Stitch, 625, Short Stuff

Name of show that these characters are from:  Lilo & Stitch : The Series
Title of Episode:


Original Air date January 02, 2004 (NETWORK: Disney Channel)
Where can I find this episode now?: (Cable) Disney Channel & Toon Disney

EPISODE TYPE : Growth Ray (Potion) & Blink Moment
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS STICH?: An anthro,  furry, evil genius experiment alien creature (AKA Experiment 626)

WHAT IS SHORT STUFF?: A  non-anthro, non-furry, evil genius experiment  alien creature (AKA Experiment  297 )

: An anthro, furry, evil genius experiment alien creature (Would be named Reuben in "Leroy & Stitch")


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: Zapped with a protoplasmic growth ray


HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: Very little shown if any of the stages

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name)  --SAME AS BEFORE --                   

QUOTE:     (Stich) "Meega Bigger!!"
                   (Experiment 625) "In this case. Bigger is definitely better."


SEX:   (All) Male

LOCATIONS: Suburbs and a Carnival in Hawaii

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ):  120 Feet

NATURE: (Stich) Heroic Good
                 (Short Stuff) Chaotic Animal Behavior
                  (Experiment 625) True  Neutral

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Various amusement park rides.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Lilo and Stitch (in a disguise as a blond haired kid) are both walking on the beach as Lilo shows Stitch a carnival going on in the area. Full of rides, games and food. Stitch looks quite impressed as the two walk in and check it out.  Experiment 625 and Gantu happen to be at the carnival as well. Gantu isn't having much luck at the ring toss game while 625 already won a stuffed pink elephant. His attention is distracted when 625 notices the largest sandwich ever made sitting there in a roped off area. Lilo and Stitch make their way to the Pineapple Drop, the best ride at the park. As they get to the ride an attendant checks them for the size requirement. Lilo barely makes it but Stitch is too short and is told he can't go on. The gate slams closed in front of him as Lilo goes on without him.  Lilo comes back down after the ride finishes and tries to comfort a depressed Stitch. She offers to get some lemonade and the lemonade man makes short jokes causing Stitch to take a bite out of the stand and walk off madly. The flowing lemonade that spills from Stitches bite, reaches down to one of the alien experiment pods, 297 and causes it to open revealing it. Gantu finds it and picks it up. But the experiment uses its claws on Gantu and escapes.

Gantu and 625 head back to the spaceship and find out that 297 is a crab like creature who can sabotage and  disrupt electrical devices and machines. 625 seems less then thrilled as he sits there eating his sandwich. Gantu tries to motivate 625, telling him that he could beat Stitch if he wanted to. 625 just continues with his sandwich saying he's a lover not a fighter as Gantu walks out realizing 625 is a lost cause.   Back at Lilo's house, Stitch is busy digging through a trunk while Pleakley walks in with a Strawberry Shortcake that Stich fires with a laser destroying it. They tell Pleakley that they want Jumba's help to make Stitch taller. But seems like Jumba is off planet doing some community service. Pleakley offers to help instead.

In the basement of their house, which looks like a mad scientist lab, Stich is strapped to a table while Pleakley impresses them with special mad science lab type effects he wheels out a tiny device known as the Protoplasmic Growth Ray.  They turn the ray on and it just causes Stitch to laugh as it tickles him more then makes him bigger. The doorbell rings suddenly and Pleakley goes to answer it. A moment later Pleakley yells for Lilo and she quickly goes up to help him leaving the growth ray on. When she goes to the door she sees that Gantu has captured Pleakley. He demands to know where 297 is. Lilo tells Gantu that they can't have him as they caught him fair and square. He tells them that he's bigger so he doesn't need to play fair. A huge boom is heard as a now much larger Stich shows up behind Gantu. Gantu runs as Stitch easily deflects the shots fired at him. Lilo thinks that they may have made Stitch too big, but Stitch seems to like his new 15 foot size. Lilo decides that he needs a disguise and they put on a larger version of the kid disguise he was wearing at the carnival earlier as Stitch squeezes into the car he is too big for. They head back to the Carnival where every single ride is out of order.  They head back to the Pineapple drop where Stitch is now too big to go on the ride. Not that it matters as it's closed. 297 suddenly jumps out of the machinery to the ride and runs away from Stich and Lilo. Stitch is having trouble with his new size as he starts to trip over everything he comes near. First the lemonade stands, then some banners and balloons then some games. 297 walks across the knocked out Stitch only to be caught by Lilo who names him "Short Stuff" due to his being small and liking to short out things.  They walk off out of the Carnival where Gantu and 625 look on.

