with Pigeonasaurus and Bunnyasaurus

Name of show that these characters are from
:  Quack Pack
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: September 04, 1996 (NETWORK: Syndication)
Where can I find this episode now?No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE (Knuckles): Devolving, Godzilla Situation & King Kong Situation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)
EPISODE TYPE (Pigeonasaurus & Bunnyasaurus): Blink Moment
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS KNUCKLES?: A non anthro, non furry, pet iguana

WHAT IS PIGEONASAURUS?: A non antro, non furry, common pigeon.

: A non anthro, non furry, common rabbit.


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: Zapped with a DNA Retro-Ray

WHAT DO THEY BECOME AFTER THEY GROW?: (Knuckles & Bunnyasaurus) Anthro dinosaur version of selves.
                                                                                       (Pigeonasaurus) Flying Dinosaur version of self  
IS GROWTH SHOWN?: (Knuckles) Yes                     

                                         (Pigeonasaurus & Bunnyasaurus) No

HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: (Knuckles) All of the growth stages shown.


MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) (Knuckles) --SAME AS BEFORE --                   
 NOTE:   Rabbit and Pigeon had no names prior but had macro names due to their new devolved forms.

QUOTE:     (Can't speak, just the same animal sounds they had before they devolved)

SEX:   (Knuckles) Male
           (Pigeonasaurus & Bunnyasaurus) Unknown

LOCATIONS: Duckburg and a remote island

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): (Knuckles) 50 feet
                                                          (Pigeonasaurus & Bunnyasaurus) 30 feet
NATURE: Chaotic Animal Behaviors

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: (Knuckles) High - Many buildings destroyed as he walks through them, hut on island, retro ray, airplane, parts of buildings (including a huge metal peanut on top), many vehicles, water tower.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: In an attempt to impress the newspaper girl Kaitie, who loves animals, Huey, Dewey and Louie take Daisy's pet iguana Knuckles without her knowledge. When Daisy sees them with her beloved pet she's not to keen on the idea of them taking him. She warns them of how much responsibility it takes to watch Knuckles and reluctantly allows them to take care of him. As the boys go to show off Knuckles to Kaite, they notice the iguana has gone missing. Knuckles noticing the doughnuts in Kaitie's bag stows away on her bike. Huey, Dewey and Louie chase Knuckles all over town from location to location until he winds up in a crate full of jars of peanut butter. The crate is being carried by a prehistoric caveman and he is loading the crate onto a small airplane. The plane takes off and the trio grabs onto a loose board connected to the back of the plane as it takes off the ground.

Daisy and Donald meanwhile, are one of a few select reporters that get to ride aboard a new futuristic jet of the future. They head on before any of the other reporters arrive and Daisy wanting to get  the only story on the plane tells the pilot that everyone is on board even if they aren't. The plane takes off with a rocket burst into the air. A robot flight attendant starts to serve food to Donald only to malfunction due to an anvil falling on her head. She starts to launch food out of her cart at Donald before she falls apart. The plane zooms off as the plane that Huey, Dewey and Louie are on passes by. They can barely hold onto the board attached to the rear as they wind up over a near by island where the three boys are covered by a giant shadow of a prehistoric looking pigeon. The giant pigeon carries the three over the island until it lets them go as Dewey tickles him with it's own feather, dropping them into a tree. trouble is far from over as a huge 30 foot Bunnyasaurus starts to chase them trapping two of them up a tree. Dewey draws a huge carrot on a rock causing the rabbit to smash right into it falling down unconscious. . Figuring that something weird is going on they enter a near-by hut to look for Knuckles. They meet up with a caveman at the door who pulls a vine causing them to fall into a trap door trap. The caveman brings them into the lab as they meet up with an inventor named Horton LeTrec. He tells them that it was he that devolved the creatures they saw on the island. The Caveman, who's name is really Mungly, used to mock him all the time until he devolved him into a caveman with his invention. His Retro-Ray which is powered by peanut butter has made it possible to change every creature back to his prehistoric state. He takes his pet cat, Whiskers and zaps him with the Retro-Ray changing the pet cat into a prehistoric saber toothed tiger much to the shock of the three ducks. His plans are to devolve the whole world back to a prehistoric state of dinosaurs and cavemen and sings a song to explain just why he wants this to happen. . He wants to devolve the three of them in his peanut butter powered retro ray and ties them up to give them a personal example of what the ray's effects can do.

Meanwhile back on the jet of the future, Daisy and Donald are having troubles of their own. Daisy wants an interview with the pilot but is shocked to find out that it too is a robot pilot. The stewardess pilot walks in and the robot pilot goes ga-ga falling instantly in love. The two robots decide to go somewhere more private and eject from the plane parachuting down towards the Earth leaving Donald and Daisy alone on an out of control pilot less plane.  Back in the hut the doctor has the three boys tied up into the platform under the Retro-Ray pulling out a few jars of peanut butter that power said ray. Knuckles meanwhile is attracted to all the jars of peanut butter and starts to eat the peanut butter. The ray is turned on to use on Huey, Dewey and Louie and before it hits them, Knuckles is caught under the beams and is transformed into a 50 foot dinosaur growing right through the roof of the small hut roaring out mightily.

