Name of show that this character is from:  Dragonball Z
Title of Episode:

Gohan's Metamorphosis

Original Air date: October 11, 1996 (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: (VHS) Dragonball Z - Vol 2 - The Saiyans (DVD) Dragonball Z - Vol 2 - The Saiyans

EPISODE TYPE: Transformation & Blink Moment
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS GOHAN?: An anthro, Saiyan/human, child


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Viewed the light of the full moon

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Oozaru (Ape like creature)


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: Almost all of the growth stages shown.

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE --

QUOTE:      "Wow! That's the biggest moon I've ever.."

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Wilderness with lots of peaks and rocks

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ):  25 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Animalistic Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Various rocks and cliffs

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Young Gohan is standing before Piccolo ready to start training with him. He is told that all he has to do is survive on his own in the wilderness. If he can do that then he will be ready to learn how to fight.  Gohan doesn't like the idea of staying by himself but Piccolo tells him that is the only way and starts to fly off leaving him alone.

Goku meanwhile is running down a long and winding path in the sky. And decides that it would take less time to complete the path if he jumped  through the gaps of the path instead. He over jumps it and falls into the clouds. He tries to reach back up only to hit a spiked boarder and now starts to get grabbed by a bunch of shadow creatures. He breaks free and leaps back up onto the path as the orange clouds reform and the shadows disappear.

Gohan meets up with a huge dinosaur creature while he is wandering alone. The dinosaur starts to chase after him. Gohan trips and is about to be eaten but he glows and disappears right as the dinosaur eats what was in the spot that Gohan last was. Gohan winds up at the top of the peak and can't figure out how to get down.

Krilin arrives in front of Chi Chi's house deciding how to break the news of Goku's demise and Gohan's being borrowed by Piccolo. He rehearses a few different ways to tell her only for the door to open and for him unable to tell how he wanted to and to be brought in for dinner instead. Gohan meanwhile is shivering, hungry and cold as he still is trapped atop the cliff. Two apples suddenly appear before Gohan and he quickly eats them not understanding where they could have come from. Piccolo floats above watching over him.

Chi Chi is getting frustrated by Gohan and Goku not being home yet as she does the dishes. She breaks many of the plates she was cleaning while she mumbles about it being past Gohan's bed time as the garbage next to her fills with broken dishes. Krilin meanwhile can't sleep as he can't seem to figure out a way to tell Chi Chi what has happened. Krilin sneaks out of the house and drives off . He then explains to everyone what happened while they ask if he remembered to get the Dragonballs from Goku's house? He tells them he forgot as he is called a "Dweeb." Chi Chi races through an open area furious at Krilin sneaking out and Goku and Gohan still no where to be found.

Nighttime approaches again and Gohan looks up to see the full moon. His body starts to transform into that of his primal Saiyan form. Soon he transforms fully into a huge ape like creature (Oozaru) and starts to go berserk destroying everything in the area with laser beams from his mouth. Piccolo is almost hit with random beams coming out of Gohan's mouth and realizes that it's the moon that is changed Gohan into this creature. Piccolo concentrates and fires a huge beam from his fingers at the full moon destroying it. Gohan suddenly changes back into his previous human form.  He also removes the tail from Gohan and gives him some clothing and a weapon while Gohan is still out cold.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: A pretty well known episode when it comes to a Transformation moment. But definitely not one of my favorites. I just could never get into anime and while this is anime light, it still is hard to watch at many points. The Oozaru creatures that the Saiyans form are pretty interesting additions to the Dragonball series. Anytime one of them looks at the full moon or something resembling the same light and aura of the moon, they will instantly transform into huge ape like creatures.  Gohan's transformation was the first time that the Oozaru would show up in Dragonball Z, but the creature was seen before in the regular Dragonball series.

To me the episode was not that enjoyable. Even Gohan's moments are short lived and the whole wrap up to the situation was a bit dumb too. I suppose I'm a bit biased here due to my not ever getting into the series as it was so to me all of this is just a big bunch of corn that we are being treated to via Japan. A lot of the jokes were just silly like some situation dealing with Krilin having to explain that Goku was killed and Gohan was not training with Piccolo. But some of the moments with Chi Chi I have to admit were amusing to add something different to these shows which seem to be nothing but one long never ending battle.

As for the  Oozaru moment itself, it wasn't that great. It was a blink moment that really just introduced us to the fact that Gohan was a Saiyan of great power and that he like Goku and the others with the tail could transform from the moonlight into the powerful ape like form. Gohan didn't do much except for fire a mouth laser beam and use his massive strength to break some of the rock pillars that he now loomed over at his new size. But the fight and situation ended quite easily with a really stupid moment I have to say. Piccolo sees the moon and realizes it is the cause of the transformation so he just concentrates for a moment and fires a laser beam of sorts out of his fingers and hits the moon and it's destroyed. To make matters lamer he then pulls the tail off of Gohan who is back to his human form as if the tail was just glued on and could easily be peeled off. It just was a really bad way to conclude the whole situation. Like I said, I have never been a fan of this show and I just can't get into these silly themes and easy solutions to everything.

