Wally Gator

Name of show that this character is from:  Wally Gator
Title of Episode:


Original Air date: March 4, 1963  (NETWORK: Syndication)
Where can I find this episode now?: No Longer Available

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (potion) , Godzilla Situation and Fantasy Situation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS WALLY GATOR?: An anthro, furry,  alligator


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?:  Overdoses on super vitamins that causes a dream

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Larger version of himself.

HOW MUCH OF GROWTH IS SHOWN?: All of his  stages of growth seen but very quickly
MACRO NAME: Prehistoric Monster

QUOTE: "This is a fine way to go through life. I'll never be able to ride the bus for half fare anymore. Sheesh!"

SEX:    Male

LOCATIONS: City Zoo, streets of the city and open area of hills

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 Feet

NATURE: Good Natured


SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Wally Gator is resting in a hammock looking weak and out of it. He claims to the Zoo Keeper, Mr. Twiddle that he isn't long for this world. Mr. Twiddle tells him that he just needs some energy and to take some super vitamins he has every two hours and he will be as good as new.  Wally can't understand the confusing directions on how many he should take when and just decides to down half the bottle of pills at once and forget about it. His body starts to shake and twitch suddenly and he expands in size to over 50 feet tall. Mr. Twiddle tells him that he took to many and to stay right there so he can get some reducing pills. Wally will have none of that and decides to get out of there while he can and hops over the wall and heads into the city.

As the now giant Wally walks down the street complaining of his size. He gets hit with a bucket of water. He walks over to a window with a woman leaning out of it and an empty pail telling her to be more careful. She screams calling him a Prehistoric Monster. Wally next pads over to some painters on a scaffold who are talking of a baseball game. One of the painters sees Wally and freaks out jumping off the scaffold as the other painter continues talking. Wally answers the question in the other painters place scaring the other painter who also jumps away in fear. 

The police are alerted to a Prehistoric Monster sighting and all charge onto the scene to surround Wally with their cars. A head officer tells Wally to give up as they have him surrounded. He tells them that he is no monster just an over grown alligator. They take that to mean he is resisting arrest and start to open fire on him. The cops call in the army for back up. As Wally enters the country side a tank rolls up on a hill above him and fires a huge blast at his face sending Wally running again. Missiles are dropped on his head from above but just bounce off not hurting him as the Air Force pilot calls base asking if he can use stronger weapons on the giant Wally.

Meanwhile in a Monster Movie studio the owner and director of the studio is firing his right hand men telling them they are doing a bad job. That there is a monster on the loose and they haven't hired him yet. He decides he will hire him himself while they go look for jobs. He heads out onto the battle field where tanks are shooting at Wally and tells the army to stop firing at his latest star. He gets into a fire truck and in the upper ladder of it holding a white flag at Wally. He tells Wally he will make him the most famous movie monster ever. Wally agrees and says he will sign.

Before Wally can sign he is back at the zoo at his regular size again in his hammock. Mr. Twiddle is telling him that he passed out from taking too many pills and that it was all a dream. Wally picks the bottle back up as Mr. Twiddle asks what he is doing. Wally tells him that he is going back to being a big movie star and will see him in the movies. As he chugs down more and more pills again.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: A very short episode actually. The whole situation seems to end as quickly as it started. But that will often be the case for episodes like this that are sandwiched in between others keeping them short and to the point.  I am not a big fan of some of these Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 1960's. They all seemed cheaply made and just a carbon copy of all their other cartoons in some way or another. We have one furry type animal creature living and dealing with a society of all humans. Its always the same backgrounds flying by us over and over and the same story plots and ideas. But I'm a little too young to have grown up with cartoons of this generation. But of course I have seen them all through repeats either on cable or regular TV at one point or another. I just never got the whole idea of  Wally Gator. The opening intro to his cartoon calls him a "swinging alligator in the swamp" and then every episode has him as a prisoner in the zoo. I never quite got why they focused on his freedom in the credits while he was miserable in the zoo. But I digress, the point here is that this is a very low frills and nothing special episode but also unique as it hasn't been done many times in these carbon copy, cookie cutter type of shows done by H-B. So this is a rare find even if far from spectacular.

