Power Pooch and Bad Cat

Name of show that this character is from:  The Wacky World of Tex Avery -- Power Pooch to the Rescue
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: October 8, 1997  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: (DVD) Power Pooch to the Rescue

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Formula)  & Blink Moment
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WHAT IS POWER POOCH?: An anthro, furry, yellow colored, dog


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Tapped into the power of his super shoe by chewing it repeatedly.



: (If different from regular sized name ) --SAME AS BEFORE--

QUOTE(Power Pooch)  "Can you say justice?!"
                (Bad Cat) "TIM-BERRRRR!"
SEX:    Male

 LOCATIONS:  Power Pooch's house. Neighborhood and looming above the planet through the clouds

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): Both well over 10,000  feet

NATURE: (Power Pooch) Heroic Good
                  (Bad Cat ) Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low  - Brick wall, a few vehicles and trees.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Power Pooch in his non super hero dog form is laying on the floor resting. His side kick, a young kitten named Little Buddy wakes him from a nap to show him a comic book called "The Maimer". Pooch looks at it and flips through it seeing some warrior type super hero full of weapons on his body flip through the book. The Maimer starts to fire his weapons at  Pooch for insulting him. A huge missile leaves a hole in the wall of their house after he gets done firing. A crime is seen through the hole of the house by Little Buddy of a man trying to stick up an armored car. Little Buddy informs him of a crime but the only crime Power Pooch sees is a cat bullying a mouse.  Pooch tells his sidekick to get his shoe while he goes out to take care of the cat.

Power Pooch goes outside and tells the cat to put the mouse down. The cat just laughs and Power Pooch than eats his old brown shoe turning into the super hero Power Pooch. He beats the cat up and saves the mouse as the cat surrenders.  He dumps the cat into the trash and tells the mouse to be more careful in the future. He than deflates himself back to his previous form and tells his sidekick to  come back home with the shoe. The cat sees the other cat walk away with this shoe and gets the idea of using it to his own purposes. He sneaks around to the house to find the shoe.  The evil cat uses the shoe on himself and turns into a powerful super cat and beats up Pooch and Little Buddy. He forces them both to serve him now as slaves. 

Little Buddy hides a mouse trap into the drink he serves the evil cat to get the shoe to Power Pooch.  The shoe lands near Power Pooch and he eats it turning back into a super hero to deal with the evil super cat. As the two go to fight the  evil cat bashes a outdoor grill atop of Power Pooch.  Power Pooch returns the favor and bashes a refrigerator atop of the cat.  Power Pooch gets a glass of iced tea and frozen cat teeth as ice cubes after opening the fridge. Bad Cat than uses a hollowed out tree to stop the dog super hero as well as cutting a full tree down to hit him with.  The tree misses Power Pooch who returns with a full cat to stuff into Bad Cat and Power Pooch drives the car stuffed into the cat into a brick wall. 

Bad Cat returns again and grabs the show chewing on it again to grow double the size of Power Pooch and reaches up for a space shuttle stuffing Power Pooch into it and sending it off towards the sun.  Power Pooch returns and chews on the shoe to grow bigger then Bad Cat and crashes a full cruise ship down atop of the cat.  They continue to fight bashing objects on one another until they just decide to try and out grow the other each getting larger and larger trying to out do the other until they are both through the clouds together.  Power Pooch wonders who has the shoe now as they both loom high to the sky.

Behind them a gigantic super sized anthro mouse grows up in size towering above both of them. It is the same mouse that the cat was picking on earlier and picks up Bad Cat stuffing him into the armored car that was being robbed before in front of Power Pooches house that is now driven by the criminal that stole it. He stuffs Bad Cat into the armored car and sends it  into the solar system with a huge toss saluting it as it leaves.

