Name of show that this character is from:  Garfield and Friends
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: October 1, 1988 (NETWORK: CBS )
Where can I find this episode now?(DVD) Garfield and Friends - vol. 1

EPISODE TYPE: Fantasy Situation & Over Eating
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS GARFIELD?: An anthro, furry, orange and black stripped pet cat


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Over ate and grew due to effects of an alien Interplanetary Hunger Ray.

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of himself.. 


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: All of the growth stages shown.


MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE --


SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: House, city and alien space ship

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 35 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Neutral

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium - Roof of house, swimming pool, hot dog stand, cleans out supermarket, news stations moble unit and military jet..

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: John orders a late night pizza, hoping to keep it away from Garfield who always seems to get to his food before he can. After quickly paying for it at the door John runs back to his room baricading the door and ducking under the bed. As he opens the pizza box, Garfield is inside finishing off the pizza. John can't understand how Garfield could have finished a pizza like that and maddly tells his cat "One of these days, eating like that is going to give you a nightmare. Wait and see." Garfield just shrugs it off as he gets ready for bed. Garfield falls asleep saying how silly it is to have nightmares from over eating and drifts off.

Garfield finds himself sitting at a table eating pasta in mere seconds. John then starts to sing about Garfield's eating and how he wants Garfield to keep eating. He feeds him everything in sight. Pizzas, pancakes, sandwhiches and cakes on a conveyer belt. Garfield walks into a restaurant causing the number sold sign to increase due to the amount he is eating. After John finishes his song he tells Garfield that he has to stop eating. He is getting too big due to it. Garfield starts to grow in size growing so big his head goes through the roof. He picks up John as John promises to find more food for him. He gets truck loads of food delivered for him to snack on as John raises the food into Garfield via a crane. A newscaster reads a story of Garfield eating everything in town before he gets scard and runs out of the news studio as fast as his legs will take him.  Garfield meanwhile is eating everything in sight. He picks up a hot dog stand eating it and drinks up the water from a pool which do very little to soothe his appetite as he wants even more to eat. John runs franticly around trying to find more food to feed to Garfield. But every place has been wiped out of food due to Garfield. John calls the National Guard for 100 tons of Lasanga. Garfield eats it all quickly and still seems hungry. The army sends in a few jet planes as Garfield climbs the tallest building of the city eating one of the planes as a snack as a space ship approaches. The spaceship zaps him with a tractor beam sucking him inside of it. A small green alien appears telling Garfield that it was they that made him big due to an Interplanetary Fattening Ray and that he will be their planets Thankgiving meal. Garfield doesn't like the idea of this at all.

He is woken by Odie slurping him and realizes that it was all just a horrible nightmare. John appologizes for being so hard on him before he went to bed and hands him a Lasagna. Garfield at first pushes it away saying he is on a strict diet. For 20 pounds or 20 minutes he won't eat, which ever comes first. He then grabs the Lasagna with a  sly smile.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: The idea of a giant Garfield on the loose is actualy a pretty good one as it works in many ways. Combinng humor and the situations that an ever hungry cat can give works well story wise. Being that this was all a nightmare they can really do anything and it works just due to the fact that it was happening in a bad dream.

Most Garfield episodes seem to have a song in them and this was no different. I don't know why they always feel the need to throw a random song in there, but as Garfield was eating we got a song baddly sung by John. Didn't take anything away from the episode just seemed more like filler then anything. After we finish with the song we get into the main part of the episode. But the whole situation seemed a bit confusing for some reason. First John wants Garfield to eat everything in sight, then he doesn't. Then it turns out his appetite was all caused by some aliens that appear out of nowhere just so they can use Garfield as dinner. Dream or not, it could have been a little better then the loose plot holes that were going on there. But plot holes asside, it was a great situation and a fun story. Garfield up to his usual tricks of getting John's food before he could was a great set up for what occured. And seeing Garfield grow right through the roof of the house as he lifts John up demanding more food is priceless.