This was a very lucky find, as even on cable this wasn't shown often. Boomerang was the most likely place to find a gem like this but even there it didn't show up as much as you would think. This was captured in the late 90's on regular Cartoon Network who used to show many old time H-B shows before they became what they are today and to fill in some of the gaps of the long commercial breaks before the next show they would show an old H-B cartoon to fill some of the time as they were short and cartoons and would fit the bill. Wally Gator seemed to be used a lot to fill in the gaps and this episode showed up one day. Besides that time I never did see it show up again. So if you are going to be looking for this, you are going to be looking long and hard. The good news is that it is rumored to be coming to DVD eventually so the wait won't be that long. But really this isn't anything special. I tell it like it is. This was very short, not that exciting and honestly kinda silly at times for my taste. Of course that won't stop people who want everything macro wise, like yours truly and this is another one you will want to capture if you want to see a giant alligator of sorts on the loose.

The growth situation itself is very corny and far fetched. I'm really surprised that the growth method used for this episode got through the censors. Which were probably a tad lighter then they are now a days here in the United States. The idea of just popping loads of super vitamins to make one grow was a weird way to go about it as it was. But to actually do it a few times as the growth method was bordering on a very "try this at home" technique.  I'm sure no one did copy this as even kids can't be that dumb to think that taking half a bottle of vitamins will make you grow to 50 feet in size, but still they probably got away with one in this situation. To me the situation could have been handled a lot better. There was no sign that he had fallen asleep after taking the pills. It was quite instant from the moment he took the pills and grew. Also I would have liked something a little better then his being out of energy and Mr. Twiddle just shoves vitamins at him as a solution. How about letting Wally out of there every now and then rather then shoving vitamins on him. I do wish it wasn't a whole dream situation. Just would have been more fun if it was what really happened due to the fact that the whole dream explanation seems too easy an excuse to use here. I say have fun with it and it's a cartoon. It doesn't have to be a dream. You can get away with anything in a cartoon. As long as it's fun and entertaining that's what people want to see.

Wally as a giant was quite disappointing. There was some amusing moments though, but for the most part it was a big let down. It was fun as he just hopped out of the zoo and venturing out on his own as a giant. But then the story seemed to come to a stop. They had no idea what to do with Wally besides scare a few random people by just being himself. One lady splashes him with water and he tells her to watch it only to be called his new given name that would be used quite often in "Prehistoric Monster". Then a silly routine involving some painters on a building followed. Then we get cops and the army and a movie studio involved. It just seemed like they were throwing every idea out there as fast as possible to squeeze into the short time period they had to work with.  To me the story just wasn't that much fun as it wanted to be. Things were happening to fast to get into. Far fetched moments and it was more about Wally running away from everyone rather then him having fun experiencing his new size. A giant Wally hiding behind a house as the same animated bullets fly by him over and over isn't an exciting situation to subject the viewers on. The audience is even teased to the fact that Wally will star in monster movies but even that is never shown only talked about.

When you go into this situation, don't have your expectations high. It is an oldie, but not really a goodie as there is not much substance here. Even his growth moments are very quick. He just shakes  a bit and then is suddenly big before us from hi waist downwards perspective. I wish I could say better things about this episode but I really couldn't find anything fun or amusing about it. It is far from a dud though as there have been many worse then this episode. It just is as no frills and as middle of the road and vanilla as you can get. Almost makes you wish someone else handled the writing of this situation to make a more fun situation then what we wind up with. One point the pilot in the air force jet is asking if he can use a "super duper bomb" to stop Wally. I mean come on. That is just horrible writing.  They couldn't think of something better then that? I just wonder sometimes if the people who wrote for these toons even took their own jobs seriously or just rushed to get anything done thinking it will fly.

Definitely better then nothing at all as a giant Wally on the loose is a giant Wally on the loose. He does loom against buildings and houses and over the zoo even. So you will see some fun shots of what a giant Wally looks like as compared to his surroundings. But most of the situation dealt with him running away from bullets and getting hit in the head with missiles from a jet above. Not as much fun as they probably thought it should be but worth watching at least once just to see something original and different. Almost makes me realize why H-B didn't do many of these, the one time they do it really wasn't that good. They are better off sticking to repeated running through the hallway scenes of the same door passing by 100 times and leave the growth moments to Disney.




Wally Gator: "I am not long for this world Mr. Twiddle sir. I feel like I have been lodged through a knot hole."
Mr. Twiddle: "You need some super vitamins to pep you up Wally. Just take one of these pills every two hours and two every one hour for three hours and three every two hours for one hour and you will feel like your ol disgusting self again."
Wally Gator: "Lets see now ... two pills every five hours... or is it five every two hours ? Oh fuddle de doo. Ill just take a couple days worth and forget it!"
(Wally Gator chugs down half the bottle of pills at once)


Wally Gator: "Say! What you doing down there? Did you shrink?"
Mr. Twiddle: "No! I didn't shrink. You grew!"


