Name of show that this character is from:  The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs
Title of Episode:


Original Air date: February 20, 1999  (NETWORK: Fox Kids)
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Potion)
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS PORKZILLA?: A non anthro, non-furry, pet pig


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?:  Drinks too much of home made strength formula

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger anthro version of himself.

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH IS SHOWN?: Last stages after out growing the barn.                                                                                                     

MACRO NAME: Porkzilla

QUOTE:      (NONE -- Just grunts and sounds like any non-furry pig would)

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Turnip Farm in Gingivitisville & city named Hugeopolis

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ):  100 Feet

NATURE: Playful Animalistic Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium - Barn that he outgrows, stop sign, bus, buildings punched through, light poles

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Two young red headed girls on a Turnip farm are busy mixing up a stew. One sister hands the other sister a canister of plutonium to add to it. The girls watch in glee as the soup starts to ignite with a green glow. They both of how with this formula they will regret telling them that their prized hog was not good enough to win last years fair. Everyone laughed at their small and shrimpy pig. But this year they will make sure that won't happen again by adding a little something extra to their turnip stew. They pour a baby's bottle full of the radioactive soup.  The first sister warns the other not to feed too much to it as a little goes a long way. The other sister marches out hating to be ordered about by her other sister and heads to the barn with the bottle of soup. The sister heads to the farm trying to feed the pig by putting the bottle into it's nostril before the other sister tells her that wrestling is on. She gets excited and drops the pig and the bottle running back to the house. Porkzilla meanwhile starts to feed on the formula and drinks way to much and soon out grows the whole barn and stomps off as the sisters still watching wrestling. A dog in his doghouse is woken by the ground shaking. He steps out of his house onto the lawn and sees a shadow looming over him. A huge pig foot slams down before him nearly stepping on him as it stomps off. The dog quickly runs to an outhouse to call Dog Central to alert them of what he saw.

Ralph the dog gets the alert to contact HQ. But his human owner is in the shower. He calls into a female dog to get her to give him some phone cover to free up the bathroom. She tells him not to worry on it and takes care of it. The phone suddenly rings and the human gets out of the shower to answer it. The female dog acts as if she is an attractive modal looking for someone to talk to. Ralph meanwhile hears the voice coming from the toilet of his commander telling him that a giant pig is nearing the city and to investigate it. Ralph returns back to the hallway and barks as the female dog hangs up the phone. His owner gets annoyed that Ralph ruined the call and tosses him outside. Ralph is then told by his chief that he will be assisted on the assignment by a top spy and opens the gate door to see Scribble, who is less then stellar. But Ralph has no time to complain he has to get to the giant pig and runs off with Scribble.

Porkzilla as the pig is now called stomps out onto the road towards Hugeopolis as two cops eating donuts comment on how monsters always seem to head to the city. He reaches down to grab a stop sign and licks at it like a lollipop as it dissolves into his muzzle. Then he stomps over to a row of buildings and reaches in for a snack scaring a sleeping women inside as he does so. Ralph and Scribble meanwhile wait in the city for the pig to arrive only to almost be stepped on by him.  Scribble stares up at the pig with trance like eyes as the pig monster stares back stopping in his tracks. The pig suddenly snaps out of it and stomps off. Ralph learns that Scribble was able to sense what the pig wanted that being food. Ralph is glad to realize Scribble is finally useful for something and heads to a supermarket. Porkzilla meanwhile eats a bus as if it were a sandwich using a mailbox as a saltshaker to sprinkle mail onto it as if it were salt. Scribble meanwhile fixes up a weird concoction in the supermarket mixing sugar and chocolate and various other sweets.

As Scribles continues to work the pig reaches into another building and grabs a mattress and some mustard and makes a sandwich out of it. Not liking his sandwich too much he stomps on to look for something better. Seeing a billboard with some italian food on it he gets an idea. The giant pig next picks up some power lines and starts to eat them as if they were spaghetti.  Scribble finishes his snack that smells awful but after Ralph tries it he thinks its great. They use it to lore the pig out of hiding and it works. The giant pig starts to chase the two dogs who ride on a cycle back towards the turnip farm. The pig starts to eat the turnips finally filling his appetite and the girls run out seeing their huge pig and try some of the turnips with the stuff Scribble made finding them delicious.

