Sho Goth

Name of show that this character is from:  Defenders of the Earth
Titles of Episode:

Demon in His Pocket

Original Air date: September, 1986  (NETWORK: Syndication  )
Where can I find this episode now?: (DVD) Defenders of the Earth Box Set

EPISODE TYPES: Godzilla Situation  & Magic
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WHAT IS SHO GOTH?: An Anthro, Furry, Reptilian Earth Demon


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Became bigger as he got stronger in the Earth realm

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of self

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE--

QUOTE:   "Feel the wrath of Sho Goth!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Central City

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low -  A truck, a police car, light post

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE:  Kshin, the young adopted son of Mandrake the Magician, is busy playing soccer after school for a team. A bunch of punk kids on the other team think he is no challenge and try to stop him. Kshin scores a goal as the kid on the other team claims he cheated. Kshin tells him he is a Defender and doesn't cheat. The kid pushs him and tells him to defend himself then. Kshin lands in a mud puddle as the kids laugh at him walking away leaving Kshin less then pleased.

Back at the Defenders of the Earth's base, Rick Gordon, son of Flash Gordon is testing out a new device he built for Lothar. Lothar is able to throw punches at a long range using energy he can focus while wearing the special arm bands he was given. A brick wall explodes as Lothar throws a punch from 100 feet away. Kshin walks in still covered with mud as Mandrake asks "what happend?".  Kshin is pelted by his fluffy alien pet Zuffie and doesn't seem in the mood to be bothered. He asks Mandrake for the keys to his special library to do some homework.  Mandrake hands over the key but warns him to stay away from the sorcery books as he and Zuffie head down the path to the library. 

Kshin starts to sift through a book hoping to find something magical that will help him take care of his bully problems. Mandrake meanwhile starts to float Kshin's uneaten dinner towards the library. The spells in the book he is reading don't seem to work so he goes to put it back just as Mandrake is arriving to the room. Kshin sees a scroll of some sort on a shelf and goes to grab it only for a row of books to fall on him. Zuffie goes to stall Mandrake all the while.  After Zuffie stalls him by pushing on his hat he walks over to Kshin to see him reading a book. Kshin tells him that he is finished for the night and heads out to bed. Mandrake notices he was reading a book on wallpapering the kitchen which he finds quite odd.

Back in his room Kshin and Zuffie duck under the blankets and he starts to read the scroll using a flashlight. Kshin reads an incantation and a small green reptilian creature named Sho Goth shows up calling Kshin master and showing off his powers by levitating Kshin  and Zuffie into the air.  Kshin seems quite happy at the demon and his powers knowing that the bully and his friends are going to be in for more then they can handle in the morning.

Meanwhile Ming , Flash Gordons arch enemy picks up Sho Goth's power readings on his computer and doesn't know what could be causing such surges. He decides to send in his ice troops to investigate. Flash also picks up the power surge on their computer at the base and realize its at Kshin's school.  Kshin meanwhile meets up with the bully Stewie and his two friends again who start to make fun of him. Kshin calls on Sho Goth who is now about 6 feet tall in size and he levitates Stewie and his friends in the air flipping them around slamming them each through a basketball hoop before disapearing.

Mandrake is busy giving a show on magic at an auditorium  only to faint as he picks up on Sho Goth's presence. He and Lothar rush off to face the evil that he is sensing. Meanwhile Kshin is thanking Sho Goth for his help telling him that his job is complete and he can head back to where he came from. Sho Goth just laughs at this telling him he's not going anywhere. Kshin tries reading the scroll again but it doesn't do anything but make Sho Goth mad. He turns some pipes into huge vines to trap Kshin  before letting him go much to the surprise of Kshin. Sho Goth waves a huge hand showing Kshin a glance at the future and how much trouble he will be in for what he did and how he has no choice but to not stop Sho Goth. In the vision he sees Mandrake so mad at him for summoning Sho Goth that he sends Kshin out of the house for good and disowns him.  Kshin cries after seeing what will happen  and Sho Goth disapears. Ming sees this display of power and knows he must have him on his side to help stop the Defenders.

