Name of show that this character is from:  The Real Ghostbusters
Titles of Episode:


Original Air date: September 24, 1988  (NETWORK: ABC  )
Where can I find this episode now?: (DVD) The Real Ghostbusters Box Set

EPISODE TYPES: Godzilla Situation & Overeating & Age Progression
(see Common Themes section for more on this category)

WHAT IS WERECHICKEN?: An Anthro, Non-furry, Werechicken Ghost Monster


HOW DID HE BECOME MACRO?: By eating too much food

WHAT DOES HE BECOME AFTER HE GREW?: Adult larger version of self

MACRO NAME: (If different from regular sized name) --SAME AS BEFORE--

QUOTE:   (Didn't speak. Just growls and chicken type sounds)

SEX:    Neutral

LOCATIONS: New York City

MACRO SIZE (Approx or Average ): 50 Feet

NATURE: Chaotic Evil

DESTRUCTION LEVEL DONE: High - Lots of cars and vehicles. Some damage it did was unseen but talked of

SYNOPSIS OF EPISODE:  An unknown creature stalks a few chickens at an unnamed barn. The chickens all in the pen run away as the creature approaches. The creature reveals itself to be some chicken type creature of 5 feet tall that seems to enjoy his nightly prowl on the farm.  Maude, one of the farmers who lives on that particular farm goes out to check on the chickens who are making a ruckus only to be found by the chicken creature who moves in on her.  Maude returns back from the barn as her husband is watching a movie about werewolves. Maude suddenly changes into an anthro chicken creature and goes after the husband who yells out in fear. The chicken creature who started this all stands at the outside of the barn laughing to himself quite pleased.

Back in New York City, in the Ghostbusters headquarters, Peter and Ray are trying to get Egon's attention as he is hard at work on his newest invention, a weather balloon. It's Egon's turn to take out the trash which has piled up quite high. Ray tries to take it out as Peter loads it atop of him but it gets to be so heavy that he trips and falls sending the garbage all over the room as Egon continues to work away. The phone rings at Egon's desk but he doesn't answer as he is so busy working. Winston walks in and answers the phone. The farmer starts to beg them for help, that his wife had been eaten by a chicken and he needs their help. They don't believe him at first but they realize anything is better then sitting around with Egon and head out to the farm leaving Egon to his work.

They arrive at the farm and listen to the farmers story but still find it hard to believe. They tell him they will look into it and head out. Ray starts to wonder if it is real and notices chicken foot prints on the ground and then tells them all that they are dealing with a Were-chicken. They find a huge egg suddenly in the bushes and Peter and Slimer decide to take it back to HQ for tests while Ray and Winston continue to search for the Werechicken that laid the egg. Back at HQ Peter puts the egg on a table for Egon to observe while he heads to bed. Winston and Ray continue to search the farm still unable to find anything. They head into the barn and hear something. The original werechicken that started this shows up and Winston and Ray zap it with their proton packs. A  green chicken ghost shows itself from inside of the chicken it was in and is caught in the trap while the chicken it was in turns back to a normal chicken. Ray and Winston think they took care of the creature for good before they realize that the chicken that the farmer saw could be his wife meaning there is another werechicken out there.

Back at HQ it is late at night and Egon can't study the egg as he needs to finish his weather balloon due to the fact that he is going to show it  in the morning in a presentation. He places the huge egg into the refrigerator and he and Slimer head to bed. Slimer starts to dream of dancing food of all kinds and wakes up due to that dream making him hungry. He quickly zooms down to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator seeing the huge egg and suddenly wants an omelet. He places the egg into the oven putting it on high while he gets a plate and some ketchup for his egg. The egg meanwhile starts to crack open from the heat. Slimer quickly jumps through the sink faucet to escape only to appear in the shower head of a shower that Peter is taking. Peter is less then pleased to find Slimer show up in his shower but Slimer explains that there is a chicken monster in the kitchen. Peter quickly heads out to check it out. Egon half asleep working on his weather balloon gets bitten by the small werechicken that just hatched. He changes into a Werechicken and starts to attack Peter and Slimer as they enter his lab. Peter is about to fire his proton on them but is stopped as Ray explains that the chicken is Egon. They lock the door as Egon attacks the door. The noise suddenly stops due to the full moon being covered by clouds. They enter the room and see an almost naked Egon asking what is going on. They tell him that he was changed into a were chicken which shocks him at first. Ray looks up in a book about Were creatures and finds that there is an antidote. They all run to the kitchen to prepare it. They mix all the ingredients but don't have the last one, chicken bane. They have to go with what they have as the full moon is about to show up. Egon is already changing as he drinks the antidote. His body arms and legs all change into that of a werechicken but his head remains it's human self. The potion only half worked due to the lack of chicken bane.