The trio of ducks are freed from the binds holding them and look on in shock at the now huge Knuckles. He eats the retro ray and then heads into the ocean back to Duckburg. He starts eating things as the people are running in terror. A truck is emptied of its contents and tosses. The plane of the future meanwhile is about to run out of fuel and crash as they approach Duckburg. Knuckles meanly plucks it out of the sky grabbing onto the jet. He plucks Daisy out of the jet tossing Donald and the rest of the plane onto the ground as he grins happily. Knuckles starts to climb up a tall building to get to a giant steel peanut which he thinks is real. Daisy demands she is set down and he merely drops her onto the side of the building and continues upwards seeing the peanut in view. He is less then pleased to find out the peanut is made of metal and tosses it down in anger. Huey, Dewey and Louie arrive with Mungly aboard a small plane. Knuckles puts Daisy down on a ledge of the building and reaches the top going for the massive metal peanut atop it. He takes a huge swat at the plane sending it crashing down to the ground as Daisy scolds the boys for allowing this to happen. The boys run into a donut shop and buy a sack full of jelly donuts and load them into a tank. They fire the contents of the sack into Knuckles who eats them happily. Slowly Knuckles shrinks back down to his original form and size. Seems like the opposite of Peanut Butter is Jelly so it had the reverse effects on Knuckles. Daisy holds onto her now normal pet and Knuckles eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: A very unexpected, yet quite enjoyable character who wound up becoming macro in the typical one episode of a season a Disney cartoon macro episode. It' s no secret that Disney used to know how to do good macro episodes. Before they sold out and went all poor quality and teen problem focused series this was the type of stuff they used to do. At least one episode of their Disney Afternoon block had a good macro episode. Some series would have more then one and usually they were pretty good.  This is no exception and there is really only good things that can be said of this episode. It truly is a favorite of mine and others just for the situation, growth, humor, destruction, macro moments and overall joy that Knuckles seems to be having in his new size and power.

The episode was setting up the situation quite well. Focusing on an unknown character, in that of Knuckles, you knew the path that this was going to take. Somehow Knuckles was going to get involved with the main plot of the story. They left it open for awhile though until we meet up with the caveman, then we get the feeling that something big is going to be happening to Knuckles here by the end. While it may be very predictable to want to do have a giant dinosaur in the mix, it also seems too logical not to have done this. Disney has never been known for their complicated stories, but they did have a way of keeping it simple and making it work in the universe they are working with in the particular cartoon. There was really no other reason to have Knuckles in the mix if it wasn't for a situation like this. Having a trouble making iguana that eats everything and gets lost wouldn't have worked if Knuckles wasn't going to wind up being retro-ray zapped as well. That's one of the reasons why this episode works so well. Everything truly ties in together and we get a few other creatures in the mix. A rabbit, pigeon and pet cat as well as some humans all wind up being devolved but we only get to see the cat besides Knuckles changed by the ray and the cat just changed into a saber tooth tiger and not a giant dinosaur cat.

Knuckles enjoys his new size and has fun in it as well. Anything that came in his path he easily took care of not caring about the consequences for his actions. If it was a building he just walked through it. The jet plane he just plucked out of the sky as if it was just a new toy for him to play with. Knuckles turned from a low intelligence iguana into a monster of mass proportions taking over an unsuspecting Duckburg, and doing it with style. I think this is probably one of the best monster situations that Disney has ever done. They mixed a lot of elements including Godzilla and King Kong and return to dinosaurs theme and mixed them all into one action packed situation. The episode was full of humorous moments and unexpected twists and turns.

The side story of Donald and Daisy on a run away jet was kinda out of place as far as the way it mixed into the rest of the episode went. Seemed more like a silly way to get Daisy to be Knuckles captive more then anything. The plane moments were short lived and had some humorous moments as well so it wasn't the worst path to take. When Knuckles grabbed onto the plane, Knuckles almost had a look of pleasure on his face as if to show everyone who runs the city now. Knuckles appetite was played on to it's fullest. Even as a dinosaur it was almost like he had the same appetite just eating anything in sight that was edible. Unlike most cartoon characters who become his size,they can eat anything including buildings and vehicles. Knuckles though didn't seem to like the taste of non edible food even at his massive size. 

