Name of show that this character is from:  The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: October, 05, 1993  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Potion) & Overeating
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS TAILS?: An anthro, furry, two-tailed fox


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Growth dust from damaged growth machine hit him

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH STAGES SHOWN?: Entire Growth Stages Shown

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE--

QUOTE"The Bigger I get, the hungrier I get!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: Wienerville in Mobius

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 feet

NATURE: Heroic Good

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - A few structures in the town

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Dr. Robotnik, comes up with another scheme to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog. This time he kidnaps Professor Von Schlemer and takes his growth gun in the hope to use it for his evil purposes. The problem is the gun falls apart due to Robotnik's two robotic goons, namely Scratch and Grounder. Scratch somehow gets the machine back together while Grounder has fallen all to pieces. Robotnik decides to try and test the machine out to see if it really works. while the Prof. watches tied up against a tree. But the machine just fizzles and jumps about and doesn't work at all. Robotnik is less then pleased and walks up to the Professor demanding he tell them how to get it to work. The Prof refuses to talk unless he was tortured. The goons come back with various devices to use for such purposes.  Robotnik pulls out a feather and starts to tickle the Professors foot. The Prof. can't stand it much longer and starts to tell Scratch what to do to make the machine work properly. They make the proper adjustments and order the Professor be taken to the deepest darkest part of the jungle so he can never be found again. 

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails meanwhile are racing through an open area, being chased by another of Robotnik's goons, Chuckles, a monkey robot. Tails is complaining that he is hungry and Sonic reassures him that they will eat after they take care of the monkey. They cause the monkey to crash into a few walls that Sonic quickly builds and speed off. They arrive at Wienerville and hope to get a bite to eat. The whole town is made up of Hot Dog related people and the mayor of the town, Knotwurst, meets up with Sonic more then glad to help him and Tails out to fill their appetites with all the Chili Dogs they could eat. Tails and Sonic sit down at a restaurant table outside and Tails eats up an entire tray full of food in mere moments. Sonic laughs as Tails asks for more.

Robotnik meanwhile is still fixing the growth gun machine hoping that it is working properly now. He pulls a piece of belly button lint out of Grounder's waist and puts it on a chair. He turns the machine on and zaps the lint making it much bigger then it was. He is not satisfied yet and tells them to put the machine up to full power. The machine starts to overload and explodes due to too much power being put into it leaving Robotnik and his robots  covered in charred dust and a tree falls on each of them to add more pain to their misery. Tails is still in the town eating everything on his plates leaving a stack of plates to his side that he cleared off.  He gets up to head to an ice cream shop for dessert only for a mysterious orange cloud to show up covering the town. The growth dust from the machine that exploded starts to cover Tails causing him to suddenly start to grow . He grows bigger then ever building and soon looms up to the sky and still seems just as hungry. He picks up the ice cream shop into his hand and swallows it down full. He realizes that with his appetite he is a danger to the town and better leave. He steps on a factory that makes sausages on his way out as everyone in the town runs in a mad panic at the giant fox crushing buildings. As he leaves town his huge tails hit the "Welcome to Wienerville sign" and it starts to fall on the mayor. Sonic zooms into action and saves the mayor as Tails is eating flowers outside of town. The towns people are complaining about Tails and that something must be done, while Tails wishes he could stop eating , but his appetite has the best of him now.

Robotnik shows up in a flying ship of sorts and yells down at the people of Wienerville, to stand up against Tails and Sonic, as they had this planned all along. At first the people back Sonic realizing that Sonic is the good guy but Robotnik gives them all gifts to show them that he is the one that is good. The people love the gifts and start to listen to ever word Robotnik has to say. Tails meanwhile continues to eat grass and weeds, anything he can get his huge hands on. A cart full of Mobian Melons starts to drive by him and Tails quickly goes after them scaring the driver of the cart. Tails quickly grabs the melons and swallows them down letting out a slight belch that shakes the entire town about. Tails tries to apologize but lets out an even stronger burp that really shakes the town about causing mass panic to ensue. The citizens of Wienerville chase after the giant Tails thinking that Robotnik is the good guy and Sonic and Tails are the villains. Robotnik heads back to his base to get an ultimate weapon while Grounder and Scratch talk about how the Professor's device worked better then they had thought. Sonic over hears them talking and tricks the two robots into telling him where the Prof is hidden. He enters them in a fake muscle contest and asks them lots of questions until the last question is the one that tells Sonic where the Professor is. He finds out he's in a bottomless pit and after taking care of the two robots chases off to find him. The prof is busy doing crossword puzzles in the pit as Sonic shows up. Sonic rescues the Professor and he tells Sonic where to find the antidote to the growth gas.

