Name of show that these characters are from:  Cardcaptors
Title of Episode:

Dragon Slayer

Original Air date: September 15, 2000  (NETWORK: Kids WB)
Where can I find this episode now?: (DVD) Cardcaptors: New Lessons

EPISODE TYPE : Magic & Dragons
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS (unnamed) GIANT CAT?: An non anthro, non furry,  black and white domestic cat

WHAT IS (unnamed) DRAGON?: An anthro, non furry, dark pink colored dragon

                                                               (Dragon) Yes

HOW DID THEY BECOME MACRO?: (Cat) Made big due to the effects of the Big Card
                                                                 (Dragon)  Created due to the effects of the Create Card

WHAT DO THEY BECOME AFTER THEY GROW?: (Cat) Larger Version of Self
IS GROWTH SHOWN?:  No                                    


MACRO NAME:  (Cat) Mega Cat



LOCATIONS:  Japanese park and streets

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average )(Giant Cat) 20 Feet
                                                             (Dragon) 120 Feet

NATURE(Giant Cat) Chaotic Animal Behavior
                  (Dragon) Chaotic Animal Behavior

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: Low - Dragon shakes area about with huge foot stomps and blasts a few random fire balls about.

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE:  Sakura's friend Niki is reading a book about dragons in her class.  The girls meet up after class while they all think dragons are just a part of peoples vivid imaginations.  May Lin goes to talk to Li on the roof top to ask him about dragons. But he is too deep in thought sensing another clow card.  Sakura and her friends go down the street until Niki stops them telling them to follow her into her favorite book store. The one that sells all the fantasy and mystery novels she loves so much. Sakura is about to follow until she stops also sensing the clow card.  Niki meanwhile is searching through the store only to find a mysterious old book. She flips through it seeing that only half the pages have writing on it while the rest are blank. She figures its one of those complete the story type of journals and seems interested in getting it. 

Night time falls and Sakura and Keero are out searching for the card. Li and May Lin show up suddenly also in search for the clow card. Now the two groups argue over who discovered it first.  Both assure their friends that they know where it is. Li and Sakura both point into a dark part of the street at the same time. Suddenly two yellow lights start to be seen from where they pointed.  Sakura sees its just a cat and now the clow card. But they realize it isn't just any cat but a 20 foot cat approaching the group. The huge cat turns around and roars at them and starts to chase the entire group of them away.  Sakura uses her fly ability and flies to safety while the cat continues to chase Li and May Lin.  May Lin trips suddenly as the cat approaches falling to the ground.  Li picks up his sword ready to fight the huge cat if he has to.  The cat lifts its paw off of May Lin and goes face to face with Li now looking like a huge battle is about to take place.  Instead of attacking though the huge feline just gives a loving lick to Li and nuzzles him.  Keero realizes that it is the work of the big card that made the cat huge. They have to find it and have an idea of where to look as they see huge plants towering over buildings in the distance.  They head off to find it while Li and May Lin are unable to get away from the giant cat who seems to be enjoying hugging Li too much to let them go away.

Sakura and Keero see the card sitting there as a white colored female ghost wearing old style  clothing. Keero warns to capture her quickly as she is dangerous. The card hits a fish in the fountain she is sitting at enlarging a fish to about 10 feet in size suddenly.  Sakura jumps into action and captures the towering card ghost into her staff putting it back into the card form it should be.  Everything shrinks back to normal after the card is captured including the cat that was holding Li down.  May Lin lifts the now regular sized cat up yelling at it for ruining their chance to get the clow card. The cat just meows at her innocently.

Niki starts reading the half written book she got and comes to the end of the written section and starts to think on what she should write to add to the story. At the same time May Lin and Keero are arguing over who should have gotten the big card. May Lin says it is rightfully Li's due to the cat getting in the way and Keero points out that Li would have been the cats lunch if Sakura hadn't sealed it.  As they argue Sakura sees a weird female sprit of sorts and clouds start to form around them. Niki is still writing in her book about a sorceress floating away quietly.  Suddenly before Sakura and her friends a black panther jumps out of the trees. But the panther looks strange having a spiral drawn eyes rather then regular eyes. They all note that the panther seems a bit strange. If that wasn't enough the panther sprouts wings on its sides.  And then a pink hippopotamus  with spiral eyes and wings floats up out of the water.  And a horse with weird eyes and wings flies above.  Keero knows what is going on. Its the work of the create card. 

