Commodore Puddles & Rufus

Name of show that these characters are from:  Kim Possible
Titles of Episode:


Original Air date: November 14, 2003  (CABLE: Disney Channel )
Where can I find this episode now?: Kim Possible (DVD)

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Formula)
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS COMMODORE PUDDLES?: A non anthro, non furry, pink fur colored pet Poodle Dog

WHAT IS RUFUS?: A anthro, sorta furry, pet naked mole rat


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: Zapped by rays of malfunctioning shrink ray

WHAT DO THEY  BECOME AFTER THEY GREW?: Larger Versions of Selves
IS GROWTH SHOWN?: (Commodore Puddles) Yes
                                        (Rufus) No

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH STAGES SHOWN?: (Commodore Puddles) All growth stages shown.

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) : SAME AS BEFORE FOR BOTH

QUOTE:      (NONE--NEITHER CAN SPEAK. Just the normal animal sounds they make. )

SEX (Both)   Male

LOCATIONS: Mojave desert, trailer park, military base at Area 51

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): (Both) 40-50 feet tall.

NATURE: (Commodore Puddles) Chaotic Animalistic Behavior
                 (Rufus) Heroic Good

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low- A few small structures at Area 51, a small abandoned airplane hanger in the desert

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Ron Stoppable is trying to film a  movie in his garage, using his pet mole rat Rufus as the star. It is supposed to be a monster movie with Rufus in the role of a monster but it seems the mole rat seems more hungry for tacos then in the mood to stomp things. Ron tells him that he will have to recast him due to his breaking character while Kim tells him to go easy on Rufus while she digs through a box.  and finds a video titled "Ron's Big Day" he quickly grabs it from her telling her that he is trying to make a movie for the movie festival in three days and can't work with these interruptions.  Kim gets a call on her telecom altering her that Drakken, her arch nemesis just ordered a shrink ray and had it delivered to the Mojave desert.

Back in his desert base, Drakken is telling Shego that once his shrink ray is complete, he will be able to sneak into Area 51 without even being detected. Shego is less then impressed as Drakken goes back to figuring out how to work the device. His pet poodle Commodore Puddles whimpers and whines below Drakken, needing to go for a walk badly.  Kim, Ron and Rufus show up as the dog hops about trying to get his masters attention. Shego and Kim start to battle while Ron and Rufus start to film the action on a portable video camera. Puddles can wait no longer and goes under the shrink ray and does his business causing the machine to spark and fizzle. Drakken yells at him while Kim and Shego continue to battle it out in the background. Puddles gets flung unto a pad in front of the shrink ray while he hits Rufus who was standing there knocking him out of the way. Kim gets thrown into a wall and the machine gets powered on zapping Commodore Puddles. Instead of shrinking in size though, Commodore Puddles winds up growing in size, so big that his head goes through the roof of the hanger. Drakken and Shego quickly jump onto Puddles as he stomps out  going through the wall into the distance.

Puddles heads towards Area 51, without causing some problems for a mobile home area. Kim and Ron quickly head to Area 51 to alert them of Commodore Puddles. They quickly go into battle stations as the huge poodle shows up. They actually have a plan for such a situation and start to eject huge dog biscuits from airplanes right at Commodore Puddles. He picks up one of the treats into his muzzle quickly spitting it out back at the troops as Drakken tells them that his dog doesn't eat the cheap stuff. They then try a mega sized dog whistle and that gets the attention of a hundred stray dogs who run into the area disrupting things.

The troops, Kim and Ron head into the underground area of Area 51 to get away from it. The general shows the aliens and UFO's that are kept there telling them that it's all secret stuff even though they leak out the real information, but people aren't supposed to know that it's real what they are being told. Commodore Puddles starts to dig through the ground to get into Area 51 and the general is about to press the self destruct button only for Kim to ask for one more chance to stop them. Kim and Ron head out there and take on the huge dog. Using grappling hooks and flips and take down the dog by grappling its legs together. Drakken tells his pet to roll over and the dog is freed while taking a few buildings down with his roll. Rufus hops into a shoe of Kim's that was flung off and uses it as a rocket jet to head quickly down the road.

