Gorgonzolla and Munsterella

Name of show that these characters are from:  Biker Mice From Mars
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: November 20, 1993  (NETWORK: Syndication)
Where can I find this episode now?: (VHS) Biker Mice From Mars

EPISODE TYPE : Inflation & Godzilla Situation
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WHAT IS GORGONZOLA?: An anthro, furry,  light green colored reptilian monster

WHAT IS MUNSTERELLA?: An anthro, furry, magenta colored reptilian monster


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: Inflated themselves up by blowing into their own finger. 

IS GROWTH SHOWN?:  Yes                     

HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?:  All of the growth stages shown.


QUOTE:     (Gorgonzola) "Hey you mice. Check out these amazin' feets of strength!"
                   (Munsterella) "Mice for a midday meal. How trĂ©s chic! "

SEX(Gorgonzola)  Male
          (Munsterella) Female


MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average )Both 150 Feet

NATURE(BOTH) Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: High - Side of a building, various structures, train tracks, over passes, many buildings

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: It is early morning. The Biker Mice (Vinnie, Modo and Throttle) put their motorcycle helmets on and jump onto their motor bikes. They exit a building through an open window a few floors up ridding off as they impact onto the street. They come up to various machines who are digging up the roadways and destroy them with weapons on their bikes. Limburger, a fish type creature who is the Biker Mice's enemy, sleeps soundly in bed all the while in his huge office building suite. The Biker Mice slam through the window of his bedroom waking him tell him that they are taking him in. Limburger seems less then scared as he puts a mask on over his face to give the appearance that he is a human.  The biker mice throw a pair of handcuffs at him and tell him to put them on or they will get rough. Limburger picks up a remote and presses the button causing a trap door to open. The mice all fall down with a huge pair of pointed spikes below the pit awaiting them.

The mice quickly push buttons on their bikes, causing jets to fire from the back sending them back upwards. They smash through a wall and head into the lab of Dr. Carbuncle, who is Limburgers mad scientist and inventor. They fire missiles at him causing him to run out of the room. He returns a moment later with some heavy artillery as the Mice decide it's time to head on out as their surprise attack was a failure. They drive through the window and head off along the road. Limburger meanwhile is less then pleased. He yells that he will take care of them once and for all. He wants monsters, not henchmen to take care of this. He orders for Gorgonzola and Munsterella to be brought to him.  The doctor meanwhile fiddles with the teleportation device that would bring them here causing Limburger to get mad that he isn't doing as he was told. Dr. Carbuncle tells him that the teleporter was damaged in the battle and it could be dangerous. Limburger tells him it's not more dangerous then facing his wrath if he doesn't do as he is told. He quickly activates the machine and a huge green force sucks both the doctor and Limburger into the machine sending them to unknown destinations, while Gorgonzola and Munsterella transport through the teleportation tubes and arrive in their place.  Greasepit, a henchman of Limburgers, thinks he is now in charge but the two monsters quickly  tell him that they are the ones in charge now.

Meanwhile Limburger and Dr. Carbuncle arrive in a distant area landing in the middle of a match between two combatants. Only to be surrounded by all the former henchmen and mutants they hired to take care of the Biker Mice. They are all quite mad that they never got paid by Limburger for their services, not to mention the great poundings they had to take from the Mice. They all start to head in towards Limburger and the Dr as they two newcomers back away nervously. They quickly run out of the unknown room heading down a winding path as they are chased by the various mutants and henchmen.