As Flash and the Phantom are driving down the street they see a huge magical hand flipping a car up and down over the street.  Phantom and Flash jump into action to try and stop the now 50 foot Sho Goth who is standing there in the middle of the street.  Flash flies in his space ship to shoot at the magical hand destroying it as the ship it was flipping flies away. Sho Goth fires an energy at Flash's ship causing him to spin out of control.  Flash bangs on the computer in the jet to get it working again and flies in for a landing. An image of Ming the merceless shows up before Sho Goth, a hologram of sorts that is congratulating Sho Goth for his efforts but telling him to stop any real threats to him he has to take care of the Defenders of the Earth's computer named "Dynac X." Sho Goth agrees to take care of it and stomps off towards a mountain in the distance where the device is located as Ming plots on making Sho Goth his slave.  Mandrake and Lothar show up to try and stop the giant as Mandrake realizes on he can stop such a creature with magic. Sho Goth lifts up a huge light post with his levitation power and sends it flying into the back of a truck. Rick Gordon is driving his van only for it to be picked up by the giant Sho Goth. Kshin tries reading the scroll again only for it not to work as he tells Sho Goth to get lost. Sho Goth furiously throws the van down at Kshin only for Lothar to quickly catch it with his strength abilities. Mandrake runs over to Kshin asking if he was alright. Mandrake hears from Kshin what happend but seems more intersted in the scroll then about punishing Kshin. He takes the scroll and examines it and realizes how to stop him. The Defenders all quickly head to the base that Sho Goth is already attacking.

Inside the base Sho Goth is entering Dynac X using a mist like form. Mandrake calls Sho Goth out telling him that its over . He knows he is an Earth Demon and that if he is off the ground he is weaker. They attack Sho Goth while he is distracted keeping him off the ground and weakening him. Sho Goth turns back into a mist form and escapes through the vents.  They follow him outside as Lothar uses a sonic bubble to trap him causing Sho Goth to shrink down in size back to his orignal state. They let him go as Ming's ice robots show up. They let the ice robots take him realizing that he can be Ming's problem now.  Ming tells Sho Goth that he saved him and must obay him now. Sho Goth wants nothing more to do with him or the Defenders and destroys some of the robots and escapes to a portal back to his home.

Back at the base Mandrake has a talk with Kshin telling him that he was never going to send him away and that while he has to be punished that doesn't mean he doesn't love him. Kshin realizes he was wrong and they both hug as Kshin promises to make Mandrake proud of him. Mandrake tells him he already is.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: An interesting 1980's cartoon that combined the forces of many great old time heroes from comic books past onto one great team in the future. A short lived cartoon series that many may not remember but a fun one none the less that seemed to always have an action packed episode every week centering around Flash and his team of heroes against Ming and the forces of evil. Typical 80's fare with good guys always winning in one sided situations towards the end. 

This episode, like so many others from this time period seemed to be more about brainwashing the young impressionable viewers into doing the right things rather then more being concerned about a fun and action packed moment that we could have instead. The focal character in this episode was Kshin, the adapted son of Mandrake the Magician. The kid is the usual annoying kid that always seems to get thrown into cartoons of this time. For some reason writers think that by throwing a kid character into things, the kids at home can relate to what is going on somehow. But to me it came off as annoying and tiresome after awhile. The situation with him being picked on at school though is one that I think a lot of kids can relate to. Wanting to run and hide and find someone to take care of all of their problems. In a way I have to think that the writer was hitting close to his own experiences with always wishing he could summon someone to protect him. While you have to over look things like a convient scroll just happening to be in Mandrake's library where anyone can get to it, and the fact that such a thing wouldn't be there in the first place as why would he want to summon an evil demon in the first place. It still was a fun idea as Sho Goth became a fun character for the most part.

The real problem was when it turned into an after school special of sorts with all the lessons we had to learn about truth and responsibilites. Sho Goth shows Kshin about what will happen if he tells Mandrake the truth about he being the one to summon him. Kshin gets all worried that he can't tell about it or he will have to leave his home. Of course that doesn't happen and it was just a trick to prenent any trouble to Sho Goth but we at home got the message loud and clear about what they were teaching. And the sappy ending with Mandrake and Kshin hugging and crying as they worked everything out I could have done without also. This was a problem in cartoons of this time. They just seemed to watered down and filled with lessons and emotions that just seemed out of place with the situation at hand. Kshin wasn't likeable either is the real problem. After awhile he was just getting in the way of things now. When Sho Goth threw the van at him I'm sure I wasn't the only one hoping that it would land on him. He must have read that scroll at four different times in the hopes that it would work to get rid of the demon not getting the point that reading words that summon someone won't unsummon them. But at least he got his reading in for the day.