Back at the house Stitch sleeps on a sofa while Lilo and Pleakley decide to try and shrink Stitch back down. Short Stuff exits his glass container using a claw and hops into the growth machine shorting it out. The machine randomly changes the size of things in the room. Making the tv really big and a bookcase really small. Lilo unplugs the machine making it turn off as Short Stuff laughs as he jumps out of the windowsill. One last blast of the ray hits Short Stuff sending him flying down the stairs. Lilo and Pleakley go to look for him only to see that Short Stuff has become gigantic in size as he stomps off.  Stitch hands the growth ray to Pleakley who decides that fighting big with big is the only way to go. He zaps Stitch again making him even bigger while Gantu and 625 head towards Lilo's house only to see the 60 foot Stitch stomp by. Gantu decides that it's time to use the machine for his own good as he looks over 625 with an evil grin.

Short Stuff meanwhile arrives at the carnival and lifts up a huge ferris wheel hoisting it over his head. Stitch rolls in and confronts him as the two start to fight it out. Stitch gets beat up pretty badly as he destroys the Pineapple ride and spins out on another ride. Jumba suddenly shows up returning from his away leave and has his device with an extra long extension cord hooked to it. He explains to Stitch that he is perfect the way he was. Any altering and he loses his power and abilities. That is why he is unable to fight Short Stuff. Stitch understands and agrees to be shrunk back down in size. Jumba fires the ray at him and Stitch returns to his normal size once again. Stitch easily defeats Short Stuff now that he's his right size again tying him up with rope. The gigantic 625 shows up suddenly stomping towards them much to the delight of Gantu. But to their surprise he just stomps by them and heads right to the world's largest sandwich and sits down on Gantu snacking happily.  Lilo tells Gantu not to shrink Short Stuff as she has a perfect use for him. It turns out that he replaces the rides that were broken by becoming a ride himself as Lilo and Stich get on the new ride and scream happily.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Ever since I saw the Lilo and Stitch movie, I always thought the idea of a giant Stitch would be a good one. They even had Stitch smashing up a model city in the movie, showing what a cool monster Stitch would make if he actually was big. But then after seeing it happened, I can't help but to feel a little disappointed at how lame a monster he truly was when big. Maybe it was expecting to much or maybe the fact that it just wasn't handled at all how I thought it would be, but seeing a giant Stich was a good thing and a bad one.

The great thing that is going for this episode is that we get not one, not two but three alien experiments all getting the super size treatment.  But it didn't make the situation any better unfortunately. No growth was shown at any point, even though all three were grown to the sizes they are by a growth ray. The effect was totally lost as it became to unbelievable. All the characters grew at points where they would have caused damage or something  out of the ordinary to occur, but since no growth was shown everything was easily explained away as we don't see it.  Just a big cop out to me. And whoever decided to go with the no growth shown here should be ashamed of himself or herself. It truly adds to the whole situation and moment of a sudden power change. Stitch grew in a basement and stuff and then suddenly appears outside of a house there is no way he could have exited without breaking through either the floor or through the side of the house.  Then the situations we had with the giants were lackluster at best. Stich at a carnival, 625 eating a sandwich, Short Stuff as an amusement park ride. I don't know. I really think they ruined what would have been a great situation. Maybe it was the writers fault here and not anything else but it just had the potential to be a macro episode classic and turned into a very average no frills , cool to see Stitch big type of episode and not much more. 

This cartoon series is known for making rules and conditions out of thin air, and we the viewer have to go along with it as they are aliens and who is to say what is right and  wrong when it comes to them. So for this reason alone we have to believe that Stitch who is now larger, is not powerful or effective anymore due to Stitch only being correct at his natural size. Why this condition didn't prove to be for 625 or Short Stuff is anyone's guess.  Again it's faulty reasoning put in to the story just because it will make things work, but logically it shouldn't. So what if Stitch is bigger. If he was proportionately the same in every other way, there is no reason why he shouldn't be the same as before but bigger. So sorry, it just didn't work for me that he became weak and unable to walk and fight due to being larger. If he was the perfect weapon as we are to believe he was in the movie, this should have just improved his already perfect form, not hampered it.  I guess they needed some way to get Stitch back down in size again just meant that Stitch as a giant wouldn't be too eventful and unfortunately it wasn't.

