Golden Dragon
                                                                with additional dragons

Name of show that this character is from:  Captain N: The Game Master
Title of Episode:

Original Air date:  December 8, 1990 (NETWORK: NBC)
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Age Progression & Dragons
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS GOLDEN DRAGON?: An anthro, non-furry, Golden Dragon


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?:  Absorbed energy of a Sun Stone

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger adult version of himself.

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH IS SHOWN?: All of his growth seen                                                                                                            


QUOTE:      NONE  (Non furry and not capable of speech. Just growls and snarls)

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Dragon's Den in Video Land

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil Animal Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Rises up from underground destroying it as he grows

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: On the video game world of Dragon's Den a nervous  young male dragon paces back and forth around a golden dragon egg trying to hatch it by sitting on it a few times. Begging for the egg to hatch so the Dragon Lord won't get angry. But it's too late for that. The Dragon Lord, who rules the kingdom like a tyrant, comes up to the dragon wanting the egg hatched now. The young dragon tells him that they don't have enough heat to make the rare golden dragon egg hatch.  The scared dragon realizes that the sun stone that powers the Palace of Power will have more then enough heat to hatch the egg.

Back in the Palace of Power, Simon Belmont and Kevin are having a competition with their weapons (the whip and zapper respectively) to see who can defeat more creatures that Game Boy is producing. The young dragon meanwhile outside of the palace sabotages the power supply causing the power to go out in the palace. While everyone is distracted in darkness he sends in two small grunt dragons to take the sun stone. Mega Man goes to investigate and sees the power lines outside have been cut. Mega Man sees the young dragon and his stooges fly off with the sun stone and Captain N and friends go off to follow.

Upon arriving in Dragon's Den they are under attack by some swamp creatures. They make short work of them collecting the coins they leave after they are defeated. A swarm of dragons flies up over head heading to the Dragon Lord's castle. They get an idea to make a trojan dragon of their own to sneak in undetected but they will need Link and Zelda's help to build it. 

In Hyrule they start to gather supplies as Simon goes off on his own. He meets up with a moblin who is holding a very pointy spear that is directed at Simon's rear causing him to scream in terror and flee. He screams for help only for Link to show up to take care of the Moblin easily.  Simon's troubles are far from over. Now he is being stalked by a huge spider who comes downwards at him. He yells for help again and this time Zelda shows up with a bow and arrow in hand . Simon acts as if nothing happened and goes back to working on the trojan dragon. Link, Zelda, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and Simon all start to build the dragon together making great progress in short time.

Back on Dragon's Den Kevin and Lana are using the money they got in battle to buy supplies but it appears that everyone beat them too it to prepare for the upcoming battle with Dragon Lord. All he has left is a map to the Flame Sword and some Fairy Water. Kevin gives the money and gladly takes it. They head to the cave only to meet up with an Iron Knight Golem who is guarding it. The armor it wears  protects it from the Zapper so Keven has to use his game controller instead and pauses the creature so it can't move.  While the Golem is paused he takes a flame sword and flame shield and walks out. The pause though drains a lot of his power but it was worth it to get the weapons. He un-pauses the golem and heads out of the cave.

Simon, Kid Icarus and Mega Man thank Zelda and Link for their help and jump into the huge trojan dragon and lift off into the sky. It takes them awhile to learn how to fly it but manage it eventually finding a warp zone back to Dragon's Den where Lana and Kevin wait for their arrival.  They head into Dragon Lord's castle and listen in to the plans to hatch the mighty Golden Dragon to make it  member of Dragon Lord's army. With the Golden Dragon they will take over all of Dragon's Den. The trojan dragon walks right up to the entrance only to be stopped by a dragon guard who is asking who they are. Kid Icarus comes up with a name and location but the dragon guard doesn't seem to have it on the list. Dragon Lord notices the new arriving dragon and calls him over to show everyone the battle scars he has.  Dragon Lord tells the trojan dragon to hit a target over there and they N Team shoots a fire ball from the fire cannon they had set up inside the dragons mouth hitting the target. While everyone is distracted Kevin and Lana head out of the trojan dragon, to sneak inside and get the sun stone. Simon meanwhile has to now fly the dragon and keep everyone distracted.