Back at Wienerville the citizens have Tails cornered as he tries to plead with them. Sonic and the Prof come back with the cure which is a huge garlic plant that will shrink him down instantly. The citizens seem more interested in Robotnik's freeze ray that will take care of Tails once and for all. Using the Prof.'s blueprints, Sonic builds a Hot Dog launcher with the biggest chili dog ever attached to it. Sonic fires the hot dog off towards Tails at the same time Robotnik fires his freeze ray. Tails eats the chili dog with the garlic in it and shrinks down in size just as the freeze ray misses him. The freeze ray fires back at Robotnik and his robots freezing them on the spot. The citizens of the town feel bad at how they treated Tails and offer him a nice meal to make up for it. Tails requests over 100 more chili dogs and dessert to go along with it.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Not bad for a growth situation but not good otherwise. This cartoon is probably the worst translation of a video game to cartoon series I have ever seen. Most fans of the Sonic series try and forget that this cartoon was made as there were three better versions made later then this. Those being an ABC series of Sonic which is seen as the best and proper version of the Sonic game cartoon ,Sonic Underground which at least had a story to it even if it was not  that accurate when considering the game and Sonic X which is an anime version more based on the Dreamcast games of a few years ago.  The problem with the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is three fold. First the animation is sub par at best, second the stories were juvenile and not funny and very poorly written and third it just is stupid overall. The whole show revolved around some lame jokes at the expense of Grounder and Scratch and sometimes Chuckles, or some other silly situation that Robotnik came up with and the whole show was not an enjoyable experience due to these facts. But that all aside, the Tails episode isn't horrible. It just isn't great either.

This episode starts out like most episodes do. Sonic and Tails are on another adventure together roaming the lands making a fool of Chuckles and landing in a town to get some food. Now the town itself is a problem I had while watching this episode. The town of Wienerville is literally a town of anthro wieners who seem to enjoy serving hot dogs and sausages and the like.  The whole idea was ridiculous to put it lightly. What was the writer thinking and when has something like this ever happened in a Sonic the Hedgehog video game? It was variations like this that ruined the series as a whole as it dumbed things down so much it didn't even take itself seriously anymore. So we have talking hot dogs pretty much now running things and then they get mad at Sonic and Tails because Tails grew and was eating everything in sight. which is fine as I guess it could be pretty bad if a giant anthro fox is stepping on things and eating every building and melon cart he comes to. But the whole story was just horrible. I don't know why the show was written so badly. Next they go with a whole Sonic and Tails must be bad thing as Robotnik tells them so and Robotnik gives them gifts to bribe them.. umm ok. Sure why not.

Story aside, the macro situations do save the episode if you take it from the view of what is good for themes on this page. When Tails first grows there is a pretty cool growth moment. They show his whole growth and he has mixed expressions and feelings about the whole thing. Then his hunger gets the best of the now giant Tails and he actually does make for quite the monster. Destroying a few buildings by either stepping or eating on them and then in a moment that I thought was actually pretty original and creative (if not very silly) after Tails finishes eating and apologizing to the town, he lets out a massive, powerful, echoing belch that shakes the whole town about as if an earthquake was occurring.  Moments like this were interesting to say the least as you don't often see such things in a macro situation so while the cartoon was bad it's silliness sometimes made for unique situations. But after Tails few moments of causing trouble and shaking the town about towards the beginning the episode goes downhill. We don't see Tails again until well at the end where they shrink him down with a giant sized hot dog with some garlic on it. A great situation and a cool character to be macro just wasn't as cool as it could have been due to the story and over all dumbing down to very young viewers that this cartoon often did. Nothing ever made sense, Sonic was always able to do anything no matter what and the bad guys were complete morons. Tails as a giant was fun at first but I found I wanted him shrunk back too by the time we see him next as it just got too ridiculous now to stomach this anymore.