This episode seemed to borrow a lot of macro themes. They had growth, eating, him climbing a building, rampaging down a street scarring everyone in his path, eating various buildings in his reach and the military getting involved to stop him. Overall not to bad for a short Garfield episode. The writers handled him being a giant well filling in some funny moments and one liners as well as trying to keep the situations intersting enough. I could have done without the over used macro gag of a would be giant walking into a fast food restaurant and the counter outside of how many billions served going up due to him being in the restaurant. It's a very over used gag but it isn't so bad considering Garfield is all about eating and any eating jokes fit for him. 

The only real problems I had with the episode was the alien involvement that they throw in towards the end. Not that it ruined the story as it was time to end it at that point but they really could have done better then that. We get some aliens out of nowhere that zapped him to make him hungry at some unknown point and Garfield doesn't look so big anymore when he is in the ship, giving for a big contradiction in size. His voice also seemed to change from that of a booming giant to that of his regular voice after he finds out he was dinner for a planet. First his voice is booming asking for "Mr. Spock" as he sits in the ship then he talks regulary like he was small again. And technicaly his voice shouldn't change at all as he doesn't really speak, he speaks in a voice that only animals can understand but again it's a dream and such things are all over looked due to that fact. The whole alien thing was meant to be funny but was not a good plot device in my opinion. Could have ended a bit better before he woke up. Also the animation was not on par with the usual Garfield animation. All the houses were red and all the buildings bluish to give the nightmare effect that it was supposed to have. Garfield also was drawn very round and disproportionate as will happen in many macro episodes to give the effect of great mass. Just a few minor problems overall but still a pretty enjoyable macro episode when you take it in full perspective. Not a perfect episode and some things could have been less confusing and animated better but definitely ranks up there as far as a good episode goes.

Overall I would have to say this was a great situation. It's not often we get a character just out growing a place and having fun eating up a city as he pleases. Most people I'm sure think Garfield would make a good macro creature and this episode, while a dream, gave us a good peek of what it would be like if he ever was that big. A lot of things didn't work but a lot of things did. In a dream situation you can get away with many things and they did here. If you ever wanted to see what Garfield would do if he ever was large and in charge, this is the episode to see. You may even find yourself singing the song that John sings after hearing it a few times, then again.. probably not.  Make your belly mozzarelly? Ugh.




John: "Eat Garfield eat. Eat with all your might!
Eat that pasta, eat it faster.
Till it's out of sight.
Till it's out of sight.
Munch Garfield, munch. Come on lets do lunch.
Make your belly mozzarelly
Crunch, crunch, crunch
Crunch, crunch, crunch.
Cheese, salami, ham and swiss
Whole wheat, rye and white
Sliced tomatoes, ton of mayo
Love at first bite
Garfield, you're an awesome eater. Yes, you are the top.
Butter beatters, bitter batter
You don't have to stop.
Double stack it, you can hack it.
Yum, Garfield, yum.
Don't you miss a crumb
Add a dinner, you're the winner
Don't you pause or you'll get thinner
More, Garfiled, more. Till you can't fit through the door.
Eat Garfield Eat
Chow, chow, chow."


(Garfield stands in the room after eating too much food)
John: "You have to stop eating Garfield. You're getting bigger and bigger and bigger and oh no!"
(Garfield grows right through the roof as John talks nervously, looming to the sky)
John: "I knew this would happen. He's just getting larger and larger."
(Garfield picks John up in a huge hand holding him to his face)
John: "I know you are still hungry Garfield. I'll find food for you. How about a pizza? How about 100 pizzas?"
Garfield: "And don't forget the anchovies this time!"


(A newscaster gives a special bulletin on the tv)
Newscaster: "We have a report of a giant orange cat that seems to be devouring things left and right. For an on the spot report we touch down with our moble unit."
(Gets handed a bulletin on air)
Newscaster: "What's that? We have a report that he ate the moble unit!! I'm leaving town folks!"
(Newscaster runs off screen as fast as possible)


(Picks up a hot dog stand shapped like a hot dog into his hand and eats it)
Garfield: "Mmmm, I wish I had a mustard factory around here to eat!"


