Name of show that this character is from:  G.I. Joe
Title of Episode:

Original Air date:  November 7, 1985  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: DVD  - GI JOE SEASON 1 Box Set
                                                       TV - The Hub (Cable Network)

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Potion)
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS POLLY?: A non anthro, furry, green and yellow colored pet parrot


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?:  Getting zapped with a Molecular Reducer/Enlarger

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of himself.
IS GROWTH SHOWN?: Yes                                                                                                                       


QUOTE:   "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: G.I. Joe Headquarters and  Key Stone City

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 30 feet

NATURE: Heroic Good

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low  - Roof of GI Joe Headquarters

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Shipwreck (along with his parrot Polly) Cover Girl and Dusty ride along a road in a jeep carrying a haul of toys in a cart behind the vehicle. They are all boasting about how great the toy collections for children's hospitals were this year. Their good feelings are quickly broken by a Cobra Rattler flown by Wild Weasel, who starts to fire at them from above.   The jeep ducks into a covered area where Firefly adds some unknown package into the crate of toys. With the Cobra's mission accomplished the jet flies off much to the Joe's surprise.

The jeep arrives back at base where the few Joe's on hand start to take the toys out putting them into a storage area, taking out a rocking horse that Firefly put in there while they were distracted. Most of the Joe's are out on leave due to the holidays but Duke explains that they have a great security system that the Cobra's will never be able to get into as he turns it on putting Lady Jay at ease. 

The few Joes on hand all await a huge feast that Roadblock brings in on a tray. A huge turkey leg is cut off and handed to Mutt's dog Junkyard as Mutt is upset about something and asks to be alone and gets up from the table walking off. Junkyard leaves  quickly following after Mutt into the open area outside. Mutt explains to his loyal dog that he always gets down at this time of the year as he never had a great Christmas as a kid. His thoughts are broken by a noise in the storage area where all the toys were put. Mutt goes to investigate and the rocking horse opens up suddenly and tiny sized Cobra units fly out as various other toys explode open revealing an army of troops and vehicles all mini sized that start to attack Mutt and Junkyard. Mutt goes for the alarm on the wall  hitting it before he is knocked out by gas vapors one of the Rattlers sprays on him.

The GI Joe troops all run to the outside area while the mini jets blow out the defenses leaving the base open to attack. A cobra trooper zaps the vehicles and troops with some ray gun returning them all to normal size instantly. Cobra outnumbers the small amount of GI Joe units but still GI Joe doesn't give up and they start to battle. Cobra Commander has the Baroness fire knockout gas and the battle is over as GI Joe's are all knocked out cold from the green mist.

Back in the headquarters the Joe's awaken with Duke no where to been seen as they are brought forth in front of Cobra Commander and Destro. Destro annoyed that his device, the Molecular Reducer/Enlarger was damaged with the Baroness comforting him that they don't need it now that they have won. Cobra Commander reveals his plan to use the Joe's own vehicles and weapons to attack the near by city, to make everyone think GI Joe has turned evil.  The Joe's are all placed in handcuffs and put into an ice freezer.  Shipwreck hooks his legs onto a side of beef next to him using it to swing himself off the hook he was placed on. Cobra Commander walks in to gloat and Shipwreck quickly grabs back onto the hook. Cobra Commander leaves the key to their handcuffs by the door just to rub it in their faces laughing as he leaves. Shipwreck jumps back down off the hook and grabs the key.

The Joes quickly run in just as Destro finishes repairing his size alteration rifle. The Cobra's have already left though in the Joe's vehicles on the way to Keystone City. While Destro just laughs firing the ray at the Joe's. He hits a few random items around the room, shrinking them down in size. He continues to fire and  the rays hit Polly and shrink him down to the size of a fly. The whole Joe team piles onto Destro taking care of him while Tripwire looks over the Molecular Reducer/Enlarger and flicks a switch and zaps Polly returning him to normal size. Polly faints from the whole experience as Shipwreck puts him down onto a shrunken table to rest and heads out to stop Cobra with the rest of the Joes. Polly glows again filling up the table growing in size suddenly.