Back at the garage of the Biker Mice, fill their bikes up with gas and Vinnie drops his wallet, only for the female human friend of theirs, Charlie, to pick it up. She starts to look through the various pictures and starts to laugh uncontrollably. She finds a baby picture of him as a little mouse and she and the other two mice start to poke and make fun of how fat he was as a baby and how little his tail was. Vinnie frantically tries to get his wallet back to stop the laughing at his expense only for a huge explosion in the distance is heard  to suddenly break up the laugher. The biker mice zoom off as MUNSTERELLA and Gorgonzola are outside a bank throwing the money about that they just stole. The Biker Mice show up and show the weapons on their motor bikes and tell them to give i up now. The monsters are not impressed in the slightest and decide to turn the tables and start to blow into their fingers. With each huff of air the two get larger and larger looming higher to the sky. Gorgonzola slams a huge foot claw down at them causing the mice to flee as the two monsters chase after them, pushing through buildings and overpasses that get in their way. The Biker Mice get atop a building and start to fire weapons and missiles at the two giants only for the two monsters to hold out a missile head that had no effect on them at all causing the Biker Mice to flee again.
The two huge monsters start to laugh at their own jokes and start to shrink down in size due to their laughter. They quickly blow themselves back up realizing they better be careful and not laugh like that.

The Biker Mice head back to Limburger's headquarters only to see it is empty, besides a beaker that has Greasepit squeezed into it. The mice break him out only for Greasepit to squirm and tell the Mice what they want to know about the where abouts of Limburger and how the monsters got there. Even as they talk the monsters behind them continue to destroy downtown Chicago. The realize the only one who can stop those monsters is Limburger so they have to go and save him as much as they don't want to. Meanwhile back in the other dimension, Limburger and the doctor are still running from the criminals who have a grudge against them. As the criminals show up they start to flee again. Back in Chicago the mice have problems of their own. Charlie can't fix the teleporter fast enough and Gorgonzola reaches a huge hand in through the window looking for a quick snack of a Biker Mouse. The mice quickly hop on their bikes and shoot through the wall taking to the streets using all the tricks they can to slow the monsters down. A huge oil slick slips them but not for long. The monsters quickly get back up and are after them again. Charlie finally gets the teleporter working again, and just in time too as Limburger and the doctor are about to be tackled by the criminals. She activates the machine sending Limburger and Carbuncle out of harms way.

The two monsters have the Biker Mice caught now and are talking of a big meal they have planned. Limburger reappears before Charlie and she isn't taking him lightly holding a gun at him. Limburger just bends down and kisses her feet so glad to be back to his headquarters and out of harms way. Carbuncle meanwhile frees Greasepit from his binds and sneaks up behind Charlie capturing her. The two monsters through start to kick at the building demanding Limburger show himself as they want him destroyed too now that they are taking over the city together. The building starts to crumble about as Limburger reveals to Charlie that the monsters weakness is laughter. She gets free and runs out realizing she knows just what to do to make them laugh. She runs to the top of the building and holds up the picture of Vinnie as a baby. The two monsters look at it and start to laugh hysterically and shrink down in size quickly from their laughter. The two monsters now are regular sized again and get punched out for the count by the Biker Mice. They put the monsters back in the teleporter and send them back to where they came from for good. The Biker Mice leave through the window and speed off deciding not to destroy the building as usual as Limburger has had enough torture for one day. Greasepit notices a loose brick and takes it out causing the building to shake. Limburger yells at him and calls him the loose brick only for the whole building to crumble down to the ground around them. Greasepit wonders if that was a compliment.

REVIEW OF EPISODE:  Pretty good episode overall. A classic giant monsters destroying everything in sight because they are big, situation. There are a few things that make for a good macro monsters in a city situation. Other episodes have it, this episode has those as well. Those being, a) good growth moment, b) humorous moments, c) interaction between monsters and said heroes who are smaller and d) senseless destruction.  And as a bonus we don't get one sterotypical anthro reptilian monster in said Godzilla-esque situation, we get two. And they turn out to be a married couple? Well it was original I will give Bob Forward, the writter of this episode, that and very enjoyable overall. While far from perfect it definitely will rank highly I think overall as far as fans of a good macro situation in a cartoon go. 