Kevin and Lana jump through a door that has metal jaws that chomps up and down rapidly, jumping through it just in time. He uses his power pad to fly them over a lava stream but it is low on energy and fizzles out half way through the trip.  Luckily they land on the flame shield and surf to the other side. Simon meanwhile is having to avoid boulders being tossed at him by dragons below to show them how good he is at flying. Simon can't take any more of this and lands down to the ground and quickly jumps out of the trojan dragon kissing the ground. Dragon Lord is furious and a dragon captures the three of them holding them before Dragon Lord. He places a cursed necklace around Simon's neck so that his Golden Dragon will  be drawn right to it after he hatches.  Simon, Kid Icarus and Mega Man are dropped into a spider web that hangs just above the dragon egg that is about to hatch. Lana and Keven show up under them just as the egg starts to hatch.  The dragon that hatches from it is a cute little baby gold dragon. Simon is less then scared of that. A moment later the baby dragon picks up the sun stone and starts to grow and expand into a full grown adult golden dragon. His growth frees Simon and the others as the web holding them is broken but they have bigger problems then that to deal with now. Everyone starts to run back to the trojan dragon as the giant Golden Dragon chases them. They all run into the trojan dragon flying away but the dragon continues to keep up with them swatting at them with huge claws. The cursed necklace is drawing them to it and Lana uses the Fairy Water to get it off of Simon. Simon tosses the cursed necklace onto Dragon Lord who attracts the attention of the Golden Dragon. They give the Dragon Lord the Fairy Water and he tosses the released curse necklace at his Golden Dragon destroying it as the Golden Necklace touches it. Dragon Lord screams furiously at the fact that he used destroyed his dragon with the necklace. Simon takes the sun stone and they fly off in the trojan dragon back to the Palace of Power victoriously.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: I used to be a big fan of Nintendo games and all things associated with it. I had all the magazines, the game systems, and of course I watched the Nintendo related cartoons just to add to the thrill that these games brought me. Captain N: The Game Master was a very gimmicky and patchy cartoon that tried to use the major heroes and villains from various Nintendo games of the time, but the execution was weak. For instance they had the hero from Kid Icarus, who was actually named Pit in the games but never called by his actual name, just Kid Icarus. They give him a voice and a weird speech method where he said "-icus" after everything he said. They have Simon Belmont, from Castlevania games but they turned him into a narcissistic comic relief character who was nothing like the character we would expect to see in the games we had played that are supposed to be this character. It was just a miss match of various characters who were just randomly thrown together on a team, lead by a human from the real world who was now their only hope against characters like Mother Brain from Metroid. Yet the real hero from Metroid, Samas Aran, never made an appearance in any episode. It was very strange as it seems like a great idea for a TV show to use Nintendo characters as if they all live in one big universe together but we never really saw anything that we would have expected from the games they come from. So when we get to this episode, my expectations were low for an accurate representation of the Dragon Warrior game that this was supposed to be based on. And besides the fact that it focused on dragons with the main dragon in the game being the bad guy, very little else had anything to do with the popular RPG game. So getting that all out of the way, onto the review.

Could have been better episode wise, but actually considering the quality of most episodes of Captain N, this is one of the better ones. Most of the earlier episodes dealt with some very weird and silly plot by Mother Brain to stop the N Team. This time we had no appearance by Mother Brain or any of her goons, it was all the dragons from Dragon's Den who just wanted the Sun Stone from the Palace of Power to hatch the sacred Golden Dragon that was to become their new warrior champion.  Seems simple enough. So after some silly hijinx at the beginning, we get into the story. For the most part it wasn't too bad. There was a lot of  humorous moments, or attempts at humor at least at Simon's expense. He seemed to be a real catalyst the writer used for all the comic relief that was to fly by the viewer at home in an attempt to keep things upbeat and on the low brow for the target audience it is aimed at. But again it just is too off character to be taken seriously. Anyone who has played any of the Castlevania games, knows that all the vampire hunters were very serious about what they do and some of the best fighters in the history of monster hunting. For us to believe that this is the same Simon Belmont that we have  used to defeat Dracula many a time, was a very big stretch. First of all Simon afraid of monsters in a forest or being unable to stay inside the trojan dragon due to claustrophobia was kinda ridiculous. The funniest moment I found in the whole episode is when Kid Icarus was trying to sneak into Dragon's Den while doing the voice of the Trojan Dragon and  has the trojan patting himself down for identification and telling them the weird location he came from. That was actually amusing. The Simon acting cowardly moments I could have done without.