Back in Niki's room she is writing all about the very creatures that Sakura and gang are witnessing. She creates a story about them needing wings to protect their home from evil creatures that dwell in the forest.  Sakura now sees lots of random creatures flying about in rows above them seeming to get more numerous as time goes on.  Keero explains that the create card creates what ever is written within a book and who ever is using it now seems to have  a very active imagination. Before he can finish a huge wind storm appears and a pink colored dragon flies in to attack.  The dragon slams down before them roaring out as they all look on in fear. Keero informs them that the dragon should go away once whoever is writing stops writing about it.  Sakura says they can't wait for that as the dragon is looking towards downtown of the city.  Li tries to use his force power and sends a lightning bolt down on the dragon but it barely even stops him as the dragon stomps on.

Sakura decides its time to use the big card to stop such a huge creature. So without haste she uses the card on herself and grows in size equal to that of the over 100 foot dragon.  She and the dragon then face off with Sakura grabbing at it's tail and the dragon trying to get away.  Niki continues to write away as the battle is going on right outside her own window. Sakura starts to run away as the dragon starts to breathe fire blasts at her almost hitting her a few times.  The dragon pushes Sakura down and then goes in for the kill to blast her with fire. Only to fade away to nothingness at the same time that Niki closes the creature card book.  Sakura uses the moment as the dragon is disappearing to seal the create card. Sakura comments on how the view up there is nice while Keero warns her that once false step and those below won't enjoy it. She smiles down at them offering a ride.

Niki wakes up the next morning and noticed that the book she was writing her story in has suddenly vanished being no wiser to what happened last night.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: I'll come right out and say it. I'm not really a big fan of this show. To me, you seen one dubbed quickly slapped together Japanese anime series here in the United States, and you seen one too many. Its not enough that they all seem similar to one another in theme and story but they just never seem to go anywhere. But sometimes, rarely, but sometimes fun macro moments do show up in these series and that itself makes watching them worth it. But I couldn't tell you anything really about the show besides what I have read and seen in the few episodes that I watched.  Thanks to a good friend I was able to see the original Japanese version of this episode, at least the macro moments of it, and it really isn't that different besides a few minor edits and sound differences. So you aren't missing anything by just watching the American version here. And that too isn't say much as this is as no frills and average as you can get. But it still does belong on this page and will get the same treatment as everything else does, even if it isn't a favorite of mine by any means.

The story and premise itself is a bit on the weak side. Sakura and some stuffed teddy bear looking creature named Keero are card captors of sorts who have to collect all the clow cards out there in the forms of other beings and have to use them to stop other clow cards that are causing trouble. Or something to that effect. What it amounts to for the most part is a theme of the day type of episode where some theme is the main card and Sakura has to deal with it for the whole episode only to stop it in some quick battle of sorts where she captures it acquiring it's power to use as she needs later on. Wet, lather, rinse.. repeat.  In this episode it was the Big Card and the Create card all in one nice package. Usually episodes will be based around just one card to capture but they decided to mix and match to make for a use of one card on another later on.

You would think that with a card such as the BIG card it would be great and this would be an episode that all macro fans out there have to see forever and ever and finally we get just what we want. Well hold your horses there.  While we did get a few big surprises the whole execution of it was on the let down side rather than the spectacular side. The giant cat situation was nice. But no growth of said cat was shown. And rather than turn into a thrilling situation it was just a way to have Sakura's competition Li and May Lin, also known as annoying comic relief characters, be put out of the way while Sakura captured the clow card herself.  So the only cool creature that got bigified was said cat and he didn't do much. But that's not to say it still wasn't cool for what it was. He roared at them, chased them, had some close up situations and licked his would be slayer. Also even stepped on him. So this king sized cat did do a lo t that would be of interest to many but it was pretty short lived and almost ended as soon as it started.