Sho Goth himself was a fun character but they never quite explained how he was getting stronger and larger as time went on. He first shows up as a pint sized run of a demon. Then at school when he takes care of the bullies he is about 7 feet. Then all of the sudden he is over 50 feet in the city when we see him next.  So I didn't get quite what was powering him, I at first thought that maybe the more trouble he causes the stronger he gets but I think it just had to do with him being an Earth demon and the longer he was actually standing on the soil the more powerful he got so he was able to make himself big if he so desired. Sho Goth's rampage was a fun random situation. Kinda like how in other cartoons it is just suddenly thrusted upon us wiht no rhyme or reason to it, so it is here. Didn't quite understand what Sho Goth's goal was here in all this. Didn't seem like he wanted to take over but didn't seem like he was doing it just to have fun either. So that too was never quite explained. LIke we have in other shows like TMNT and the such the main bad guy has to some how get mixed in and Ming of course sees Sho Goth as a perfect weapon. But his involvement seemed forced as is always the case when they try and tie the main villain of the show to the guest villain of the episode. Never seems to work well as they work better on their own rather then trying to mix the relationship with the two together. I though the Godzilla like rampage had its moments but at the same time didn't accomplish anything. He flips a car in and hand he creates in the air but nothing happens with that. He lifts a light post up and tosses it to a truck but nothing seems to come out of that. He crushes a poice car which was a nice touch and tosses a van at Kshin which I also enjoyed but for how big and unstoppable he was (lasers were bouncing off of his chest) he really didn't do much but have fun with cars.

Also this notion that all of the sudden if he wasn't standing on the ground he was weak seemed a bit far fetched. I understand he is an Earth Demon as they claim but still just because he is levitated for a few seconds off the very Earth shouldn't make him weak and helpless. Only moments earlier he was having fun in the city with no one able to stop him then one little note on a scroll and he is a weakling. Just seemed to all be wrapped up too easily from the great build up and situations we could have had. Thats the problem though with these episodes. They start out strong but have to finish up quickly due to lack of time to go further with it. I would have enjoyed more story on what Sho Goth was after or some more moments with him rather then using him as a foil to teach lessons.

Overall though its a worth while experience that isn't a total waste. Sho Goth was an original creation and seems to have fun with what he is doing. I liked how they turned him from a small runt with a squeaky voice into a massive giant with a booming deep voice. Kinda cliche for how things go but it worked well here. It has a little bit of something to offer everyone. Not the best but pretty original and unique for the most part and something that was just unexpectedly thrown into the episode more as a time filler then anything. But that works just fine for this pages uses.




(Kshin is reading a scroll he got from Mandrake's library under the sheets of his bed using a flashlight to see it)
Kshin: "Creatures of Darnkess, hear and obay! I call on the demon Sho Goth, to cross the endless void and to avenge me against my enemies. Sho Goth.. Kasnar.. Fendah.. Hood..
(A huge crash of thunder is heard as Kshin looks up to see a small green demon at his bed)
Sho Goth: "Hello Kshin... you call Sho Goth!?!? You master!!!"
(Sho Goth waves his arms and Kshin and Zuffie float in mid air)


(Kshin is practicing some karate moves in the gym only for Stewie and his friends to walk in on him)
Stewie: "Hey look who's here! It's the Karate Creep!!"
(Stewie and his friends all laugh at Kshin)


(Phanton and Flash Gordon notice the huge Sho Goth standing there in the middle of the street)
Flash Gordon: "What on Earth is that!?"
Phantom: "The answer my friend is not of this Earth..."
(Sho Goth uses a mystic hand to flip a car up and down)
Flash Gordon: "You take care of handsome Harry. I'm going to help the passengers!!"


