Name of show that this character is from:  101 Dalmatians: The Series
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: September 11, 1997  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Fantasy Situation, Godzilla Situation and Blink Moment
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS SPOT?: An anthro, furry, brown chicken


HOW DID SHE BECOME MACRO?: Is naturally big in situation being told in a story

IS GROWTH SHOWN?: No, Natural size in situation


MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) Cluckzilla

QUOTE"It's good to be the chicken!"

SEX:    Female

LOCATIONS: Ocean, beach

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 150 feet

NATURE: Animalistic Destructive Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium - Beach watch tower, space ship, moon, boats

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: The puppies and Spot the chicken are watching a TV show in the barn. A big man on the show finds a hidden golden bone that is very valuable as he laughs happily. The volcano behind him starts to shoot rocks and he realizes its time to go.  He pushes his helper into the hole he buried to get rid of him and carries the box with the bone off. A lifeguard on duty on the beach yells out that the volcano is erupting exciting all the beachers there.  The big guy gets onto a jet ski to flee only for Thunderbolt the dog to show up suddenly to pursue him.  The crate gets hit and the golden bone sinks into the ocean. Thunderbolt jumps in to get it while the big guy looks around thinking of how he is going to get it back.  Thunderbolt jumps back up to safety on a plank with the bone in his mouth while sharks circle him. The fat guy goes in to get him just as the signal for the TV show goes out.  Replacing the show is Cruella Devill doing a telethon to raise money. And she is on every channel on the TV much to the puppies disappointment as they try and change the channel.  Their parents tell them to use their imaginations rather then rely on TV. The puppies decide its better then nothing and turn the TV off.

Lucky decides he will tell everyone how the episode of Thunderbolt ends.  Spot wonders how he knows how it ends when its a first run episode they were watching. LUcky tells them that its how it could have ended and to just listen. He starts telling the story of how the big guy is about to get Thunderbolt only for Baypup to be on the beach, which happens to be Lucky in the story taking over the role of the lifeguard in the episode.  Lucky heads into the ocean and pushes Spot off of a surfboard claiming its official lifeguard business. She is less then happy as she still has 30 minutes left on its rental. It turns out its a special surfboard with a motor on it that speeds out through waves. He charges in to save Thunderbolt only for him to mess up and fall into the water. The bone winds up in the fat guys hand while Spot is still attached to the motor board and the sharks start to chase after her. The fat guy unzips his clothing revealing Cruella to be the real villain of the story as she boasts how she can now rule thanks to the bone she has. Thunderbolt and Baypup hop onto the jet ski and chase after Cruella while Spot continues to be chased by sharks almost eaten by them a few times. Spot crashes into Cruella's boat sinking it and her while Thunderbolt and Baypup catch the bone speeding off.  The story fades back to Lucky who is telling them that they threw a big party in his honor and Cruella was arrested. Spot is less then pleased at how she was treated in that story as she wants to know what happened to her. They tell him a commercial as she vents off madly. 

Rolly feels that Lucky's story was OK but just lacked something  and starts to tell his own version of how the story ended.  Rolly is on a huge cruise ship in the ocean laying on a pillow. A sexy women walks up to him and starts to massage his back. Spot voices in wondering what happened to Thunderbolt. Rolly continues back with the situation where Thunderbolt is being surrounded by sharks.  He pulls on a cord to summon Spot who quickly salutes in front of him. He orders her to help the dog who is stranded as its blocking his view. Spot is reluctant at first but obeys orders and jumps in to the water.  The sharks instantly chase after her as well as Cruella's boat hitting her as she flies back onto the boat from the impact. Spot jumps back in to try again as Cruella takes the bone from Thunderbolt and speeds off in her boat. Spot yells for help and Rolly gets up and pushes a button sending out a huge spear that hits the speedboat sending Cruella flying and the bone into Rolly's hand. The story fades back to the barn again where everyone wonders what Rolly got out of that. And he explains that he won the limbo contest and got a free buffet. Spot again doesn't like how she was treated in this story and the other puppies tell her that she was a great sport and to not worry so much.

They turn the TV back on to see if the episode is continued only to see Cruella still there trying to sell stuff and having a hard time at that as no one seems to be calling.  Cruella tells how she will throw in a cook book and gives a make over to one of her henchmen making him look exactly like her after all is said and done. Cadpig has had enough of that and decides to tell her version of the end of the story.  The story resumes with the usual location of Thunderbolt surrounded by sharks and Cruella closing in on him with Spot on her surfboard trying to get away.  A huge shadow moves in as a space ship that looks like a giant heart floats above teleporting Cruella, Thunderbolt and Spot onto the ship. Cadpig shows up calling herself Gipdac and speaking through her mind as her image shows before them.  The teleporter seems to have malfunctioned and only Spots head and feet showed up with no body. She demands that it be fixed and Cadpig summons Cruella's henchmen who are now her henchmen to fix the problem. They head over to the controls and try to fix Spot's body as random parts of Spot continue to zap in and out of the teleporter position. Cadpig meanwhile takes Thunderbolt and Cruella to meditation classes so they can find peace within themselves.  Thunderbolt and Cruella learn inner peace after words and are teleported out while Spot still looks like half herself not fully assembled. Spot wonders when she is going to be fixed and Cadpig says she will have to wait for the next teleport and leaves. The two henchmen tell her that she has to wait too as its lunch time and leave while a mutant Spot circles around frantically by herself. 