In a way this episode was a great homage to what used to be with Disney. A great macro episode and situation, lots of fun ensues, but on the other hand, it was almost like a bad draft to what could have been really good.  The fun just wasn't here as greatly as it should have been. We got a giant Stitch and a giant alien for him to fight and even a cameo ending with his lazy cousin who became big. But it really takes more then just giant characters showing up in abundance to make for a great macro situation and episode.  They had a great premise. Stitch wants to be bigger, they leave the ray on and he gets a little bigger then expected. Trouble and humor ensue. It sorta comes to a halt after that. Even making Short Stuff big wasn't that interesting. I wasn't too big a fan of the creature they used to have as the other macro. They had much cooler creations that would have made for macro creatures in pervious episodes. To get a weird crab reject like thing who just seemed to roar a lot and not much else, well like I said this truly turned out to be a disappointment. This really could have been great and it's too bad what we get is very average and not much else episode wise.  There were a few funny jokes Ill admit. One moment has the huge Stitch leaning his face in next to Lilo where Lilo is talking about how they have to shrink him back down. And then she makes a comment about how "..disturbing his nose looks like at that size up close." as Stitch has his face right in front of hers. It was a good sight gag and the episode had a few of these but it just wasn't that Lilo and Stitch feel to it that other episodes had.  625 came off as annoying at points but made up for it at the end when he showed Gantu who was the boss. But I do think the gag of him just wanting to eat sandwiches has gotten way past old now.  Pleakley as a fill in for Jumba was amusing as well but for some reason it just felt like this episode was quickly thrown together. Some of the major voices usually on the show were no where to be seen/heard (Lilo's sister for instance) and others had just one line and not much more.  Something was just off here and you sorta want to know what really went on behind the scenes before this episode was put together as it really should have been better then it was. 

Things like Jumba just suddenly showing up, the size ray not working and then working or having a delayed reaction or an instant reaction another time. No one seeming to really care or notice that 3 giant aliens are stomping about causing trouble and that Stitch was able to easily get into a house he was way to big to be able to get in and out of were all problems that they tried to get around way to easily without even having to explain it.  Even when Short Stuff does a mini rampage. It ends as quickly as it started. He stomps a vegetable cart and a few folks scream but after that it's like business as usual.  Everyone seems to be in a bubble here where all this is just normal for them. They all seem excited to go on the new ride, even though its a 120 foot alien who just stomped through the area only moments before causing everyone to scream in a panic. My how fast people forget things here.  A lot of random things were just thrown out there but some worked and some didn't. Its a  shame as this most likely comes down to the writer not doing a good story, making for a average episode more then any other factor. A good writer would have nailed the situation correctly but with Stitch macro most of the episode and two other characters also growing big it can't be seen as a bad thing. Some may like the way this was done while others may find it a true disappointment. Either way you get to see a giant Stitch even if he is a over grown weakling but it still is a not to bad episode and reminds us of what Disney used to do in the 80's and 90's.  I've seen worse and I do like the idea of a giant Stitch either way. So It's definitely not a total loss here.




(Stitch and Lilo go to get some Lemonade after Stich wasn't allowed on the ride to being to small)
Lemonade Man: "One lemonade for the small fry!!"
(Stitch growls madly at the cup handed towards him without taking it)
Lilo: "Please don't call him that. He's got issues about his size."
Lemonade Man: "Awww.. poor little shrimpo. Hey! What ya gonna do tiny? Bite my toe? Heh."
(Stitch takes a bite out of the huge lemon shaped Lemonade dispenser instead causing lemonade to spill out of it as Lilo and Stich walk away)
Lilo: "That could have been your toe.."


(Gantu interrogates Pleakley and  Lilo about the where abouts of 297 and how he saw him at the fair recently)
Gantu: "Do you know that I.. Gantu.. former captain of the Galactic Alliance, couldn't win one plushy toy!?"
Lilo: "I'm sad for you Gantu. Really! But .. you can't have 297! We caught him fair and square."
Gantu:  "I don't need to play fair. I'm bigger then you are!"
Lilo: "Funny you should say that!"
(A much larger then Gantu sized Stich shows up behind him suddenly grinning)
Gantu: "Oh blitznak!!"
Stitch: "Meeega... BIGGER!!!!"


(Short Stuff gets hit by a random growth beam sending him flying out the window. Lilo and Pleakley go out to look for him)
Lilo: "Short Stuff?"
(A huge orange crab foot slams down before her much to the shock of Pleakley and Lilo. Stich looks out the door)
Stitch: "Lilo? Bigger better!"
(A now gigantic sized Short Stuff looms over the house and roars as he stomps off)
Stitch: "Uh oh..."


(Lilo and Pleakley watch the over 100 foot tall Short Stuff and Stitch battle it out at the carnival)
Lilo: "These big monster battles never turn out well!"



