Plucky Duck
with Chuckles

Name of show that this character is from:  Tiny Toons Adventures
Title of Episode:



Original Air date: October 11, 1990   (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: (Cable) No Longer Available 

EPISODE TYPE: Fantasy Situation & King Kong Situation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS PLUCKY DUCK?: An anthro, furry, green feathered duck


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Asked to be big to kids who decided his fate in a fantasy situation

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of himself.


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: All of the growth stages shown.


QUOTE:      "Make way for Duck Kong, you expendable little extras!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: An Unnamed City in Acme Acres

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Neutral

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium - Various buildings, a few airplanes

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE This was a segment of a  half hour episode titled "You Asked for it". This is where the kids at home get to decide which characters star in the various episodes that we will see that day. We first have an episode with Babs and Dizzy Devil and then we have an episode with Buster and Montana Max. Plucky feels that the show is rigged and tries to alter the results with his own machine hooked up to the selector that gives the information on who the next toon will star. Thanks to a little help from his own little device to rig the machine, he stars in the last episode of the show entitled "Duck out of Luck"

Buster and Babs allow Plucky to do this but with a little twist that they set up. The kids at home watching  have total control over what will happen in the cartoon that he is about to star in. . Plucky is put through some horrible situations due to the kids at home taking total advantage of the situation. First he's made into a space pilot named Duck Daring. After he arrives on his home base he is met up with his loyal troops who sing of his praises in the Duck Daring Theme song only for them to stomp and walk all over Plucky as they sing it..  All of these situations aren't exactly what Plucky had in mind and starts to get mad at the viewers who are putting him through painful situations.  Still yelling at the kids we can't see,   he demands to be the biggest star in all of acme acres. 

After saying that he grows into a giant sized monster.  He decides that he likes being a monster and starts destroying buildings and causing a panic as if he's Godzilla. Calling himself Duck Kong he makes his presence known by looming over buildings and eating everything in sight. He destroys a few structures until a building catches his attention.  He climbs the building and sees Shirley the Loon his love interest fixing her feathers as a giant duck eye peeks in on her.  He grabs her with a huge hand and climbs to the top of the building only to find out that it was the smaller sized  Shirley who was carrying the giant monster up as he sat in her small hands comfortable like.  At the top he sees a giant gorilla named "Chuckles" also holding a girl and he lets him hold Shirley as he doesn't want to cause any trouble with the one already claiming the top of the building for his own.

Meanwhile the airplanes are shooting at him and Plucky mistakenly walks off the building.  Plucky returns to normal size as he lands harshly on the ground and gets annoyed again telling the kids  that he gives in and for them to  make what they really want to see.  As he says that, Buster and Babs appear where Plucky was standing and the bunnies thank the viewers at home for choosing to watch them asking them what they really want now. A huge THE END logo crashes down on them as they take the hint and fade to black. .

REVIEW OF EPISODE:  A weird situation but nothing too out there when it comes to Tiny Toons Adventures cartoons. The whole episode was a themed, focus on various characters in  a different short that was supposed to be randomly picked by some machine introduced at the beginning. Of course Plucky, true to character can't stand that he isn't being picked and rigs the machine so no matter what he will be in the last cartoon. This comes with some twist that Babs and Buster make it so the viewers at home will decide the path that Plucky's episode goes on. But it really isn't as much as one would think. It was mostly him as a space pilot landing in some base only to be stomped by his troops as they sing some repetitive song. And then he is turned into Duck Kong after demanding to be the biggest duck ever. There isn't much else going on and the whole situation just seems like filler and nonsensical at best.

Full of many not funny moments, this could have worked better if they took it in a better path fitting Plucky and some of the moments he could have been put into as Duck Kong. Sure we get him pushing some buildings down and doing the ol' King Kong climb up a building thing but the jokes that they tried were horrible to say the least. They had the typical sign on a fast food restaurant, with the billions served number going up as Plucky pokes his face into it. It reaches 50 billion before his head comes out and he lets out a slight burp and papers flying out of his bill. Then we had a weird moment where Plucky wants to get to the biggest building of the city so he sits on a bus stand squashing some elderly women sitting on it and squeezes into the too small for him bus. And the lamest probably was when they have Shirley the Loon carrying Plucky up the building over her shoulders suddenly. That was one of the worst sight gags ever. It wasn't funny and it wasn't even a good idea. This episode  was just full of moments like those listed  that anyone could have come up with and anyone could have done better ideas then this. 

If anything, at least they had a cool growth moment for Plucky. It was almost out of nowhere too. Plucky was tired of being stomped on by his troops and yelled at the kids at home to fix this by making him a star and then says he wants to be the biggest star in Acme Acres. So taking him a bit literally, he grows right there looming to the sky and then goes off to bash things. That's probably the only really good moment of the episode though and why this isn't a total dud. The rest is just silly and filler and it's too bad as I think it was off to a fun start. As a monster he wasn't too bad. He played the role nicely as if he was a wanna be Godzilla and King Kong mix. But this was mostly towards the beginning of when he became Duck Kong. After he did the fast food gag it all went downhill from there, way downhill and we are talking downhill with no breaks on the car fast.

