Pinky and the Brain
With Gollyzilla

Name of show that these characters are from:  Pinky and the Brain
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: September 19, 1995 (Network: Kids WB)
Where can I find this episode now?: (DVD) Pinky and the Brain - Volume 1

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Potion) & Godzilla Situation
(see macro themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS PINKY?: An anthro  furry white lab mouse

WHAT IS BRAIN?: An anthro furry white lab mouse


HOW DO THEY BECOME MACRO?: Both zapped by growth ray

WHAT DO THEY BECOME AFTER THEY GROW?: Larger versions of selves.

HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN: All of the  growth Moments seen             

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) Pinky - Pinkzilla (and also) Gollyzilla
                                                                                     Brain- Brain-Odo

QUOTE:    Pinky: "Hello! I'm a monster! NARF!!"
                  Brain: "People of Tokyo do not fear. I Brain-Odo have come to save you!"

SEX:    Pinky and Brain - Male           

LOCATIONS: Tokyo, Japan

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ):  400 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Neutral

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: High - Acmeshito Labs, many buildings and vehicles

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: The ocean harbor comes into view as it is revealed to be the year 1956 in Toyko, Japan. Pinky and the Brain are situated in the Acmeshito Labs where inventors in said lab have come up with a way to shrink down television sets with a ray gun device. The two inventors laugh victoriously as they will make a fortune selling miniaturized devices to Americans for great profits. Their laughing is interrupted by a radio broadcast that alerts of a sighting of the famous prehistoric monster Gollyzilla in the Tokyo area. The phone rings and they are summoned by the Emperor of Japan to help with the Gollyzilla situation. They both rush out of the labs leaving Pinky and the Brain alone in their cage. Brain realizes that the technology that the scientists were using are perfect for his world domination plans. But rather then shrink thinks he wants to make things bigger.  Brain will make himself bigger to save everyone from Gollyzilla. Pinky reminds Brain that he said there is no such thing as Gollyzilla. Brain tells Pinky that there will be soon enough, hinting at who will play the role of said monster by calling Pinky "Pinkzilla." Raymond Burr suddenly out of no where is seen agreeing with this before it goes back to the lab with Pinky and the Brain.

Brain makes the final adjustments on the ray and Pinky jumps out wearing a green Gollyzilla halloween type costume. Brain rolls his eyes at Pinky's lack of being scary in the slightest and goes on with his experiment wasting no time at all and zaps Pinky with the now growth ray. Pinky instantly grows in size through the roof of the lab unable to see Brain now. Brain tells him that he is below him and Pinky steps on him not realizing it. Pinky lifts his huge foot up and peels the crushed Brain off of it holding him in the air at his face. After Brain gets back together he stands in front of a megaphone and tells Pinky to start rampaging. Pinky starts to roar and snarl badly while stomping down the street trying to scare everyone. Brain says he will give him ten minutes before he shows up in his giant size to save the day.Pinky continues to cause mayhem and panic as he heads to the park and sends scores of people fleeing. He seems to be having trouble with his outfit though as one of his green gloves falls off.  He bends down to pick it up only to get his rear caught in the antenna of a building below him.  Pinky finally yanks himself loose only to fall onto his back and getting knocked out. Raymond Burr says "Yes I see." again.

Brain is back at the lab and decides it's time for him to grow as well.  Brain approaches as a giant and tells everyone that he is there to save them. The people start to run and the army shows up. They all fire point blank at Brain covering him in soot. Brain stomps off crushing buildings in his path as he looks for Pinky who is supposed to be Gollyzilla. The real Gollyzilla suddenly rises up out of the ocean and starts to crush buildings in his path heading right towards Brain. Brain doesn't realize that it's the real Gollyzilla and not Pinky in costume and starts to play fight with Gollyzilla only making Gollyzilla more furious . He breathes fire right onto Brain and then starts to beat him up badly.  Brain gets up back on his feet furious and heads back to hit who he thinks is Pinky only for the real Pinky to show up behind him trying to get Brain's attention. Brain realizes that he has been fighting the real Gollyzilla and they both flee from him. They trip over the Acme lab and the ray activates suddenly hitting Raymond Burr. The giant Raymond shows up and tosses Gollyzilla back to the lab causing the ray to activate wildly hitting everything in the area. Buildings and fire hydrants start to grow bigger around them.  Soon all of Japan rises through the clouds then the rest of the world follows in being enlarged. They are back in their cages again still giant but everything else is bigger in relative size making them small again.  Gollyzilla and Raymond Burr are in the cage with them as Brain and Pinky shrug plotting for tomorrow when they will try to take over the world again.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: The popular segment from the Animaniacs finally got it's long awaited spin off show in 1995. To me I'm not sure if this was a good or bad thing due to the fact that I was never a huge fan of Pinky and the Brain. I always found it to be the same gag over and over. Pinky would say something stupid, they would have lots of bad jokes in it, the same lines and themes always found throughout. Brain's schemes seemed to get dumber and dumber as the writers tried to come up with ideas and they were always foiled in the end by a weird plot twist that somehow Pinky most likely caused to happen. This episode was one of the first made on the newly debuted series and it was pretty much what you would expect. It tried hard to be funny and failed at points and also was more of a homage to the original Godzilla then trying to be something on it's own which both worked and hurt it for the most part. But enough of my feelings of the series, I'll try and give an unbiased review of this episode but it probably will be biased as that's what reviewers do. They use their opinions on things.

