Zoo Animals

Name of show that these characters are from:  Frankenstein Jr.
Title of Episode:

Original Air date: October 1, 1966    (NETWORK:   CBS )
Where can I find this episode now? Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles -- The Complete Series (DVD)

EPISODE TYPE : Growth Ray (Formula)
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WHAT IS ZOO LION?: A non anthro,  non furry, zoo inhabiting african  lion

WHAT IS ZOO ALLIGATOR?: An anthro, non furry, zoo inhabiting alligator

: A non anthro, non furry, zoo inhabiting elephant

WHAT IS ZOO BEAR?:  An anthro, non furry, zoo inhabiting brown bear

WHAT IS ZOO GORILLA?: An anthro, non furry, zoo inhabiting gorilla

WHAT IS ZOO OSTRICH?:  An anthro, non furry, zoo inhabiting ostrich


HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: An alien uses growth eye beams on each animal


IS GROWTH SHOWN?:  Yes                    

HOW MUCH OF BECOMING MACRO STAGES SHOWN?: Most of growth stages shown, some more detailed then others.

MACRO NAMES: (If different from regular sized name)  --SAME AS BEFORE --                   
                           NOTE:  None of the animals are known to have any names, besides being the animal that they are

QUOTE:       (--- NONE --- They are non furry and just use the animal sounds normal for them to use)

SEX(ALL)  Male (It is unknown if they are all male but assumed to be so)

LOCATIONS: Civic City Zoo, Civic City streets, Rocket Base, school, railroad overpass

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ):   All become about 30-40 feet in size

NATURE: Chaotic Animal Behaviors

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Medium -  Lions cage, water tower, overpass of a bridge, rocket launching pad, school bell, tank

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE: A huge explosion occurs in outer space, sending a meteor shooting towards the planet Earth. Professor Conroy and his son Buzz Conroy are busy monitoring the meteor on their advanced computer system at the same time. The meteor happens to be heading towards their home town of  Civic City at speeds faster then light.  It crash lands outside of the Civic City Zoo and an Alien Brain creature emerges from within it. He walks into the zoo suddenly and heads over to the alligator pit and starts to stare into the sleeping alligator until eye beams form. The eye beams shoot into the alligators eyes causing the alligator to grow to a monstrous size.

Buzz and his father notice all of this as they continue to monitor not liking the looks of what the alien is doing as the alien goes to the lion's cage next. The lion suddenly is zapped by the same sonar eye beams and grows right out of his cage looming above the zoo. The Professor remarks how the brain must be trying to take over the world. Buzz quickly heads into action and fires his radar ring at a metal door revealing the robotic hero of Civic City, Frankenstein Jr. As Buzz and Frank watch on the monitor, an elephant, gorilla, ostrich and bear are also grown to huge sizes. The alien brain gathers them all up and starts to lecture to the animals he grew about what he wants them to do now. Frankenstein Jr. flies off into action with Buzz along for the ride.

The various animals already start to wreck havoc in Civic City. The elephant that the alien rides atop destroys a huge antenna on a building. An Ostrich eats the school bell from a school. The giant bear takes a huge water tower drinking it of it's contents and the alligator destroys a huge railroad overpass walking through the hole he created. Frankenstein Jr. and Buzz see a train coming about to head over the broken over pass. Frank lifts up the broken tracks into his arms allowing the train to pass over it and weld it back together with one of Frank's heat rays. The giant gorilla picks up a military jeep and holds it in his grips. Buzz presses a button Frankenstein Jr. activating the "Giggle Ray" causing the gorilla to laugh and let go of the jeep instantly. As it's falling Frank quickly has to catch it and sets it to the ground allowing the soldier to drive off to safety.

The gigantic elephant holds the alien brain in it's trunk and the alien grabs Buzz off of Franks shoulder putting him into a rocket at the base. Frank goes into action only to be punched out cold by the massive bear looming over him.  The bear ties Frankenstein Jr. and Buzz to a rocket and the ostrich makes short work out of the control center roof while the elephant lowers him in preparing to shoot the two heroes into outer space for good.