Basically, if you want to see a huge Plucky drawn badly and having fun for a few moments as a giant, this will do that. Just don't expect anything really cool or eventful to go on here and be ready for a lot of bad sight gags and situations to arise.  This macro situation is short lived, drawn badly, written poorly an d ends just as weakly as it started. Maybe as a separate short, like a movie spoof and not the kids at home deciding thing, this may have worked a bit better. But the way they did this, it just was weak and disappointing.  There was another giant in this, that being the King Kong look alike, that Plucky calls Chuckles. But it is a very blink type of moment as he just growls at Plucky and takes Shirley from him before jumping up and down like a mad ape and then isn't seen again. I don't know why they couldn't make this work better.  Tiny Toons has had some great macro situations and some funny and interesting episodes in it's run.  This wasn't one of them. The fact that they made it like we only want to see Buster and Babs cartoons is insulting as well as they couldn't even fill a toe on his foot when it comes to a comparison. But be that as it may, I'm sure if you are a fan of a giant duck on a rampage you will like it for the few moments when the situation started but I can't see many others really enjoying this episode or macro wise as it lacks much more then it has to offer.  The ending was just long over due and bad. Plucky turns into Buster and Babs suddenly as if that's all we want to see but at least a huge THE END falls down on them as I too had had enough of this.




Duck Daring Troops: "Oh...... We'll......
Jump,  jump,  jump, for justice!
We'll chop, chop, chop  and thump!
We'll stomp, stomp, stomp for freedom!
And we will run, run and ummm errr...
Plucky Duck: "Uhhh...Jump?"
Duck Daring Troops: "Jump, jump, jump for justice!"
We'll chop, chop, chop and thump!
We'll stomp, stomp, stomp  for freedom...."


(Plucky picks himself up off the floor after he was stomped flat by his Duck Daring Troops and addresses the kids at home)
Plucky Duck: "Look kids lets talk! It's your ol' pal Plucky Duck here! I'm not the comedy relief here remember? I'm the STAR! I want to be the BIGGEST duck in Acme Acres!!
(Plucky suddenly starts to grow in size right there getting larger and larger by the moment slamming a huge foot down as he reaches massive sizes)
Plucky Duck: "Hey! Now we are talkin'! I always wanted to reek havoc on an unsuspecting city!"
(Plucky wiggles the toes on his foot before laughing evilly)
Plucky Duck: "Make way for Duck Kong you expendable little extras!"


(The giant Duck Kong grabs Shirley the Loon through the window as he hands onto the side of a building grinning)
Plucky Duck: "Gotcha! Hey I was never able to pick up girls like this before!"
(He gives a sly look as he continues upwards with her in his hand)


(Plucky climbs to the top of the building as he is being fired on by military jets. Chuckles, a giant ape is already there holding a girl in his hand. Plucky holds Shirley to him)
Plucky Duck: "Say have you two met? Chuckles,...Shirley. Shirley..Chuckles."
(Chuckles takes Shirley and now holds two females as Plucky smiles)
Plucky Duck: "Aww, Chuckles has a new friend."



*Tiny Toons Adventures is supposed to be young WB characters who go to a school in Acme Acres, where the classes at the school are taught by the WB Loony Toons characters. Each of the Tiny Toon's seems to be a counterpart to one of the Loony Toons. Plucky in this episode is a counterpart to Daffy Duck. Matching his ego and speech and always wanting to out do everyone else.

*The two shorts that appear before this segment of "Duck out of Luck" were called "Slight of Hare" and "Debutante Devil" The first stars Buster Bunny making life for Montana Max miserable due to Max causing Buster to lose his job as a magicians rabbit.. The second was a Babs Bunny episode where Dizzy Devil and Taz try and make life miserable for Babs who is on vacations on a beach.

* When the jets are firing on Duck Kong and Chuckles they aren't firing bullets. But various icons and objects. Some of which include a WB logo, a Superman logo and a daredevil being shot out of a cannon. It should also be noted that some of the military were the same troops who were stomping Plucky as his Duck Daring soldiers.



      Factual -- There is a moment after Plucky grows that he lifts his huge foot up and wiggles his toes. This is not possible due to the fact that he never had toes, he has webbed feet. After he wiggles his toes and slams his foot down his feet are webbed again and the toes disappear..

      Continuity -- Plucky's size fluctuated at various points making it hard to tell how big he truly was. When he first grew to his giant size he loomed over buildings  looking like he could easily step on them. In the next moment he comes up to the same size of the buildings pushing them to the side. When he climbs the tall building of the city he is even smaller looking then when he first started out big.

      Continuity -- When Plucky grows into Duck Kong, his shirt suddenly disappears but is not seen ripping at any point. It just vanishes suddenly. When he crashes back down after falling off a building at the end of the episode telling the kids he will do what they want.. his shirt is back on again.


+  Plucky makes for a destructive giant at first when he takes to his role of Duck Kong and has a good growth moment where he suddenly inflates in size to gigantic proportions looming over various buildings.

- :Poor animation and badly written. Full of many bad sight gags and seems like filler then an actual interesting or eventful situation. 


Plucky demands to be biggest duck in Acme Acres     Looks like he got his wish     Up he goes

A body to match his ego     Uh oh. We are all in trouble now                       It's Duck Kong!

Who knew giant ducks had toes?     This city is in big trouble now     He has a nice view of things from up here

     A duck sandwich     This is one way to clear away room to walk

They don't make buildings like they used to     Little city, big duck. Run while you can     Hmm what to destroy next..

All that fast food will give you indigestion     A building bigger then Duck Kong!? This can't be allowed     Always climb big buildings in a city when 50 feet tall.

Only place to go is up     Eye see you!     Being big means you can take what you want

I don't like that look on the duck's face     I think I saw this in a movie once     Will you look at that.

Oh I didn't know this building was taken. Sorry.    This is a new way to have a staring contest     Here you take her? She was cramping my style anyway


3 Minutes 7 Seconds
Plucky asks to be the biggest duck in Acme Acres, and he gets his wish. Now he is stomping through the city as Duck Kong. This is a compilation video made up for macro moments of Plucky as a giant. Not a full episode.