GI Joe has to use Cobra's vehicles and equipment due to their own equipment being used by Cobra. They head towards Keystone City hoping to catch up with Cobra before they strike. Polly grows yet again as he awakens flapping his huge wings. He pushes through the roof exiting the headquarters and flies off. GI Joe meanwhile starts to attack their own vehicles with Cobra's and starts to take out Cobra one by one much to Cobra commanders anger.  The Commander fires on Cover Girl's jet as she starts to fly out of control only to be saved by the giant Polly who swoops in singing Jingle Bells. He places Cover Girl on the ground and flies back up to the jet Cobra Commander and his captive Duke are in. Cobra is freaked out by the huge Polly as Duke puts his handcuffed arms around Cobra Commander just as he ejects out of the jet sending both of them into the air. Cobra Commander flings Duke off and flies off in the ejected seat while Polly catches Duke in a huge talon setting him down gently. Everyone wishes everyone a Merry Christmas as Shipwreck is anything but pleased by the over sized Polly who just yells "Merry Christmas!" loudly at him, while Shipwreck just walks off saying "Bah Humbug."

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Not to bad as far as a G.I. Joe episode goes. It had the usual Cobra comes up with some far fetched plan, G.I. Joe beats them in some one sided battle. Laser shots go flying by not hitting everyone, as vehicles explode only for everyone to jump out just in time. Seems more like an episode of A-Team sometimes rather then a military cartoon. But  this was a strange episode in that it was supposed to be the token Christmas episode that most cartoons have somewhere in the mix.  The Christmas theme was really more of an undertone then an actual plot or basis of this. After the opening Christmas toy collection in the hanger ends, and some sad moments with Mutt and of course Polly singing annoying Christmas carols, we have a typical, been there done that G. I. Joe episode.

I suppose when I was younger, I liked this stuff. I didn't realize at the time how lame the story plots really were. But looking back on it now, they really could have done better. A lot of the moments are just silly at best and some of the situations we see in this episode are just not logical. Cobra goes through all this trouble to sneak into G.I. Joe base by shrinking themselves down and hiding in the toys. Ok it's  a way to tie it into the whole Christmas theme of the episode. But logically everything after this just seems like a bad plan. First of all they want to sneak in to the base, not so they can defeat G.I. Joe, but so they can steal the good guys vehicles and attack some nearby city there by ruining G.I. Joe's reputation. We have the bad guys infiltrating the base, taking care of some over paid for security system, being returned to normal size and then just locking them on hooks in some freezer. To make matters even worse, Cobra Commander decides to put the key inside with them as if to gloat. And how does Shipwreck get free from his hook, he grips his legs around some frozen side of beef next to him and hoists himself off. It sounds ridiculous if I was just telling someone this without having seen the episode, but this all actually happened. Even Polly as a giant seemed silly at points. The malfunctioning gizmo of Destro's made Polly grow extra big as he laid unconscious. Polly just flies out of there and makes some heroic rescue at the end and Cobra is not seen again after that. It just was like everything was thrown at us so suddenly but none of it made much rhyme or reason overall. Like I said, it's your typical G.I. Joe episode, and when it was on in the 80's it was actually a lot of fun. I suppose it's a bit silly to today's standards but these cartoons never tried to write Shakespeare, just have fun because they could.

The real problems I have here are the plot and reasoning of Cobra and their plan. It really just didn't work for me. If you have a size device why use it for such a lame master plan. Why not either make the troops giant size, or some creature giant size to attack the city or G.I. Joe base? And then why leave G. I. Joe alive with the possibility to escape? You would think they would have learned by now. If they even locked the freezer door they would have at least had them trapped. They couldn't even do that. So instead of wanting to take care of G.I. Joe and capture the base that has all the weapons and technology and secret plans. They just want the vehicles to attack some city named Keystone City. I'm sorry I just found the whole premise to be weak and far fetched. It's no wonder why Cobra never won in all the he years they fought G.I. Joe, they have all these great devices and abilities yet the plans they come up with are so out there that they are doomed from the start. So really the story just was not logical by any standard. Destro being the only one at base too was a little illogical as well and using the size device as a weapon was just a way to get Polly big. Seems like this story could have worked if they came up with a better premise and execution.

Polly as a giant was all right but short lived as well. While it's not technically a blink moment as his growth starts awhile before he shows up to save the day at the end, he really only have a few moments where he does his rescue thing and mostly is played up as a joke at Shipwreck's expense at the end.  Polly seemed to get either dumb or annoying as a giant. He was kind of witty and smart alec for the most part in the various episodes that he and Shipwreck appear in. But as a giant all he did was say Christmas sayings. Nothing more.  It was like they couldn't think of what a giant Polly would say, so they just decided to give him some Christmas stuff to sing and it was more annoying then amusing.  Polly has a good personality and it wasn't used at all to it's best here with Polly as a giant. Even as he awakens from being knocked out by the growth ray, he just is silent, hops about , flies through the roof and heads into the distance. He didn't seem surprised at his size or even confused. It was just all natural to him with no talking or anything. Could have been much better, but if they wanted to leave the episode with a sight gag , it worked for that if anything.