One of the best age progression growth moments I have seen in an episode. It was great when the baby dragon suddenly hatches, and he is this cute, harmless looking hatchling that pushes out of his egg standing there all innocent like. The fact that his egg seemed to be a Silly Putty container that pushed open in the same manor is another story in itself. Simon makes some comment about how the dragon looks harmless and is no worry only for the baby to take hold of the Sun Stone and suddenly starts to expand and age into a massive fully grown towering golden dragon who doesn't look so cute anymore. Great growth moment that was pretty detailed and the way he just grew right through the webbing holding Simon was a nice touch. Of course , like many things in the episode, it was more bad planning by the Dragon Lord, as Simon was intended to be a snack for the dragon but placing the web right above where the dragon grew freed him and his friends quite easily. Next time maybe they should have been placed to the side so the dragon can have his meal without having helped it escape with his growth.

The few downsides in this episode were easily the way the dragon was defeated. It was a nice touch to add some elements from the Dragon Warrior game. Like the cursed necklace, holy water and some of the weapons that Kevin has to find in the hopes to beat the Dragon Lord.  But then the cursed necklace suddenly became a plot device that sorta made very little sense. For some unknown reason, the cursed necklace would draw the Golden Dragon towards whoever wore it. To make matters more confusing, the cursed necklace could also be used to defeat the dragon.  So after the holy water is used to remove the necklace placed on Simon and put onto Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord uses the holy water to remove the necklace and tosses it at the dragon and the dragon is instantly destroyed as the necklace touches it. Umm ok.. that makes sense how? Dragon Lord would want to draw it's mighty warrior to something that could destroy it upon contact? Just seemed very lame and a real cop out on how to end the story. Too much comic relief and not enough action also were a big slow down in the episode. While it was cool to see Zelda and Link from the Legend of Zelda games suddenly make an appearance to help build the Trojan Dragon, their appearance seemed forced and not necessary.  There was a lot of just confusing moments too. For one thing the heroes at the end have to find a weapon that they don't even wind up using, they just use the shield they find as a boat to travel down some lava river. The whole trip they take to get under Dragon Lord's base seems worthless as they seem to escape in mere moments just going out another way all together. Also the Golden Dragon's size was kinda confusing. At one point he looms over the other dragons as if he is unevolved and just  really big anthro dragon and at other points he is only a bit larger then the other smaller evolved dragons. I don't know, the whole Golden Dragon seemed out of place. Why would a whole group of 10 foot anthro dragons want to hatch a huge non evolved golden dragon to lead them as their great warrior when all it took was some cursed necklace to draw it towards others? Who hatched this egg and why weren't there more dragons like this? Just too many things needed explaining and a lot of plot holes were left hanging, making for a weak story and rushed moments overall.

Overall, a lot of filler, little substance but still a lot that makes for a fun and enjoyable episode for the most part.  While dragon growth moments aren't that rare as they have been done before in cartoons, this one is kinda unique in that it's more of an age progression growth rather then just a larger version of itself growth or lizard to dragon transformation growth.  While I would have preferred a better ending and less comic relief moments, I have to say it's still a great homage to Nintendo games of the past and pulled off the episode as well as could be expected for Captain N. Most of the episodes were pretty weak and were just ways to get in random characters from random games, this one at least tried to make for a fun story and has some good action and thrilling moments. Not the best, but definitely better then just average. 




(A swarm of dragons fly over head of Simon and Keven heading towards Dragon's Den)
Simon Belmont: "How tacky. Dragon Lord is throwing a party and we weren't invited."
Kevin: "Now you're thinkin' Simon."
Simon Belmont: "I am?  I mean uh... of course I was thinking what I was thinking. Uh, What was I thinking?"
Kevin: "That we will crash their party. Just like the Greeks did to Troy with a giant horse, we will do the same with a wooden dragon."
Lana: "Hyrule has a wooden dragon forest. Oh I'm sure Link and Zelda will help us build one!  Good idea Simon!"
Simon Belmont: "It was nothing. Vampires and dragons are my specialty!"


(Simon is out collecting pieces to use to build a trojan dragon as he hears the leafs rustle about next to him)
Simon Belmont: "It's a good thing the word FEAR isn't in my vocabulary."
(A moblin points a pointed spear tip at Simon's rear causing him to scream and run)
Simon Belmont: "But the word TERROR is. YIIIII!"


