Name of show that this character is from:  Disney's Hercules
Title of Episode:


Original Air date: November 18, 1998  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

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WHAT IS FENRIR?: A non anthro, non furry, giant arctic wolf


QUOTE:      (NONE -- He is non furry and just growls and snarls like any wolf would)

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Asgard and Valhalla

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - A few small houses

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Hercules and Phil have been called up to the Norse Mythological, Northern lands af Asgard, where it is cold and covered in snow. Loki, looking for a way to get Thor out of the way, sees Hercules as the perfect sap for the job.  Hercules still wanting to be a god, finds this is a perfect opportunity to do so, even if it is a Norse God. He still can't back away from the opportunity. So a match between Hercules and Thor is arranged, where all the God promise not to interfere with the battle. Of course Loki does indeed help Hecules, making it so Hecules will win the match and become the new God of Thunder.

Thor's father, Odin who was watching over the match snaps his fingers and removes Thor of his clothing, his magic hammer and belt handing them to Hercules. The magic chariot also is now Hercules as with another snap of the finger, Hercules is turned into a God. Thor is less then pleased as he can't believe this is happening but Odin has the final say and Odin walks off wishing Hercules luck.  Thor tries to warn Hercules that Loki just wants to bring about Rangarok, the destruction of Asgard. Loki steps in helping Hercules and Phil into the chariot saying not to listen to Thor as he's a sore loser and waves good bye as Hercules departs grinning evilly.

Loki heads to an ice cave still laughing over what happened. He is talking to what seems to be a block of ice, telling that it is time for a come back. We soon see it is no block of ice, but a gigantic doom wolf imprisoned in ice that Loki fires some fire bolts at hoping to free it. Hercules and Phil are in air along the chariot while Hercules reads on his to do list, that he has to head to Greenland and provide sun for a girls school located there. But when he gets to Greenland much to his surprise it is even colder then where they just left. Hercules tries to use his Thor hammer to turn the snow off but only winds up making it worse as winds and hail rain down on them causing the chariot to spin out of control and fall to the ground.

Hercules and Phil wander into a nearby cave to get out of the snow and notice that it is very familiar to the Cave of Fates back in Greece. The same three wise sisters are there too and deny that they are the ones that Hercules knows from Greece, much to Phil's claiming that they are working two mythologies at once. They are in a hurry to leave much to Hercules surprise. They explain that thanks to Hercules, Rangarok is about to arrive and they are going to Iceland to avoid it. Hercules claims that he will take care of that Trickster and throws his hammer up losing control of it as it destroys a few items in the cave. The three Norns laugh and  nod as they fade away in a puff of smoke. Hercules and Phil head back out of the cave and head to the cave Loki is in. Hercules tells Loki that he figured everything out and is going to stop him. Loki just smiles standing there sitting atop a frozen Fenrir nodding as Hercules throws the hammer towards Loki. Loki disappears in a flash and the hammer hits the frozen wolf sending ice shards flying everywhere. A huge wolf paw slams down as Fenrir walks towards them now freed and growling out towards Hercules. Hercules though isn't afraid and goes to fight him only to be frozen by Fenrir's ice breath. Loki explains how it was all his plan to make Hercules take Thor's power and that he is the one that beat Thor in the first place. Thor comes rushing in only for the wolf to freeze him as well and then freeze Phil before a now giant sized Loki sits atop a just as large Fenrir who exits the cave.

Loki stops just outside the cave and yells to a mountain for the giants to awake. The mountain shakes about and two ice giants form out of the snow. The two creatures start to walk towards Mt. Olympus before Loki points to Valhalla as the giants head back the other way. The ice giants and Fenrir show up to the small village as the villagers start to sound the alarm. Loki directs Fenrir to swallow the sun which the giant wolf does in one gulp and the giants crush a few houses below them in a wave of ice and snow. Hercules in the cave meanwhile it told by Odin that he can call his hammer towards him. Hercules tries that but only causes the hammer to hit everything but the blocks of ice they are imprisoned in.  Hercules decides that he isn't meant to be a Thunder God and gives the powers back to Thor. Thor calls the hammer towards him breaking them all out of the ice blocks.