The fair happens and Porkzilla wins first prize easily as well as the girls turnips winning best prize as well. The operative is very happy with Ralph. Ralph is glad everything turned out well but wonders where Scribble is. The next thing we see is Scribble ridding off into the sunset still ridding the motorcycle.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: This is from a very short lived show. Most probably wouldn't have seen it unless they were regular watchers of Fox Kids on Saturdays. But the cartoon for all senses and purposes was pretty bad and hard to watch at points. It was just sheer luck if anything that I found this one. More proof that you never know when a moment appropriate for this page will arise. This episode while bad just because the show was bad, does have a few things going for it. The choice for macro creature, that being a pig is a very unique and barely used one. So for all the giant pig lovers, this is a perfect episode for them. It also has a K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple Stupid) mentality as well not making what's going on too complicated. The pig was fed some nuclear induced soup and it grew and stomped off. Simple, doesn't leave too much to figure out and gets us right into the fun moments. Besides that though the episode is really a middle of the road nothing special situation.

A real problem with this show is the characters that star in it just aren't likable. Ralph for instance is just a very generic character and you just don't care that he is leading. If it weren't for Adam West as a voice of the commander he gets orders from over the telecommunications equipment, it probably would have very little substance at all. The Scribble character was even worse. He is supposed to be cool and the character to love as he is your typical dim-witted type of character who is more dog then furry but still of course always saves the day by pure stupidity, is more annoying then fun. Other episodes have other characters joining with Ralph so its an assortment but no matter who it is and when it is always the same borefest as usual.

As far as the episode goes, it could have really been much better then it was. They really played up on a lot of common macro themes that have been used before and many times after. Such things as: nuclear elements causing growth, items in the city (parts of buildings, signs, vehicles) becoming edible to a giant as food, heading right to the city after it grew in size and a few other elements. So they captured the flavor correctly for doing a fun nonsensical situation that wasn't meant to be serious but more of a spoof. But the fun just wasn't there like it should have been for me. They resorted on too many of the same themes here beating it to death. First we have to deal with two twin sisters who are rejects from an episode of Jerry Springer. Dumb as rocks and a true take up on something from what you would expect someone from a farm on some bad TV sitcom to act like. Then even with the pig we have this never ending appetite. It's just one eating joke after another. Eating various items in the city as if they were other foods. At first it was cute, eating a school bus as if it were a subway sandwich but then when it got to the point of him pulling out someone's mattress and then reaching back into the building to open the fridge with massive fingers to get a tiny bottle of mustard for it, the joke was dead.

There are some fun moments to be found here though. Lots of shots of the pig stomping through the area. A little bit of everything for everyone. One moment he punches through a building to grab something. Another he almost steps on both dog spies as he looms over them (I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes he had). The ground shaking with every step that he took. The growth moment was alright but it was mostly just the end of it busting out of the barn and a lot of close ups of his now large face. And there was a lot of humor (or attempts at it at any rate) here. So this isn't a total dud. Its just not something that really stood out to me. The episode was short, the moments a little corny and the animation pretty poor. There is a good reason that this show was short lived. It really just wasn't anything that special or fun that put it above anything else. Pretty much like this episode. The giant pig, nice touch. Amusing and different. After that, they pretty much just took every idea they can think of when it comes to old monster movie themes and put them in here in bits and pieces, feeling that if you add a lame internet joke somewhere in all that it makes it work to today's society.  They had a few good ideas but it just didn't work. I think people by this point had gotten tired of the same ol same ol with dogs being super heroes. We had Road Rovers, Dog City, Beethoven and I'm sure a few others. It's time to come up with something new. I can't see kids getting excited about a bad take up of the "Cats vs. Dogs" movie. Sometimes some better writing is all a macro moment needs to truly work and boy did this one ever need it.

To sum it up this is really a story that never goes anywhere. The dogs don't even really chase the pig about. They more just wait till it comes to them. Most of the time the situation was focused on what snacks the pig was going to have, which I didn't get either as the pig was never established to have had a big appetite prior.  The situation just dies flat and once the jokes get old so does the whole episode half way through. Even the ending is really not that exciting. They wind up just leading him back to his farm where he just snacks on the turnips there and suddenly turns into a nice pig as he is shown winning the fair in an image Ralph sees. Normally I like when the giant stays giant at the end but this episode was just one that seemed to be missing a story in it. If you like a giant rampaging pig and thats all you care about then this is perfect for you. If you like a little more substance to the situation then this probably won't be a favorite. Its hard to come by now as it was only on for one season and Im sure it's not on DVD anywhere. But if you are going to look for it don't go crazy. Its honestly not the greatest. Its as middle of the road as you can get.