Back in the barn again Spot is now furious at how she has been treated in these stories and wants to tell her version and to get some well needed revenge. The pups ignore her turning the TV back on to see if Thunderbolt is on only to see Cruella again.  She has only made $.05 so far in total and is now furious and demands that people call in and donate money this instant. The pups turn the TV off again.  Spot again reminds them that it is her turn and starts to tell her version of the conclusion of the story. Cruella is once again speeding towards Thunderbolt in the situation when suddenly a huge Spot looking like Godzilla version of herself rises up from the ocean clucking furiously. She raises up a huge foot and steps on Cruella's boat destroying it.  She stomps off towards the beach to take care of Baypup who is busy putting suntan lotion on his nose.  Cluckzilla as the chicken is known by raises up a huge foot and destroys Lucky's beach post station and stomps off.  Baypup chases after Cluckzilla biting a huge foot only for Cluckzilla to tell him how annoying that is and flick him off into the distance.  She heads to Rolly's yacht and crushes it. Then reaches up for Cadpig's space ship and kicks it into orbit with a huge foot crushing the moon as the ship crashes into it. Cluckzilla pounds her chest powerfully claiming its good to be the chicken.  The story fades back to reality where Spot ends it by telling us that Cluckzilla headed towards the city as Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly seemed less then amused by the story. 

The TV is turned back on and Cruella decides to end it when she doesn't get any calls at all except for one about changing her long distance coverage. The Thunderbolt show returns where it left off.  They all look upset at the ending they watch and turn the TV off claiming their endings were much better. Everyone scampers out of the room disappointed as Cadpig watches the Inner Peace Channel. which is showing a show about a man who claims to be a ladybug.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Based on the movie of the same name, 101 Dalmatians was a short lived series that was more of a spin off then direct sequel to the movie.  The Dearly's now own a farm in the countryside along with their 101 dogs and various other animals still having to deal with Cruella who wants to take over the land from them at all costs.  The animation is very poor. Spot for instance is drawn with just black lines for her legs for the most part. The stories dealt with mostly three of the puppies. Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly where everyone else was just background fodder.  The show for the most part was a running gag of how troublesome Cruella was and how the puppies always found a way to save their owners from getting into trouble or losing the property. Definitely not one of my favorite Disney series, this just lacked and was nothing new or special story or on the enjoyablity scale. This episode though at least was a little better then most as it at least had some creativity. With all three main puppies and Spot giving a ending to a TV episode that they were watching.  Probably one of the better episodes but still not something I would say is a great watch at any rate, unless of course you are wanting to see a giant female chicken have fun in the ocean.

There is not much to go on with the Spot moments itself as they are short lived. Most of the episode dealt with the main three puppies telling their own self promoting versions of the story in which Spot would be used as a character they abused and did all the work each story. So of course that all lead up to the Cluckzilla type revenge that Spot deals on each of them in her own story.  So we have a situation in which Lucky spoofs Baywatch and Rolly a rich dog on a yacht and Cadpig in a situation dealing with her as an alien. On paper I suppose it seemed like a great idea to really play up on each of their characters. And all told, I suppose it would be the ideal situation for each of them, but it still seemed to be missing something when all was said and done. 

The stupid Cruella telethon aspect of the episode was just lame to put it lightly. It was another one of those fillers that are put into episodes when they have to stretch things  a bit and now make the episode as shallow as it would be if it were just the stories being told for no reason. So this stupid telethon became the reason that the puppies and Spot were forced to do their own endings of the episode. Not to mention the fact that no telethon would ever be done in the middle of an episode nor the ending shown after it. Sorry to inform the writers but TV doesn't operate that way. People don't just randomly tune in and hope to find a show they like. There is something called a schedule that has to be followed. And the real disappointment is that we are teased at the ending of the TV show for the whole episode and then when we finally do get to it they don't even show it. It is a 10 second blip of them watching the TV and looking disappointed and turning the TV off. I was surprised as usually they do go on with an ending to show what really happened, not just leave it to guess as to what it was. Very poorly done. But this episode was better then most as most of the times it is much worse then this. At least this tried to be a little more creative and had the right idea. But still not something I would choose to watch often.

