Name of show that this character is from:  The Real Ghostbusters
Title of Episode:

Adventures in Slime and Space

Original Air date: September 15, 1987  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: The Real Ghostbusters -- Slimefighters (DVD),  The Real Ghostbusters -- Manhattan Madness (DVD), The Real Ghostbusters Box Set (DVD)

EPISODE TYPE: Recombination & King Kong Situation
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WHAT IS SLIMER?: An anthro, furry, green slime ghost


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: He is separated into thousands of mini versions of self and then when recombined is much larger then previously

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Blue colored larger version of previous self.



MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) NONE

QUOTE"Yeah! Yeah!"

SEX:    Male

 LOCATIONS: New York City

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Covers everything in slime causing mass destruction to be caused

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE:  Egon is busy doing another experiment that explodes on him sending rubble and broken room parts down atop him. Peter hangs from a broken pipe in the room telling Egon to keep it down next time.  Ray who is now glowing comes in excited by Egon's breakthrough. Egon explains that he finally created what he was working on. After much scientific jargon that Peter doesn't understand, he explains that it is a Plasmic Strainer.  He explains that it will disintegrate ghost meaning they won't have to store them any longer.  Slimer shows up suddenly babbling and Peter can't understand a word he is saying. Peter touches Slimer by accident and blames Slimer for getting slime on his finger. Ray tells Peter that he came up with a way to communicate with Slimer. He takes everyone over to the Banana 9000 and tells Slimer to type something. Slimer types a few things about enjoying working with computers and the computer starts to tell Ray to stop. Ray admits that it still needs a little work.  Peter tells Ray that he needs work and starts to chase after Slimer who gets scared. He accidentally flies into the Plasma Strainer and out from the other side of it hundreds of tiny Slimers start to fly out. They all start to grab nets trying to capture them but any time one of the Slimers hits a surface it breaks into more Slimers.  All the Slimers fly out of the room heading into the city.

Winston and Janine head up into the lab room where all the trouble started and Winston slips on slime left all over the room. Egon realizes that it is much worse then he thought. Ray goes to figure out how long it will take the process to stop and finds out it is over 4000 years much to their shock. And what's worse is that Slimer can never get back together again due to his Slimic energy being off now. They are all trying to grow up but can't due to their fragmented make up. Then Egon realizes that the whole world will be covered in a thin layer of slime if they don't stop this. Peter slips on some slime falling out of the room into the hallway. Egon tells them to imagine that happening world wide. Just as a car accident is heard out their window.  Cars start to crash, people slip on the street and slime falls onto scores of people. Peter decides that it is time to move and calls the airport asking how far he can get. They tell him France and he decides that he will help after all rather then have to go to France. 

Before long the whole city and suburbs are covered in slime. Houses, buildings, streets and sidewalks. No one can move anywhere without slipping or crashing. Peter decides it is time to alert the mayor about what has happened.  The mayor is less then pleased and tells them that they have 24 hours to clean this mess and they all agree as they slip out of the office on slime.  Egon realizes that there may be a way to fix this problem. He thinks if he can reverse the process, have one of the Slimers slip back through the machine and instead of breaking apart from one another they will attract one another and reform. They all think its worth a try but of course they have to try and capture one of the Slimers.

They all chase the small Slimers all over the building trying to capture one before long they are all slipping and down unable to. Peter decides he is going to move as he has had enough of this. Just then Slimer flies through the machine and comes out of it blue now instead of green and starts to attract all of the other green Slimers who start to reassemble with him. More green Slimers start to merge back with him and more. They decide they better let Slimer outside so the rest can find him. It starts to work as more and more start to find him and form back into one Slimer again. The Ghostbusters head up to the roof to get a better look and make sure its all working properly. They don't see him and wonder what could have happened. Peter has a bad feeling but Ray asks "What can go wrong?" they soon find out as a gigantic blue Slimer rises up before them.  Huge piles of blue slime pour down over various people coating them in pools of slime.  Peter says he is moving again while Ray and Egon figure that all the little Slimers were growing and feeding so when they recombined of course they got much bigger and now all of this has shocked his system causing him to be evil natured.  Egon has another plan. They need helicopters though. So they go back to see the mayor.