Taking place in 1956 was an interesting touch but continuity wise it didn't make sense as they don't explain if they traveled back in time or if it was just another version of them in the past. The story didn't have to take place in that year to work by any means. The only purpose of that date was to coincide with the original date of the Godzilla film. Besides that fact it would have no real relevance to anything going on. My thoughts throughout watching this was that whoever was writing this (there were two writers for the episode according to the title shot) just wanted to figure out what a Godzilla movie would be like if Pinky and the Brain were involved. Not the most original of tactics but not the first time such a take on Godzilla has been done in a cartoon episode.

The humor in it was lost to me I suppose. I didn't find the running gag of everyone having to take their shoes off when they entered a building to be amusing. They even had Gollyzilla take his sandals off after he exited the ocean. It seemed kind of insulting to me to the Japanese culture  rather then funny in any way. Some of the jokes in it you would really have to understand the references. Pinky referring to Kaye Ballard is a very dated reference, most watching this probably wouldn't even know who she is let alone what he's meaning by that statement.  Raymond Burr is another example of you would have to understand the reference to get the humor of it. To most watching it (and even me when I first saw this back in the 1990's) it just seemed like some random fat guy saying "Yes! I see!" throughout to be funny and silly. But the real reference was that Raymond Burr was inserted into the original Godzilla movie for the American release to give some star power to the US audience. The scenes were awkward  and didn't fit properly due to the character being edited poorly into it. I mean that's a lot of looking into things to have to get a joke like that in this episode. Also the ol gag of thinking you are fighting someone who is supposed to be someone only for it to be the real version that you are actually fighting to be there has to go. It just was way too predictable for my tastes.

Execution was the real thing holding this episode back. Scientists created a shrinking ray yet they are scared of Gollyzilla approaching? Umm why not just shrink him down with your shrink ray and that would eliminate the problem. Also Pinky as a wanna-be Gollyzilla was just annoying. The whole wearing a suit that to me looked like a green Barney the dinosaur outfit, was just nonsensical. Have him without the suit being a big mouse on the rampage and it would have been fun. The fact that this has to spoof Godzilla so closely was also it's downfall. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought the idea of a giant Pinky , who was named Pinkzilla (another usage of the ol Zilla name) was a great would be monster. But the suit had to go. He looked ridiculous with it on and it didn't make any difference. They wouldn't have feared him if he wasn't Gollyzilla? So giant mice are OK to the people of Tokyo but if it's a mouse that looks like Gollyzilla then it's time to panic? Brain's execution of the plan was silly as well. He really thought that by being big and defeating a monster they would make him leader? Like I said earlier, the whole running plot devices of the show just made it hard for me to ever get into the Pinky and the Brain series. Why does a 400 foot mouse have to be made leader by small peons? He is big enough to rule as he wants if they like it or not.

Some of the other elements that bothered me was the whole ending situation. The endings of most Pinky and the Brain episodes are enough to make you bash your head against a wall due to the ridiculous nature that they portray to unrealistically defeat Brain and his oh so brilliant plan yet again. Wild growth beams are making everything grow all around. OK I suppose that is all right for the most part. Tokyo out grows the very area it is attached to even being shown as through the clouds at one point. Then a second or two later the whole Earth grows as well. I wasn't buying it. The whole situation doesn't work for many reasons. One if the ray did grow as well so would have Gollyzilla who was sitting on it making him giant sized again when this was all said and done. Not to mention Pinky , Brain and Raymond should have grown as well when the rest of the planet did according to the logic of the ending of this episode. I just wasn't digging the whole ending sequence. Again it was an OK idea and stuff but just poorly executed. The humor also in this situation was lost on me. Now the four would be monsters are small again due to everyone being bigger and in a mouse cage? I just found it all hard to watch and buy. I guess I just am looking too much into this show and probably am not the type that should be watching it due to this. It could have all been figured out a bit better though and it wouldn't have taken much effort to make everything work out properly size wise as they wanted it to.