This episode introduced our would be monsters right from the start. We have two 7 foot reptilian creatures suddenly show up, taking the place of the usual villain, Limburger and they waste no time going into action by taking advantage of the situation. They go after a bank destroying it somehow that we never truly see and that causes the would be heroes to show up to stop them. While  I find it hard to believe that Munsterella and Gorgonzola would even care about money  from what we see them seeming to be more interested in later in the episode matters not as you can't always use logic in most cartoons that don't take themselves seriously as it is. When the two monsters see what they are up against, Gorgonzola just yawns and the two start to blow into their own fingers nad just like that they become giants. That should make all the inflation fans happy but logicaly the situation was kinda flawed as they never were made out to be elastic or stretchable. So blowing their own air into themselves to make their bodies grow , when there is no valve, rhyme or reason is just something that you have to accept as being logic that works in the Biker Mice universe we are trapped in for this cartoon.  Also makes you wonder why they waited so long to become that big in the first place. Seems like they intended on staying that size for the time being so they can take over. If they always have those powers and abilities why wait until you have to use it? Not like I mind, I found the fact that they were giants for most of this to be a great situation and episode. As most of the time it's either something at the end for a big surprise situation or something that ends as quickly as it started.

The total focus of the episode suddenly changed after Gorg and Munst become giant sized. No longer are they just monsters who are stronger then Limburger and who can do as they want, now they are Godzilla sized creatures who can destroy everything and have fun in the city as they see fit to do. And believe me, they do just that. Everything they come near seems to be destroyed, crushed or bashed.  Just out of nowhere the whole situation has become something that a viewer probably would not have seen coming with the way everything was set up.  This is one of those good surprises as they are the type of creatures that a macro fan would say "It would be so cool if those two wound up growing big." well it happend and it was cool. And unlike most stories with macro situations, it didn't lose a plot after it went that path. While the ending and what turned out to be the weakness were a bit on the weak side, they more then made up for it just by the situations that we find the two monsters in throughout.

Limburger in this episode reminds me a lot of Shreader in the "Turtles of the Jungle" episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both were the usual main bad guys of their perspective cartoons and both seem like filler and being out of place more then having any real worth this time around. At least with Limburger we have him summoning the monsters due to the Biker Mice trying to capture him early on and him getting so frustrated. So we had a motive and a reason for the two monsters to be in Chicago. But once that all passes then we have mindless filler with Limburger and Carbunkle in an alternate dimension where all of the creatures come from (not sure if it's Limburger's home planet or Mars but that matters not) and he is running from them for the whole 20 minutes he is there in situations that are not amusing and kinda silly.  We have teleporters that are out of order and a lot of cameo apperances from the villains that the Biker Mice had beaten in earlier episodes, all mad at Limburger for what he put them through. While I'm glad they got him out of the way , I still think we needed even less of him then we had.  The other real downside here was this whole laughing makes them weak plot device. Logicaly I suppose it would make sense due to them being big via inflation. And laughing would cause them to lose air or something so they lose mass. But it would also mean that they are holding in their breath the whole time to stay big or something and that doesn't seem feasable at all.  Not to mention the two seemed to really like to laugh, espeicaly at their own witty comments and jokes and when they laughed they didn't get any weaker. So there were some weak plot points here with this whole laughing makes them weaker device.  I just didn't like the way it all ended up. They go through all of that and then do themselves in via laughing at a baby picture of Vinnie. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted but it was these few minor things that held this back from being an all time great macro episode. There was also a lot of continuity errors dealing with damage done prior, only to be gone the next moment we look. Like when the building is destroyed at the end and it's in perfect shape even though the Biker Mice had destroyed the windows and the two monsters had been kicking at the damaged tower for awhile. But the biggest problem here was the whole city and area were destroyed by the monsters but when the mice drive off at the end every building and the city looks just fine.