The mayor is less then happy to help them after they request helicopters he tells them to leave as he cries in agony. The huge Slimer shows up as they are talking and reaches into the window and grabs Janine flying off with her.  The mayor after seeing this gives them their helicopters that they fly over the city with their proton beams attached to.  They see the huge Slimer on top of the Empire State Building holding Janine and finding the whole situation quite amusing as he laughs at her captive.  Janine sees them approaching and warms Slimer that he will be shot if he puts her down. He just laughs and puts her down anyway as if to take on the challenge.  He swats at the copters who start to shoot at him. They circle back and all four shoot him causing him to start to shrink down in size as he falls off the top of the building returning to his normal self.

Back at H.Q. they ask a now renewed Slimer how he feels. He types that he is glad to be back to his old self and they are all glad to have him back too. That is except for Peter who says one is more then enough. In which Slimer gives him a slimy kiss and hug.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Another macro creature to come out of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. With all the cartoons that could have and should have been good macro wise with it's themes and potential, that only wound up falling flat. This is a  cartoon that never did disappoint with it's macro creatures showing up at different random points.  And this is actually a fun one due to the fact that it deals with a well known character that you may have always been curious to see macro  sized just to see what it would be like. For the most part it wasn't too bad. A little silly at times but a nice effort for an early  season episode of the series.  I always enjoyed the series as it did capture the flavor of the movies well enough but also stretched things more since you can do anything in a cartoon, various creatures of all types and sorts showed up but most importantly, the writing was very good on the first few seasons. Later on the series was a little disappointing but that is another story for another time.

The recombination method of macro isn't one that is used often. But it has been used a few times and seems to follow the same formula that this episode did being two separate type of episdoes in one. The first half being one filled with many little versions of a creature causing havoc and trouble and constantly duplicating itself in some manor. Then the second half of the episode is the heroes of the episode somehow figuring out how to recombine all the creatures back together but the result is always a giant of mass proportions being created by so many creatures being fused into one body. Then it becomes a King Kong type situation most of the time with the creature doing the stroll in the city thing and now instead of being thousands of tiny trouble makers, he becomes one huge trouble maker. Very formulaic it seems but they can be fun episodes too as you really do get two for the price of one here. Its almost as if it were two separate stories given each extreme situation in a quick 23 minute adventure.

Full of humor, sight gags and pop culture references this episode had a lot going for it. It is a classic in that most fans of the show will instantly remember the episode that had the thousands of tiny Slimers running about.  It is full of humorous moments of Peter vowing to move to Pittsburgh and even a weird cameo from some wanna be Three Stooges who get slimed at various points of this. It was just so random and out there, that the way it all winds up with a huge Slimer, it seemed like it was the only way this could end up. Without even watching this for macro aspects it is a very good episode. And some may not care about anything but the macro moments, but to me I actually do take story and situation and other aspects besides just the big stuff going on in any particular episode. A bad story and badly written build up to the macro moments can really ruin what could be a fun moment. Here we have great writing and everyone seems to be having fun. As if the idea of thousands of tiny Slimers coating the city due to one of Egon's failed experiments is just another crazy day in the city when dealing with the Ghostbusters.

Slimer as a macro,  or should I call him Slimer Kong as that is pretty much what they were referencing throughout all of Slimer's macro moments, was actually a lot of fun if not silly and not original. It was a bit of a surprise to the viewers that he would be macro but it does make sense if you figure that all the little Slimers were separating but were still the same little size. Then by recombining more of them it should make a much bigger Slimer. Not to mention a fun ending to this crazy as it was episode.  Slimer as an evil giant was weird but a nice change on the helpful and sometimes annoying green ghost he usually. Now as a blue giant he must have seen King Kong one time too many as he copies that situation almost to a tee. It was another weird homage that was found in here but of course it has been done so many times before and along with Godzilla is the most emulated macro situation in various cartoon episodes.

