters were already available to be taken were badly written as it was but to be used in that way was just never sat well with me. And then after everything changes back by some mist from these two containers that happen to fill the whole city somehow, Dr. Viper of course is no where to be found. They don't even show him shrinking. Just the dumb look on his face after its shot at and then the next moment he is just no where to be found.  Also I'm sure I'm not the only one who was disappointed that the infected T-Bone didn't grow, he just got all weird looking and stuff. But I suppose that was due to just being bitten by a creature and not actually coming in contact with the Katalist X-63.

It's a pretty classic and well known moment here. So most reading this should be familiar with the episode. It most definitely was rushed at points. They skip through story elements and wrap things up quickly. Even the added story elements of T-Bone never learning how to swim seems easily wrapped up by him just swimming at the end to save Razor as if he just over came it right before the end of the episode. Gee if only learning to swim and a fear of drowning was that easy to over come. Nice introduction of some new characters and seemed to be a different art style in the second season. It's a real shame that this season was cut short due to some silly moral issues and financial or lack there of marketing wise. Its a nice send off to one last macro moment with the show. The episode isn't the most creative or original but it gives you some fun moments and situations that won't disappoint for the most part if your expectations aren't too great.

:   B


Jake: "Hey I'll teach you how to swim."
Chance: "Forget it. Fish swim. I fly!"

Feral: "You stay put Felina. And that goes double for you Swat Kats. The Enforcers will handle this!"
Felina Feral: "Enforcers? What does he think I am? Kitty litter!?"


Dr. Viper: "So long Swat Kats, too bad you didn't live long enough to see Mega Kat City become Dr. Viper's Mutation City!"
(He laughs loudly as he pours the rest of the Katalist onto his head and swims away as a giant frog eats the empty bottle)


(A now mutant gigantic Dr. Viper rises up out of the ocean as Ms. Briggs calls the Swat Kats on the com link)
Ms. Briggs: "Swat Kats come in! We've got big problems. It's Dr. Viper. And he's huge and heading this way! Razor, T-Bone, You've gotta do something!"


Dr. Viper: "Nothing can stop me now! Katalist X-63 has made me bigger and badder then ever!!"
(The giant laughs triumphantly as lasers have no effects on him)



* Frank Welker, who did the voice of many cartoons including Transformers, the Real Ghostbusters and Scooby Doo, does the voice work of Dr. Viper in this episode. Again showing his mastery of handling the voice of an  animal type creature. Probably no coincidence that a character he voices has become macro as that seems to happen often due to his great voice talent and able to sound exactly like the creature he has become or is. 

*This episode was part of the second season of Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron. This season would be cut short due to Ted Turner deciding to end production for various reasons. Those being that the toys were not selling so the show wasn't profitable enough. And that the show was just way to violent and he wanted to push other cartoons like Captain Planet which sent a better message to kids then this one did.  There was a full second season planned and even a few scripts made that were never animated  before the cancellation of production.

*A new character named Lt. Feral was introduced in this episode. She would become another female character that the Swat Kats would interact with and would even take some screen time away from Mrs. Briggs in future episodes of the last season. She was the niece of the head of the Enforcers which also added a lot more to the story due to the Swat Kats always having problems from her uncle.


      Factual --  Seems very unlikely that the lab would have an Anti Mutegen Division inside of it just in case such a thing such as a mutated city happens to happen. Seemed a bit silly that the lab would have canisters in a division of the lab all ready to be used like was shown here.

      Continuity --  When Dr. Viper first arrives he calls the city he is creating "Swamp City" but later on before his transformation into a giant he calls the city he created "Mutation City" like the title episode is named.

      Continuity -- Even though the mutant frog damaged the windshield and controls of the jet previously, after the Swat Kats land after disposing of it, the jet is in perfect shape as if nothing had happened to it.  The controls that were also eaten through are shown to be perfectly fine the next time we see them.

       Animation -- Ms. Briggs  is shown climbing out of a sun roof on her car as her car is over taken by a tidal wave of orange fluids. Yet when they show her on the roof of her car there is no sign of any sunroof that she could have climbed through , just a solid car roof.

+ :Dr. Viper as a giant monster on the loose in an unsuspecting city is great, he makes for an awesome monster with some great lines. Fun action packed story that doesn't slow down for a moment.  

- :Dr. Viper is done in way to easily and seemed very out of character with how he was defeated. More could have been done with the Katalist then a frog and some various unknown creatures. No growth shown of Dr. Viper even if he has an awesome exit from under the water after his mutation. 


Dr Viper taking a trip to the pet store     Is he giving the frog a drink or something else?     That pink doesn't go with his green skin

I think they will need a bigger tank     And you thought frogs were ugly before    I think he's going to give Viper a kiss

Oh great. A mutant frog is hitching a ride     The frog should have thought this out more     Uh oh. Ferrals in trouble

now that's one big frog     I think he wants to dance     Shoot first ask questions later

I don't like that grin on Dr Viper..    That's not a shampoo Dr. Viper : P     Aww no mutegens left for the frog

Uh oh.. this can't be good for the city    My.. how you've.. gulp..changed...     Should we call you Viperzilla now?    

There's something you don't see out the window often    I see you....     You would be happy too if you were able to crush a city to dust                                                                    
Much better than any wrecking ball     This isn't going to end well for the copter.     He is large and in charge now

Ah its good to be the giant     Objects in mirror may be closer then they appear     This tail has so many uses

 Don't hold the antidote in your hand you dope     You really should get rid of that.. oh never mind    Next time put those down!


1 Minute 01 Seconds

Dr. Viper is large and in charge as he mutates himself into a Godzilla like monster bent on destruction. Nothing remains standing as he stomps through the city taking out all in his way. This is a compilation video focusing on macro moments, editing out non related segments in between.