Thor races into battle as Fenrir freezes everyone in sight. Thor is easily defeated and it's now up to Hercules and Phil to save the day. Hercules takes Thor's hammer swinging it about and fires it at Loki knocking him out. Fenrir charges Hercules but Hercules gives a huge punch to the wolf freeing the sun and swings Fenrir into the horizon with a huge swing by the tail. Hercules picks up the sun and melts the ice giants and frees everyone else who was frozen by Fenrir, tossing the sun back up to the sky. Fenrir and Loki are now imprisoned in chains and Odin is glad that everything worked out, even if it wasn't exactly how they thought it would. Hercules asks Thor for a ride home only for Thor to ask them to stay. Hercules appreciates the offer but says he would rather go back home. Phil agrees telling him that Greece has something Asgard doesn't. A metterteranian climate.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: It's a fun episode due to the fact that it plays up on a lot of jokes that mix both Greek and Norse mythologies.  I always liked when they realized they were limited to their own cultures Mythologies and what happens when they try and mix into other countries. Most people know of Rangarok and Loki as many other cartoons and games use a lot of themes from it.  This took some of the main ideas of it, and put it into the usual humor and twisting of the story that the Hercules cartoon has done so well for most of it's episodes dealing with Greek Mythology.

I really do like this episode, not as much on a macro situation episode, as that wasn't the best, but on a  more well thought out and full of jokes and funny situations type of thing they were going for.  The giants first head the wrong way towards Mt. Olympus which is where Hecules is from only for Loki to point the other way towards Valhalla was a good chuckle. When Hercules and Phil are talking to the Weavers of Fate that they know from Greece , and then Phil accuses them of Double Dipping that is priceless. They also play up a lot on Hercules' ineptness even when he is finally a god he still really is just as clumsy and awkward. So that really stayed true to Hercules character which I felt logically made sense otherwise they would be twisting things to make things work.  Factually of course a lot of things dealing with Rangarok were left out which is to be expected. They only had about 15 or so minutes by the time they got into that and if they put everything in it would have had to be a two part episode. For a Hercules cartoon episode though, it was handled as well as any other episode that had to change things for the cartoon series, to make it both amusing and work in a nice action packed situation.  If you are looking for something totally accurate and historically correct to the writings, then any episode of Hercules is not the place to look. Otherwise this was really great and I think most people will truly enjoy the episode overall.

Fenrir is a pretty cool giant beast, as we really don't see many giant wolves in cartoons or in many mediums. For some reason wolves always get over looked when it comes to what animal to make big and it's nice to see someone decided to use the Fenrir part of Rangarok in this episode. He is supposed to be the biggest and baddest of wolves, perhaps even where the whole wolves being evil thing could have started from.  While he may not have lived up to the way he was portrayed in Norse Mythology, he sure did have fun freezing everyone he came up to and even ate the sun as if it were no big deal.  If anything it has something to offer to those who like the idea of a wolf suddenly eating the sun or of a huge wolf looming over a few houses. It doesn't have much more then that though as the whole situation seems to be wrapped up quickly after this all starts. Maybe one day someone will give us something that shows the real Fenrir and what he is capable of but this is a good take on it and I really don't see many problems with it, considering the situation it was supposed to be portraying.

It's enjoyable and you get what you would expect. A lot of things are just thrown out there and its random things back and forth all trying to play up on a situation in mythology that they are spoofing in a way. While of course I would love to see more with Fenrir then we had, there is only so much they could do as the episode isn't about him and he got more then enough moments showing what  a big bad wolf can be. It's enjoyable and I think its a little better then average as its written well and Fenrir has some fun moments that will appeal to many for various reasons.  Not the best situation ever but a nice surprise in a cartoon that is supposed to be Greek based especially.




(To get out of a wind storm, Phil and Hecules head into a nearby cave atop some staircase)
Hercules: "Hmm this looks just like the Cave of the Fates Back home."
(The three fates from Greece happen to be in this cave as they pack some suitcases. Agipos walks by Hercules)
Hercules: Hey! That's Agipos. Those are the fates!"

Agipos: "Shhhh.. we are not the fates..."
Phil: "You are too! Hey.. You're double dippin'! Workin' two mythologies at once!"
Agipos: "No..no no .. umm.. we are the.. Norns! Norse weavers of Fate.  Now if you will excuse us.. we are in a hurry."
Hercules: "Umm.. where are you going?"
Agipos: "Iceland. It's beautiful this time of year. There is nothing for us here now. Or won't be..  Thanks to you!"
Hercules: "Me? Why?"
Agipos: "Rangarok has come!!"