To me this was all just a missed opportunity of sorts to really have fun with a big card situation. Other creatures being made big all over the place. Maybe take it to a zoo or a pet shop or circus or something. Now that would have been a fun situation for Sakura to have to deal with. A cat and an over grown fish flopping about isn't exactly lighting it up here in the realm of excitement when dealing with the power of big. A lot of big animals and creatures showing up throughout and Sakura having to deal with it all the while would have been much more fun then what we wound up with. In a way I'm disappointed that a great opportunity for bigness was wasted and was more of a minor plot for the create card that seemed to be the real focus of said episode.  Worse yet is the power of the big card never does get used again in any episode past this. So it just seems like the whole situation was made just so she can take on the dragon at the end which too was disappointing which Ill get to next.

The create card which was really the focus of this story was really weird for lack of better word. What ever someone wrote in this book, that of course a friend of Sakura happened to pick up at a local book store without any explanation of the sheer luck of a it all happening that way.. came to life in reality for as long as the person was writing and creating. Or some nonsense like that. So we got her friend Niki writing about freaking animals with circular swirls for eyes and wings flying about looking goofy an d strange all the while. Then if that wasn't enough she writes about a huge dragon, also with a weird look and eyes that said animals are supposed to be fearing. But the animals seemed to have disappeared suddenly and the dragon was just stomping about doing very little in the time he is around. But for some reason they feared it would head to the city and Sakura had to use the big card on herself to battle it.

It was cool to see a giantess and dragon battle. I can't say it wasn't and that too makes this situation a bit better than it was otherwise. The dragon did the usual dragon type things. Breathed fire, flew above, slammed down. Flapped its wings causing wind. Roared about madly as it was in battle. It did make for a cool situation. But the whole Sakura having to be big to battle it, seemed forced as if they were trying to figure a way for Sakura to use her newly acquired power some how and this is what they came up with. The situation lasts for a few moments and has a bit of everything too for all fans but again seemed weird and strange and this whole episode as well as series is hard to get into for the most part.

The best thing going for this episode is the fact that we have the first half filled with a giant cat. And the second half filled with a giant dragon and both are big and there due to different causes. So it turns into a weird coincidence in a way to be battling two giant creatures like that that have no relation to being as they are in any way. But thats all that really is going for this. The situations are silly and corny. The moments not that exciting and the story is flat. If the big card got more use and attention here this would have probably been great. But being that it was so minor and silly how it was used it comes off more as disappointing.

I say check it out if you want yet another giant cat situation to enjoy as the two minute or so situation with the cat is cool to see. The dragon wasn't that great as the situation is so dark its hard to really see what's going on. And the dragon looks weird with the way they had the eyes done. There are much better dragon moments out there so this isn't one I would run to have to see. Same even with the cat. There are much better giant cat moments even on this page and I would say only see this if you want to see a more anime type take on macro situations.  The episode is easy enough to find on online DVD sites and even stores if you look hard enough. Just don't have your hopes too high. Its a very average no frills situation that never seems to go anywhere that is fun and worth while. But its not the worst either.



(Sakura points to where the clow card is only to see a cat instead in the distance approaching)
Sakura: "Oh...It's just a cat."
Keero: "Uhhh.. I think you better look again.."
(A gigantic sized black and white cat towering above pads by the group casually)


(The giant cat pins down May Lin with a huge paw keeping her trapped)
May Lin: "Hey! I love cats! Honestly!!"


(Li and the giant cat face each other in battle with Li holding a sword at the cat,  only for the cat to lick Li instead of attack him)
Li: "Ugh. Stop it cat. I'm armed here!"


Keero: "This looks like the work of the big card!"
Sakura: "I assume the big card makes things bigger?"
Keero: "Not just bigger.. we're talkin' gigantic!"

(Li tries to get away from the huge cat who is enjoying hugging Li. The cat pounces Li and goes back to pinning and hugging him May Lin pulls at its whiskers trying to get the cat up having no effect)
Li: "Ugh. Nice kitty!"
May Lin: "Cat!! don't make me hurt you! That's Li Sho-ron you have there!"

