Name of show that this character is from:  DuckTales
Title of Episode:

Attack of the Fifty Foot Webby

Original Air date: September 25, 1989 (NETWORK: Syndication )
Where can I find this episode now?: DVD Box Set

EPISODE TYPE: Growth Ray (Potion) & King Kong Situation
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS WEBBY?: An anthro, white feathered, duckling


HOW DID SHE BECOME MACRO?: Fell into a pond of growth inducing water



HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: All of the growth stages shown.

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) Duckzilla

QUOTE:      "Grammy said I would have growth spurts. But nothing like this!"

SEX:    Female

LOCATIONS: Duckburg & African jungle

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ):  50 Feet

NATURE: Heroic Good

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - A circus tent and some bi planes.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: Bubba, Huey, Luey and Duey are all playing hide-and-seek outside of Uncle Scrooge's mansion. Bubba is counting while the other three hide up in a tree. Bubba starts to sniff the ground as he searches for them and find them easily. They all hop back onto the ground out of the tree and hear a faint sneeze.  They go to investigate and see Webby hiding under an over turned wheel barrow. Webby gets annoyed that no one was looking for her while she was hiding and the boys all answer that they didn't even realize she was playing.  Duckworth comes out to offer the boys some drinks not realizing Webby was there making her even more mad. Then Scrooge tells Bubba and his nephews to come up so he can show them something important. Again not noticing Webby.

The boys all listen to Scrooge as he explains that a long tailed gorilla has been spotted in Africa. He wants the gorilla for his new theme park where people can drive through and see endangered animals. He will use Bubba's nose to sniff out its location. He tells the boys they can all come. Webby asks if she can come too and Uncle Scrooge tells her that its too dangerous for her and to stay there even as she protests he has already moved on to preparing for the trip.  Webby decides she is going to go anyway without anyone knowing and storms out of the room.

A ringmaster for a run down circus is dealing with his performers all complaining that they haven't been paid in weeks. He explains that he is working on it and to just give him more time. They all protest and decide to quit instead walking out on him. He realizes that he needs something bigger and better then them to attract people and notices the long tailed gorilla in the newspapers. Just then the Beagle Boys show up complaining at the lack of attractions at the circus. Barker decides to let them in on his plan to capture the gorilla and wants their help. They don't want to help until Barker tells them they can have all the cotton candy they can eat. Burger Beagle quickly accepts the offer for them.

Scrooge lands in Africa with the nephews and Bubba and they start the search. Webby reveals herself from her hiding place and follows a bit behind so she isn't seen. Bubba sniffs about and gets on the trail of something. He comes back with a bone in his mouth barking. Scrooge tosses it away and tells him to try again. Webby meanwhile gets startled when she sees a dragonfly almost as big as she is. She runs quickly to Uncle Scrooge in a panic. Scrooge is less then pleased to see her having stowed away. She promises that she won't be any trouble and Scrooge reluctantly lets her join them as they head into the jungle deeper. The Beagle Boys and Barker follow in the distance.

Scrooge gets his net ready to capture it while The Beagle Boys put on gorilla outfits and jump out from behind some bushes. Everyone runs away as the gorillas show up and Webby flees into a river that she trips in heading down to a waterfall. She starts to fall down the waterfall only to be saved by the long tail gorilla that picks her up into his hand and lands on a near by tree. Webby makes friends with him calling him Mr. Fuzzy and giving him cocoa she brought along in her canteen. Webby realizes that he looks more like a monkey and a gorilla and wonders how he got so big. The monkey takes Webby again and goes to show her.

As they enter an area with large vegetation and insects the Beagle Boys also show up and start to chase after the monkey to capture it. Webby gets tossed into the growth water pond that the monkey was showing her and starts to grow in size getting so big her head hits a branch well above her in a tree. She stomps over back to Uncle Scrooge as they all notice how big she has gotten. She tells them it was something in the water but doesn't know where it was. Scrooge realizes they have to get her back to normal somehow. They fly her home attaching huge balloons to her back as she hangs out the back of the plane via some ropes.

Back at Scrooge mansion a doctor starts to examine her.  The doctor says she is in good shape besides the fact that she is really big. He knows of one way to shrink her. He found a formula from a witch doctor who could shrink heads. He doesn't have the formula anymore though. Luckily for him the boys find it in their Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. He starts to work on it while a whole day passes. At night Webby is jumping rope shaking the whole mansion apart while the boys couldn't play with her as she is too big to do anything with. She decides to get some sleep as Scrooge tells her it will be fixed in the morning. She watches TV in a make shift house made out of a tent for her to use. She is watching a monster movie worried of the poor little monster being attacked. A commercial breaks in showing Barker's circus and the captured long tailed gorilla being displayed there.  Webby stomps off to save him.

