Thor & Mutasaurus

Name of show that this character is from:  Mighty Max
Titles of Episode:

Zygote's Thythm

Original Air date: September 16, 1994  (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Devolving & Mutation & Dinosaurs
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS THOR?: A non anthro, non furry, pet green iguana

WHAT IS MUTASAURUS?: An anthro, non furry, yellow mutated dinosaur

                                                       (Mutasaurus) Yes      

HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: Devolved by beams of devolving ray

 WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Dinosaur Larger version of himself.

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH STAGES SHOWN?: Very little at the end as he rises up, covered in pink glow most of the time.

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) (Same as Before)

QUOTE:      (NONE- all non furry creatures)

SEX:    Male

 LOCATIONS: Hawaii Island

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 35 feet

NATURE: Chaotic Animalistic Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Walls of caves

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: A vacationing couple go to a water hole  in Hawaii  to take a picture. The wife sits on what looks like a rock and poses while the husband goes to snap the picture. What the wife is sitting on isn't a rock at all, but the leg of a huge brontosaurus that rises up and roars furiously at them as the two run in a panic. Back in his home, Max is busy reading a travel magazine while his pet iguana Thor crawls over to his face licking him a few times. Max complains of the breath and sets the iguana down onto the floor. He flips through the book wondering if he can use his hat to travel to other places when he is not just saving the world from danger.  He flips through various locations only to see Virgil and Norman holding up a sign telling him to visit the zoo in  Hawaii. He is quite pleased by the prospect of going to Hawaii. He races over to the Zoo and jumps over an aligator pit and avoids being eaten by jumping into a portal. He slams down in front of Norman who greets him with an "Aloha."  Max wants to surf and picks up a surf board only for Virgil to tell them they have bigger issues to deal with, namely dinosaurs. Max doesn't understand how there could be dinosaurs in modern day Hawaii but Virgil just tells them all to follow him and they do so.

Max, Virgil and Norman walk up a path as Thor shows himself through Max's coat pocket before ducking back into it. The trio walk up to some foliage and examine it. Virgil notices the plant life is all extinct in modern day and the bug that is on one of the leaves is also an extinct bug.  Soon after a huge dinosaur shows up and starts to chase after them. Virgil trips and falls and they help him up thinking they are done for only for the huge dinosaur to jump over them and stomp away. They think they are safe only for a pack of various dinosaurs of differnet sizes and types surround them . A man named Dr. Zygote, walks up to them telling them that they are his guests as the trio are less then impressed that he manipulated the laws of nature by recreating dinosaurs.

The three are tied to trees as Zygote looks them over claiming they are all inferior.  A bunch of freaks walk up as the doctor claims they were former students of his and his experiements didn't go as expected on them but he has improved on his device. The vacationing couple is seen tied up on a tree next to them as the doctor explains how his experiments all started.  He first tested it on a lizard who he zaped with his device and it instantly transformed into a gigantic dinosaur that hasn't set foot on the planet in over 100 million years.  While Zygote is talking, Norman starts to cut away at the ropes holding him.  He gets into his device and aims it at the vacationing couple and zaps them with the rays. They both change into gorillas.  Norman snaps free of the ropes holding him and cuts Virgil and Max free as they all run away. Max's jacket flies off of him as Zygote rides after them in his vehicle devolving ray. He zaps the jacket only for Thor who was hidden inside of it to get hit by the devolving rays. Thor rises up bigger and bigger as he devolves into a huge dinosaur version of himself roaring loudly at Max who backs away in fear. Thor goes in to bite him only for Thor to give him a huge slurp showing that he is still the same Thor even if now devolved.  Virgil states that since Thor is a domestic pet he hasn't become a wild creature like the rest of the animals on the island have been. Thor starts to sniff around and finds a hidden entrance that Zygote retreated into. They all head in but Thor is too big to fit in. They tell him to stay there and they will come back for him later.

As they walk into the main area Zygote greets them with his devolved students who attack them. He zaps Virgil with his devolving ray turning him into a tyrodactyl and flies off through the open roof. He then tries to use it on Norman who deflects the beam with his sword hitting one of the mutant creatures and turning the creature into genetic mush. The doctor pulls a lever and introduces his latest experiment, the Mutasaurus. A combination of various dinosaurs all in one creature. It stomps out of the doorway and starts to chase after Virgil and Max. Max runs out of the room quickly in what looks like an escape. He runs back to Thor trying to pull him into the small opening to the cave entrance but can't make him move in. Max runs back to the main room where he spots a giant sized fly . He hooks a rope around it and runs back to Thor with it. Thor sees the giant fly and chases after it pushing through the opening and running after Max into the main room. He chomps the fly down as they enter the room and Thor and Mutasaurus start to battle.  Just as Mutasaurus gets the upper hand on Thor, Virgil flies in and takes down the huge beast as Thor stomps down onto the mutant dinosaur defeating it. Zygote is so mad he zaps the Mutasaurus back into goo.  Zygote decides that it's time to evolve himself and show them what the future holds. He does so and he changes into a blue skined creature with a huge brain but babbles all confused like as he sits there on the center of the floor. Max uses the device to change Virgil and Thor back to their original selves.