Power Pooch returns to normal and is revived by Little Buddy who tells Pooch that he was great in tricking that cat until the mouse was able to save the day. The dog agrees that justice works in mysterious ways. The screen zooms out to reveal the Maimer now reading the story instead of the other way around and he was reading a comic of the episode we just saw. The Maimer decides that he didn't at all like the ending as he tosses the book away.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Disappointing I think is the best word to use to start this review. In what is clearly a bad attempt to emulate the very famous and perfect Tex Avery movie short, "King Size Canary", this falls short for so many reasons it almost makes one wonder why they even bothered to make this show as well as ruin some of Tex's well known classics.  I can't say much about the show. I only know of this episode in the first place by some people alerting me to it and getting a copy of it on a bargain basement DVD that had the various Power Pooch episodes. But  from what I saw of this mess I can see I really didn't miss much by missing the show in it's original run on TV as well as to why it was in the bargain basement bin where it belongs.

To copy something such as King Size Canary, one better hope to have something good to back it up at least. Otherwise it comes off as unoriginal and just a bad copy of the original.  Everything was just wrong about this. Why copy something so good if there is no way it could be good after it's completion? The animation was cheaply done looking like it was done in a studio somewhere in a country unknown to exist. The story is moronic and just not amusing in the slightest. And the situation is ridiculous and hard to watch at any point. It really made me wonder what they were thinking in the first place by making the show at all. It's great to homage a genius like Tex Avery and honor him with a series based on his style and humor, but its also comes off as insulting when done cheaply and with very little effort behind the process. There is nothing redeeming or noteworthy to take away from this episode or entire series. 1997 must have been a very slow year in that this slop of a show was able to make it onto the airwaves.

Where to begin... Well the worst part of all of this was the whole reaching out of nowhere to grab objects. Did someone actually think seeing a dog bashing a cat with a meteor he got by reaching up to outer space even though he is standing on the front lawn of a house at only about 30 feet was amusing? I sure didn't find it funny in the slightest.  I almost lost it right there, feeling  a sudden tingle of pain as Power Pooch stuffs a huge car into Bad Cat and gets into the car somehow and drives it through a wall and walks back as if he took care of that cat with that lame abusive technique. Was it that gag that we were supposed to laugh at? I just couldn't tell as I wasn't laughing.  I just wanted to cringe in pain as it was that stupid. And this reaching for objects theme went on throughout the whole episode. The cat reaches for the shoe from across a floor as if he were plastic man. The giant sized mouse at the end reaches for a armored car on the ground stuffing the huge miles tall cat into it. It just was nonsensical, humorless stuff like that , that made this very hard to watch or enjoy. I don't mind silly and not realistic, this is a cartoon after all and it's expected. It's the fact that they are claiming this is Tex Avery brand humor. While it had twinges of it, it really came off like a very bad attempt to copy a humor that you really can't copy, especially in a more modern setting it just didn't work. This was bad for so many reasons but the whole super stretchy reach into outer space stuff was the worst aspect of this episode.

The animation and drawing style of the characters was just awful too. Where as the big body and short limbs worked well with Tex's humor in King Size Canary, here it just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb as we are watching the situation get worse and worse.  After awhile the characters growing looked like weird triangular blobs of sorts not resembling anything but a blob type creature that can be various shapes and sizes in a very disproportionate body.  At times they tried to show tone and muscle mass and other times it was just a huge blob slithering out of the various objects being based atop the other. Tex Avery had a style and purpose to the way he drew things, this just seems the style was just to be cheaply done. No other reason.

Most of all though the story should be mentioned as a very weak aspect of this episode. The minor macro moments are interesting and a nice nod to the classic before mentioned short, but the story getting us there was just lame for lack of a better word. It has this side situation with "The Maimer" who is some Arnold wanna be type hero that can talk through his comic book pages and stuff. And they have the ridiculous battle between Power Pooch and Bad Cat where no matter what they do to each other they always come right back in a blink of the eye moment with no explanation of how they got back so fast. This episode was power gaming at it's worst. You folks on the mucks who deal with power gamers that you can't stand as nothing can stop em no matter what you do. Well they may have gotten their pointers from this very episode as it was that crazy at times.  The story was just awful. If they wanted to do something fun with growth, 100 other ways to get to the situation would have worked better than what they did here. This was just unenjoyable and seemed like it was just put together in two seconds. Like they just had to quickly come up with something to do that dealt with a dog vs cat situation.  It's truly hard to believe that three people wrote this episode. I guess too many cooks do spoil the cooking as they say. This is proof positive.

