Name of show that this character is from:  Thundercats
Title of Episode:

The Ghost Warrior

Original Air date: September 23, 1985  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: (VHS) The Ghost Warrior
                                                       (DVD) Thundercats: Season 1 part 1-- Box Set

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Formula)
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS GRUNE THE DESTROYER?: An anthro, furry, saber tooth cat ghost feline


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Absorbed the power of Thundrillium

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of himself.


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: All of the growth stages shown.

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE --

QUOTE:      "Strength growing, growing with every step!!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Cat's Lair, small village, tomb on 3rd Earth

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium - Crushed various buildings in a small  Bolkin village

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Two Bolkins (Small sheep like humanoids on Third Earth) try and escape a powerful thunderstorm. After nearly getting hit by a bolt of lighting that hits a tree, they escape to a near by stairway leading underground into a dark tomb. They hope to find treasure and unknown fortunes in there. They arrive at a door with unknown symbols to ward off evil. They ignore the warnings and push through the rotten door anyway rolling into the next room behind it. They don't see any treasure and push away a huge stone slab that lays  in the center of the room. A loud growl is heard as a spirit appears before them. The two Bolkins recognize it as Grune the Destroyer, a being who ravaged Third Earth many centuries ago. They both flee in a pure panic as Grune easily walks out of there now in a non spiritual form. He is free thanks to the two Bolkins but very weak due to lack of energy for so long. He walks into the forest aimlessly until he stops. A huge Cat's Lair lies in the distance, he knows that Thundrillium will be found there and floats into the air flying right towards it and enters through the front door in his spiritual form.

The door to the main control room suddenly opens with no one actually having opened it. A cold feeling passes through the Thundercats as the door closes by itself. A few of the parts of the Cat's Lair start to move by themselves. Panthro says he will look into it and before he can he is tossed out of his seat by some unknown force. A panel off of the side of the room hits Panthro sending him into the wall while the Thundrillium starts to be drained right out of the computer systems. Tygra goes to try and stop the drain only to feel invisible hands covering the controls. Panthro runs up to try and take care of it only to be shocked. Grune lets himself be known and shows his spiritual form to the Thundercats. Lion-O threatens him and Grune just laughs at the fact that they are lead by someone so young. Cheetahra and the Thunderkittens are easily stopped by Grune who uses his powers to counter what they do. Lion-O takes swings at him with his sword but it just goes through the spiritual Grune as Grune laughs mockingly at them. Grune starts to feed off the power of the Thundrillium and grows right before them, getting larger and larger until his head is almost to the ceiling of the control room. He laughs at them promising to see them again soon and disappears. The Thundercats just look on at the ghost as he fades away in pure shock and surprise.

Grune wastes no time letting his presence be known. He heads to the Bolkins village and starts to crush every building in sight. Bolkins run in pure terror as he makes short work of their village, boasting of his power and might. He still needs Thundrainum, something known as Fire Rock on Third Earth. Meanwhile the nearby citizens of Third Earth come to the Cat's Lair telling Lion-O that Grune the Destroyer  is the one who they are dealing with and how he was an old enemy from Third Earth's past. He was demanding that they give him their Fire Rock but none of them had any to give as it's forbidden to mind it on Third Earth for over a hundred years. They have no where else to turn but to the Thundercats who agree to help the citizens in need.  Grune the Destroyer finds a volcano that is full of fire rock and digs his hands in and starts to forge a new weapon out of it. After long moments of forging he creates a new mace made out of pure Thundrillium. He holds his new weapon up victoriously before he vanishes out of sight again.

Back at the Cat's Lair Panthro goes to work on fixing the damaged room while the Thundercats wonder how much they can learn about Grune the Destroyer. Lion-O holds up the Sword of Omens asking to see information on him but the sword shows nothing. Panthro looks to Cheetahra as she backs away. She has a sixth sense that she never likes to use due to it draining her for weeks. But seeing as they have no other option, she reluctantly agrees to use her psychic abilities to find out what she can of Grune the Destroyer's past. She goes into a trance and finds out that Grune was a Thundercat on Thundera much to the surprise of  Lion-O. Jaga and Grune were friends and fought together, until Grune became power hungry and started to destroy all he came across with his army of marauders. Jaga had no choice but to fight Grune and put a stop to his evil ways. They fight for hours and hours until Jaga finally defeats Grune, encasing him in ice and sending him adrift into outer space. Her vision ends as she faints. The Thundercats fill in the missing pieces, realizing that he must have crash landed on Third Earth and ravaged Third Earth like he did on Thundera. Their thoughts are broken by a sudden banging of the walls.