(Two sisters on a Turnip farm pour radioactive turnip soup into a baby's bottle)
Sister 1: "Even though we feed that little piggy turnips three times a day, I figure he must be needing something a little more potent."
Sister 2: "Where did you all get the recipe for that anyhow?"
Sister 1: "Up on the web. At http://www.dangerouslyunpredictablehoggrowthformulas.com."


(Porkzilla stomps by two cops in their police car eating donuts)
Policeman 1: "Hey look! A giant monster is heading to the city."
Policeman 2: "Why do they always do that?"
Policeman 1: "I don't know. Pig's new though. Got any more glazed?"


FINAL NOTES: *This show never truly caught on as Fox Kids had hoped. It only lasted one season and was primarily shown as part of the Saturday morning block of 1998/9 only to eventually fade into obscurity never to be seen again. A few things that may have led to it's downfall were it's poor animation, silly stories and forced character personalities that just didn't fall well with fans. It was a very crowded year for cartoons back in the late 90's and bad shows were easily expendable as there were many more to replace them.

* Former star of the campy Batman television show of the 1960's, Adam West is the voice of Dog Zero in this and every episode of the series. Dog Zero would play the role of the 'chief' type of character giving the various dogs their assignments and telling them what they were up against. West often plays roles similar to the one he played as Batman in the various cartoons he supplies voices for, or a spoof there of. But will also often play the eccentric, dead pan, not all there type of leadership role as well. Much like he does in this cartoon and as the mayor in the cartoon Family Guy.

*Every episode of Spy Dogs was separated into two episodes show in a half hour block. There was never one episode that took up a full half hours worth of the show. Also every episode had an official name the episode was called which was usually just one word (for instance "Porkzilla" for this episode) Followed by an alternative title that was usually much longer and more descriptive. (In this case it said "...or The Secret File of the Bacony Behemoth" )

*Officially the pig in this episode has no known name. The girls refer to him as "our hog" or "piggy" but  the name of "Porkzilla" is actually given by Dog Zero at the command center while talking to Ralph. The name stuck since but only between the dogs. The humans never refer to him by any name.


       Factual -- The pig is shown as walking on all fours prior to his growth as a normal pig would. But after he grows it now walked about on two legs rather then four for the rest of the time. This makes no sense as growth should not make him become a anthro. It should have just made him a larger version of himself which was that of a four legged pig. 

      Continuity -- Size fluctuation problems. When Porkzilla first shows up in the city he is pretty big looming over buildings and the various items he interacts with. Towards the end the pig seems smaller as he arrives back on the farm sitting in the turnip patch and being shown winning first prize at the fair in a background image.

      Continuity -- While it makes for a funny internet joke it contradicts something one of the sisters at the beginning stated. When making the formula the girls talk about how their grandma used to put plutonium in jam she made all the time. A few moments later while still cooking it the sister asks the other one where she got the formula and the sister replies with an internet web site as the source.

+ :Giant rampaging pig is unique and probably won't be seen many times other then this episode. Some fun rampage and city moments to be found here.

- :Pretty generic for the most part. Nothing really redeeming to make this stand out. Poor animation and some bad writing that takes away from the originally of the character chosen to be big.


Aww what a cute little pig. I think its a pig at least     You would smile too for some growth formula     Oh just drink the whole thing. You know you wanna!

He seems to like it     No barn can hold a pig that big     That pig sure has a big butt

Hope he doesn't have to clean that up     Talk about being placed just right     The city awaits the pink terror!

Hugeopolis? He should fit right in    Fear the pig!      Signs are really lollipops. Who knew?

I see you...     Watch that first step     Go on. Crush em!

A bus sandwhich. With mailbox toppings     Lets see whats in here     Those bed sandwhiches always disagree with him

Now where have I seen this look before?     Time for some powerlines for supper     Peek-a-boo

Oh darn. you almost ate those spydogs. Try harder!     And the chase is on     He's back to walking on all fours again

He's right behind them     He sure loves his vegetables as much as his buildings     Finally he wins first prize