Sho Goth: "No one stop Sho Goth! No one stop Sho Goth!"
(Crushes a police car under him with a huge foot while a hollogram of Ming shows up next to him applauding his actions)
Ming: "You are truly a wonder of the world Sho Goth!  But there are lowely mortals who could stop you!"
(Sho Goth growls looking at Ming's image)
Sho Goth: "Who? Who speak to Sho Goth!?"
(Ming bows gracefully to the huge Sho Goth)
Ming: "I am Ming the Merciless, your friend and admirer."
Sho Goth: "And who are these mortals that would stop Sho Goth!?"
Ming: "They call themselves the Defenders of the Earth. To destroy them you must first destroy  a machine called "Dynac X. It is located in that mountain. Smash the machine and the Defenders can never hurt you"
Sho Goth: "Sho Goth will smash this Dynac machine!!"
(Sho Goth stomps off towards the mountain as Ming says softly to himself)
Ming: "Yes and then you will serve me as my greatest weapon!"


Kshin: "Uhhh.. Zandar.. nee..yah.. koo..uh... Why isn't this working!!? Oh Sho Goth.. GET LOST!!"
(The giant Sho Goth looks down at Kshin while holding Rick's van in his hand)
Sho Goth: "Sho Goth tired of Kshin!!"
(Sho Goth tosses the van at Kshin and stomps away)


*Set in the year 2050 , Defenders of the Earth combined some of the great fantasy heroes from the past putting them all together in one huge group to fight evil and mostly the groups various enemies that have always tormented them. The heroes include Flash Gordon, the Phantom, Mandrake and Lothor. With each one of them having a child of their own that they are training to take their place one day. Kshin, the main child character of this episode is the adopted son of Mandrake the magician.

*The show would only last for one season but had over 60 episodes in total. There was some other macro related episodes. One dealing with dinosaurs that Ming controls and other ones with dragons and other random creatures  but none would be as good or moment filled as this one was. Doesn't mean those other moments if page worthy won't appear here in the distant future though.

*This particular episode was the thrid made in the series and the first time another enemy besides Ming was the focal character against the Defenders.



      Factual -- It's very unlikely that a book on wallpapering the kitchen would have been in Mandrake's magic book library. While the library may have many other books the bookies Kshin was looking at were all magical in origin so  for him to wind up with that book seemed to not make sense.

      Continuity --  Mandrake was bringing Kshin his dinner  a few moments before he arrived at the library only for him to arrive with no food or reference to the fact that Kshin didn't eat that night.

      Continuity -- When we see a close up of the scroll that summons Sho Goth as Mandrake is examining it towards the end, it has the four  magic words written on it but none of the other things Kshin was saying while summoning him.  Even if he made those words up himself he still would have had no way of knowing that the scroll summons a demon to help him just by what was shown there.

      Continuity --  Size fluctuation at various points with Sho Goth looking much smaller then he was previously in the cities only to be larger again moments later. Seems to have gotten smaller after he enters the Defenders base again only to look bigger again moments later.



+ :MSho Goth makes for a fun giant, seeming to enjoy the power and size he has. Fun story that will make any kid who was bullied in school relate to what could be if only they could summon some creature to protect them.

- :No growth shown of Sho Goth. He starts out small, the next time we see him he is full grown human size then a few times after that he suddenly shows up as a 50 foot giant. Tried to teach a lesson on telling the truth and taking on responsibility in a very 80's cartoon  type of mannor.  Seemed to be beaten quite easily after he was all powerful and unstoppable only moments earlier.


Looks harmless doesn't he?     Getting face to face with his new "master"     He's no t a runt anymore

Talk about being over confident     Telling Sho Goth to leave? not smart Kshin     I don't think you are master anymore kid

Now that's one big demon!

Stop showing off Sho Goth     Magic and giants go so well together     Bullet proof chest

Uh oh.. big foot ..     Thats one way to take care of the cops     A phone call during my rampage?

Punch out any competition     Not something you see blocking traffic everyday     Kinda low to play limbo with

Boy the buildings sure are small in this city     Pick up your toys when you are done with em     That's not a baseball

Peeka boo.. I see you     Ugh its that annoying runt again. Talk to the foot!     Here Kshin.. catch!

Don't mind the huge giant behind you guys     They need bigger entrances to this mountain     Sho goth.. master of computers

Time to fly away


55 Seconds
Kashin foolishly summons this once small demon in the hopes of helping him take care of bullies. He had no idea how big this demon would get the longer he stays around. Now even the Defenders can't seem to take this giant beast down. This is a compilation video full of the macro moments edited together.