(A cursed necklace is placed around Simon after he is captured by Dragon Lord)
Dragon Lord: "The evil in that necklace will draw my golden warrior right to you when he hatches!"
Simon Belmont: "Simon Belmont doesn't wear neck jewelry!"
(Simon tries to take it off only for it to zap him)


(A dragon guard stops the trojan dragon full of the N team inside of it)
Dragon Guard: "State your name and territory."
Kid Icarus' Voice: "Uhhh.. I'm Dragononius, from Mt. Icaronius.
Dragon Guard "Not on my list. You got any identification?"
(the trojan dragon pats itself as if checking for pockets)
Kid Icarus' Voice: "Uhh.. er.. I must have left it in my other scales."

Lana: "Oh no. We're too late!"
(A cute golden baby dragon hatches staring cutely out to Simon above)
Simon Belmont: "You mean that's what all the fuss is about?"
(the dragon picks up the sun stone and start to expand and age into a full adult dragon zooming up into the air snapping the web loose as it grows past it)
Kevin: "No Simon! That's what all the fuss is about!"


*This show was focused on various Nintendo game themed worlds that Captain N and his companions would visit and try and defeat the bad guys that inhabited the various video game worlds they were on. The video game that this episode was based in was "Dragon Warrior" which was a popular RPG on the NES around this time.  The episode would also go to Hyrule and meet up with Zelda and Link who were characters from the game "The Legend of Zelda"

* The background music used during a lot of the episodes of Captain N: were of music themes of Nintendo games of that time. The one  used most of the time in this particular episode was the theme in the game "Marble Madness".

*A song called "In the Mouth of the Dragon" is sung as background music as everyone is working on building the trojan dragon.

*Frank Welker supplied the voice of Game Boy in this show and surprisingly that is the only voice work he did with this show.


      Factual --  If the Cursed Necklace was used in the hopes to draw the dragon in to Simon so it would eat him, then it logically makes no sense that it would also be it's undoing. Why would Dragon Lord use something to draw the dragon at someone, that would also be something that can be used to destroy the dragon. If the dragon did feast on Simon it would have been destroyed due to the cursed necklace's touch being able to destroy the dragon.

      Factual -- When Keven Pauses the Tin Knight guarding the Flame Sword he pushes the wrong button on the Nintendo Controller. To pause he should have pressed the start button. But he pushes the B button instead.

      Continuity -- Kevin and Lana had to travel through a long passage and lava pit to get to where the golden dragon was. But after the dragon hatches everyone just  down one pathway to get back to the trojan dragon in mere seconds.

      Continuity -- The other dragon's sizes fluctuated at various points. At one point towards the middle one of the dragons picks up Simon and his friends in his huge fist holding them for Dragon Lord to put a necklace on Simon. In moments before and after the dragon's weren't  that much bigger then the heroes to be able to have held them in their mitts so easily.


+ :Golden dragon has a good age progression growth moment, looking all cute and harmless and picking up the sun stone only to grow gigantic right before our eyes. Fun story that mixed a lot of cool characters including Link and Zelda in a fun adventure. Funny moments at Simon's expense.

- :The way the dragon is defeated is non sensical. A lot of moments seemed rushed through contradicting things that happened prior.


How come I got egg hatching duty?    This is one dragon you don't wanna make angry     What a big mouth he has.

Send in the runts to do the dirty work     The sun stone will make that egg hatch     Funny looking dragon

Dragons aren't too bright are they?     Not so tight you big brute!     Aww isn't that just the cutest thing?

What harm could that runt do?     Umm don't pick up that sun stone.. uh oh     Some birthday nice birthday present to play with

Kids grow up fast around these parts     Only a few seconds old and he has reached pubirty     That's one way to remove annoying spider webs

My how you've .. grown..     Next time just use the door     That's a roar that can shake buildings apart

Did I miss it? Am I late ?     He's distracted so easily     What you lookin' at bub?

That's one way to roast the marshmallows     This is easy. What could go wrong?     Hey don't turn on your master!!

Getting kinda close aren't you?     Here you want it so bad, take it! Oops..


34 Seconds
A seemingly cute and innocent baby dragon grows up fast due to the effects of a power orb. This moment has been altered focusing on only the macro aspects, with non macro episode aspects  edited out.