The Thundercats race out of Cat's Lair to see Grune the Destroyer has returned and still as large as ever. He is demanding for his revenge as he pounds his mace against the side of the Cat's Lair. Lion-O tries to use the Sword of Omens against Grune but is easily defeated. Then he realizes that it's Jaga he wants to battle,  not them. Lion-O summons Jaga's spirit and Jaga appears and starts to do battle against Grune's spirit. Grune gets the upper hand as the Thundrainium in his mace weakens Jaga. Lion-O tosses the Sword of Omens up to Jaga but still Jaga is too weak to get the upper hand. Lion-O then gives Jaga his strength which weakens Lion-O but gives Jaga enough power to defeat Grune. Grune tries to take the sword from Jaga but the sword sucks up Grune's spirit finally defeating him. Jaga hands the sword back to Lion-O as they realize Jaga knew Grune would go for the sword. Jaga gives Lion-O his strength back and some parting words before fading into oblivion once more.

Afterwards the Thundercats look over the damage outside and the two Bolkins who released Grune in the first place walk up to them. They tell the Thundercats that it was all their fault and they apologize for it. Lion-O tells them that learning from your mistakes is a lesson in itself and that all is forgiven. It seems that there is a bit of Jaga in Lion-O after all as Jaga looks down on them from above.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Another blast from the past, this episode had some interesting things and some just downright silly things. It's still an episode that I do enjoy greatly, mostly to the fact that Grune seems to have so much fun with his size and power. But the story was very predictable and far fetched at other points. It was a pretty good episode though as far as Thundercats goes, mostly due to this being written by the creator of the series. A lot of the later episodes would be written by others and while this was definitely not one of the best written cartoon episodes ever, compared to other Thundercats episodes, it ranks much higher in quality.

I think overall, the person who did the voice work and reading for Grune the Destroyer, really made the character work. There was something about the voice actor laughing all the time after everything he said. And you can just imagine that this gigantic cat stomping all in his path would sound exactly the way he did. The story was good but also bad at the same time. They never explain how Grune's spirit was trapped in the tomb in the first place, just that it was released from there and that he ravaged the planet in the past. Also what seems to be Grune wanting to go on a power craving attack turns into him just wanting revenge, conveniently after we find out that he and Jaga have a history back on Thundera. A lot of little things like that just made the story lack overall. Also Grune going for the sword after Jaga defeats him, only for the sword to make him vanish. Again another no explanation thing and it's just easily moved past with little talked of it. Lion-O summoning Jaga and being able to give him his strength just because he says so.. the cartoon show overall has been known to just make things happen because they say it or come up with some quick way to do it and we just have to accept that as the reason and not look more into it  as we won't get more explanation then that. If Grune was that bad then wouldn't they have really bolted the door on the tomb. Put more then some evil ward to keep people away and stuff. A lot of stuff needed explanation that just was never explained and left you feeling like this was a rushed situation to fit into a 23 minute episode.

There were a lot of great moments though throughout. Seeing Grune trash a town and have fun doing it, and pretty much get away with it was pretty cool to see. This wasn't really your prototypical macro episode. I don't even think the macro element was really a focal point of what Grune was all about. But it did help him to become even more of the bad ass cat he was trying to be. The size did lose it's perspective though after Jaga shows up and they fight in the sky. They are both just as big and it didn't really play into anything in anyway. The story was actually thought out for what it was. A history was created for Grune and the use of Cheetahra's sixth sense powers for the first time were nice story elements to add more to the Grune character who otherwise just seemed like some ghost who wanted power and to destroy things for no real reason. It was a good battle as well but just to many silly elements and plot twist prevent this from being one of the best. Grune's macro moments are short lived even though technically he is 30-50 feet from the time on since he grew but there was a nice growth moment and watching him take care of all the Thundercats quite easily was a nice change on things.

I do recommend this episode mostly for the fact that it is hard to find a good macro giant cat humanoid situation and best of all he was really the only villain for a change. In most episodes somehow Mumm-ra would be the main enemy and it would be very typical and predictable. At least for once we just had a former Thundercat spirit who is more then they can handle, and it was no cause for him being there other then two trouble making Bolkins who accidentally freed him. If you want some fun macro moments with a giant Grune this is a great episode for that. If you want the story to be logical and fit in all the loose ends then this is not the episode for you. The story could have been better and Grune's size could have been used more but overall I would say its a fun episode and one that many will enjoy for various reasons.