In general, I must say I was a bit disappointed. We have so few giant bird moments out there and this should have been better then it was. The story was weak and Polly as a giant was not to creative in any way. Making Polly big wasn't a bad idea at all but you feel that maybe Junkyard may have worked better as a giant animal as Polly just seemed lost and out of place at times. He rescued planes and rescued Duke but he didn't do much else and that is the true disappointment of what could have been a fun situation really.  This episode is about as middle of the road as you can get. You get some growth, you get a giant bird, his moments aren't anything to creative and the animation is normal for the 1980's. Its just very average and will leave you wishing they did better but also give you a good look at a giant Polly on the loose to give Shipwreck hell. Not bad. Could have been much better. 




(A shrunken Polly gets hit with the reducer/enlarger ray returning him to normal size as he flies over to Shipwreck)
Polly: "Polly feels dizzy.."
(Polly faints on Shipwrecks shoulder)
Shipwreck: "Oh poor Polly."
(Shipwreck puts his fainted parrot onto a small table)
Shipwreck: "I'm gonna miss you durin' the battle with Cobra pal. But not very much."


Duke: "Hey Shipwreck! Is this a friend of yours!?"
(Shipwreck looks up to see the gigantic Polly landing as Duke jumps out of his foot claw)
Shipwreck: "Oh no!! My worst nightmare come true!
(Polly stands at attention towering over him as if enjoying the situation)
Shipwreck: "Uh..hiya Polly! Umm, remember ol' Shipwreck, your buddy? Your pal?"


(A gigantic sized Polly leans his huge beak in towards Shipwreck yelling)
(Shipwreck just walks away from the huge bird mumbling)
Shipwreck: "Oh..bah humbug!"


*Polly is voiced by none other then (you guessed it) Frank Welker, who again shows up as a voice for a macro creature. Frank Welker has been in many cartoons, way to many to even name and does great animal and monster voices. So it is no surprise that he was the voice of Polly in the G.I. Joe Cartoon, and that his voiced character wound up being macro in the episode. 

*Polly ends the episode still in his giant size with no mention or resolution to how he was ever reduced back in size after the episode ended. But no one seemed to mind too much or be in too much of a rush to reduce him back if they even can with the malfunctioning device that caused the growth in the first place.


      Factual -- It is very unlikely that Cobra Commander would leave the key inside the freezer for them to get to if they ever got loose (which they did). A real terrorist group would have killed or at least  made sure that GI Joe was unable to get free. 

      Continuity -- Mutt was knocked out by the vapors of the mini jet before he hits the alarm alerting the Joe's. A few moments later he is seen with the rest of the Joe's as they go to attack the Cobra's returned to normal size.

+ :Good idea in making Polly macro, even if it wasn't executed to it's fullest. Some funny lines and moments and good action make for your typical G.I. Joe episode.  Shipwreck's lines as he sees the huge Polly stand before him are priceless.

- Not a great plot overall and a lot of parts are just silly and far fetched at best.  Polly doesn't do much as a giant and his moments are shot lived without him really accomplishing or saying much other then some annoying Christmas sayings.


     Lucky he has metal covering his head     For a little bird he has spunk

Watch out for flying shrinking beams     It's not a fly. It's teeny tiny Polly     Time to grow one bird

Back to normal size. Glad that's over with. Or is it?     Too much size changing will make anyone tired     Glowing birds are never a good sign

I think he needs a bigger table to lay on     Rise and shine birdzilla     Is he big? Or is he still dreaming?

I think he likes his new size     It's the only way to exit     He casts a large shadow with that wingspan

You don't want him flying over head     Giant Polly to the rescue     Now he's just showing off

Peek a boo. I see you     Do i have to save everyone?     Not as uncomfortable as it looks

Flight 1073 coming in for a landing     Who's the master now?     Polly has a good reason to smirk here

Is it the voice or the bird breath that has him cringing?     Polly looks bigger from this angle


1 Minute 11 Seconds
After getting hit by a growth ray, this holiday happy bird flies off to save the day. Singing and terrifying Shipwreck along the way. This is a compiled clip full of macro moments of Polly. So moments are edited together. .