(The general of the army giving food to Garfield talks to John)
General of Army: "Operation Lasanga is proceeding according to orders. In the meantime we are filling the Grand Canyon with chicken gumbo just in case he wants soup."


(Garfield starts to scale a huge building and stops midway and looks to the screen as if talking to the viewers at home watching)
Garfield: "You know for a second there, I thought this nightmare might get kinda silly."



*Garfield would be macro a few more times in Garfiled and Friends full 7 season run. There is one moment when he is doing a King Kong impression  looming on a building and holding a girl in hand, in an episode where a guy sees Garfield everywhere he looks but it is a very quick blink moment towards the end of the episode. There is another episode towards the last season where Garfield is part of a musical and is being fed everything in sight and out grows the musical hall he is in, looming up towards the stars. All time's he has been macro have been Fantasy Situations and didn't really occur in the situations.

*Garfield also had a macro moment in the comic strips that was also a dream moment. In the book titled World Wide, Garfield has a dream about growing bigger and bigger due to everything he eats stretching out across the land continuing to eat until he eats the very planet until he looms in outerspace asking for dessert. It was only one page long but could perhaps be seen as inspiration for this episode.



      Factual -- While it is a dream and anything is possible in a dream and that makes it acceptable. But, otherwise if you want to look at things logicaly, there is no way Garfield could have cleaned out the whole supermarket without damaging it. They never say anything about them handing him the food, just that he cleaned it out as they show Jon looking at a Supermarket completly empty. Various other places were empty of food but no damage to any place was done making it impossible for him to have cleaned out the food as they claim.     

      Factual -- The alien capturing Garfield tells him that he was fattened up to be dinner for an entire planet's Thanksgiving. While this may seem like a good reason to make someone bigger and have an unending appetite, there is no way Garfield was big enough to feed an entire planet being only about 30 or so feet in size.

      Continuity -- Garfield's size fluxuated at various points. In some scenes he loomed over houses that he easily walked over while moments later he wouldn't come up to being any bigger then a house he was in front of. Other moments he was as tall as buildings while another he climbed a building not looking as large. The most noticible case of this is when he is on the space ship and an alien walks up to him poking him in the side. Either the alien is really big or Garfield has shrunk down a bit since he was placed on the ship which also was the wrong scale to have Garfield easily sit inside of the room he was placed in.


+ :Cool to see a giant Garfield stomping down the street on a hunger binge.  Fun moment where he climbs a building making a joke about it to the viewer of the cartoon. Good growth moment and over all amusing and entertaining episode. Has some macro moments and the episode and feel are typical of Garfield humor and situations that were very true to the show even in a dream situation..

- :The situation could have been better. While it was a dream so things don't have to make sense, it seemed illogical at points. The ending also left a lot to be desired with some weird plot device that it was all the doing of some aliens that zapped him with some hunger enducing device. Animation was a little worse then most episodes due to the animators trying to give the effect of a dream.






     It starts..         That cat really can pack away the calories


Up he goes..     Garfield Raising the Roof        Trees are full of fiber for giant feline monsters


Hey watch where you are staring you tiny dots. I aint wearing pants!      Who's master now John?         A hot dog shaped building? This town was made for me!


When he stomps, everything shakes     Ah more puny houses to crush. Not easy being catzilla in this red colored town       Even as a giant I stay on the sidewalk


Giant sized drinking fountains too? Is there nothing they don't make for me?      Even the army has to serve the new master of the town       catzilla is on the rampage again


What puny buildings. All should be based down     Must.. climb.. tall.. buiding.. *Drool*       I guess they can call me Garfield Kong now


You would smile too if you were the biggest cat to ever live and no one could stop you     You dare send your puny jets to attack Garfield Kong? Be gone!       Mmmm more of the city to eat!


Wow that's a pretty big UFO     A giant being abducted? Say it isn't so!      What a strange creature. Can I eat him too?


AVIFlash Movie File---- Garfield grows from his overeating and stomps through the city ---- (5.83MB) 1 minutes 49 seconds long

What a nightmare Garfield is having. His appetite has gotten out of control and made him expand to alarming sizes due to it. Now nothing will remain uneaten as the towering orange cat nears it.