The evolved Zygote sits in the evolving ray not knowing what he is doing and aims the rays at the ground turning the volcano they are in active. The trio runs out as lava starts to flow in rapidly. The exit is blocked so they have to jump out of an opening that leads to the ocean as Zygote and the lava flow into the waters below. Zygote levitates out of the water realizing what he has become and promises to see them agian in the future.





(Virgil turns down Max's request to go surfiring after Max uses a lot of fancy words about how he is going to tackle the waves of the ocean)
Virgil: "I have no idea what any of that means. But we have more serious business to attend to Mighty One.  We have some Dinosaurs to locate."

Max: "Dinosaurs!? Uh.. Virg.. you better reset the way back machine pal. You're off by a cool 150 million years."
Virgil: "170 million years to be exact. Now come along. The future of man kind is at stake!!""
(Max looks back to Norman and asks ..)
Max: "Is he kidding?"
Norman: "He's a Lumurian, they never kid.."


Max: "Oh come on Virg.. the only dinosaur in Wikiki, is big, purple and sings on TV."


(Frisky and Bruiser both quiver in fear as they see the huge Mad Dog)
Zygote: "With a few modifications to my genetic mutation catalist, I was able to de-evolve a small lizard into... a creature.. unseen on Earth for over 150 million years!!"
Virgil: "170 million years actually.
Zygote: "I knew that!!"


(Thor now a dinosaur licks Max a few times all friendly like as Norman runs over with his sword)
Max: "Normy put your sword away , he's as friendly as a puppy!"
Norman: "That's a big puppy!!"



* This episode has a lot of paralells to the Quack Pack episode "The Island of the Not So Nice" Both involved a minor pet character who never had a lot of screen time prior or after these episodes. Both were iguanas that transformed into dinosaur versions of themselves with the use of a devolving ray. And both had it where the iguana pet characters were both focused on at the start when they never were previously telling us that they would become a main part of the story. The true difference in the two situations are that Knuckles became Anthro while Thor stayed non anthro. And Knuckles was chaotic while Thor was still his nice loving self to his owner.

*Zygote would return once again in a future episode titled "Zygote's Music" He returns still in his evolved state and winds up evolving to an even higher mental enduced  form later in this next episode he appears in.

 *The character of Zygote is loosely based on the action figure sets that were available for the Mighty Max toy line that this cartoon was based on. In the Doom Zone: Dino Lab set,  Zygote was the name of the bad guy who was behind the dinosaurs of that set. The show keeping true to that used him as the bad guy character in the dinosaur themed episode.  The toy itself was in the shape of a huge Triceratops head that you could flip open to reveal  reveal a mad scientist lab filled with various dinosaurs.

*At the end of every Mighty Max episode, Max would give the viewers some facts that they may find interseting, to add to the educational part of the cartoon. In this episode he informed viewers that alligators and crocodiles are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs that are living today as they are almost unchanged from how they were millions of years ago.


      Factual --  Sometimes the devolving ray changed the creature into its primative state other times it made things bigger like the fly and Thor. Again its a case of is it a growth ray or a devolving ray?

      Continuity --  The ropes holding the vacationing couple disapear after they are evolved by the evolution ray. They never break out of them or show them being taken off at any time. They are zapped and change into gorillas and the ropes are no where to be seen.

      Continuity --  The ray was aimed at the driver of the device after Zygote uses it on himself. Max uses it a second later and the rays are again pointed outwards as he re evolves Thor and Virgil.



+ :MA Lot of giant dinosaur related  creatures for your viewing pleasure. Some shown as they are transforming and some just randomly showing up.  Some good one liners by Max make for an amusing watch at times. Fun story that makes good use of dinosaur themes with various creatures mixed in.

- :Annoying pink glow covers Thor as he grows so it looks like a pink glob growing rather then a green  iguana. 


That's not a seat     He looks mad     When he roars, everyone listens

Aww what a cute little iguana     A face only a pet owner could love     That's not something you see everyday

Again with the roaring..     Uh oh, he brought friends     Three horns are better then one

Ever have that surrounded feeling?     They are closing in on them     A harmless lizard

Won't be harmless for long     He's getting bigger     My how big you have gotten

You sure aren't green anymore     That's not a pink blob, its Thor     Pink is so not his color

Is that the sun setting or something casting a big shadow?     Thor.. how you've changed     Well you always wanted a pet Max

Max is done for?     Ugh talk about bad breath     As harmless as a kitten

I think he's over doing it now     I wonder if he sits and begs too     Watch it with those head butts

Its getting foggy in here     Uh oh.. now what...?     That's a mutasaurus..

Sick em..     May need a bigger sword     Running may be a good idea

Come on.. break through the roof     That's one way to make a new doorway     Giant fly's for giant lizards

New form of transportation     Better then a boxing match     That's gotta hurt

The end of Thor?     The winner and new champ.. Thor     Don't turn your back on him..