(Two painters are busy painting the side of a wall as giant Wally pads quietly behind them listening)
Painter: "So there it was. Bases loaded and two outs and guess who comes to bat? Mickey Mantle! Quite a predicament eh? What would you have done Charlie?"
(Charlie turns around seeing giant Wally behind him and looks panicked and jumps off the platform)
Wally Gator: "I don't know about Charlie. But I would have ordered another hot dog!"
Painter: "Hot dog? What are you some kinda of *does a double take* Prehistoric Monster!!!"


Police Officer: "all right Prehistoric Monster. We got you surrounded! Now give up and come along peacefully!"
Wally Gator: "But sir. I'm not a Prehistoric Monster. I'm just an alligator who's  a little too big for his age!"

(A tank rolls up on a near by hill to blast a huge Wally in the face. Wally starts to run away)
Wally Gator: "Now I know why Prehistoric Monsters went extinct!"

(Missiles dropped on Wally's head bounce off not having any effect)
Air Force Pilot: "Squadron Leader to base. We don't seem to have any effect with our convential bombs. Do I have permission to use our super duper bomb?"


*This episode was the first of the second season. The show would only last for two seasons  (1962-1963) and be part of Hanna Barbera's run of quickly made cartoons of all sorts of characters during the 60's. These particular episodes were made for a show called "The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series" that was shown in syndication. There were three cartoon segments shown in each half hour of this show. Wally Gator was one of them. The other two were "Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har" and "Touché Turtle and Dum Dum".

*Almost every animal was used in some way in a cartoon series by H-B. In this case it was an anthro alligator who hated living his life in the boring zoo and always plotted his escape. For a short time these episodes were shown on Cartoon Network and later on as part of the Boomerang Network. As of this review the show is no longer shown in either locations. There are plans for the entire run of Wally Gator episodes to be released on DVD but only if Time Warner can clean the master reels up to make them except able for transfer to DVD. This was the only macro moment found in all the 50 episodes of Wally Gator.

* The title of this episode "Gosh Zilla" is meant to be a play on the name of the Japanese movie monster "Godzilla" but making it sound much nicer to fit into Wally's nieve and unsuspecting personality that he often has.  The name is misleading as besides the fact that he is really big and green he is never called by the name in the title of the episode nor does he do anything that Godzilla would do as Wally is more afraid of everyone rather then a harm in any way.

*This will be one of the few times you will see a growth method done in the manor shown in this episode. Wally over doses on vitamin pills and instantly grew in size. While it may have been revealed to have been a dream at the end, he also goes back to popping endless pills to go back to his dream as the episode fades to black. Such a situation would never be allowed in current day cartoons, due to the worry that kids would copy such an action in the hopes of seeing what would happen by over dosing on vitamins. Something that can be quite dangerous and deadly to anyone mimicking those actions. 

*Wally Gator's voice was done by a very famous and constant mainstay for Hanna Barbara cartoons in the 1950s and 1960s  named Daws Butler. Daws did the voices for Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss, Quick Draw McGraw and countless others over this time period. He was also one of the first voices for kids cereal commercial mascot "Cap'n Crunch".


      Factual --  Digesting a lot of pills like that wouldn't cause a growth to occur as quickly as it was shown to have taken place. Even though it was a dream situation, the pills still would have had to be digested for them to take the effect that was shown. Even for him to pass out time would have had to pass for the pills to start to digest.

      Factual -- Wally's hat and cuffs shouldn't have grown in size with him due to his taking pills to grow. Only parts of his natural body should have expanded and nothing he was wearing should have been effected by his growth. If any thing the cuffs should have ripped and his hat should have looked very tiny on his head.

      Continuity --  Wally takes a lot more pills then should have been in the bottle. He at first takes half the bottle at the beginning to fall asleep then takes even more then that at the end to go back to his dream. But more pills are being shown as coming out of the bottle then was possible to even be in there.

+ Giant Wally looming against various buildings and a house. Amusing moments here and there that make watching this better.

- :Poor growth execution and very silly and corny moments. Bad script and lacks fun and excitement that you look to with giant creatures on the loose in episodes like this. Could have been much better. Cheaply animated.


A lazy gator in need of energy     A few of these pills will do the trick     That may be a bit too much Wally

I've seen that look before. Growth is about to happen     There he grows     I can see my house from up here

This zoo aint big enough to hold me!     Boy what fake looking buildings this city has     What you looking at shorty?

Umm you missed a spot     They got him surrounded. And still can't stop him     I should be safe at this hillside retreat

These tanks sure can mess up a guys day     When he runs, the area shakes     I would hate to live in that house