Puddles traps Kim and Ron into the ground making it unable for them to move. A huge booming sound is heard and a giant Rufus suddenly shows up growling madly. Commodore Puddles starts to fight him while they both exchange blows and hits. Rufus finally gets the upper hand using some wrestling moves and tossing him into a huge truck with Shego getting flattened by the huge dog landing on her. Drakken steals a UFO while no one is watching and thinks he has won when a few aliens aboard the ship have a few things to say about it.

Back at the film festival Ron is excited about all the footage he got from the battle and before his movie is shown two secret agents show up telling him they had to switch the movie as they can't allow footage of Area 51 to be shown. The video shown instead is of the tape Kim had earlier, "Ron's Big Day" and it has a baby Ron on a toilet talking about how he made a potty.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: The 50's were alive again with this short episode of Kim Possible. A nice attempt at capturing the flavor of the monster movies that used to be a dime a dozen over half a century ago. But when you come right down to it, it's just another been there done that type of situation that pits two giant animals against each other, with the good guy always having the huge advantage. 

A lot of moments of humor and references to things past filled this episode, making for an enjoyable watch, but that's really all that filled the episode. The idea of a giant pink poodle on the loose was a funny one, just for the fact that its a big poodle, that's a joke in itself.  Not the typical dog you imagine being a monster, so I think they made a good choice of who to pick as the evil  monster animal. Commodore Puddles was in only one episode previously to this one and he was a very vicious and nasty little dog. (And he was white furred , not pink furred like he was in this episode) but for some reason he seemed to become just a regular normal behaving poodle in this episode, not that it was bad for Puddles to be acting like that as a giant but it still was a problem as it contradicted what we learned of the character previously. All that aside, it still was a good attempt at mimicking a giant animal on the loose situation. We had a few knocks at Jurassic Park with the water shaking when the giant approached and the giant Puddles taking a drink out of a swimming pool , like the T-Rex did in Lost world. We also had spoofs of Empire Strikes Back and even Matrix with every agent being named Smith. It was a good and fun idea. Just something seemed to be missing overall to make it truly good.

I suppose the real problems were the story never really develops into anything more then a predictable situation, and Rufus as a giant was something rushed towards the end making for a quick solution as to how to fix the problem.  A giant Rufus wasn't a bad idea at all, but how his being giant happened was a problem and another reason why these 11 minute shorts, vs the 23 minute full length episodes are big problems when dealing with story development and being able to do a full idea without limitations.  They spend so much time focusing on Puddles that no time was left to give Rufus anything rather then a quick exit and a quick return as a giant with no explanation and no taking into effect the amount of time the whole trip and transformation and return back would have actually taken. Rufus easily handles Puddles and what could have been a really great situation with not one but two giant creatures battling it out, turns into a "We need a quick ending.." situation and was over as soon as it began.  If the episode was full length I think we would have seen everything to give both characters a good showing and more of a story fitting of what could have been. But even with the flaws here, it's still a fun episode at least. Just isn't one of the great ones due to the situation slowing down greatly after Puddles has a few moments out on the loose and then it becomes cliché' and good guy winning easily.

Overall I think the situation fit well into a Kim Possible environment. Rufus is the type of character who has come through for them as a last resort so it was not out of character for him to have done what he did here. Puddles made for a fun monster with a cool growth moment, even if  it was done in the pink blob type of effect that is a cheesy way of doing transformation, but you will find some classic lines and fun moments throughout. It is short in length and has some story problems which is expected. You  may want to see what a giant pink poodle on the rampage is like though and this will fulfill that at least nicely.  This is another one of those episodes where they never shrink back the giants at the end but we do see Rufus in the last scene and he is back to normal size. So your guess is as good as mine as to how they reversed the effects. A few loose ends fixed up  and a little more creativity and this could have worked nicely.