The Ghostbusters split up. Ray and WInston head out by road in Ecto-1 while Slimer and Peter fly in Ecto-2. Ray and Winston head into a supermarket and see various people running out. A clerk yells at them that the chicken is in there. And that it is 10 feet tall.  The clerk runs out only for another in the back to scream. They head to him and he tells them that the chicken is 30 feet tall now as he shows them rows of cars that are now destroyed.  Peter  flies in Ecto-2 talking to Ray via communicator finding it hard to believe that the werechicken is that big. Just as he and Slimer laugh about it a now gigantic building sized Werechicken roars at them.  Peter realizes that he wasn't joking as they fly away from it. Back at headquarters Janine walks in to see Egon crowing at the sun. She is freaked out a bit by what happened to him but Egon doesn't have time to explain as he has to go display his weather balloon. He puts on a   rain coat and clucks on his way out the door.

The three other Ghostbusters surround the building sized Werechicken and zap him good releasing the green chicken ghost within it. They place it into the trap but the trap doesn't close due to the fact that Egon forgot to empty it due to being so busy. The ghost flies back out of the trap and back into his Werechicken  body. The Werechicken howls out loudly before he starts to scale the Empire State Building. Peter wonders how they are going to put the big bird on ice for good while that gives Ray and idea to freeze it. They realize the only way to do that in August is with the weather balloon Egon was working on all night. They quickly fly over to where Egon is showing his weather balloon on a building nearby to a panel. Slimer flies over and points over to the giant werechicken climbing a building in the distance and he heads off with the Ghostbusters with the control to his weather device in hand. They turn the balloon on and it starts to snow. The chicken takes a swipe at them but starts to freeze and soon becomes an ice statue as everyone cheers happily.

At headquarters Egon and Maude enjoy some chicken bane soup as they are fully back to their human selves again. They hear some more howling suddenly and all the Ghostbusters head back to the lab to see Slimer dancing with headphones on grooving to soul music that was causing him to shout out as if howling. They all laugh glad that this is all over with.

REVIEW OF EPISODE: Ever wanted to see a 50 foot anthropomorphic chicken stomp down the streets of New York City destroying all it's path?  If the answer is a yes, or a "What the..?" , this is the episode to see. A very bizarre and quite amusing episode of the Real Ghostbusters, that really has a macro monster just come out of nowhere, but doesn't disappoint for the most part. Far from perfect as far as giving everything you would want, it still delivers as well as any Ghostbusters episode ever could.

What was great about this episode, is that the giant Werechicken just sorta is thrown at the viewer out of nowhere basically. There is no rhyme or reason, as to why the Werechicken grew so big or what caused the growth really or how this is even happening but there it was at the end, larger then life and destroying all in his path as if he owns the place. All the other Werechickens we saw before were all about 6 or so feet in size and I'm sure they all ate more then enough food but they didn't grow. So why did this one grow? It really is never totally explained. Ray and Winston just find out that it was bigger one moment, bigger then next and then suddenly he roars loudly at Peter who is flying in the Ecto-2 Ghostbusters helicopter.  I guess some things are left to be that unknown mystery of how the ghost world works but all the better for us here I say.  So of course no growth will be shown as this was all supposed to be a semi surprise type of situation. We weren't at all supposed to expect this to have happened and then when we see it big, it's supposed to be a real big shock to make for a fun end to the episode, which it was, so I give them real props on the writing here. While making him big logically made no sense at all, it still worked wonderfully and really added to the over all humor and situations that were flowing through the episode.  It's nice when macro surprises show up out of nowhere and when least expected, this is definitely one of those cases where it was thrown at us suddenly turning everything onto a new path just because it can and we the viewer get to sit back and enjoy the new twist on the situation we found ourselves in.

Probably one of the funniest and amusing episode of Ghostbusters in my opinion. Seeing Egon turn into a half human-half werechicken had some real amusing chuckles. One of my favorite moments is when a guy is eating fried chicken in some office building only for the huge werechicken to show up and roar madly at him freaking the guy out before the giant werechicken just stomps on to do more damage. And just the whole idea of a werechicken was amusing. It played up on the whole werewolf theme yet used a very strange creature to be a were- creature in that of a common chicken. The whole episode just seems like one big goof and wacky situation that some guy who wasn't totally in his right mind came up with, but it was so amusing and creative, this is a fan favorite and for good reason.