(Two Bolkins enter an underground tomb and come to a door)
Bolkin 1: "A door! And symbols were carved in it to ward off evil."

Bolkin 2: "We're not evil. Just poor."


(Panthero is suddenly yanked right out of his seat and falls to the floor by an invisible force)
Panthero: "ALRIGHT! Who's the wise guy!?"
Cheetahra: "It wasn't any of us Panthro. There's a force in here. An alien force
Wilykat: "And it's stronger then... Panthro..."
(Panthero gets back up onto his feet)
Panthero:  "Stronger then me!? Not likely!!"


(A gigantic Grune the Destroyer enters a Bolkin village laughing loudly as he crushes all in his path)
Grune the Destroyer: "Strength growing, growing with every step!"
(Crushes a house in front of him)
Grune the Destroyer: "But now I need Thundrainium, what Third Earthlings call.. Fire Rock!!"
(Crushes more of the city leaving nothing standing under his massive foot)


(Grune pounds the side of the Cat's Lair with his mace looming above it as the Thundercats come running out)
Grune the Destroyer: "Come meet your fate Thundercats. Grune the Destroyer has come for his revenge!!"


(Lion-O uses his sword on Grune firing a beam up at him. Grune easily counters this with a beam of his own closing the eye on the sword)
WilyKat: "Lion-O. The Eye of Thundera has closed."
WilyKit: "Aww geez.. how do we fight a ghost?"



*This is the first time that Cheetahra used her Sixth Sense abilities. There was never really any mention of this ability prior and would come to be used again in future episodes.

*Grune the Destroyer would make a few more appearances but he would never be as strong or as large as he was in this episode. 

*The newer recent Thundercats comic book series would go more into detail on the history of Grune the Destroyer on Thundera and how he was defeated by Jaga after a great battle. It takes a lot of elements from this episode but stretches them much greater and only shows the details of what happened on Thundera and nothing afterwards.



      Factual -- If the only thing keeping Grune's spirit locked in the tomb is the seal on the old rotten-wood door, you would think they would have made the tomb harder to get into and the seal harder to break as it was. Also you would think that more was done to alert people to what exactly was in the tomb and why they shouldn't enter .

      Continuity -- It was confusing to tell how he worked the whole being solid and being spiritual circumstances. When he bangs his mace against the cat's lair his is solid yet when fighting the spirit of Jaga he is a spirit again. He is able to have mass at some points yet wasn't able to be hurt as everything went through him. It just was never really explained how it worked. Was it when he was powered up that he can make himself whole so he can destroy everything in his path or is it as he chooses?

      Continuity -- In past and future episodes Jaga is only able to be seen by Lion-O when he is in spirit form. In this episode though Lion-O summons him from the sword and everyone can see him just fine even though he is still a ghost like before.


+ :Giant Grune smashing a town in and cool growth moment where the Thundercats look up at him in shock. Interesting story elements like sixth sense and a great battle at the end between Grune and Jaga. Very cool character over all and a fun episode for the most part.

- :A lot of details that would make the story work are just left out. The story seems rushed at points and a lot of far fetched random things happen all through out the episode. Grune doesn't do enough with his size besides one moment in the Bolkin village. Grune's defeat is also poorly conceived as were many points of the episode that took away from it and held back what could have been a really great episode.


He awakens. And he looks less then pleased     Those little wimps best run and fast     Grune never uses doors. He walks through them

Freedom never felt so good     There is a ghost amongst us     I don't think he's too scared of Lion-O

There he grows..     And grows..     And grows some more..

I think he likes his new size     Why if it isn't the Tiny Thundercats.     I'll be back later to play. Got a town to crush now

Who put these annoying buildings in my way?     Nothing like a nice morning stroll     That's putting your foot down

Big cat, small city. Big cat always wins.     One town down, Thirty more to go     It's good to be the king

Part time monster, part time blacksmith     Giant + mace = big trouble     A little history lesson

Being a Thundercat stinks. I want to destroy stuff!     Jaga always wins     Time to smash the cat's lair

Now that's a smug look if I ever saw one     Hmm not so big anymore are we?     I should have stuck to stomping towns.

Lion-O butt out.     The sword is mine. Oh thats a bad thing


1 Minute 01 Seconds
Ghost of a Thundercat, Grune the Destroyer terrorizes the Thundercats and a town after he grows to huge size. Nothing remains standing after this big cat finishes stomping through. This is a compilation video, taking his growth moments and rampage and editing out the filler.