The real problems with this episode and situation was just that it seemed a little far fetched how the whole situation was handled. First of all we are to believe that all four Ghostbusters can fly a helicopter. I do realize that they would have Ecto-2 in later episodes which is their own personal copter but they make it seem so easy to just jump into an attack copter and fly it over the city perfectly circling around the top of the Empire State Building to fire in unison on a huge 50 foot creature atop of it. Boy if it was so easy you would think we would have more pilots about with much less training time needed. Also the real problem was, what did Slimer as a giant hope to accomplish anyway?  Kong in the movie was doing what he normally does in his ritual on his island and well to be frank , he had the hots for the girl he was chasing after and climbing the building with. Here Slimer grabs Janine and climbs up the building holding her. But he didn't even use her as a way to prevent from being harmed as he puts her down when she tells him not to. So I just didn't get the idea of it besides just to spoof the famous situation in some way. Also I really hated how the whole city was cleaned up so quickly. One moment we see everything covered in green slime due to all the mini Slimer's that were set loose in the area. Then a few moments later after Slimer is done in and everyone is back at H.Q., everything is all cleaned up ever so easily. Only in cartoons folks.

My final thoughts on this episode were that while its great to see a giant Slimer about and he does have some great moments, it still was missing that something extra to really put it as one of the best moments ever. Would have been nice if they showed his growth as he is recombining to add more to the shock value of this. Him rising up three times over their headquarters was cool but I think showing him growing would have been better especially for us macro fans out there. Also if they were a little more original in Slimer as a giant instead of just copying a movie then it may have been better too. But seeing him looming atop the Empire State Building and evil is fun for what its worth. Definitely check it out I say if you always wanted to see a humongo Slimer on the loose. And he's blue too.. you can't go wrong there. 




(And old man and women walk by the Ghostbuststers HQ as a huge explosion is seen causing windows in the place to shatter)
Man: "Well.. there goes another piece of the neighborhood.
Woman: "I liked it better when the dynamite factory was here."
(Peter hangs from a broken pipe sticking out of the wall talking to Egon who is buried in rubble)
Peter: "Hey Egon. Would you mind keeping it down? The neighbors are complaining. From Alaska!"

(Ray figures out on his computer how long it will take for the Slimers to stop breaking apart)
Ray: "I was right. Slimer can't go on shattering forever. Past a certain point he can't get any smaller. All we have to do is wait and all the little Slimers will come home."
Winston: "How long?"
Ray: "Oh.. uh.. 412 years."
Peter, Egon, Winston, Janine: "412 years?!"
Ray: "Oh no. Heh. Sorry. I misplaced the decimal point."
(All four take a sigh of relief)
Ray: "4,120 years."

Peter: "I give up. I don't care if New York gets slimed or not. I can always go live in Pittsburgh."
Janine: "Pittsburgh?!"
Peter: "If anyone else has any bright ideas. Don't share em. Do they have ghosts in Pittsburgh?"


Ray: "Oh dear.."
Peter: "Egon! It was your idea. You tell the mayor. I'm going to Pittsburgh!"
Winston: "Wait for me Peter!"


Mayor: "Oh I can't stand it. The center of my city is now called "Slime Square"!


Winston: "He's sliming the Empire State Building!"
(The huge blue Slimer sticks his tongue out as he holds the top of the antenna on the building with Janine in his hand)
Peter: "Well .. that will keep the gorillas off. Where's Fay Wray now that we need her?"


Janine: "Don't put me down Slimer. They'll shoot you!"
(Slimer grins and laughs putting Janine down on the ledge of the building)
Janine: "Uh huh. Right... one word from me and he does exactly what he pleases."