The doctor calls Scrooge saying that the formula is almost ready but he needs fur from a long tailed monkey. The boys run in telling that Webby is gone. Webby arrives at the circus and rescues the monkey from its holding cage while the Beagle Boys run in to stop her. The long tailed monkey runs out scared and heads into downtown Duckburg. Webby follows him seeing him on a billboard with a banana on it trying to eat it. Webby is noticed by everyone suddenly as they all start to scream. Scrooge and the boys show up to find Webby atop the building holding the monkey in her hand trying to escape from everyone. Scrooge quickly gets the doctor and flies into a helicopter to get the formula up to Webby. The Beagle Boys and Barker are already up there in planes trying to capture the monkey again. Scrooge grabs some fur strands from the monkey as the doctor puts it into the formula ready to use it on Webby. Webby hits the Beagle Boys chasing Scrooge and send their planes crashing into the river below. The top of the building Webby stands upon is starting to give way. The doctor uses the formula on Webby and the monkey as they fall and both shrink back as they near the ground only to be caught by the boys standing below.

The monkey is sent back to Africa via a transport truck to the airport and the boys promise never to let Webby out of their sights again as they run off to play.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: There are some great Disney Afternoon macro moments, some really bad ones and then there is this one. As middle of the road as you can get. Not the best or even greatest you will see by Disney but far from the worst they have done either. Very generic type of  a Disney story. They have done this theme before. The littlest character is ignored and not noticed and winds up being the one turned giant. They like it at first then wind up hating it. In the end everyone appreciates said character more as everyone is back to normal and everyone the wiser.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Far from the most original situation. Not only have they used themes they used many times before and after but also even copy the King Kong situation in a very awkward way. It just seemed thrusted  in to the end of the episode using the sight gag of Webby holding the monkey in her hand rather then the usual other way around. The fact that the Beagle Boys were using the bi-planes as well to attack her seemed a little of a forced situation  to me.  The episode had to stretch a lot of things here that seemed very out of character. All of the sudden Webby was not noticed by anyone. Since when? If anything she is always around when they need her or not there if she isn't. I don't remember them ever treating her like this until this situation that lead to the events that unfolded.

The absence of her grandma Mrs. Beakley and Launchpad in this episode were also strange absences. You would think her grandma would be concerned as to what happened to her grand-daughter as well as Launchpad being the one to fly Scrooge all over the place. But for some reason both characters were not to be seen. They even had Scrooge flying the helicopter at the end claiming that he usually doesn't fly his own coptors.

A real problem for me was the whole way the growth enducing water pond was handled. You would think that there would be a lot more giant creatures looming about this jungle then just some monkey and a few insects and some plants. It just seemed very unrealistic in the way this was all portrayed. If anything the whole area should have been booming with giant creatures of sorts as they one way or another got effected by the water that they probably have interacted with in one form or another. Why did the monkey only grow to about 10 or so feet while Webby grew to 50 feet? Again the whole method of the waters powers didn't make much sense or continuity. Not to mention that the real prize to be found in that jungle wasn't the monkey but the water itself. You have a pond that can enduce growth in living creatures and you just want some 10 foot monkey for a drive through safari? They quickly skirt past the issue of the pond when Webby is asked where the water is, she quickly just replies she forgot and the situation is ended there as now they focus on how to get Webby back to normal. How could there not have been other giant creatures looming about? It just didn't make any sense to me. How could an outsider like Webby be the only one affected like this in all the time that water must have been there? It all  just seemed handled poorly. To me there should have been another method to have gotten the monkey big, as well as Webby, then what the writers came up with as they truly didn't think the whole situation through logically to make this work as well as it could have.

Webby as a giant was a little bit on the annoying side. They gave her a deep manly type voice now to give the image of being big. And she seemed more obsessed with saving the monkey that she called "Mr. Fuzzy" for some reason, then anything else. She does have a rampage in the city type moment but it is truly harmless with her stomping about searching for the monkey and leading her to climb up a tall building (that I don't remember ever being in Duckburg prior to this episode) to hold it leading to the before mentioned King Kong situation. Also what was weird was people suddenly showing up in the middle of the night to scream a la a Godzilla movie. The streets were empty but then suddenly you see a mother and her son out there, one calling her Duckzilla. And others screaming and running? Where did all these people come from? Yeah I know if you see something stomping by you will go out and check but she was just standing there staring at the monkey and building and suddenly she is surrounded by a mob of people and the cops. Why is a mother out shopping with her son so late at night? Randomly put in terrified mob in a only moments before empty city block was poorly done.

There were to many bad jokes as well that filled this episode. Scrooge and Webby almost repeat the same line about "growing up too fast.." at different points. And when one of the nephews answers after being asked "Where would a 50 foot girl go in the middle of the night?" with a dead pan "Anywhere she wants" reply. You can almost hear a drum roll to accompany the joke that was paused after. As if the whole audience watching this was going to laugh hysterically. It was full of many jokes and one liners like that by all the characters. I mean I'm all for macro themed jokes but this episode was just getting a bit on the silly side with the one liners that were flying by us.  Would have been nice if more was accomplished with the giant Webby. She just seemed to be the butt of jokes the whole time and when she enters the city it just ends as lamely as it started. Writing was the real weakness of this episode. It was a nice situation and idea but executed poorly.