Overall I would say watch this for the few Tails moments but besides that it is a real stinker. The story is not funny, the situations are corny and the animation is bad even for the time it was made. DiC, the company that made this should take some of the blame as they do cut corners and have been known to do poor quality things like this. It's just too bad that they had a great idea but a poor cartoon to use it in. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought a giant Tails would be a cool situation, but then we see it and it's a huge disappointment. But due to the fact that a giant fox is so rare, this is something that should be seen and noticed for that. Tails does have cool giant moments and while he doesn't know if he wants to be big or not (at first liking it then hating it.. figure that one out) his appetite makes for quite the fun but not much more after that. Sorry I still can't get over the whole talking hot dog citizens,  what were they thinking there!?




(Tails coughs as a mysterious orange cloud covers him)
Tails: "Hey, what's happening!?"
(Tails starts to grow in size looming over a few buildings he is near)
Tails: Hey! The buildings are getting smaller."

Sonic: "No! The buildings are the same. It's you.. something is haywire little buddy. Why you are getting taller!"
Tails: "Yeah I am! all right!"
(Tails continues to grow until he is about 50 feet in size and looks down at Sonic)
Tails: "I don't like this anymore Sonic. Do something. I'm scared!"
Sonic: "Don't worry little buddy. I'll figure something out!"
Tails: "My appetite is getting bigger. I'm so hungry I can't stand it!"
(Tails grins and lifts up an ice cream shop causing people to flee as he swallows it down in one gulp)


(Tails finishes a light snack and lets out a slight burp causing a quake to shake through the town)
Mayor of Wienerville: "The burpquake is destroying out town!"
Tails: "I didn't mean it. I'm sorry everybody!"
(Tails lets out a powerful belch that really shakes the town about causing everyone to flee)



*This was the first Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series that lasted for two seasons.

*Too Tall Tails would be the only good macro episode of the series. There would be other macro moments but mostly they were either robot related or not big enough to really be macro.


      Factual -- The orange dust from the growth machine affected Tails as he was walking, causing him to grow as he was touched by it. But the cloud traveled a long distance and also must have touched many other things in the town and along the way. More people or objects should have grown besides just Tails due to this method of growth.

      Continuity -- Tails' size shifted at various points. Sometimes he looked much bigger then he did moments before and other times he looked smaller in comparison then he did previously.

+ :Good growth moment with Tail looming over the town suddenly with an unending appetite.  Unique ideas in using Tail's belches to cause quakes in the city. 

- :Poor animation and story overall that should have been much better then it turned out to be.. Cartoon wasn't a good representation of the Sonic the Hedgehog video games.  Lots of silly moments that just weren't funny and didn't work.  The whole gimmicky idea of Wienerville was poor.


The two heroes start another adventure     A talking hot dog? Now I've seen everything     Think he's full now? Think again..

Now for some ice cream. All 31 flavors!     Gee where did that orange cloud come from?     That look can only mean one thing. Growth!

Tails: They really should clean the roofs of these buildings     Suddenly this whole town looks like one small snack     And still the two tailed vulpine grows

Watch where you punch that thing Tails     Tails sure has a small head now     Just because he's big, doesn't mean he can't have ice cream

Well that's one way to avoid needing a cone     Don't blame me. I'm just a growing fox.     Be more careful where you put those factories!

This will be a nice light snack     Is it a model of a town or just one huge Tails?    Maybe if I sneak away they won't see me

BELCH!!!! 'cuse me...     What he's still hungry after eating a whole town!?     Giant Tails looks worried  

You can't find those in the sneaker store     Not going to ask where they got a hot dog that big!


1 Minute 38 Seconds
After being hit by orange growth enducing cloud, Tails grows to huge size and starts to eat the town and everything else he can get his huge hands on. Even his belches cause quakes to shake things about. This episode is edited to focus on Tails' macro moments, with non macro moments in between edited out.