It had it's down moments as well though to be fair.  Slimer's portrayal in this was a bit far fetched at points, and in a way Slimer was the catalyst the writer used to start the whole Werechicken loose in New York City thing as if it weren't for Slimer putting it in the oven, we wouldn't have had a werechicken to deal with in the first place.  But they really could have thought of something better then what they did. It always bothered me after I saw this episode for the first time that Slimer was that stupid and that out of character to blindly put an egg that he knew was that of a werechicken, and that Egon wanted to study and that he knew not to touch and that had a werechicken in it and he puts it into the oven hoping to make an omelet because he was dreaming of food and was hungry. Sorry just didn't work for me.  Yes , have Slimer hatch the egg somehow. But have it like he accidentally causes a machine that produces heat to hit it or anything else. This was just far fetched and ridiculous as the way that we have the werechicken loose.  The gender and age of the werechicken was confusing as well. When it first hatched it was brown in color like the other werechickens we saw earlier in the episode. It then bites Egon before escaping into the city not to be seen again until it is 50 feet tall. That's fine and cool. But  when we next see it , it is now white feather colored like a female and is about to lay an egg, so maybe it's female but it was said to be he and him and it was male when it was hatched. So this is just one of those confusing and another aspect of the episode that wasn't clear. Yes it's a funny line about it about to lay an egg but still it just made things more confusing overall when you are trying to make sense of things.

Also since when were werecreatures ghosts? Last I heard they were just monsters or humans who could change into other creatures.  It was weird the way they went about it. Whenever the Ghostbusters zapped a werechicken with the proton rays a huge green like chicken creature would be pulled out of the chicken it was inhabiting as if it was just a separate ghost possessing a chicken. But yet it had all the abilities of a werechicken (like able to change during the full moon as Egon did) and able to change others into werechickens due to biting them. So I didn't get how it was a ghost. The only reason I could see is so the Ghostbusters could use their equipment on it otherwise there would be very little they can do to these creatures without silver. Like I said it was a very amusing and wacky episode, but a lot of things were just out there and thrown in randomly and could make a person confused when trying to figure it all out. Maybe that's one of the reasons why this was so funny and a great watch as you didn't know what to expect or even why things were going on, you just accepted it and enjoyed it.

This is a good macro episode as the Werechicken will give you a lot of fun moments as he/she  smashes up the city and makes for a very unique monster that you probably won't see often. But the animation was a bit weak as they drew it with a very round body and very short arms that looked like two small twigs attached to a massive body, almost like King Sized Canary type of animation. Yet when they had close ups of the Werechicken's top body he looked in proportion again. So it was strange why they did it this way, but thetas often how it's done when creatures become macro so it's not surprise. Probably easier to draw em or something. Most will enjoy this, there is really nothing not to enjoy except for a very strange story and plot that some will probably love even more due to it being as out there as it is.  Sure you will wonder what they did after they froze the Werechicken at the top of the Empire State Building or why Peter was in the shower after he said he was going to get some sleep but those don't matter really. It's a big chicken of unknown gender seeming to enjoy it's new size and perspective on things and climbs a building to try and lay and egg and that in itself has a charm like no other. Definitely a must see. Check it out.




(Egon changes back from a werechicken as the full moon is covered up. The Ghostbusters head into the room he is in)
Egon: "Ray! What is going on? And why am I nearly naked?"

Slimer: "Egon!?"
(Slimer kisses Egon a few times glad to see him back to normal)
Peter: "We have some good news, and some bad news."
Egon: (sighs) "Bad news first.."
Winston: "You've been turned into a werechicken."
Egon: "A W-were-chicken?!"


(A howl is heard in the distance)
Winston: "What is that!?"
Ray: "The werechicken that bit Egon. It's still out there somewhere!"
Peter: "Let's stop that thing before it makes drumsticks out of anyone else."
(Egon gives Peter a stern look)
Peter: "Uhhh.. no offense Egon."


(Ray and Winston charge into a supermarket only to be met by a scared store clerk)
Store clerk 1: "It's in there. A big chicken! It's gotta be ten feet tall!"
Winston: "Ten feet tall?!"
Store clerk 1 : "I don't know. Maybe fifteen. BIG!! I don't know. I'm outta here!"
(The Store clerk runs out in a panic)
Winston: "How could we lose a fifteen foot tall chicken?!"
Ray: "We didn't look!"

(They charge into the backroom with another clerk there)
Store clerk 2: "A giant chicken. Had to be 30 feet tall!"
Winston: "Thirty feet tall!?"
Store clerk 2: "Yeah! Look at what it did to those cars."