There was an added dinosaur situation in this episode that may have been better in a way as at least the dinosaur did macro type stuff. He chased Gohan about and tried to eat him and roared and all that. But the transformation from child to huge beast is probably what most will like about this episode. Not one of my favorites or even something I would say is a great macro moment, but it is macro .. barely. As even Gohan's size is a bit under the 30 foot mark that I like to go by for this page. But he definitely fits in and isn't the worst situation ever done. Just be warned if you aren't a fan of this show you probably won't be able to get into it by watching an episode that is mid way through already. As every episode is a continuation of the last. So questions like why Goku was hopping about on platforms in the sky with a halo on his head and who is Piccolo ? Are just thinks you will have to either look into to find out or not focus on if you are just going after some cool transformation macro moment.




(Krilin stands in front of Chi Chi's front door thinking out loud of how he is going to break the news of what happened to Goku and Gohan)
Krilin: "Chi Chi. You're not going to believe this but Goku is gone and well Gohan is well  umm we sorta let Piccolo borrow him for awhile and well..
(Krilin growls in frustration)
Krilin: "Ok how about this way... Chi Chi. Guess what? *smiles* Goku has dropped in another dimension and Gohan he's been kidnapped again! *laughs happily


(Bulma fixes the power scanner after a lot of work and goes to show Roshi and Krilin )
Bulma: "Hey guys. Hop to. I got this thing working!"
Roshi: "Uh .. er.. hop who?"
Bulma: "Come on. Stand up so I can try this baby out! This should tell us what your power level is."
(she pushes a button on the scanner as she looks through it at Roshi)
Bulma: "And it's.. 139!"
Roshi: "139 huh? Seems a little low to me."
Bulma: "It's probably a good rating considering your an old man."
Roshi:  "I'm not sure which hurts worse. The power rating or the commentary that goes along with it."


Piccolo: "Yi! What an awful awesome power! Even his breath is a weapon!"


*This episode was the first Dragonball Z appearance of the Oozaru ape creature. The ape like creatures would show up 5 more times after this episode. Gohan, Goku and Vegita would all become this creature at later points in the series. It would also show many of the creatures on the home Saiyan word in another episode telling the history of the race.  The creature also appeared previously to this episode in the regular Dragonball series that came before Dragonball Z. Goku would transform twice in the regular series with a third time being a more symbolic then actual appearance of the creature.

*Gohan would also become this creature in a separate Dragonball Z movie called "Tree of Might". The events in this movie are not directly related to events on the show but focus on the same characters and situations as the show.

*This episode was edited, as are many anime episodes brought over to the United States to meet certain nudity and general viewing guidelines for kids. After Gohan transforms back to his human form. A leaf and rock  has been drawn into the frames covering up his revealing areas.

 *There are some fan debates on whether the existence of the moon should even be possible in this episode. The moon itself was destroyed in the original Dragonball series. But a mention in the last season of Dragonball says that it was "wished back" after Goku lost his tail. But some feel that it was just a holographic image of it while others feel that these facts were ignored in the Dragonball Z series and the moon was destroyed originally  in this series with no relation to previous series events.

*Alternate titles to this episode include : "A Full Moon Transformation: The Secret of Gohan's Power.", "Day 1", "Gohan goes Bananas" and "The Death of Son-Goku"


      Factual -- The garbage is full of broken plates that Chi Chi destroyed in frustration due to Gohan and Goku not being home. Yet there  was only 3 people eating dinner that night and not enough room in the cabinet for all those plates to have been in originally.

     Animation --  After Gohan transforms back from his Oozaru form a rock and leaf on a twig are placed in front of his naked form that constantly move about awkwardly due to them both being added in to only the American version of the episode in the means of censoring nudity.


+ :Good transformation scene with Gohan ripping out of his shirt and turning into the Oozaru. Some funny moments dealing with Chi Chi.  Bonus macro creature of a huge dinosaur chasing Gohan showing up early in the episode.

- :Short lived moment that starts and ends quickly towards the end of the episode. Very corny and poorly written at points. Some of the themes in this are kinda silly. 


Don't look up at that moon!     We lose more new shirts that way     Wow that kid has been working out

I would hate to be his dentist     Nice halloween costume     Gohan isn't so little anymore

He won't have trouble getting down now     Must have been something he ate     He must have seen the new Kong movie

Hope he doesn't see you     Taller then most cliffs     Well it was fun while it lasted