Lizard Dragon

Name of show that this character is from:  The Legend of Zelda
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: September 08, 1989 (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?(VHS) The Legend of Zelda: Gannon's Evil Tower

EPISODE TYPE: Transformation & Blink Moment
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WHAT IS (unnamed) LIZARD DRAGON?: A non-anthro, non-furry, green lizard 


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Zapped by Gannon's magic spell

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Green Dragon (Aquamentus)


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: All of the growth stages shown.                                                                                               

MACRO NAMEAquamentus

QUOTE:    (NONE --- Can't speak, just growls and roars like a non furry dragon)

SEX:    Unknown

LOCATIONS: Hyrule castle

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Animalistic Behavior


SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Link awakens in the morning, in his room at Hyrule Castle. He is busy complaining about the castle and how boring life there is. He wonders why he even bothers to stay until he sees Princess Zelda outside his window and realizes that's a good reason to stay.  Link whistles at the Princess liking what he sees only to offend her and cause her to walk back inside. Suddenly Link is snuck up on by a trio of Moblins who entered his room from an underground passage way. Link breaks free of the hold and a battle in his room takes place. Pictures crash and the pillows fall apart as they are used for weapons. Eventually Link gets hold of his sword and blasts the three moblins with his power sword eliminating them for good. One of the moblins leaves a bow and arrow weapon where it was standing making Link most pleased at his reward and early morning battle. A knock on the door is heard and Link opens it only to get a slap in the face from Zelda who was less then pleased at his whistling at her this morning. Link explains that Moblins were just there trying to steal the Triforce of Wisdom and Zelda tells Link to be on his guard. Link doesn't want to stay indoors all day but Zelda insides much to the disappointment of Link.

In Gannon's underground headquarters, the evil wizard is less then pleased at the Moblins failure to get the Triforce. Gannon realizes that if he wants to get the Triforce he will have to get it himself. He decides to disguise himself in a cloak so he can enter an amateur magicians contest the princess is judging. He summons four skeletons to carry his chariot and heads out of his headquarters to Hyrule Castle. In the castle the princess is judging the wizards. One old wizard uses a plant enlarging spell to make a tomato bigger. But the tomato gets so big it explodes on her face. Gannon shows up in disguise and starts to laugh and the princess is less then pleased to hear someone laughing at her. She demands to know who was laughing and Gannon just tells her he wants to enter the contest and she tells him to wait his turn as the next wizard walks up to her to be judged. Gannon sends a bat to see who is guarding the Triforce when no one is looking.  The bat sees Link talking to Sprite, a small fairy who lives in the castle. He flies back to report back to Gannon. Gannon realizes that he will have to get Link out of there if he is going to get the triforce. The next wizard summons a lizard in his hand and hands it to the princess. Gannon suddenly zaps the lizard with evil magic from his hand and the lizard almost instantly starts to transform into a huge gigantic green dragon. Link hears Zelda's scream and swings down on a rope from the window to where the dragon is landing on its back before flipping off of the dragons huge face to the ground. The dragon spits fire all over trying to get Link and Zelda. Link quickly puts his shield up to guard against the fire while Zelda tosses a metal plate into the air that Link fires at with his magic sword. The magic sword blasts bounce off the plate and hit the dragon 3 times returning it to it's previous lizard form. Gannon meanwhile is in the Triforce room and deals with a screaming Sprite by flicking her out of the way. He grabs the Triforce and jumps out of the window back into his chariot ordering his troops to take him out of there.

Zelda orders the wizard to use the plant growth spell on a seed and after he does so a vine raises up from the ground. Zelda lasso's around the top of it pulling it back as if making a catapult out of it. They meet up with Gannon by catapulting over him onto a path. Link takes care of one of the skeletons with his sword causing Gannon to fly out of his seat. Gannon calls in reinforcements and 4 more skeletons show up. Link and Zelda take care of most of them while Gannon tells his troops how to fight better. Gannon tosses a bomb at Link and hits 3 of the skeletons instead. The last skeleton throws a bomb at Link that Link sends back up into the air before using his sword to the skeleton destroying it. Link fires his sword at Gannon next while Gannon runs off with the Triforce. He bats the bomb into the exit Gannon was running to. The bomb explodes sending the Triforce into the air and the opening is destroyed in the blast locking Gannon in it for now. Link now wants a reward in a kiss from Zelda. Zelda is reluctant but decides one kiss won't hurt anything. As she is about to kiss him Sprite shows up to break things up. Link sulks as he was so close to getting a kiss. Gannon meanwhile fumes vowing revenge and that he will return once he recovers.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Only shown on Fridays, as part of the "Super Mario Bros Super Show".  The Legend of Zelda cartoons were seen as fans as the more superior to the Super Mario Bros shows that were on Monday-Thursdays. I too was a big fan of the Legend of Zelda, both the games and of this cartoon series. It captured the flavor of the games, feel of the series and characters much more accurately then the Super Mario Bros cartoon did for those games.  It's a shame that it only lasted for one season and we only got 13 episodes in total of the series. At least the characters would show up again in the Captain N series.

This episode was the first of the series but really wasn't anything different then the rest of the episodes would be. Most episodes involved some evil scheme by Gannon to take the Triforce of Wisdom from the castle that Zelda was princess of and Link would have to jump into action to save the day. There was no real introduction to the characters or history of how Link got the job as being protector of the kingdom. So for the most part they expected people watching this to be familiar with the characters. And being it was  a cartoon show trapped between live segment moments before and after it they only had so much time to work in. 