Overall I think this is a great episode but the real stars are the monsters themselves who have a great personality. In a way they act like a married couple, Gorgonzola sounding like someone from New York City while Munsterella sounding like a mother from a 1950's sitcom.  They are making jokes together as they are destroying the city, it's like a vacation or something for them. It was very unique and I enjoyed it. While some of the one liners needed some work, it's a very wity and original situation taking an old theme and putting a differnet spin on it.  Most will enjoy this and there is no reason not to, if you don't mind the few minor problems that most probably wouldn't even have with this episode. Defniitely one of the few gems that came from cartoons of  the early 1990's and a pleasent surprise that came out of nowhere and didn't leave until well towards the end of the episode.




(Gorgonzola winds up sitting on Greasepit after arriving from the teleporter.)
Greasepit: "Excuse me!"
(Gorgonzola stands up getting off of Greasepit before lifting him up into a huge claw)

Munsterella: "My goodness. Who is this absurdly oily individual?"
Gorgonzola: "Yeah chum.. where is the big cheese? He sent for us right!?"
Greasepit: "Duh.. duh transporter sent him away and that means I'm da boss now. You gotta do what I say!"
Munsterella: "Oh how too too utterly dreadful. Darling Mr. Limburger has vanished?"
Greasepit: "Dat's right!"
Gorgonzola: "Which means you're in charge?"
Greasepit: "Dat's right!"
(The two monsters grin at each other before looking at Greasepit and answer together almost in a sweet voice)
Gorgonzola & Munsterella: "Noooo.. that's.. wrong!!"

(Gorgonzola and Munsterella  outside a bank throwing money about that they just stole. The Biker Mice show up suddenly)

Vinnie: "Sorry you ugly goons. There is a substantial penalty for illegal withdrawals.."
Motto: "And you're looking at it!"

(All three Biker Mice push buttons the bikes to show various weapons aimed at the two monsters)
Munsterella: "Gracious. How intimidatingly infused with.. machismo! Are you impressed Gorgy!?"
(Gorgonzola yawns)
Gorgonzola: "Not so you'ld notice 'Sterella. Lets stomp em!"
(The two monsters start to blow into their thumbs  and start to grow and inflate in size right there, looming higher and higher to the sky)
Motto: "Whoa.. looks like our problem is getting bigger then we thought!"
Throttle: "Oh momma!!"
Gorgonzola: "Hey you mice. Check out these amazin' feets of strength!"
(Gorgonzola slams a huge foot down at them, almost crushing the trio of mice who quickly drive off)


(The biker mice hit the giant monsters with rows of missiles from their bikes only for the two monsters to not be harmed and loom in on them)
Munsterella: "We do beg your pardon..."
(Gorgonzola opens a huge hand holding a missile head in it)

Gorgonzola: "..But does this hunk o' junk belong to you?"


Munsterella: "How too too utterly disappointing. The mice are turning tail."
Gorgonzola: "Yeah they must have a 'flee' problem."


(Gorgonzola reaches a huge hand through the side of the building trying to get  hold of  a Biker Mice as he Munsterella watches)
Gorgonzola: "Would you care for some mouse munchies Munsterella?"
Munsterella: "Oh Gorgie. You know what I like."


(Gorgonzola and Munsterella have captured the Biker Mice and see Limburger is in his building as they kick it)
Gorgonzola: "Limburger! Come out and play!"
Munsterella: "We thought we were rid of you darling."
Gorgonzola: "Yeah!  We're havin' fun takin' over this planet!"
Munsterella: "Soooo.. I'm afraid you will just have to be.. destroyed. I'm just too too too utterly.. sorry.."
(The two monsters grin at each other hitting the mice in their fists together and  talk together)
Gorgonzola & Munsterella: "NOT!!"
(They both laugh and kick at the huge skyscraper Limburger is in)



*A running gag of the cartoon series, is for most of the enemies to have a cheese related name to play up on the fact that the heroes are anthropomorphic mice.  So that is why the weird names of GORGONZOLA and MUNSTERella were chosen for the two monsters who took the place of the usual enemy of LIMBURGER in this episode. Another running gag is the fact that Limburger's building is destroyed  at the end of  almost every episode only for it to be rebuilt by the next episode.