Buzz aims his ring up at a passing jet and the ray bounces off of the jet and reactivates Frankenstein Jr. The rocket is about to blast off just as Frank snaps out of it and rescues Buzz setting him safely on the launch platform. The huge alligator goes in to attack and Frank shoves the huge rocket that once held them into the alligators mouth sending him fleeing. The gorilla shows up and pounds the robot into the ground. Frank pulls up the launch pad platform and flies into the air. Buzz turns his jet pack on and goes in for a closer look. Frank slams the metal cage down over the gorilla trapping him. The ostrich meanwhile eats a tank that was driving by swallowing it down in one gulp. Buzz uses the Magnet beam in Frank to get the tank back out and it hits the charging giant lion knocking the lion out cold as the tank drives off along the lions back to safety. The ostrich is hoisted into the air and slams down into a hanger knocking him out as well. The alien orders the elephant and bear to take care of them. The elephant takes a huge leap into the air and Frankenstein Jr. gets onto his back and uses his foot levitation beams to spin the elephant down causing him to land atop the bear as both are out cold. When Frank goes to look back for the alien  he notices he is gone.

The alien brain had stolen Buzz's jet pack and escapes heading back towards the zoo to get back to his meteor. Frank and Buzz follow quickly and shoot a laser beam destroying the meteor and causes the alien to disappear in a puff of smoke.  Frankenstein Jr. flies all the animals who have shrunk back to normal size back home to the zoo.

REVIEW OF EPISODE:    Hanna Barbera was known for pumping out cartoons like this in the 60's where it would be some generic unstoppable super hero that would go up against some cliché or corny bad guy or creatures of some sort. This cartoon is a perfect example of that. We have Frankenstein Jr., a robot controled by some genius professor's son who can do anything and everything all with the press of a button on some remote control he had. These type of cartoons were a dime a dozen. The good guy would come up against some bad guy, the bad guy would terrorize folks or do something that causes the good guy to go into action. Then the bad guys and their henchmen or monsters become punching bags for the power gaming and unstoppable good guy hero.  That being the case, the animals and alien brain didn't stand a chance. But it was still a worthwhile effort if anything.

The story was an interesting one but was also a very flawed one full of many holes and problems. That is to be expected of course again, considering the type of cartoon it was and when it was made and by who. But still they really have to put more effort into the stories they came up with. First of all we are to believe it was just some explosion out of nowhere, then it turns out to have been some aliens space ship. Then he has taken over many other worlds by making their own creatures big on them but then it turned out that he got all his power from the meteor he was in all along and it was just a very flawed story line full of many plot holes and nonsensical explanation. The worst though everything dealing with Buzz. This kid is annoying. I don't know if they thought he was cool or something when they came up with who should control Frank, but he is not cool and the lines they give him make him even worse. He talks in long drawn out sentences filling in as many scientific words he can. He talks slowly and sounds so cliché with almost everything he said. The technology they also had to use was well advanced past anything we even have today in the 21st Century. They were able to monitor the meteor from millions of miles away on their view screen, then by some chance of luck it heads right into the city they happen to be located in, then they get to watch it all unfold on this screen as animal after animal is made big. They already know exactly what's going on. They have a device to translate what the alien is saying and all from that little view monitor they had there. 

The animals out of a zoo for monsters, was an interesting idea for the most part. Usually these cartoons had LAME monsters to put it best. Either some weird thing that just was badly drawn or some evil bad guy. This time we just had a wide variety of animals, all drawn how they should look and making for good stand in monsters. It was also an interesting way that they got the animals to be big and why.  The alien just walked into a zoo as if he knew what he was doing. Finds an alligator sleeping there, he looked at it , eye beams shoot out and the alligator wakes up as he grows in size. It was original and unique if anything. Yes the story needed a lot of work but I do give major props for having a fun and new idea at least. But that's sorta where the fun ended, this evil brain creature zaps these animals big, to take over the world or something and what does he have them do? Well lets see one breaks an antenna on a building and another lifts a water tower up oh and the ostrich eats a bell at a school. Oh no. The folks are going to really be trembling now. What will they ever do without an antenna, small water tower or school bell? I don't know if it was that they didn't want to make it to violent or they just didn't know exactly what to do, but they really had to do better then this. It wasn't worth all the effort to make these animals big if that was all they could accomplish.