Keero: "Quick Sakura! Seal it! That card can cause a lot of trouble just by sitting there!"
(The Big Clow Card who is in the appearance of a large female wearing clerical clothing hits a fish in a pond with her staff causing it to enlarge and hit the pavement now as a giant fish)
Sakura: "Yeah! I see what you mean!"
Keero: "Yeah. That's just for starters. Think about what it can do to centipedes!"


May Lin: "But Li would have captured the big card if that mega cat hadn't gotten in the way!"
Kerro: "No, no, no.  Li would have been mega cat's lunch if Sakura hadn't sealed the card."


*The series "Cardcaptors" was originally released in Japan as the series "Cardcaptor Sakura". The series would be shown in English dubbed episodes in North America with edits and different episode titles. When this episode was shown in Japan the title of it was "Sakura and the Nameless Book".  Both were episode 31 but the dubbed versions were shown in a different order than originally in Japan.  The DVD lists this episode as episode 10.

* Some of the sounds and effects are different in the dubbed version as compared to the regular. In relation to the macro aspects. A glaring difference is the sound the giant sized  cat makes in the original vs the dubbed version. In the Japanese episode the cat let out a huge meow as they show the close up of the giant cat reacting to seeing Sakura and her friends. In the version reviewed here,  the cat lets out a lion roar sound instead.

*Unlike a lot of the other clow cards that show up in the episodes, the Big Card is only used once for the entire run  of the series.  Besides the cat being enlarged. There was also a giant fish as well as a row of  plants made large due to the Big Card's effects. And of course Sakura herself used the effects of the than captured card on herself at the end of this episode to take on the giant dragon, making for the only time she ever used it's powers and abilities  in the series.

*The series was shown on Kids WB for 2 years from 2000-2001. And then repeats were shown on Cartoon Network the year after,  CN is also owned by Time Warner Corp. Since then the show has not been seen on the air but most of the episodes are still  available on DVD and VHS.


      Factual -- It is not likely that Niki was writing about the dragon battling a giantess at the time. So while Niki is writing non stop the whole time Sakura and the dragon are fighting, something different should have been happening due to how the create card worked. That what was being written about happens. It is also not clear where all the animals that she created went to during that time as they suddenly vanished once the dragon showed up. 

+ :A giant cat and dragon in one action packed episode. Has some amusing moments and interesting battles. The dragon battle sequences at times are pretty cool. Has a human giantess moment as well making for three giant creatures to enjoy all around.

- No growth shown at any time except for a fish that really wasn't big enough to make the page.  Story seemed rushed and silly at points. Could have been more exciting than it really came off to be. The swirly eyes the creatures had including the dragon were an awkward addition to the creatures.


Oh it's just a harmless cat.. no biggie           Now that's one huge kitty cat!             Not something you see walk by everyday

At least he's walking away           When he roars, everyone listens             Sakura has become the mouse suddenly

May Lin is being walked all over           That cat really put his foot down this time            Like that's going to stop a cat that size..

Wow he suddenly seems much bigger this close up           Why is the cat looking at him that way?           That cat really licked the would be hero in no time

Aww, I think the kitty likes him          Thats one way to get those kinks out of the back           Yeah tugging on his whiskers seems to really work

Oh no. Another giant creature?          He looks kinda weird for a dragon          He's diving in for an attack

Now that's one big dragon!          Oh so that's where that wind is coming from          Try being stomped by that huge foot claw

Not something you see everyday walking to the city         I don't think anyone can take him down          What strange eyes he has...

Small houses or big dragon? You decide         Do you mind not pulling on the tail?          Enough playing with giantess, time to stomp city

Not you again?          This should heat things up        Try matching that wing span


1 Minute 03 seconds
Sakura and friends have their hands full when a gigantic black and white cat crosses their path. Now this hug happy feline has her friends pinned down for good.

1 Minute 31 seconds
A huge pink colored dragon attacks the park and its up to Sakura and friends to put a stop to it before it destroys all in its path.