As far as macro moments go they were what they were. A giant Pinky in a stupid and ridiculous outfit. A giant ugly Brain who has zero macro appeal in the slightest. Gollyzilla which may as well have been called Godzilla as they didn't bother to change the look in any way. And a giant Raymond Burr which is just weird in itself and I'm sure has no appeal to even fans of giant humans. This episode is far from a dud though. The animation was pretty good. The situations weren't so bad and we had three giant furries and one giant human all in a city situation. Some rampaging mixed in and slight humor which I'm sure some out there found funny and you get a good attempt at what could have been pretty good.  Pinky having fun as a giant after he grew probably was some of the best moments of it. First he steps on Brain peeling him off like bubble gum. Then he heads to a park telling everyone that he is a monster mixing in a "Narf!" or two while everyone runs. And they had an interesting moment where he looks really huge compared to the city. I didn't get what the size thing going on there was all about but makes for an interesting perspective shot. Even as Brain grew and showed up it still had some fun elements. They did another running gag of the army shooting first and asking questions later. But it was OK this time around. I think it was really about the time Gollyzilla showed up that this went downhill both macro moment and story wise. While the story was weak from the start it just seemed to get sillier as it went on. Godzilla homage's are great, especially for this pages uses. But do stuff more like Koopzilla where we don't need to rely totally on somehow tying it into the actual Godzilla movie  as that was the problem with this episode besides the poor writing at points and illogical situations.

The episode is  available on a DVD set of the first season for Pinky and the Brain. So it is easily watchable and you probably won't regret watching it or even find the problems I did with it. I suppose I'm more critical of it as it is really the only time real good or significant macro moments would come into play for the whole series run. Which in itself is very disappointing as this series really left itself open for various macro moments that just never seemed to occur. When it did occur it was disappointing in a Lilo and Stich: Short Stuff way that we know we won't get better and that it could have been so much better if it was done with more care. I'm sure there are many that love this episode and live by it but I could have done without seeing a giant Brain-Odo. For some reason it just didn't work as well as it wanted to.



Brain: "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Pinky: "I think so Brain, but I don't think Kaye Ballard's in the union."


Raymond Burr: "Yes! I see!"


(Pinkzilla steps on Brain after he grows in size and peels Brain off of his foot holding him to his face looking apologetic at the small mouse in his hand)
: "Apparently your IQ didn't grow along with your shoe size Pinky!"


Brain: "Now to make myself the largest mouse on Earth and hero of the planet!"
(Brain zaps himself with the growth ray growing through the roof of the building into a giant mouse.)
Brain: "People of Tokyo do not fear! I .. Brain-Odo.. have come to save you!"
(People watch as the mouse approaches and run in pure fear and terror the army shows up suddenly in tanks)
Army General: "It is another giant monster, even uglier then Gollyzilla!"
Brain: "Actually I'm an artificially enlarged mouse here to save you. You can thank me later by making me your leader!"
(The tanks all suddenly aim right at him and fire blackening the giant mouse in gunpowder)
Brain: "Unless that doesn't fit in with your plans.."

Pinky: "Umm excuse me Brain.."
Brain: "Go away Pinky. Can't you see I'm battling Pinky!"



*Frank Welker (as should come to no surprise by now) was indeed the voice of the real Gollyzilla that shows up towards the end of the episode.

*This episode was a very obvious spoof of the original American released Godzilla movie. It took place in the year 1956 which was the year that the film debuted in the US. Had Raymond Burr in random moments much like was seen in the edited movie and Gollyzilla looked exactly like Godzilla for the most part. It also took place in Japan and had some nods to the poor editing and acting that filled the movie as well as the random destruction of buildings and cliché army showing up.

*The episode "Tokyo Grows"  was part of the third episode of the first season of the series. Three episodes all made up the half hour block. The other two besides Tokyo Grows were "That Smarts" and "Brainstem".