Macro moments I guess aren't the worst thing ever seen in a macro episode. Otherwise this would be rated even worse than it is now. I think especially if you are a fan of Mega Macro moments you will get a kick out of it. But it really is only the last 30 seconds when the two are looming high to the sky and the mouse out grows them that you may get something fun out of this. Everything else is just annoying and painful to deal with for the most part. The growth is even done badly. Its hard to tell how big they are or how big they got after their chewing on this shoe. They have weird growth moments and stretch up only to bounce back down again not so large as they were for a few seconds. There were times when they are growing and no shoe is seen at any point. The sizes and macro moments that could have at least saved this episode slightly were also just done poorly and made the whole situation confusing rather then enjoyable as they were trying to make it. The idea of the mouse out growing both to end it was good as he got revenge on Bad Cat which was a nice touch. But that is really the only part I can say that I thought was done well in the whole entire episode let alone for the macro situations found here.

I wouldn't recommend this at all. You have King Size Canary which is a gem in what it is. Why watch a pale comparison that does everything you shouldn't do in a situation such as this?  I don't even mind bad animation as much as the bad writing. This could have been something decent at least if they spent more than two seconds coming up with all this. As it stands now, even getting it bargain basement priced seems to be a waste of money. Macro fans won't really be running to watch this unless they just like mega macro moments where ever they can get them and this at least has that going for it. But not much else. Even the cat should have had a personality. This is just a real stinker. It should have and could have been good, but as it stands it really isn't and I would suggest not wasting your time chasing after this one. Don't say I didn't warn you. By the time they get to the dog getting iced tea from the fridge that he bashed over the cat, you too will understand why this was very hard to stomach while watching. Just fast forward to the end of it and see the big stuff and leave it at that. Save yourself the pain of watching the poor story if you must see this. I thought it was most fitting when the Maimer said it was a lame ending. And beginning.. and middle and...




Power Pooch: "So uhhh... who has the shoe?"


(Little Buddy fans Power Pooch who is back to normal size and unsuper form reviving him after a long battle.)
Little Buddy: "Oh P.P. What an ingenious plot. Tricking that cat, into believing he creamed you. So the mouse can get the shoe.. brilliant!!"
Power Pooch: "Justice works in mysterious ways Little Buddy. Once again I have proven, crime doesn't pay!"
(Both Power Pooch and Little Buddy give a thumbs up to the viewers. It zooms out to reveal its in a comic book with the Maimer reading it and tossing the book away)
Maimer: "Dah.. what a lame ending..."



*Part of "The Wacky World of Tex Avery" Power Pooch was  a short segment that was often featured during the various episodes of the series. The Tex Avery show was separated into three different episodes based on totally different characters. Other segments part of the show besides Power Pooch were Tex Avery and Pompeii Pete.  The Wacky World of Tex Avery was only on the air for one season in 1997 often shown at an early morning time slot in which it was rarely seen by a huge audience. It was meant to be a homage of sorts to Tex Avery's style of humor and wit through the various cartoon segments that filled the shows episodes.

*While the name of the evil cat is never established, a scoreboard showing who is winning between Power Pooch and the cat clearly has the name listed as Bad Cat being the name of the feline that he is battling. While that too may not be his official name that is  the only way he was referred to at any point in this entire episode.