While Knuckles as a giant was a great situation and episode there were a few things I must say were disappointing. Would have been cool to have seen Huey, Dewey and Louie devolved and perhaps become dinosaur like even if it would just be a blink moment. Somehow they always seem to get out of all the trouble they cause, while another takes what they were supposed to get in various episodes of Quack Pack. Also it was a shame that we didn't get to see more of the animals deolved with the ray. It never was quite explained how many creatures Horton used his ray on and the rabbit and pigeon were left for the most part as they were forgotten. Their moments were short which was too bad as they looked cool as dinosaurs but Knuckles more then makes up for the lack of other creatures being in the mix.  A lot of things seemed rushed in points. Like they devolve Horton and that's the last we see of him. We have the retro-ray somehow returning Mumbly to normal but then it winds up the ray wasn't even needed if you have jelly. Just seemed like logic went out the window at points just to move the story along and make for an interesting situation.  Of course they had to shrink Knuckles back down somehow, but just seems like a cop out at the end that some tank happens to show up and Dewey buys a sack of doughnuts and that ends that. When the army got involved though I'm still confused on as that too was never explained.

A great episode though overall. Truly an example of what a good macro episode is supposed to be. Had a little bit of everything and was well animated and quite humorous. They picked a great character to become macro and handled the situation with no holds barred.  Of course it would have been nice to have seen more dinosaur animals and the story was nothing that original or amazing, but sometimes you can't beat the classics. This worked in every way and hopefully cartoons will return to basic plot lines like this when macro episodes are concerned. If you ever wanted the perfect Iguana turned dinosaur on the loose episode, look no farther. This is the only one you will ever need to see.




Dr. Horton LeTrec: "When Dinosaurs rule the Earth.
And Cavemen roam the land.
I'll be full of glee and Merck because I'll be in command.
When there's no towns or cities.
And glaciers start to freeze.
I'll be sitting pretty, 'cause I'll be the biggest cheese.
When Dinosaurs rule the Earth!!!!"



(Louie walks about the island only to see a huge foot claw print in the ground that makes him stop in his tracks)
Louie: "Hey guys check this out!"
Huey: "What could have made that?"
Dewey: "Some kind of mutant prehistoric animal?"
Louie: "Umm..mutant prehistoric birds? Mutant prehistoric animals? What is this place!!?!?"
Dewey: "Some kind of prehistoric island. Which can only mean one thing.."
Huey: "Yeah.. cave babes!"
(Huey day dreams of a trio of  beautiful prehistoric cave duck girls.)


(A caveman grunts opening the door to the hut looking at Huey, Dewey and Louie)
Huey: Well good afternoon sir. Have you seen an iguana scurrying about per chance?
Caveman: "Rap Roar.."
Louie: "Sorry?"
Huey: "Nope. Didn't get that."
Dewey: "We're not fluent in neanderthal."

(The caveman grins and pulls on a vine)
Caveman: "Rrrrrap...Roarrrr..."
(A trap door opens up under the three of them)
Huey: "Oh... Trap.. Door..."
(They all fall down through the trap door)


(Horton LeTrec pulls a sheet off of his device showing Huey, Dewey and Louie his invention)
Horton: "My DNA Retro-Ray, which turns any living thing into it's prehistoric ancestor!"
(Huey not impressed pulls out a pack of gum from his shirt)
Huey: "Meh. That's nothing. This Gruesome Garlic gum turns your lips green and makes your breath stink for a whole week!"
(The caveman eats the whole pack and belches on Horton causing hair to regrow on Horton's bald head)


(Louie sees Knuckles before them eating out of a jar of peanut butter as they are still tied to the platform)
Louie: "Listen carefully. Go find a pay phone and go call the police."
(Knuckles covered in peanut butter nods cluelessly while his two brothers look at Louie with disgust)
Louie: "What? Dogs on TV do stuff like that all the time."


(The rays hit the caveman returning him to his former human self, while changing Horton into a caveman after hitting him.)
Huey: "What happened Mumbly?"
Mumbly: "It would appear that a double dose of the Retro-Ray returned me to my former self."
Dewey: "Maybe that will work on Knuckles too."
(Knuckle's huge head bends down and eats the Retro-Ray)
Huey: "So much for that idea."


(Knuckles plucks Daisy out of an airplane and grins holding her up to his massive face)
Daisy: "Good Knuckles. Nice, vegetarian Knuckles!"


(Knuckles scales a tall building with Daisy in his huge hand.)
Daisy: "all right mister. I don't care if you are .. REALLY IMMENSE!! Put me down this instant!"
(Knuckles puts Daisy down onto a ledge and continues up the building without her)
Daisy: "Umm, I meant on the ground.."


*Knuckles would appear in a few more episodes but he would never have more then blink moments after this episode becoming a minor character at best afterwards. The character was most likely created just for this episode and once his purpose was fulfilled his usefulness as part of the show went with it.