There wasn't too much macro found in the series for the most part. It stayed pretty true to the old Nintendo 8 bit game in where it was a small warrior fighting various creatures with only the bosses being slightly larger in size. The only real giant sized monsters were the two dragon bosses. Aquamentus and Gleeok. So it was interesting the way they went about Aquamentus' appearance here. Gleeok would show up in another episode as just one of Gannon's dimwitted servants where the three headed dragon could talk. In this episode Gannon created the Aquamentus dragon out of a lizard he zaps. And for the most part it was just an average everyday green dragon that spit fire and was non sentient. But still a very cool transformation moment as you hear the suspenseful music in the background while this dragon is growing up before them.  So being that this was the only true macro moment found in the whole 13 episode run of this one season weekly series. It wasn't too bad.

The episode over all is a lot of fun too. Link's personality though may make some scratch their heads in the same way that Simon Belmont's does in the Captain N: The Game Master series did. Link was more about getting kisses from Zelda and showing off then being the little kid we imagined him to be in the video games. Even in Zelda II: Link's Adventure game I don't think he would be like that. But as DIC usually does they stretch things out greatly in the name of characterization. There are a lot of good one liners in this episode too and it's actually deep for the target market this was aimed at. A lot of that may have to do with the writing being done by Bob Forward who has gone on to do many more great episodes (some of which were macro as well) past this series. You can always tell the difference in a well written episode and a poorly done one and this is an example of the prior rather then the later.

Overall this was a fun, if not short lived situation. The episode is fun as well and a great start being the first episode. The only true drawbacks would be that Aquamentus was really more of just a silly cliff hanger to have to look forward to in between commercials.  He gets transformed as everyone looks on in shock. He is zoomed in on.. fade to black.. commercials. return and Link defeats him in about a minutes worth of time. So not much was done with the creature but it was a good use for what it was meant to do. Weird though that sword zaps turn it back to a lizard rather then destroying it. Not to mention that the lizard was magically created in the first place and then magically transformed and then just walks off into parts unknown after it is changed back. Boy not easy being a lizard in Hyrule. For those transformation fans out there, this is the episode for you. Slow and detailed growth of lizard to dragon and cool moments and they show him changing back too.  Not to mention this series was a lot of fun, much more so then Super Mario was. Not the best due to it being so short lived but you get a lot more from this moment that you do from some episodes that had macro situations throughout.




(Gannon is being carried by his skeleton warriors as he sits in a chariot and looks over Hyrule Castle)

Gannon: "Hyrule, a peaceful kingdom and a beautiful day. Well.. that will soon change!! MOVE!!"

(Link guarding the Triforce is talking to a small fairy who sits on his shoulder)

Link: "You're a girl Sprite. How can I get Zelda to pay more attention to me?"
Sprite: "Who cares? She's a snot! You should stick with me!"
Link: "Sprite.. you're only six inches high!"
Sprite: "What? You don't like short girls!?"


(Gannon flicks Sprite out of the way and grabs the Triforce of Wisdom)
Gannon: "Mine! all mine!"
Triforce of Wisdom: "Evil is the path you choose, but evil doers always lose!"
Gannon: "Silence!"


*The dragon created from a lizard  by Gannon resembled the dragon boss in the first dungeon of the Legend of Zelda game named Aquamentus. Most of the creatures in the shows episodes would all be related in some way to a creature in the first Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

*This was the first episode of the Legend of Zelda Cartoon. The cartoon would be shown on Friday's as part of the Super Mario Bros Super Show. The first part of the show would consist of a live segment with Mario and Luigi (with former wrestler Lou Albano as Mario in the live action segment )  and then the Zelda cartoon would be shown in the middle with another live segment with Mario and Luigi to follow at the end of the show.  Only one seasons worth of episodes were made, with 13 in total.

*This episode was written by famous cartoon writer Bob Forward who also wrote the macro episode of Biker Mice from Mars with Munsterella and Gorgonzolla. He is more known for his writing on shows like Transformers: Beast Wars and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

*This is the only episode that Aquamentus would make an appearance in any form. Gleeok though another Zelda game boss would be in a future episode. He is a three headed dragon and appeared in the episode entitled "Kiss N' Tell" unlike the dragon lizard in this episode, Gleeok was sentient and able to talk and was more comic relief then dangerous.



      Continuity -- As the spell changing the lizard into a dragon is occurring, the lizard drops out of  Zelda's hand that it was being held in, yet the spell continues to zap the hand where the lizard used to be.

      Animation --  When Link is talking to Zelda as they hook onto a growing vine to  chase Gannon after the dragon is defeated, Link's voice is heard but his mouth doesn't move when he says "My Kinda Girl!"


+ :Great transformation scene with the lizard transforming suddenly into a dragon. Fun series that was well animated and captured the flavor of the popular video game quite well. 

- :A Very short lived moment. The dragon is more of a cliffhanger to come back to after a commercial break then a true threat. Besides breathing fire a lot the dragon wasn't much of a challenge for Link and was taken care of quite easily. 


Sure you think it's cute now...      Shocking isn't it?           One lizard to dragon transformation coming up

Uh oh.. this isn't good      Looks kinda like an alligator        And still it grows

Lots of drool there      I think he wants a kiss too Zelda        One full grown Aquamentus

Toasty!      You may want to move princess      Talk about a long neck

Not something you see out a window everyday      That's not a diving board Link       Good thing that shield is flame proof

                                                                                 That dragon sure takes up a lot of room 



 35 Seconds
A harmless little lizard gets zapped by Gannon and transforms into a massive fire breathing green dragon that becomes a lot for Link and Zelda to handle. This moment has been altered focusing on only the macro aspects, with non macro episode aspects  edited out.