*This is  the only time in all Seven seasons of the show that Slimer would be macro sized. There were moments when he was bigger or different then his usual self but this is the only  macro moment that he would find himself a part of. There were many other ghosts and monsters though that were macro sized that showed up throughout the series. The series ran on ABC Saturday mornings and eventually would be shown in syndication and on cable in repeats.

*There is a strange homage to "The Three Stooges" That shows up in this episode.  Characters that look exactly like Larry, Moe and Curly show up at various points in the episode getting humiliated, slimed and doing their usual antics.

*There is also a nod to the movie 2001: A Space Oddesy. When Ray is talking to the computer it replied "Ray Stop. Stop Ray. I can feel it." which is what Hal said in the movie to Dave.

*The episode is very similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode called "Big Zipp Attack" which has a very similar chain of events occur leading up to the macro creature formed at the end. That episode came after this one so it can just be a coincidence if not a direct influence. But since there have been a few other Recombination themed episodes it could just be seen as a good way to get a macro creature formed and make for a good climax to the separation situation that these episodes usually detail.

*Frank Welker was of course as should come to no surprise the voice of Slimer in this episode and every other episode that had Slimer in it.  His Slimer voice  is up there with a few of his  other voices as one of the more famous ones he  has done in his animation vocal career. In the early seasons like this episode falls in, Slimer was not capable of speech, but as the character became more of an icon and part of the focal point, Welker's character would talk more and get much more highlight as a central character. In this episode though Slimer was only able to laugh and mumble things. Welker also did the voice of  the Mayor of this episode named Lenny Clotch. Who of course was a direct spoof of the Mayor of New York City in the 1980's Edward Kotch.


       Continuity --  When Slimer is first seen reassembling one pushes into him making him more then double in size. Given the fact that there are thousands of Slimers around Slimer would have been thousands of feet if they had that much of an effect on him rather then just the 50 or so feet that he was in his giant size.

      Continuity --  Slimer rises up over the building two times in the same moment which isn't possible. The first time they see him they are in shock as he roars out at them. And then they look again and he starts to rise up again over the same part of the building to the same position.

      Continuity -- After they finish reducing Slimer they head back to their headquarters and all the slime in the city and that was coating their place is gone with no explanation of how all the slime was cleaned out so quickly as the events shown at the end take place moments after they finished reducing Slimer.

+ :It was a fun and humorous episode. Slimer made for a fun King Kong wanna be giant. Same wit and excellence you expect from a Ghostbusters episode that is found here. Not often you see a macro creature like this.

- :A little silly at points. A lot of the situations didn't make sense and were forced. A lot of the jokes fall flat.  For such a big build up , Slimer sure is defeated quite easily.  No growth shown. They show him reassembling at one point then we don't see him again until he is already at his giant size.


Ray is shocked to see Slimer      Slimer typing what he thinks of everyone      Uh oh. He's bouncing mad

Watch where you are going      This can't be good      Great and I thought one was bad enough

A nightmare for Peter come true      Get a grip on em Winston      Those little buggers are everywhere

Go to the blue light. you know you wanna      Blue is  a nice look for Slimer      Well don't just stare at each other

He's getting it together      He's looking better already      Still a long way to go though

More of them are outside      Boy where are they all coming from?      He is liking this a bit too much.. uh oh

Something big is rising from below      My how you've grown      He looks pissed

You don't want to mess with this blue giant      Someone needs to see the dentist more often      I see you....

Slimer thinks he is Kong now      That's one way to take out a date      Wonder where he is taking her

Slimer Kong?      Nice view from up there      Her protests fall on deaf slime

Now that's a sly look if I ever saw one      He is mocking em now      Don't drop her now.. that first step is a big one

Here come the coptors      You gotta do better then that      He's not going without a fight


1 Minute
After recombining, Slimer is colored blue and is evil and oh yeah, he is gigantic in size. He soon carries Janine off doing his best King Kong impression as the Ghostbusters scramble to try and stop him. This is a compilation video full of the macro moments edited together.