There were a lot of problems I had with the episode, like the alligator becoming anthro after he grew as if he was a wanna be Godzilla or something.  And the use of the same backgrounds and horribly drawn blue and dark blue sky in every frame. Badly drawn backgrounds and very little accomplished over all. The whole idea that this alien had taken over other planets yet was easily defeated just by destroying his meteor made zero sense. This one alien took over all these planets and decided to come to Earth and only makes 6 animals grow and is defeated by some dumb robot? I just found the whole story and plot badly executed. But I still like this episode as it gets a lot of props for being original and being a fun idea. The whole idea of some alien walking to a zoo and turning random animals giant is a good idea and one that I think should have been repeated more in future cartoons. I can't rate it too badly as this is a HB cartoon from the 60's and for them to have even come up with something like this when everything from them is the same ol' stuff this gets a good mark. It could have been so much better but it isn't bad considering where it was from and what cartoon series and the animals they did choose were interesting choices.




 (The Professor and Buzz watch in shock on a monitor as an alien brain focuses eye beams at an alligator in a zoo causing it to grow in size)
Professor Conroy: "Incredible! He's using his Sonar Powers to transform the animals into gigantic beasts!"
(The alien brain then does the same to a lion making him grow in size as they watch on  the monitor)
Professor Conroy: "Good heavens! He must be planning to conquer the world!"


(Buzz activates Frankenstein Jr. and shows him what the problem is on the monitor as an elephant gets zapped with sonar eye beams)
Buzz: "An alien brain has brainwashed the zoo into a managerie of monsters!"


*The episode was originally shown in two parts. With the first part shown at the beginning of the show, followed by an episode of the Impossibles and then followed by part two at the end of the show. When it was shown on cable later on, the two episodes were edited together with the episode just continuing into the second part.

*Frankenstein Jr. was actually taken off the air a year after it was shown due to complains by parents of violence that the cartoons (This one and the Impossibles) displayed with the good guys often beating up the various creatures and bad guys pretty badly each week. The network buckled to the pressure and the show was removed. It would later show up in the 70's as part of another block of cartoons from HB but no new episodes were made. Just repeats of the ones made originally.


      Factual -- The rocket was big enough for both Frankenstein Jr. and Buzz on it as the Bear was about the same size of it. Then later on the rocket is placed into the charging alligators mouth fitting easily which is impossible as the alligator wasn't that big nor was the rocket that small to have fit into it. 

      Factual -- When we first see the alligator is is laying on all fours. After it grew it then walked on only two legs standing up right as if it were a furry. Alligators do not walk on their legs no matter what size they are and none of the other animals after they grew (who weren't already) walked on only two legs. The bear walked on both two legs and four at  various points which is normal for a bear to do.

      Continuity -- A lot of size fluctuation problems all throughout the episode. The lion and bear when they first grew loom over the zoo but then when we next see them they are no bigger then any of the other animals proportionately.

+ :Original idea  in using animals from a zoo as macro creatures. Funny moments and weird situations make for a very dated yet enjoyable watch . Good variety of animals chosen to be giants.

- :Plot is lacking in many places. Poor animation overall is very noticeable, especially in the backgrounds and sky. Very cheaply made. Giant Animals never get to do anything dangerous  to have made them being grown to mass sizes  in the first place worthwhile. Very corny dialogue at points.


The Alien Brain arrives on Earth     An aligator sleeps peacefuly     Well thats one way to wake him up

Going up     He became anthro as he grew.     The aligator seems to enjoy his new look on the world

Now it's Leo's turn     Is he becoming anthro as well?     No zoo can hold the king now

Making an elephant even bigger? Uh oh.     It's good to stretch after being in a cage all night     Add one bear for good measure

Quite an army he built here.     He's taking em out for a night on top of the town     Imagine seeing this walking down the street

Someone won't get their favorite tv shows tonight     Look at him roar at that water tower     I guess he was thirsty

Now they will never know when school ends     These things are always in the way     This is one gang you don't wanna mess with

Someone left their toys out again     Elephant trucks have so many uses     I guess we see who won this boxing match

Next time they should build a sunroof on the place     He's got a big mouth     That's one way to shut it up

He looks like hes having fun     Good King Kong impression     Wasn't the gorilla just standing there?

You don't want a lion this size charging you     Something seems to have scared this big cat     Not a good way to defeat a robot

I was wondering where the bear went to     This will be their last attack    


1 minute 30 seconds

An alien from outer space arrives at a zoo and starts to turn various animals into giants so he can take over the world