Definitely check it out though if you want something new and different. They do have a growth scene that is OK for what it is. It ends suddenly with her head hitting a branch and all so not the best. And they have many moments with her as a giant interacting with her surroundings. Besides that though there isn't much substance here. It was a fun idea that just seemed rushed and not done to the same superiority that earlier episodes had been done with. Still fun but definitely not the best from Disney when it comes to macro moments and not the best period over all. Just an average you take from it what you get type of deal.




(Bubba sniffs the ground to find the three hiders in a tree)
Huey: "Either Bubba is part bloodhound, or we gotta take more baths!"


(Webby is told she can't go on a trip to Africa due to being too small)
Webby: "Oooooo! I hate being little!"


Webby: "Unca Scrooge. I saw a dragon fly as big as a dragon!"
Huey: "Aww, everything seems big to someone as little as you."


Webby: "Hey! What's going on?"
(Webby starts to glow and grows in place as she sits in a small pond of water. Her head hits a branch above her)
Webby: "Gee. Grammy always said I would have growth spurts. But nothing like this."


Webby: "Unca Scrooge! Unca Scrooge!"
(Giant Webby knocks over two trees as Uncle Scrooge and the boys go to look at her)
Duey: "Webby? How did you get so big!?"
Webby: "It was something in the water!"
Duey: "Neat-o! What water?"
Webby: "I don't remember!"
Scrooge: "I was always afraid my wee Webby would grow up too soon. But not like this!"


Huey, Duey, Luey, Bubba:"Unca Scrooge! Webby's gone!"
Scrooge: "Gone? Where would a fifty-foot lass go in the middle of the night?"
Luey: "Anywhere she wants!"


Mother: "It's a monster!"
Little Boy: "It's Duckzilla!"


*This episode was part of the third season of DuckTales and part of the Disney Afternoon block of cartoons in syndication in the late 80's and early 90's. This would be the last macro moment of the series and one of the only ones dealing with a growth moment in the entire series. Technically Huey, Duey and Luey grow also in the episode with the Golden Goose in the next season but they were gold statues at the time when they are made bigger and not living at the time. Every other macro moment in the series, besides this one with Webby, would be dealing with creatures already large in size naturally.

*Russi Taylor did the voice of all three nephews as well as Webby in every episode of DuckTales. She is the current voice of Minnie Mouse in all video games and episodes that have her in them. She was also the voice of Gonzo on Muppet Babies and is the voice of minor characters like Martin on the Simpsons.

*The long tailed monkey who also grew in size due to the water does not qualify as a listing for this page due to the fact that he is only about 10-12 feet in size and not truly a macro furry. If he grew bigger then the size he was shown then he would have easily qualified for the page. But the fact that he was easily held in Webby's hand as she climbed a building makes him far from big enough to qualify.


      Factual -- If the water made Webby 50 feet instantly just by sitting in it for a few moments, then the long tailed monkey should have also been at least 50 feet in size if not taller then that due to having lived there longer and also been affected by the waters and his regular size not being that much smaller then hers. No explanation for why he only grew a tiny bit while Webby grew a lot from the same waters is ever given.

       Factual -- It doesn't make sense that sitting in some growth water would cause anything she is wearing to grow in size too. If she sat in it with her  rear only getting that part wet then only something that the water absorbed into , assumingly her body, should have grown from the effects of it as nothing else ever touched the water as she started to grow above the pond.

     Continuity --  The news paper article Scrooge is reading to the boys is about the long tailed gorilla being sighted and Scrooge telling them that he will go and find it and is already packing to leave. In the next scene Barker reads the newspaper that already tells of Scrooge going after the ape. It is highly unlikely that a trip Scrooge just planned on the same day would already be in the paper. If anything it should have been the same story of the ape being  spotted in the jungle.

:Webby is big for most of the episode and there are some good moments of her in the city and as a giantess. Growth moment shown in entirety and interesting moments with her dealing with her new size. 

- :Story is weak and unoriginal at points. Seems to lose focus as the episode gets towards the end. Some bad one liners and use of puns when referencing Webby's new height.  More creatures should have been big as well as the monkey should have been larger then he was.


Webby is never noticed     Scrooge not happy Webby snuck along     Saved by a big monkey

This is no time to ask her out on a date     This relationship would never work..     Everything seems large around here

If only that monkey had fallen into the water again     Ever get that glowing feeling?     Ive seen that look before..its growth

Still growing...     Watch out for that tree     Darn trees always in the way of growing giants

Is she going skiing now?     I guess they will notice her now     You don't want to get crushed by those webbed feet

She makes a good security guard     Say AHHHHHHHH!!!     nothing like jump roping at midnight

I don't think you can both use the same rope     Thats one kiss he won't forget any time soon     That monkey looks kinda small now

She's not rescuing him, she's adding him to her private doll collection     This city is too small for her     If I tip toe no one will notice me

They need bigger buildings in Duckburg     Does this size make my butt look big?     Well if Kong can do it, why not a duck?

I have a feeling I have seen this somewhere before     can't a girl have a date in private?     That's going to hurt the pilot in the morning


2 Minute 35 Seconds