*This episode is not the only one with macro moments in Quack Pack. Donald Duck would also have a macro moment towards the end of one episode in which he became a super villain and there would be other creatures of sorts that appear now and then, but this episode and especially the Knuckles moments, was hands down the best of the macro moments that this show would see.

*As will come as no surprise, Frank Welker did indeed do the voice work for Knuckles as both his small self and as Knuckles as a dinosaur. Welker is one of the most famous modern voice actors, known for his various characters such as Megatron and Slimer but also is very talented when it comes to doing animal or monster sounds in various cartoons, so he will show up as a voice to many characters on this page.



      Factual -- While peanut butter powered the retro-ray, it was the ray itself that changed Knuckles into a dinosaur and not the peanut butter. So technically there is no way that jelly would have the reverse effects unless it was jelly used to power the ray. There is no way eating just jelly should reverse it as eating peanut butter wasn't what made him grow and devolve.

      Factual -- The ray hits Mumbly towards the end of the episode returning him from a caveman to his previous self and the same ray then hits Horton changing him into a caveman. If the ray was still in devolve mode, there is no way another dose could have changed Mumbly back to his regular evolved self. If anything another dose of the rays would have made him devolve even more perhaps to a gorilla rather then change him back to his previous pre devolved state..

      Continuity -- Is the Retro-Ray a growth ray or a devolving ray? When the humans were hit they changed to cave men. When a rabbit shows up before we know what is going on, it's just a really huge prehistoric dinosaur type of rabbit.  I don't think there were any giant 30 foot rabbits in prehistoric times that I know of. If its a devolving ray then the rabbit should have changed into a creature that rabbits actually evolved from, not into a giant rabbit with huge teeth and dinosaur type of legs.

      Continuity -- At the beginning of the episode Knuckles escapes from his leash by slipping out of his collar and sneaks into Katie's doughnut bag. Huey, Dewey and Louie hold up a leash with Knuckles collar around it. A moment later they see Knuckles and he has his collar on again as Katie rides away.

      Continuity -- The robot stewardess appears in the captains chambers in perfect shape before she and the pilot eject from the plane. But only a few scenes earlier an anvil fell on her head due to turbulence causing her to malfunction tossing food at Donald at high speeds and fall apart.

+ :One of the best macro episodes ever made. Great animation, funny story and many cool monster moments for your viewing pleasure. Knuckles made for a perfect monster and you can't ask for any more from an episode then what we get here. Pretty good growth moment and Knuckles expressions are priceless whether he was big or small.

- :Some of the side plots were a bit out of place like the run away airplane of the future. They could have had some other animals in the mix as well. Some things are never explained and some logic was stretched here to make things work in the means of time.


Nothing like showing off an iguana on the beach     Knuckles' never ending appetite. Foreshadowing?     It's the only wya to ride

They sure don't have pigeons like that in Duckburg     They were probably better off holding onto the board     Getting close and personal with a Pigeonasaurus

Tickle Tickle!     First Pigeons now Rabbits. This isn't our day     Being hunted by a rabbit? My how things have changed.

You dont' want to make this bunnyasaurus mad!     Don't ever call a rabbitsaurus this huge "Big Butt"    I would run too if I were you ducks.

Don't they feed the Bunnyasaurus' around here?     Looks more like a beaverasaurus to me   Carrots have strange effects on Bunnyasaurus'

My what big feet you have Bunnyasaurus.     Never eat rocks shaped like carrots. It will knock you out every time.    Nothing causes trouble more then peanut butter

You may want to watch for those radioative beams behind you.     I told you peanut butter was dangerous.     Ever get that growing feeling?

Time to raise the roof.. Knuckles style     Knuckleszilla is born    Nothing like getting out of a cramped building

More peanut butter? Will the cravings for that evil stuff ever end?     What no more peanut butter? I'm out of here!    Swimming is much easier when your a gigantic dinosaur

Ooo, big city ahead to play with!     Duckburg? no it's Knuckles Lunch now!     Run you pathetic wimps. I'm a big dinosaur here!

Knuckles posing for a full body shot.

Hey taking over a city is fun.     Now for a little snack.     Even monsters throw out the trash

You dare fly in my city? Fools.     Knuckles shows how he is a former darts champion     Amazing what you find laying around these days.

These buildings keep getting in my way!     I think I saw this in a movie once.     You stay here gal and think about what you have done.

Oh no. Not more peanuts. Haven't you learned yet?     Never fly over buildings with monsters looming on them     So nice of you to leave snacks laying around for me

Mmm, jelly donuts. My favorite     Keep it coming .. hungry giant dinosaur here     Such obident littles. I'll have to come back sometime soon.           


3 Minutes 05 Seconds
Knuckles gets zapped by devolving ray and transforms into titanic rampaging dinosaur who lets nothing in the city get in his way. This moment has been altered focusing on only the macro aspects, with non macro episode aspects  edited out.