* This episode would actually show up in a clip episode later on in the next season that showed some of their best moments up to that point. The scenes where Gorgonzola and Munsterella grow in size and start to chase the Biker Mice who flee on their bikes, were the moments used in the clip show episode.  

*A few famous voices did some of the characters in this episode. Mark Hamill from Star Wars fame, did the voice of L'Ectromag who was one of the criminals chasing Limburger and Carbunkle in the other dimension. He has done various cartoon voices since Star Wars, the Joker from Batman probably being the most noticeable of his characters.  Eleanor Donahue, a child actor who stared on shows such as Father Knows Best and Andy Griffith Show provided the voice for Munsterella.  It's a weird choice as she hasn't done much cartoon voice work prior or since then, so makes you wonder why she got the part for the voice or  how she even heard about the voice work for a character on an obscure show like this.

*Bob Forward, the writer of this episode has done many famous cartoons before. Most notably Beast Wars: Transformers and He-Man. This is really the only macro episode he did besides various creatures in He-Man, so it's impressive how well this episode actually was. Definitely one of the better cartoon writers out there who seems to be able to come up with compelling stories given what he has to work with.


      Factual --  The monsters couldn't have grown by blowing into their fingers as they had regular claws  with no valves on them and were not made of an inflatable material. So blowing air through their fingers wouldn't have made them grow due to no air being able to have flown into their bodies by this method.

      Continuity -- When Gorgonzola and Munsterella are teleported , Gorgonzola is seen reading a book and Munsterella is busy knitting as they make their way through the teleportation tubes. After they arrive a moment later the book  and knitting are no where to be found.

      Continuity --  The Biker Mice had driven through the walls of Limburgers headquarters at the beginning of the episode causing a lot of damage to the place. When they come back later to fix the teleporter machine, all the damage they caused is no longer seen as the building is in perfect shape besides the broken teleporter machine.

      Continuity --  When the building crumbles at the end of the episode they show an external shot of it before it crumbles down. All the damage and destruction that the mice and monsters have done to it are no where to be seen as the building looks brand new before it crumbles to dust.

      Continuity -- Munsterella and Gorgonzola laughed at various times throughout the episode at their giant size and didn't shrink down . Only two times did their laughter cause them to lose their size. Even though they laughed many times more then just those two moments.

+ :Two very destructive monsters with good personalities and situations all throughout. Lots of claw shots as they stomp things. Good growth moment and very well written story. 

- Silly ending and plot twist with the laughing being the key to defeating them. Lots of filler with Limburger and Carbuncle in a situation that never went anywhere. 


The two monsters arrive in Chicago     Monsters showing the human who's in charge     Making a big withdrawal at the bank

When he yawns, everyone listens     Bet you didn't know monsters can self inflate themselves!      I always knew they were full of hot air

Nice view of the buildings from up here     Now they are really getting huge     My what little mice they have in these parts

Gorgonzola knows all the short cuts in the city     What a mess. They really gotta build stronger buildings in this town     Stompy stompy!!

Nothing builds muscles like bending steel     Did they really think this tiny weapon would hurt?
     Gorgonzola is telling jokes again..

Two very big problems!

Oh great. There goes the neighborhood     Even monsters enjoy the national passtime     I love reaching into these holes and seeing what I find

Those mice sure love to run don't they?     Mmm.. mouse snacks. My favorite     Someone has that hungry look on his face

I bet i can kick it down before you!     I crack myself up     Stick with me doll. I'm going places

Can we help you shorty?     It sure is funny being large and in charge        


2 Minutes 4 Seconds
Two reptilian monsters from another world invade Chicago and inflate themselves up to super size and take over. Now nothing stands in their way, even the biker mice are in for more than they can handle.