*This episode can be seen as a homage and based off of a very famous Tex Avery macro episode short named "King Size Canary" . The themes were similar in that it dealt with constant growth of characters namely a cat and dog and mouse and all loomed up higher than the clouds towards the end. It's a minor take off on the same themes which seems only natural due to the show basing itself off of Tex Avery humor. This was the only macro episode found in the whole season of this show.



      Factual --  Growing to 12 feet in size doesn't enable one to grab a space shuttle in outer space to stuff someone into. Most of the objects they started to grab were not possible to be where they were getting them. That includes things in outer space and things from the ocean and other areas that wouldn't be near a house. There was no logic behind where the items were coming from.

       Factual -- The armored car should not have been as big as the cat that Super Mouse was holding. As first of all the cat had grown thousands of feet tall at that point and the car shouldn't have been any bigger than it normally is. If anything the armored car should have been tiny in the mouses huge hand, probably not even able to be seen and the cat still should have been much larger then the vehicle he was stuffed in.

      Continuity -- All the characters in this seemed to have extending arms where they could reach something very far away without moving. This would happen often when they were fighting and grabbing objects out of no where to slam atop of each other. After the situation ended their arms were back to regular size again.

       Continuity -- The scoreboard that Little Buddy is using to keep score in the battle of Power Pooch and Bad Cat  reads different things at different moments with the numbers sometimes getting  less than previously. For instance Bad Cat had a score of "02" at one point after hitting Power Pooch twice in a row, only for the score for Bad Cat to read "01" the next time we see it when Little Buddy adds a point for Power Pooch.

       Continuity -- After awhile the two are growing without seen eating the shoe. They are just getting bigger one after the other with the shoe only seen every now and then in between the growth spells.

       Continuity -- Size fluctuation problems all over the place. The sizes were often shifting and changing from one moment to the next. Sometimes being smaller than previously and other times just being bigger than they really were only to be small again. It was very hard to follow all the size fluctuations that occurred with the three giants in this.

       Continuity -- A valve is clearly seen sticking out  on Power Pooch's stomach after he saves the mouses life at the beginning. He uses this valve to return to his normal dog self. But the valve was not seen prior or after this at any time other than when it was used  in the moment.

       Animation -- When Power Pooch stuffs a full car into Bad Cat , the purple head that the cat had turns orange for a few moments before he is driven into the wall.

       Animation -- The driver in the armored car that the giant super mouse is stuffing Bad Cat into turns from Caucasian colored to African American after the cat is stuffed into the car.


+ :Dog and cat growing as they battle is a good idea and fun to see done.  A mini homage to King Size Canary found here. Added bonus of a giant sized mouse outgrowing everyone suddenly. The Mega Macro fans should get something out of this episode.

- :Horrible and cheaply done animation at points. Colors seemed done wrong at times and the arms stretching all over the place were annoying. Badly written and just not as much fun as they probably thought it should be. The growth moments are weird and strange even if shown.


Thta darn cat is picking on mice again..         Power Pooch to the rescue!        I think we will be seeing that mouse again...

Uh oh. The cat is going for the shoe         Hmm it turned him orange? 0_o        Looks like the cat has him all rolled up

Hey careful where you are grabbing there!         Time for the two super powered beasts to face off        His bark is worse than his bite

I don't think you are supposed to bite it again cat        I would back away if I were you Power Pooch         My how that cat has grown...

Two can play the eat the shoe game        Now he's growing out of ships? Uh....         These two are getting pretty big.. I think...

And the dog takes the lead in the race to be bigger        Now the cat has his head in the clouds.         Now they are both through the clouds.. but where is the shoe?

Don't look behind you kitty.. but you have a visitor.       That's one HUGE mouse         Be afraid kitty.. be very afraid...

Now the mouse is playing with toy cars      The cat and crook are going for a trip         Giant mouse salutes them on their way


57 Seconds
A dog and cat try to out grow each other with the help of a super powerful shoe. Little do they realize how big things really are getting and what is about to grow behind them.