(Fenrir growls loudly at Hercules )
Hercules: "I'm not afraid of your big bad wolf. I'm a god!
(Fenrir opens his muzzle and shoots ice over Hercules freezing him sold)
Loki: "Still not reading the runes on the wall are  you Herc? You see, you taking Thor's job is part of my vision brother. Without Thor, Rangarok is a done deal!"
Hercules: "But..but.. I defeated Thor in combat."
(Loki starts to grow in size, so he is big enough to sit atop Fenrir)
Loki:  "Yeah. With a little help from your friend, the Trickster God. I'm the one that defeated Thor in battle."
(Thor on his chariot comes flying in suddenly)
Thor: "And I will defeat you Loki!"
(Fenrir blasts some ice on Thor causing a block of ice to form around him)
Phil: "OK!  I guess it's up to me.."
(Fenrir freezes Phil as well before stomping out of the cave with Loki on his back)


(A large Loki sitting atop Fenrir yells to a mountain before him)
Loki: "Giants awake!!! It's time to Rangarok and Roll! It's show time!!!"


(Loki reads in a book what is supposed to happen next)
Loki: "When Rangarok comes, the wolf Fenrir shall swallow the sun. Who writes this stuff huh? I love it!"


(Hercules asks Thor for a ride him back to Greece only for Thor to yell at them to stay)
Thor: "Why don't you stay!!!!?
Hercules: "Thanks just the same but I'd rather head back to Greece."
Thor: "Why? What does Greece have that we don't?"
Hercules: "Two words.."
Phil: "...Metterterainian Climate!"



*This episode isn't the only time that Hercules would enter into other civilizations mythologies. In this episode he headed North for the Norse Mythology having to stop Rangarok, which is the end of the world according to that mythology. In the episode "Hercules and the Romans" Hercules heads to Rome to help them form their own mythology which would use a lot of the Greek Gods only with different names. That episode would also have some macro moments in it, with the Egyptian gods showing up suddenly to be the Roman's new gods but when they decide they don't want to be the Egyptian Gods attack.

*A lot of parallels can be seen in this episode when compared to Hades and his take over of Mt Olympus in the Hercules movie. Instead of Ice Giants, Hades had the Titans and instead of a huge wolf Hades had Hydra and Cereubus. Hercules also stopped Hades' take over much like he stopped Loki's take over of Asgard and Valhalla.

*There is a joke about the Three Fate's from Greece, double dippin' in this episode when Phil and Hercules see them in a Norse Cave. They call themselves the Norns but it is still the same three sisters who we remember from previous episodes. This is a play up on the fact that a lot of mythologies had similar gods and beings and creatures. The fates were very similar to the ones in both Norse and Greek mythology, being three weird women who fore told the future. So it was a good joke and sight gag to use here as Phil made mention of the fact that they were Double dippin' a few times. Most watching probably wouldn't get the joke unless they look into it.

 *Fenrir is also known as Fenris in some literature about him. He is actually related to Loki, his son to exact and is really much larger then they had him here in his cartoon. Some have him at miles in size and that is why he would be able to swallow the sun whole.  Fenrir also was able to talk and was only able to be binded by a cloth that had to be specially made. Thor wound up losing his arm in the battle that binded Fenrir for good.


      Factual -- While many jokes were made about Iceland not really being cold, while Greenland is. The joke is not true. Iceland is just as cold as Greenland and doesn't have many warm days or nice beaches like was shown in the episode. The joke may have been cute, but factually it is totally wrong.

      Continuity -- Fenrir's size fluctuated at points. When he is first freeded he is much larger then he would appear later on. He seems to tower up to the top of the cave and is even able to eat the sun. But when Hercules fights him at the end he is much smaller and doesn't tower over Hecules like he did earlier looking more the size of a huge horse then the towering figure he was prior.

+ :Giant wolf which is a rare find in most cartoons. Funny and well written script make for an enjoyable watch. Fenrir has some good moments like swallowing the sun and freezing everyone that challenges him in a single gust of ice.

- :Ending seems to be wrapped up quickly with a lot of things not making much sense even for cartoon standards. Didn't use all the actual creatures involved with Rangarok and left a lot of major details out of the real situation that was written about.  Not emough Fenrir moments for those who are fans of giant wolf monsters.


Wolf on ice.     He is just asking to be freed     You are going to need a bigger fire then that

you don't want to be under that paw!     I thought the cave was shaking for a reason     Gives new meaning to "Big Bad Wolf"

My what a big muzzle you have.. uh oh     Hercules may want to back away     I thought it was getting chilly in here

Hercules on ice. What a rare find     Don't tell me they are lost already     Having a giant wolf to ride makes things look tiny

Hey if they read on trains you can read on wolves     One sun for a snack.. coming up     Fenrir likes very hot meals

Better in then out..     Hmm where does he keep it all?     That will keep him full for weeks

Time to crush a few buildings again     This is one wolf you don't want leaping on you     Hmm you made him lose his lunch