(The Colonel comes running in as Ace and Eddie approach seeing him  in a panic and upset about something)
Drakken: "Commodore Puddles, not now, can't you see Daddy's trying to put the finishing touches on his shrink ray? "
Shego: "He needs to go out. "
Drakken: "He was just out ten minutes ago. "
Shego: "Now, what did we agree on?"
(Drakken sighs knowing he's wrong)
Drakken:  "If I wanted a dog I had to promise to take care of him."


(Commodore Puddles gets hit with the shrink ray and grows in size)
Drakken: "It's not supposed to do that. It's supposed to shrink stuff!"
Shego: "Told ya he had to go out!"


(Ron watches the playback of Commodore Puddles stomping off out of the destroyed airplane hanger on his video camera)
Ron Stoppable: "That would be the coolest shot ever. If it weren't for the 2,000 ton puddle that has been  unleashed into an unsuspecting world."


(Kim arrives at Area 51 trying to tell them of the giant Commodore Puddles approaching)
Kim Possible: "There's this monster poodle..."
Soldier: "Name?"
Kim Possible: "Commodore Puddles..."
Soldier: "Your  name!!"
Kim: "Oh, uh Kim Possible."



*This episode is Commodore Puddles' second appearance in this show. The first is an episode called "Kimitation Nation".

*One of the few Kim Possible Episodes to actually only be a short episode. Its only 11 minutes in length and was shown before another episode "Day of the Snowmen" which is also only 11 minutes long.

*When Commodore Puddles' legs are tied up by Kim's grappling hook, it is a direct reference to the Empire Strikes Back where the AT-AT's were taken down in the same manor using grappling hook lines.

*When the giant Commodore Puddles first showed up at a trailer park, the water started to shake about in the sink of a woman washing dishes. When Rufus shows up at Area 51 as a giant a glass of water held by a solder  has it's water shake. Both are references to Jurassic Park when the water would shake whenever the Tyrannosaurus Rex showed up. Most notably the glass of water that was in the movie did the same thing.

*There is also a Lost World: Jurassic Park references where Commodore Puddles walks over to a swimming pool behind the trailer park and starts to lap out of the pool as if drinking from a watering bowl. The same thing happened in the movie where the T-Rex stopped in front of a swimming pool and lapped up water.

 *This whole episode is a direct spoof on the 1950's monster movies where some animal or creature was made big in the desert and Area 51 and the military was somehow involved.


      Factual -- Rufus would not have been able to get back to where the shrink ray was and then back as a giant as fast as he was able to. He left with Kim and Ron buried in the soil and only had a jet shoe as transportation. He had to activate the shrink ray, grow in size and then make his way back to Area 51 by just walking. It would have taken him much longer to do so then it did.

      Factual -- When Rufus jumps into Kim's shoe he buckles a seat belt and puts on a helmet he pulled from where he is sitting. I find it t hard to believe that a shoe would have such things just in case Rufus ever needs a ride and they are trapped. Not to mention the shoe would be very uncomfortable if it had a helmet and  seat belt inside of it as she walks about. 

      Continuity -- In the episodes prior that had Commodore Puddles in them , he was a regular white furred Poodle. This time he is colored pink throughout the whole episode.

      Continuity -- Commodore Puddles as a giant came off as a cute and lovable type of dog when Drakken and Shego were on top of his head telling him where to go. But in the episode we saw him prior he was anything but this lovable and easy going normal poodle.

      Continuity -- Rufus and Commodore Puddles had size fluctuation moments towards the end of the episode. Rufus towards the end is seen standing behind Kim and Ron and easily fits in the shot making him look about 15 feet or so rather then the almost 50 foot size he was just a moment before. Commodore Puddles also should not have fit into the truck he was tossed into as he was much bigger then it only moments earlier.


+ :Commodore Puddles makes for an interesting and fun giant dog. Rufus and Puddles have a very cool fight that spoofs a huge wrestling match nicely.  Directly spoofs a lot of old movies and fits them into the story and situation nicely.

- :Should have been full length instead of just an 11 minute short.  Not enough Rufus as a giant. Corny humor at points. Could have shown Rufus growing and how he went about it rather then just have him show up a moment later big. 

PICTURES OF Commodore Puddles and Rufus