Spot moments were short lived as stated before.  She was drawn as a mutation of her normal form and that of Godzilla. But besides that she really just seemed to get joy out of stomping random things. The animation is really poor for her in both her normal and Cluckzilla forms. It really was not on par with usual Dinsey television animation. The aspect of her getting revenge for what they put her through was nice but it was rushed through so quickly it was hard to get into the moments. She quickly takes care of Lucky by crushing his watch tower on the beach and flicking him off of her as he goes to attack. The boat Rolly was on they don't even show being crushed and then they have her punt kick Cadpig's spaceship into orbit and the situation really ends after that. She even teased that next she heads to the city to destroy it but of course that stuff wasn't shown. So I would say this is not the best giant chicken moment out there (a little episode from Ghostbusters has that honor) but for a female chicken on the rampage seeming to enjoy her monstrous moments, this works nicely.  I also thought it was a nice touch for her to do her King Kong impression by pounding her chest. But after this, the situation really died fast and there was nothing to it. What could have been a fun moment became a quick sight gag that wasn't used to its fullest.

It's too bad that this really was the only moment we had to look to if we wanted to see something big. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted a huge Cadpig or Lucky on the loose. And something fun could have been figured out with them growing to over 50 feet and them having to deal with the situation on the farm before Cruella finds out about the freak accident of growth. But the writers went more simple and lame and Cluckzilla is the best we will get from this sub par series. Not the worst but with other giant anthro chicken monsters out there that are better, this won't stand out in any way and isn't anywhere near the top of the list episode wise.




(Rolly on a cruise ship pulls a cord that rings a gong. Spot quickly shows up at attention.)
Spot: "Yes sir. You rang?"
Rolly: "Those people are blocking my view. Give em a hand won't ya?"
Spot: "But sir. I am a chicken, not a duck."
Rolly: "A bird is a bird. Hit the water!"
Spot: "Yes sir!"

(Spot starts to vent in front of Lucky, Cadpig and Rolly after being abused in the stories)
Spot: "That's it! I don't have to take this abuse. You want some  sucker to abuse in your stupid stories? Then find some other chicken to fry!"
Cadpig: "What? What did I say?"
Spot:  "OK you pups! I've had to listen as I was dunked and drowned. Buried and b-bruised, capsized and even alienized!! Now I think it's time for a little CHICKEN REVENGE!"

Spot: "Thunderbolt was between Cruella and the sharks. There was no way out! When suddenly..."
(A huge Spot rises up out from under the ocean before Cruella's speed boat reaches Thunderbolt. Spot lets out huge deep clucking sounds)
Cruella" AHHH!! It's Cluckzilla!!"


Spot: "That is really annoying!!"
Lucky: "Uh oh!"
(Flicks Lucky off of her huge foot)


*Surprisingly this would be the only macro moment to show up in the whole series. Considering how many dogs and other possibilities there were to use for macro moments, this blink fantasy moment is the only time something big would ever show up. 

*The name of Spot is meant to be a gag or nod to the fact that the stars and focus of the series are the 101 dalmatians which of course all have spots. So seeing as she is on a farm owned by a couple with lots of dalmatians, the name seems appropriate. It is also ironic in that she wants to be a Dalmatian puppy more then the chicken she happens to be.

*Frank Welker was a voice in this episode and in the series but since the giant was a female this time around he of course didn't do the voice of the monster in this instance. He was though the voice of the dog super hero of the show they were watching named Thunderbolt.


      Factual -- Why would the guy who found the bone put it back in the huge box crate to carry it when it would have been much easier to just put in his pocket and not lose it in the first place.

       Continuity -- More puppies are shown exiting the room at the end after the show ends then were ever seen watching the TV show in the first place. 

      Continuity -- They mention that Cruella is able to do a telethon on every channel due to her owning the cable network. But that doesn't make sense as every channel they watch has her on it. She wouldn't be on network or some of the cable channels she doesn't own. So the whole situation didn't make sense even by their own explanation of how she was able to do it.

+ :Interesting idea with Spot being picked on only to get revenge at the end by being a huge mutant monster chicken.  One of the better written stories of the series. Fun interactments with Cluckzilla and the other would be heroes in the story.

- :Animation is a bit on the weak side, looking cheaply done and poorly colored.  Spot's moments are rushed and short lived. The situations with the Cruellathon were annoying and not funny. 


She looks harmless enough      She is getting totaly dissed in the stories      Uh oh. You have made her mad

Cluckzilla? Thats one big bird!

It's a long way up to that face       That tiny boat can't escape      It's stompin' time

No boat is safe from her now       This beach aint big enough for the both of em       I would run if I were you Lucky

They need more buildings for her to crush       Anyone get the number of that chicken?       Hello little flea

She sure can block out the sun       Another boat to crush.       Not only a monster but a soccer champ

Should have called her Spot Kong       She looks more then satisfied now