*A play up on the fact that Raymond Burr was originally edited into the first release of Godzilla in the United States shows up often in this cartoon. At random points he would be seen holding a pipe and saying "Yes I see." before going back to the situation in the story again. He would eventually wind up becoming a part of the situation towards the end getting hit by the growth ray as well.

*The show lasted for 3 seasons (plus it's run as part of Animaniacs and the spin off with Elmyra) but this episode (which was the third ever) was really the only macro moments of note to ever be part of the show. Most of the schemes didn't involve size themes or monsters of great size which actually is quite surprising seeing how there is a lot of mad science elements involved in lots of the episodes and the fact that they are in a laboratory which would leave it open for more things to happen size wise.


      Factual -- It is very unlikely that the growth ray located in Tokyo could have caused the whole planet to grow due to rays being flung about wildly from its central location. If anything the ray would have had to be located in a satellite to shoot down at the Earth itself to cause a planet wise reaction of growth. As it was only things in the general area of the rays radius in Tokyo would have grown in size.

       Factual -- At first only Tokyo is seen out growing the planet as it rises through the clouds and then moments later the rest of the planet is seen growing in size after it. The planet most likely would have become unbalanced and unable to continue it's orbit around the sun properly due to it's new size and disbalanced land mass of Tokyo that was seen as being bigger for awhile. Not to mention the new size would probably make it closer to the sun which would make the temperatures much greater then previously thats even if the planet itself survive such sudden unbalanced mass changes as that.

       Factual -- Brain before zapping himself claims he is going to make   himself the largest mouse on Earth. But  even as a giant Pinky as a giant is still taller then him.

      Continuity --  Lots of size fluctuation moments with Pinky. In a few scenes he is about the size of most buildings while he is rampaging only to be towering over them as they only come to his legs in the next moments. This would happen a lot as the episode continued with his size in ratio to the city altering back and forth from really big to just big.

       Continuity -- If everything else on the planet grew due to the random rays being fired Pinky, Brain, Gollyzilla and Raymond should all have grown as well in size proportionally. There is no logical reason that they weren't affected by the planets size increase while everyone else was. If anything only Gollyzilla should maybe have not been hit by the rays as he was sitting over the ray not being able to be hit by it. That too can be seen as no reason not to grow as the lab he was sitting on wound up being big enough to have them in a cage in it at the end.  Either way the other three were standing at locations near buildings that were being grown around them. When the whole planet was affected they should have been as well making them giant in proportion once again.

       Continuity -- When Brain grows to monster size it shows the Acmeshito letters on the roof being destroyed due to his head bursting through the roof. This is illogical as Pinky already destroyed most of the roof including the logo after he grew earlier. To make things more confusing when Brain is about to use the growth ray on himself they show the big hole and opening in the building due to Pinky's growth. While Brain is growing the roof seems to have repaired itself slightly only to be destroyed again as Brain out grows it.

+ :Well animated and some fun interactments involving a giant Pinky on the rampage. Three monsters in one episode is always a nice thing.

- :Can be stupid and annoying at points. Some of the jokes fall flat. Typical illogical easily wrapped up ending that is found in most episodes of Pinky and the Brain that we just have to accept due to the nature of the show.  Could have been better.


 Brain goes in for the knock out     reworking growth rays is so much fun       Oh no it's a green Barney! RUN!

I can't watch!       We've seen that look before      That's one big foot!

Nice view from up here      Eww look at what i just stepped in       I'm the big mouse around here you see!

Fear me! Narf!     Here let me help you to run off terrified       Hey it's fun being a scary monster.

Don't you hate when this happens?

Hasn't everyone always wanted to do this?       There's that growth glow again    Thats a lot o' mouse

Brain raising the roof       Growth gives great muscles too    These buildings are too close together

What nice little tank toys       Uh oh. This isn't good    These buildings fall apart too easily

He looks mad      Nothing like a classic approach onto the city     Always remove sandals before rampaging

If I hide behind the bank they won't see me     Now that's a lot of sharp teeth       Come on put em up!

That's using your tail      Lets get ready to rumble      Be afraid , very afraid

Oh so that's what monsters do with buildings      Now would be a good time to run      Hey who invited this human?

That's a big bench press      Umm you are leaking growth beams      Lets hope a dog the size of the hydrant doesn't come by


3 Minutes 23 Seconds
Pinky and the Brain have really done it this time. After both of them grow into giants and turn Tokyo into their personal rampaging territory, the real monster of the city Gollyzilla shows up to show them both who is really king of monsters around there.