*One of the few episodes where Lilo's older sister Nani, doesn't make an appearance at all. Which would mean that Lilo was left in the care of Pleakley since Jumba was away for most of the episode too. Very unlikely to have been the case but considering the sizes Stitch and the other creatures were, the fact that there was no damage done to the house besides a tv made bigger it may have worked out for a change. 

*This tv series takes place right after the events of the direct to home video/dvd movie sequel to Lilo and Stitch known as Stitch the Movie. In the movie all of the pods holding the previous 625 experiments before Stitch were released all over Hawaii and now Lilo and Stitch and Jumba and Pleakley all have to find each alien and find it's proper place. Gantu was relieved of his duties as captain of the Galactic Fleet and now works for Dr. Hamsterviel trying to get all the experiments back for his evil uses. Not every episode has Lilo finding a place for the experiment. Sometimes Gantu actually gets the experiment at the end and other times it just isn't stated to what the place for the experiment will be. But in this episode Short Stuff's place was to be that of a carnival ride to replace the ones he broke at his giant size.

*Short Stuff would make another apperance, still in his giant size in the "Leroy & Stich" made to DVD movie. He would be mostly a background character but would have some moments fighting an army of Leroy's in a sports stadium.  He would also be a little smaller then he was shown to be in this episode he was a part of. Most likely to fit him better into the situations he was involved with in the movie. 625 would also go on to be officialy named Reuben in this movie as well. Every apperance before this movie he was only known by his experiment number.


      Factual -- The growth machine was shorted out by Short Stuff when the rays go flying by only moments before the machine is used again to make Stitch even bigger. If Short Stuff shorted it out, it shouldn't have been working properly at all. Just like the rides were broken due to Short Stuff's tampering with them, the machine shouldn't have worked right either when it was used again afterwards.

      Continuity -- When Stitch first grows, he shows up behind Gantu at about 15 or so feet in size. There is no way Stitch could have gotten out of the house without causing any damage to it yet there is no damage seen. Stitch was moments before inside growing and suddenly is outside. To make things more confusing, he is seen exiting in the next scene but has to rip the door way off to squeeze out.

      Continuity -- When Stitch is first made bigger he seems to be pretty invincible able to have lasers bounce off of him and take care of Gantu. Later though it is revealed that he is not powerful at all  due to the size alterating the perfect creation that he was.  If that's the case he never should have been able to take on lasers and other weapons that were fired at him at his altered size with no problem.

      Continuity -- The ray was fired at Stitch originally for over a minute and only caused him to have a delayed growth to only about 15 or so feet. When the ray is used on Short Stuff and 625 it makes them over 100 feet tall instantly with just one zap. 

+ :Unique idea keeping Short Stuff his large size at the end. Good moments with a giant Stich wanting to be bigger and seeming to have fun at his new size. Short Stuff makes for a good giant who seems to have a whole new personality suddenly as a giant and actually will remain at his new size permanently.  Funny moments with 625 and his quest for a giant sandwich and other amusing sight gags make for a good watch.

- :With three giant creatures being in one episode, none of them had any of the growth shown at any point.  Stich is anything but cool as a giant as he is weakened and doesn't get into any interesting situations at all. Three interesting giant characters who all seem to do nothing at their new sizes. Could have been better.


A weird ride where Lilo is big enough but Stitch isn't?     Who has the worse hair do? You decide.     Lemonade brings out the wild beast in Stitch

Now for his Statue of Liberty impression     Pleakley is smokin'!!     Uh oh. Not that ol Frankenstein gag again

Careful. Growth rays tickle     No it's not a giant blue teddy bear..     Now that's a power loving grin if I ever saw one

Now is a good time to run Gantu     Lasers can't hurt him silly Gantu     I don't like that look on his face

Will you quit pushing that nose at us?     Well that's one way to exit without  breaking anything     They may need to get a bigger car next time

Short Stuff is a very fitting name     well he was easy to catch     Next time put him in a metal container

I guess he just needs some fresh air     Watch out for random growth rays!!     Maybe Huge Stuff is a better name for him now

Ah lets just relax and watch the monster on the loose from here     One even bigger Stitch stomping by     I guess he hates going on the ferris wheel

Didn't I see this in a movie?     This carnival isn't big enough for the both of em     Nice hat you got there Stitch

Stich is going for a ride     Stitch lost but at least he can still smile about it     Sorry. Your face is too disturbing. I gotta shrink ya.

Now Short Stuff reigns supreme     Boy is this a Giant's Convention or something?     Another Gantu plan that backfired

A sandwhich fit for a 120 foot alien creature     Gantu does make for a good seat at least     From monster to amusment park ride. Oh the humanity of it.