(A row of cars lay destroyed on the street with a fire hydrant spilling water everywhere)


(The huge werechicken climbs the Empire State Building after escaping the full ghost trap)
Peter: "So how we gonna put that big bird on ice guys?"
Ray: "Peter! That's not a bad idea. Chicken freeze at very low temperatures."
Winston: "Yeah but how we do we freeze a fifty foot chicken in August?"
(All three look at each other at the same time)
All three Ghostbusters: "Egon's weather balloon!"


(Ray observes the werechicken through his binoculars as it climbs up to the top of the Empire State building and sits atop it)
Winston: "What's it doing?
Ray: "It looks like it's about to lay an.."
(Winston slaps his hand over Ray's mouth before he finishes that sentence)
Winston: "I don't wanna hear it."



*The fourth season (which this episode was part of)  of the Real Ghostbusters had only eight episodes made for the entire season. The title of the show was renamed to Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters in the hopes of benefiting from the popularity of the Ghostbusters sidekick character.  Slimer would have his own low quality cartoon episodes that stared just him,  that would appear before or after regular Ghostbusters episodes and it's aim was at a much younger audience. The animation quality was very poor and the stories very immature.   It was a bad idea and failed miserably due to the fact that the older child audience who were it's core audience were turned off to the new spin off episodes  and the new idea was scrapped after a year while the regular Ghostbusters cartoon would go on for 3 more seasons after this.

*Buster Jones, who was the voice of Blaster on the Transformers cartoon, took over the role of Winston Zedmore starting in this season. The voice in the first three seasons was supplied by Arsinio Hall who went on to do his own late night talk show amongst other things.

*While it is never clearly stated who did the voice of the Werechicken we can assume it was Frank Welker, (the voice of Slimer as well in this cartoon) that supplied the voice for the monster.  If it is proven that it was someone else or I hear or find otherwise Ill change it accordingly but I'll be shocked if someone else did the voice work for this creature as it was done very well for what it was supposed to be.



      Factual -- The actual sex of the Werechicken comes into question. While called he and him by the Ghostbusters, it was also very clear at one point that he was about to lay an egg  while sitting high atop a building in the city. Laying an egg is something that only female chickens are able to do. So while he may be a male that can do female reproductive functions, he is not fully male and is neutral  in gender.

      Factual -- The egg placed in the oven hatches only mere moments after it was placed in it. The oven would need to have been pre heated to reach a temperature that it was supposed to be at not to mention an egg can't hatch as fast as it did just by being placed in a conventional oven for a few seconds.

      Continuity --  Slimer clearly knew that the egg was that of a werechicken and that Egon wanted to study it. It was a bit far fetched to believe that he would put it in the oven after having a nap about food hoping for it to become an omelet. First of all the egg would have to be cracked to have made an omelet and secondly Slimer isn't that dumb to have blindly done something like this. No matter how hungry he was.

      Continuity -- Egon out grew his clothing when he first changes into a werechicken only leaving him in his underwear when he changes back. When they bring the antidote to him a few moments later he is back in his full attire once again which he winds up out growing again as his body changes into a half werechicken.



+ :MA gigantic anthro chicken stomping down the streets of New York City crushing cars and climbing buildings. Need I say more?

- :No growth shown in what probably would have been some great growth moments if they had shown it.  The way the Werechicken is defeated is a bit disappointing and far fetched. Some silly plot devices like Slimer absent mindely putting the egg in the oven to make an omelet out of it.


The original werechicken that started it all     Moments before he is defeated       His son/daughter will have it's revenge

Slimer afraid of a  small chicken? I don't believe it     Now that's one big chicken     Outta the way. Titanic poultry stomping through

Is that an insect or Ecto-2?     A little too close for comfort     Here's a monster you don't see everyday. Even in NY

Cars make great substitute footballs     I guess he won't be making that delivery today     Imagine seeing that out your window!!

This big bird seems to enjoy this a bit too much     I don't think standing there is a good idea     Werechickens howl like wolves? Who knew.

Big chicken, big building. You know what to expect     King Kong's got nothing on this bird     Hmm I think WC is mooning them

Great that they put things for giant monsters to grab onto     Time for a little snack as I loom above the city     What a place to lay an egg 


1 Minute 04 Seconds
Werechicken eats too much and grows to titanic proportions (growth unseen). Now this larger than life bird rampages through New York City. This moment has been altered focusing on only the macro aspects, with non macro moments edited out.